(Second Chances Chapter 1)

The Fourth Shinobi World War had finally reached its peak. Obito had been killed long ago thankfully but unfortunately so had the majority of the allied forces and all of Naruto's friends. The ten tails had been completely reborn and Madara wasn't above using it to attack Naruto again, and again, and again. Naruto, using the combined power of senjutsu and the nine tailed fox's chakra, had been able to keep the elder Uchiha on the ropes for a majority of the time. Since he was technically dead Madara hadn't been able to seal the ten tails inside of his self, though that was the only reason the elder Uchiha hadn't been able to completely destroy Naruto.

Naruto had one idea on how he could defeat the elder Uchiha and destroy the ten tails for good. Naruto brought his left hand out and watched as his chakra, the nine tailed fox's chakra, and his senjutsu chakra all mixed together to create his most powerful technique.

"You have already lost little boy" spoke Madara as he rode on top of the ten tail's head like it was his own personal summons or something. He was angry at so many people right now he didn't even know what to do. That idiot Obito had started to awaken the ten tails before he had collected all of the biju which was why he was in this mess anyways, Hashirama hadn't been any help seeing as he had been trying to stop him with his legendary Mokuton bloodline limit, the last Uzumaki was royally pissing him off because he wouldn't just die. The Kyuubi had always been his personal plaything, though now it looked like karma had come to bite him on the ass, but by far the thing that pissed him off the most was the simple fact that he wasn't actually alive, there for couldn't become the Jubi's newest jinchuriki, which meant that he wouldn't be able to complete his ultimate plan of putting the world under his Infinite Tsukuyomi.

"I have already made sure you won't be able to become the Jubi's new jinchuriki, and I have already killed Obito, so now there is no way you will ever be able to come back to life, and after I kill you I will seal you away for all eternity" spoke Naruto as a golden orb formed in his hand. Naruto could feel the power coming off of this new technique that he had invented and was thankful that the rest of the shinobi were far away from him which meant that none of them would get caught up in it.

"I will kill you" shouted the enraged Uchiha as he willed the ten tails to start forming its own Tailed Beast Bomb to obliterate that annoying brat. It only took a second for the Jubi to prepare its attack since it had become complete it didn't waste time like it had when it was being 'reborn'.

Naruto ran forward with his new attack prepared and using his amazing speeds quickly got in front of the Jubi's tailed beast bomb and rammed his new jutsu into the tailed beast bomb causing a chain reaction. A large explosion erupted completely obliterating everything around it, but then the explosion started to turn into an implosion. Naruto felt the nine tails being ripped out of his being and wondered what was going on.

"Kurama what is happening" shouted Naruto as he tried to resist being pulled into the strange vortex like thing. It reminded him of Obito's Kamui technique only a million times stronger, and for some reason in the pit of his stomach Naruto had a feeling that told him that he wouldn't be transferred to Water Country if he let himself get sucked into that thing.

"It is a dimensional rift" spoke the obvious voice of Kurama in Naruto's head. For some reason the voice sounded worried and that worried Naruto greatly.

"What do you mean a dimensional rift" asked Naruto as he continued to lose ground against this thing. He noticed Madara was having the same difficulties as he was but for some reason the ten tails didn't seem effected by the dimensional rift.

"Yes a dimensional rift. Your jutsu clashing with the ten tail's jutsu must have ripped a hole in the space and time thanks to your jutsu spinning and grinding effect and the Jubi's god like power mixing together to form a whole in the fabric of space and time" shouted Kurama as it felt itself being forcibly ripped from Naruto's body.

"That still doesn't explain why the ten tails and you are not being pulled in with us" spoke Naruto as he was inches away from the opening of the weird anomaly. He could see how everything just seemed to blend together and the vast darkness didn't seem to have no end.

"The ten tails created this world so it will not be affected by such a thing as this. Since I was once a part of the ten tails I am not affected by this as well, but you are, so since I am inside of you I am being 'extracted' as one might say though you and that accused Uchiha will not be so lucky" spoke the nine tails as he started to lose contact with Naruto as he was mostly extracted by now.

"What will happen to me" asked Naruto as he started to get scared. He wasn't afraid of dying, but he would like to go see all of his loved ones in heaven and not be stuck in some kind of dark limbo forever with an annoying Uchiha for eternity.

"I am not sure, but I am sure you will end up somewhere" spoke Kurama right before he was completely extracted from Naruto and became solid again. It looked down and gave Naruto a silent good bye to his best friend as he watched as he and the accursed Uchiha were sucked into the dark portal forever.

As Naruto was pulled through space and time with the last person in the history of the world he would ever want to associate at all with he bore witness to something nobody else had ever seen, that Naruto was sure of. Naruto saw Madara's very soul being pulled from his body and sail off to places unknown, but then his own soul started to pull itself out as well, but instead of zipping off to wherever it entered the body of Madara Uchiha right before it started to turn into dust.

(Deep in the forest of Konohagakure)

A team of Kumo shinobi was walking through the forest as quietly and stealthily as possible with a young red headed woman in there captive. Their captive was a young red head girl that had a peculiar bloodline that allowed her to materialize her chakra, suppress and or absorb a great amount of chakra at a time, and the best part was that the chakra was so strong that not even the nine tails could break them if there were enough of them. Her name was Kushina Uzumaki and the best part about all of this was that she was the jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox which give Kumo a great weapon for the future and a powerful new bloodline clan for use in the future.

They continued to walk when what looked like dust began to swirl around in front of them. The immediately began to get into a defensive position in case anything happened. They were amazed not at the fact that somebody did come out of the strange dust but that a person was basically constructed from the dust. The dust started from the feet and basically built an entire human being right before their very eyes.

Suddenly a fair-skinned boy with spiky, black hair that had a slight, blue tint to it appeared from the dust. His hair was shoulder-length and he wore the standard Uchiha clan outfit: a high collared black shirt with the clan's crest on its back, which was left slightly open and blue pants with bandages around his shins. Around his waist, he had a sash that held a sack, presumably containing his ninja tools.

"Oh god what the hell just hit me" spoke Naruto as he held his head as the pain of over a hundred years of memoires, which were not his, came rushing into his brain. He remembered having a brother name Izuno, non-ending war, and so many other things that he knew he had never seen nor done. He would have continued pondering these thoughts but then one of the Kumo ninja decided to make his self-known.

"Who are you? What are you doing out here" demanded the man as he lifted a tanto ready to attack incase the boy was hostile. He was shocked at what he saw next.

"What did you say? I am sorry I have a major head ache and-" but that was as far as Naruto got before the Kumo ninja pointed at him and shouted "He's a Uchiha" which caused Naruto to look behind him thinking Madara was standing behind him. When he looked back and didn't see anybody, although his vision was surprisingly really good all of a sudden, he looked back at the Kumo ninja and was about to say something when one of them said "If we grab him as well I am sure we will get a huge bonus" which shocked Naruto. That was when Naruto noticed the sad look in the little red head girl's eyes, which were surprisingly even with his own, and realized that maybe she wasn't there by choice. 'Wait a second why am I eye level with her, and they are so much bigger than me' wondered Naruto, but he didn't have much time to ponder this as three of the Kumo ninja ran at him with great speed.

Naruto saw them coming, but for some reason could tell where they were going to go before they even went there. When the Kumo ninja were on him Naruto didn't know what had come over him but his battle instincts just kicked in and he easily avoided an overhead knife slash from the Kumo ninja's tanto, and grabbed him by the wrist. Naruto then twisted the ninja's wrist and broke it causing the Kumo ninja to cry out in pain, but Naruto caught his tanto out of the air with his other hand and quickly silenced him forever. Naruto did find it odd that he could kill so easily, but the other Kumo ninja were descending on him quickly and one of them was going through hand signs.

"You baster I will get you for that! Lightning Style: Lightning Shock Jutsu" shouted the Kumo ninja as he pointed all five of his fingers on his right hand at Naruto. Naruto watched at electricity danced around the Kumo ninja's fingers before five bolts of electricity shot off of his fingers and rushed towards him at high speeds.

Naruto was amazed at the sight of the lightning racing at him not because he thought it was pretty, but because of how slow it was going in his eyes and that all of a sudden he could see chakra. Naruto began going through hand signs of his own and when he was done he called out "Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Jutsu" as he exhaled a powerful stream of wind.

When the wind and lightning jutsu met the wind it was dissipated by the wind, but the wind jutsu continued on its course but by now it had been so weakened it only knocked the Kumo ninja off of his feet and into an opposing wall. Naruto quickly spun around and lodged his tanto into another Kumo ninja that had been trying to sneak up on him from behind and coated his tanto with wind chakra so the Kumo ninja's armor wouldn't be able to stop his attack. The Kumo ninja quickly fell over and died, but Naruto held onto the guard of the tanto and broke it off. He saw the Kumo ninja that he had knocked into the opposing tree starting to get up and recoated his tanto in wind chakra right before he threw it at the Kumo ninja. The tanto easily soared through the air and tabbed into the Kumo ninja's heart killing him instantly.

"And then there was one" spoke Naruto as he looked over at the Kumo ninja who was now using the red head girl as a shield. It really pissed him off that a fully grown adult would resort to such a thing, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. He was going to get this bastard that was for sure.

"Stay back or the girl gets it you little Uchiha monster" shouted the worthless ninja as he started to shake with fear. He had never imagined a child, even an Uchiha child, would be able to kill three fully grown Kumo jonin like it was nothing. He was terrified, but he was sure he would be safe so long as he had the girl as his hostage.

'Why do they keep calling me an Uchiha? It's not like I have the-' but that was as far as Naruto's thoughts went until a cold realization started to dawn on him. He quickly grabbed one of the Kumo ninja's wakizashi and looked into the reflective metal. He blood ran cold when he looked into the two tome form of the dojutsu that had made his life a living hell. 'How in the Death God's name do I have the sharingan? I remember getting pulled into that portal with Madara but….. wait could that be it? When we were in that portal Madara's soul went AWAL and my soul was pulled into his body so could I be MADARA UCHIHA now' thought Naruto as he began examining himself. Everything looked exactly like the young Madara had looked like from Naruto's memories of the man. Naruto looked up and just sighed. 'Why do these things keep happening to me? Well since I have the dojutsu and the memories might as well put them to good use' thought Naruto as he looked into the Kumo ninja's eyes. It was a bad mistake for the man when he looked into Naruto's eyes because instantly his body went rigged.

"Genjutsu Binding Technique complete" spoke Naruto as he walked up to the Kumo ninja who could only move his eyes. Naruto could see the fear in the bastard's eyes at what was about to happen next, but Naruto couldn't bring himself to care and quickly stabbed him through the skull killing him instantly. The ninja fell to the ground dead and Naruto looked over at the red head girl who had a look of shock and admiration on her face. "You ok" asked Naruto as he began cutting off the ropes that the Kumo ninja had use to bind her. They had apparently been in a rush because the rope had rubbed her skin raw leaving her bleeding around her wrists and ankles.

"Amazing" spoke the girl as her eyes, which Naruto found to be very beautiful, began to twinkle. Naruto noticed when she tried to take a step she winced which caused Naruto to see that she couldn't walk like this. The girl started blushing instantly when Naruto picked her up princess style and began stuttering instantly. "What are you doing" asked the girl though she was blushing as red as her hair.

"Well obviously you can't walk so I figured I would carry you, so where do you live so I can take you back to it" spoke Naruto as he began walking in the opposite direction as those Kumo ninja were walking. He may not know where she lived but it was a good guess that she lived in the opposite direction than the direction the people who had kidnapped her were going.

"Konoha" spoke the red head girl which caused Naruto to stop in his tracks. He looked down and really got a good look at the girl and although she was much younger she greatly resembled someone who was very dear to his heart.

'Please be Mito Uzumaki, please be Mito' thought Naruto as he looked at the girl. "What is your name" asked Naruto as he looked her in the eyes.

"My name is Kushina Uzumaki dattebane" shouted the girl, now named Kushina as she looked into her saviors handsome dark eyes. She noticed he looked shocked when he told her her name and felt him tremble for a second before correcting himself.

When Naruto heard her tell him her name he almost fell. All of the feeling in his legs disappeared and his mind shut down for a split second as to help him digest this information though he was able to recover and prevent himself from making a fool of himself.

'How is this possible' thought Naruto as he began trying to piece together what he knew. He knew that somehow he had gotten stuck in the body of a chibi Madara Uchiha and that he had all of his memories as well. He knew that he had the sharingan which only confirmed all this information and that he had been through into the past because of a giant hole he tore in the fabric of space and time. 'Time? That must be it. I tore a hole in the space and time so now I am back in the era my mother was a child out in the Konoha woods in the body of a chibi Madara Uchiha and I appeared right when my mother was being abducted by Kumo ninja. Wait wasn't this the moment my mother and father met and fell in love? If so then where is dad' wondered Naruto.

"Hey what is your name? I gave you my name, so what's yours" asked Kushina as she didn't look Naruto in the eyes, but her blush was still there.

"Oh sorry, my name is Naruto Uchiha" spoke Naruto as he sighed to himself thinking about how he was going to have to explain just how he got here, who he was, and so much more when he dropped Kushina off at Konoha.

For some reason Naruto wasn't sure he wasn't as sentimental or as touch feely as he had been before he had gotten here. Before he would have probably broken down and cried into his mother's arms, even if she herself didn't know that, or been really freaked out that he was in chibi Madara's body, but now he just brushed it off. He just assumed it was because he was in Madara's body and that bastard was as cold and unfeeling as they came.

"Oh well it is really nice to meet you Naruto-san" spoke Kushina in a strange voice that Naruto didn't recognize though he was amazed at how much she had been blushing tonight.

"Same to you" spoke Naruto thought he was thinking 'Though I wish I could have meet you a lot sooner' but quickly banished those depressing thoughts and continued his walk to Konoha, and undoubtedly a big ass headache.

As Naruto was walking back towards Konoha a blonde blur could be seen running at impressive speeds towards them, and when it stopped it was a light skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed, boy with a kunai in hand who looked like he was ready to attack Naruto.

"Wait! Minato he is a good guy. He saved me from those Kumo shinobi so don't attack him" shouted Kushina as she gave Minato the death glare. Minato seemed to catch on real quickly as he stopped in his tracks and began examining the situation.

"Who are you" asked Minato as he eyed Naruto suspiciously.

"Naruto Uchiha and I am guessing you are Minato since that is what Kushina called you" spoke Naruto as he continued walking towards Konoha. He was really amazed at how much his emotions had been dulled since entering the body of young Madara.

"You're an Uchiha? Why didn't I see you in the academy? You're obviously the same age as me and Kushina" asked Minato as he began following them back towards Konoha.

"I am not from Konoha obviously and of course I am an Uchiha I do have the sharingan after all" spoke Naruto as he flashed his sharingan at Minato which seemed to shut him up for now.

As they walked back to Konoha in silence Naruto thought about his situation. Maybe he would be able to fix all of the wrongs that had happened in his time line. He could stop the Uchiha massacre, stop Obito from going crazy, protect Kushina from Obito if he still went crazy, etc.

As they approached the giant gates of Konoha Naruto saw many ninja jumping around in the shadows thought they were not skilled enough to escape his eyes not her experience from either of his pasts. Eventually a group of ANBU landed in front of them and took Kushina to the hospital to be healed, told Minato to go home since he really didn't know anything, and then began escorting Naruto to the Hokage's office.

When Naruto entered the Hokage's office he saw the same man he had seen so many years ago, but now he didn't have the liver spots, the wrinkles were gone, and he gave off a strong imposing aura that surprised Naruto slightly as he remembered the kind, gentle, welcoming old man.

"We'll let me start off by thanking you for returning one of my genin back to me safe and sound. We only just realized that she had been kidnapped, but I was worried it might be too late. For returning Kushina you have my thanks, but why you did it and how you knew about the abduction is an entirely different thing" spoke the Hokage as he looked at Naruto with deadly eyes. He was amazed when Naruto didn't flinch even a little bit under his gaze.

"Let's get one thing strait right now. I didn't know crap about Kushina's abduction so don't try and blame that crap on me. I was on my way to Konoha when I ran into those Kumo ninja and Kushina were I rescued her from them" spoke Naruto as he looked up at the Hokage with a passive look on his face. He had faced down stronger and far more frightening men and creatures in his time than the Hokage and if he could fight a monster like the ten tails without backing down then the Hokage wouldn't even be able to make him flinch.

"Why were you on your way to Konoha" asked the Hokage as he eyed the young Uchiha. He still couldn't figure out where he had come from but he was obviously an Uchiha since he had the sharingan.

"I wanted to join Konoha since I was bored living on my own" spoke Naruto as he looked around the Hokage's office. He had to admit it didn't look much different than it had back in his time, though the book collection wasn't as expensive as it was when he was young the first time round.

"Why would you want to join Konoha" asked the Hokage as he eyed Naruto as he saw him observing his office. He wasn't taking any chances after his time in the second shinobi world war he was cautious of everything that could be a threat to his village.

"My parents recently passed away and my grandfather was from Konoha so I figured it would be interesting to come here and become a shinobi or the Hidden Leaf Village" spoke Naruto like it wasn't a thing in the world.

"Who was your grandfather" asked the Hokage trying to get down to the mystery that was Naruto Uchiha. He almost had a heart attack after hearing who Naruto's grandfather, or so he claimed, was.

"Madara Uchiha, greatest Uchiha to ever live, and a co-founder of the Hidden Leaf Village, plus he was the past leader of the Uchiha clan" spoke Naruto as he gave the Hokage the famous Uchiha smirk when he saw the way he reacted. He didn't exactly like boasting up Madara's already huge reputation and or ego, but it was needed to put on the act that he was selling to the Hokage.

"That is impossible! The first Hokage killed Madara during their battle at the Valley of the End" shouted the Hokage as he stood up and leaned over his desk to look Naruto in the eyes.

"Or so he wanted you all to think that" spoke Naruto as he didn't even flinch from the Hokage's outburst. He really couldn't blame him for acting this way as it was a tuff pill to swallow.

"You do know that we will have to have a Yamanaka come in here and verify that don't you" spoke the Hokage as he tried to get his racing heart beat under control. The last thing he would ever have expected was for a descendant of Madara to just show up out of the blue like this.

"I think not." Naruto turned around and saw an older looking man with greying hair and onyx colored eyes. Naruto didn't know who this man was but he did know who he was an Uchiha. He wore the usual Uchiha attire though these were more of a robe form than the battle suit that most Uchiha wore meaning he must have been some upper Uchiha. Maybe he was an elder?

"What do you mean Kagami-san? This boy is an outsider and we are at war. Do you really expect me to accept him into the Hidden Leaf Village just because he has the sharingan? He could be an enemy spy here to gleam information or worse." The way the Hokage spoke told Naruto that he didn't really like this man, and with the way he said 'san' at the end of his name, and the Hokage being well the Hokage, it must have meant this man was very high up for the Hokage to see him as an equal or close to.

"I don't expect you to make him a ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, because I am going to make him a ninja of the Uchiha clan." The air in the room got cold very fast. The Hokage and this Kagami stared into each other's eyes and Naruto could swear he saw sparks. There was obvious tension between them but for what reason Naruto wasn't sure.

"While it is not illegal for clans to have their own ninja, which all of them do, it can be called into question when one of the members is seen as a threat to the Hidden Leaf Village as a whole. This boy not only came out of nowhere but also killed multiple jonin from the Hidden Cloud Village all by his self which means he is very powerful for his age. Obviously he has been trained by someone and that means he is a direct threat to this village." By this time the Hokage was practically yelling at this man. The veins in his neck were building and his face was turning red. Naruto raised an eye brow at his little performance but kept his mouth shut. He felt like this Kagami person had a plan and the best thing for him to do right now was stay quite.

"That would be true, if I didn't already know who he is. He is from one of the Uchiha strongholds that we still keep furnished and protected and has lived there his whole life. Obviously he has been trained by true Uchiha and was on his way to the hidden leaf to be initiated into the clan. He must have stumbled onto the little scene where the Kumo ninja were kidnapping the Uzumaki girl and saved her. By all these accounts the boy isn't so much a threat but a hero." The Hokage looked furious but had no way to disprove Kagami. He looked to be mulling something over by looking from Kagami to Naruto and then back to Kagami repeatedly. Naruto raised an eyebrow at that but stayed quiet. Naruto was no fool. He could see that Kagami had already won and it seemed that the Hokage had realized it as well.

"Fine, but if he so much as slips up even once it will be the end of him and I will make sure of it personally. I know the story you just told me is a load of bull, but I can't see any reason for you to cover for him so I will let it slip for now so get out of my office." Kagami bowed his head bearly a centimeter before motioning to Naruto to follow him. Naruto got up and mimicked Kagami before following him out of the Hokage's office.

"Why do I feel like I just let the devil into my home?" The Hokage rubbed his temple with his fingers and went back to doing his paper work hoping that Naruto and Kagami wouldn't become even worse of a problem for him.

XXX outside XXX

Naruto walked behind Kagami through the village in silence. While they did this Naruto took his time to observe the village and had to admit it looked a lot better than it had after the Kyuubi attack, sound sand invasion, and Pain's attack, but still it felt hollow to him, like something dark that he hadn't seen before was there larking in the shadows just out of sight. Naruto shook his head and followed the Uchiha into the Uchiha clan compound.

The compound was much different than Naruto had remembered it mainly because there were actually people living in them. Walking up and down the streets were hundreds of Uchiha wearing their dark battle outfits with the Uchiha clan's crest on some of their backs. Naruto didn't know how he felt about the Uchiha in general. In his childhood they were the ones who processed him after he pulled of a prank, then when he got a little bit older his best friend, a Uchiha, had tried to kill him for power, and then when he got even old two other Uchiha teamed up to try and take over the world by trying to resurrect the one eyed god, the jubi. This lead Naruto to not having much love for them, but then again he didn't know them besides the crazy ones so maybe he should give them a chance.

As Naruto sat down in front of the older Uchiha he was fixed with a stern look that told Naruto that he wasn't playing around. Naruto figured he wanted to find out everything he could about how an Uchiha could have grown up away from the clan and if there were others like him.

"You have a lot of explaining to do." Naruto just sighed and began giving the man an edited truth.