You guys waited like a year and I honestly didn't think I had it in me. If anyone is still reading this, then here is the closure you guys have itching for. Sadly, I haven't been able to write anything, but I actually have an idea for a story but I don't know if it's even worth getting into. Well please enjoy, and if this is the last time I post a chapter, then please know I enjoyed all of the kindness you guys have told and given me.

Melanie's POV;

I should have known the minute I got into that plane my life would fall into places. We ended up traveling for longer than we ever imagined. Jared found a job in France, and I enjoyed finding myself a little more. We didn't stop there though, we moved to Paris a year later. They say there is no were like home, and trust me there really isn't. We stayed in Paris for a year, missing our bestfriends but also having the time of our lives. I first found out I was pregnant when were eating in this old pizza place, one of our favorite things to do. I had eaten more than I could imagine and my body was starting to feel sore. We decided, there was nothing like being home. Of course we never lost contact with Wanda and Ian, that would be crazy. Now I'm stuck packing for home, secretly pregnant. Wanda's wedding is this month, and I know she's going crazy over it. I promised her I would be her braids maid and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Saying goodbye to Paris and France will be hard, they opened my eyes to so many things. Although me and Jared never picked to be together, we picked to stay together and love happily. I can't help but feel like in living everyday to the fullest because I have a part of my parents inside of me, helping me with every challenge. Before I knew it, we were on our way home in the plane. I can still feel the electric charges when I lay my head on his shoulder and wrap our hands together. He's my life line, well other than Wanda. Thankfully, I was able to be a stay at home mom and wife, but that didn't give me an excuse to be lazy. The 3 years I spent in France and Paris, I had started an organization for children who lose their parents and need help. I can't help but wonder if Wanda will look the same, if anyone will look the same. My thoughts didn't linger for long as sleep quickly took me over. I was shaken awake by Jared telling us we arrived home, and that we needed to get outside to the airport before Wanda starts to beat the door of the plane down. I couldn't help the giggles that erupted out of my sleepy daze. Of course Wanda would be over joyed to see me, and I know Jared is more than happy to see Ian. It's a bromance that could never be damaged by a romance. No matter how many girls tried to get In between those to, they never could. I grabbed my bags and began to walk closer and closer to my best friend. I could feel the heat radiating on my shoulders, the sun was basically trying to darken my already tropic tan. I felt her arms around me before I could even try to run to the bathroom.

"I'm so glad your back in time, I was going crazy thinking you weren't going to make it. I mean there was some days I thought I was going to break his arms off, and sometimes I think that would be easier. "

I couldn't help but laugh at her crazy antics, but I also tried to hold back the tears that threaten to spill on this moment.

"Do you really think I would miss my best friends wedding? You won't be able to get rid of me that fast. Say, how about we go out to lunch, all of us."

God, I am so hungry. This is crazy.

"Or we could go eat and get our nails done and send the boys to go eat and do whatever they want to do. I'm sure you guys can unpack later, please."

I couldn't help but give into her begging, plus I have lacked doing my nails for some time. I could already feel Jared nodding without even having to turn. It's like we can already tell what each other is going to say or agree to. I felt his arms wrap around me and I could see the way Wanda's eyes lit up when she saw Ian walking towards her. It's like these two can't get enough of each other, but I can't say I blame them much. I mean I can't judge when I have a mini Jared slowly growing in my belly. We got into the car with them and they dropped us off at our house, but waited while we set everything inside and changed into better looking clothes. When I opened the garage doors with everyone I couldn't help but notice the way Jared's eyes lit up and how he tried to hide a smile.

"What did you do? Why are you smiling like that?"

I turned just in time to see a shiny red convertible relaxing in the once empty parking spot. I heard Ian whistle and Wanda's excitement was heard. I was shocked, but over joyed.

"You bought me a convertible?!"

I tried not to sound to excited but clearly failed once I heard Jared's chuckle and felt his arms around me.

"You stayed in Paris with me because of my job. Plus I need to thank you for baring my child."

The last part was a whisper but I swear I saw Wanda slyly smile at me.

Us girls took the convertible while the guys took Ian's car. It was a sleek Audi, so I'm sure no one complained.

We got to lunch, a place we once used to eat when Wanda and Ian first started dating. I was looking over the menu when I heard Wanda lightly slap hers down.

"Okay spill it."

"Spill what?"

"Your glowing like the sun, and I know it's not that amazing tan because I didn't glow like that."


"Well you know when a boy and a girl meet and they-"

"God Mel, I know, this isn't sex ed. So get to the point before I have to hear how you two mate."

"I'm pregnant."

I heard her gasp before her hands went down to rest on her stomach.

Now it was my turn to gasp.

"No way Wanda, are you pre-"

"Yes, that's why we're rushing the wedding so much."

The smile on the both of our faces were clearly bright enough to set the world on fire. I felt my phone vibrate.

"Tell Wanda I said congratulations."

Ten years later.

I hear them before I saw them. Our children were now ten, and closer than ever. I could also say the same thing about Jared and I. I looked over at Wanda, who was sitting on the chair beside me, sipping her cosmo.

"It's funny how I had a boy and you had a girl. It's like the universe wants another love story."

I couldn't help but agree with her.

"My daughter will never date until she's 30, so your love story will have to wait."

Jared was a little too overprotective. I heard him and Ian laughing while they both grilled food for our little picnic.

"Men.. So hard to deal with them, but god only knows I couldn't live without him. "

"Amen to that sister."

So yes, maybe my life was perfect, but who's to say I didn't deserve it. Life threw the biggest curve ball I could ever imagine but I made it so it helped me. The organization was going great, my daughter was healthy, my relationship was going perfectly, and I was already swollen with another child. Jared doesn't know that part yet, I'm playing a tiny game with him. If he doesn't figure it out soon, then I'll tell him. Our daughter Paris and their son Nathan were the greatest gift to the both of us. So as your sitting here and reading my life story, don't be afraid to take the curveballs life threw at you and make them help you.

Okay, okay I know how short it is, don't kill me please. And thank you all for sticking with me. It was honestly it was the best thing ever.