(Second Chances Chapter 7)

Naruto and his team had spent quite a bit of time running through hostile lands to finally get to the Land of Frost. It wasn't as bad as Naruto had anticipated it would be. The ground was a bit hard with permafrost and the air was cold, but it wasn't anywhere as bad as it was in the Land of Winter before it was changed to the Land of Spring.

The country had a lot of natural beauty from giant mountains with white tops and puffy clouds, to giant forests that stretched out as far as the eye could see. There was plenty of wild life inside of those forests as well. Big plump deer went jumping around along with squirrels, and their critters. They seemed to like the nuts and berries that grew in the pine forests, but Naruto knew that most of those things were poisonous to humans.

Naruto had been shocked by the place in which they were going to be staying while they were in Frost Country. It was a large castle that had been destroyed in the last Great War and left to ruin ever since. The Hidden Leaf Village had done some modifications to the structure, put up some barriers, and fitted it for shinobi to live in.

They were quickly debriefed and were assigned rooms that were close to one another. Kushina, Mikoto, and Tsume had to share a room since they were strapped for room, and because they would need to be close to their sensei if they were attacked so they didn't spend too much time trying to get organized.

Naruto wasn't surprised when they were assigned grunt work, but with the proper persuasion he was able to get them to allow his team more ninja related duties. They were to guard the border of the Land of Frost and the Land of Lighting, though with the cold air they still were not very happy.


Inside of Kumogakure was a special jonin that everyone knew with his new brother who were both staring at their birth father and adoptive father? Things were serious in the world with the newest shinobi world war going on and Kumogakure for some reason had decided to stay out of the war, which caused many of the Hidden Villages to become weary of them, believing that his was some kind of trickery.

Kumogakure had been happy to stay out of the war since they would have benefited the most from it. after Konoha, Iwa, Suna, and all of the other villages had worn themselves out and weakened their forces the leaders of the world would have chosen Kumogakure for their missions making Kumo even stronger and keeping the over village's weak, but now things have changed.

Sitting behind his desk was the third Riakage, a monstrous man whose strength was known all throughout the elemental nations causing Kumogakure to become far more feared and respected amongst the other hidden villages. His invention of the Lighting Style: Lightning Armor Jutsu had cemented his position as the strongest kage Kumo had ever had, which the man took great pride in.

The Third Raikage was a tall, dark-skinned man with a largely muscular and well-defined build. He had a full head of white hair which flowed into his back along with a long beard. He had unusual eyes, which had green irises, dark sclera and no pupils. His face has pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead with a mole above his right eyebrow. His top lip also had a darker pigmentation than the bottom one. His canine teeth were also slightly elongated. He has the kanji for "lightning" tattooed on his right shoulder. The Third Raikage also had a lightning bolt-shaped scar that runs across the right side of his chest.

His typical attire consisted of Kumogakure's distinctive, single-strap flak jacket with no other clothing underneath, a black forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna and a thick rope tied around his waist; with this he also wore dark blue sweat pants. It was also shown that at some point in the past, he wore bandages on his forearms.

"What did you want to talk to me that was so important that you dragged me away from my weight lifting" asked A as he looked over at his father with a bored look. He hadn't wanted his village to get involved with the war, but a little fighting behind the scenes never hurt anyone.

"Yoh dad, do you know what's rad, me learning to control the eight tail's power, now I own this hour" spoke Bee as he continued his ridiculous rapping that only annoyed the people around him. This was made apparent when A punched his brother through the door behind them.

"Dumbass can't keep his stupid rapping to himself" spoke A as he felt better knowing that his brother would be quite at least for a few minutes, after that he would be right as rain annoying the crap out of him some more.

"Yoh, Bro that was low" spoke Bee as his head spun from the attack to his skull by his adoptive older brother and teammate.

"Dumbass" was all A could say before an atomic elbow was delivered to the back of his head sending him through the wall and landing right beside his bother. Now they both had that I just got the crap knocked out of me look on their faces.

"You're the dumbass A, how much do you think that door cost this village, and worse how much paperwork do you think I will have to fill out because of your stupidity" shouted the third Raikage as he looked across the room at his stupid son who was just starting to recover from the powerful elbow he got to the back of the head.

'Looks like I still got it' thought the third Raikage as he smiled to himself. He had been worried that all this crap being the Raikage would cause his battle skills to soften, but even with his son's lighting fast reflexes he still wasn't even able to begin to dodge his attack, which was a major confidence booster for him.

'Damn that old man hits like an avalanche. I still don't get how he is so strong, even without the Lightning Armor Technique' thought A as he rubbed the back of his head where a lump was already forming. He wanted to shout at his dad for beating the crap out of him, but he knew that if he pissed his dad off all that would happen would be his early retirement as a ninja, so he decided to bite his tongue.

'I am stuck in a world of monster while only being a shrimp. I had better bulk up soon or I won't make it to lose my virginity' thought Bee as the stars in his vision started to clear up. The eight tails was laughing at him in the back of his mind, but he just ignored him to keep on trying to clear his head.

A stood up again showing off his impressive physique. He is a tall dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his blond hair combed back, though he had no facial hair, that didn't mean he wasn't thinking about growing some. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one; traits he inherited from his father.

He has black Fūma Shuriken tattoos on both shoulders. He had gold bangle bracelets on each wrist which have protrusions that can jut out when he attacks. He also wears a gold belt around his waist with a boar's face engraved in the center. All of these aspects combined give him the appearance of a professional wrestler and boxer. A wore a purple high-collared outfit with ragged sleeve and matching pants along with a white flak jacket and shin guards.

"Damn it dad you nearly split my skull in two" shouted A as he flexed a bit showing off the impressive body that he had been able to create over the years due to his extreme training.

"Shut up you idiotic wrestling wanabee! I got a mission for you and Bee so shut up and listed closely" shouted E with furry in his eyes as he flexed his own muscles causing the clothing on his body to turn to shreds making his sons extremely jealous.

'Damn how does he do that? He is just so powerful' thought Bee idolizing his adoptive father with stars in his eyes. He wanted to be strong and recognized like his dad was, so he had idolized himself after his dad, and his brother to a slightly lesser extent.

'Damn it I train every day and yet I still can't do that! I bet he is cheating somehow, dirty old man' thought A as his inferiority at his father's capabilities started to kick in. it was no secret that A was jealous that he had not been born with his father's extreme level of durability, or his natural strength and speed, but he had worked hard to try and bridge the gap, but still he knew his father was a fair deal stronger than he was.

'Hmph, little punks think they have what it takes to keep up with me do they? Well I will show them that I still got it. these muscles are the best in the elemental nations and although I don't have the nack for ninjutsu like the Hokage, genjutsu like the Mizukage, a kekkei tota like the Tsuchikage or a kekkei genkia Kazekage, I am still the strongest and most powerful kage in the elemental nations' thought E as he flexed his chakra causing the sides of his desk to start to splinter even without him coming into contact with it.

"What is the mission" spoke A trying to change the topic from who had the best physique to something else. He usually liked this sort of thing, but his dad obviously had him beat so there wasn't much that he could do or say about that.

"Konoha has sent a small squadron of ninja to guard the Land of Frost in case we decide to invade one of the other nations while they are so wrapped up in this war. I want you and Bee to go down there and see what thieve got, and if they are nothing but a bunch of weaklings take them out. I have no patients for Konoha encroaching so close to our lands" spoke E in a serious voice. He had never liked Konoha, feeling that they were far too shifty for his tastes. He knew that the Hokage was powerful, maybe as strong as he was, or maybe even stronger, but that didn't mean he was afraid. It was the exact opposite. E wanted to fight the Hokage just to see who was stronger, but he doubted he would ever get that chance.

"Hmph, we will waist any leaf ninja who is stupid enough to get close to the Land of Lightning like the bugs that they are" spoke A as he flexed his muscles already getting pumped at the thought of a good fight. He loved using his father's jutsu and he was really making a name for himself, so this was perfect. Besides you can't become Raikage without a rep, it just didn't work that way.

"Yea, I can already control two tails of old eight tail's power so this should be a cake walk" spoke Bee as he walked back over to his brother and dad. He had finally been able to get over the stars in his vision and get down to doing what he was needed to do.

"I don't want you wasting all of your chakra trying to show off, and I also don't want everyone in all of the nations to know who exactly the eight tails jinchuriki is, so if it isn't required don't use the eight tail's power" spoke E knowing how much the boy enjoyed the power boost he got from the Eight Tails. He liked that the boy was such a natural at using the Eight Tail's power, but he didn't want the boy to solely rely upon it.

"Ah dad, that is so drab, why can't eight o and I, go ride or die on their asses, and turn it the color of blades of grasses" rapped Bee, but he could feel the need to knock him out coming from his brother, but the man was restraining himself in his father's presence so that he didn't go through a wall as well.

"Just do as your told Bee, and you A are going to be put in charge of this little mission as well. I want you both ready to leave the village in four hours, so hop to it" shouted E, and soon Bee ran out of the door determined not to get into any trouble with his dad, but A stuck behind to ask his father what was really going on.

"So what is this mission really about? I know that you don't care about some weaklings camping out in the Land of Frost, and I don't like going into missions blind, so paint me a picture" spoke A knowing that his father had left some information out so that his loud mouth of a brother didn't go around blabbering about it to anyone who would listen. Honestly if that boy could fit it into one of his crappy raps he would tell you just about anything you wanted to know.

E looked at his son and let out a sigh. As dumb as he may look he was actually quite sharp. "Recently we have been getting reports of a giant flying fortress that came from the ocean. Whether it is from the western sea, and if so more than likely from the Land of Winter, or the east, and if so from one of the many islands, does not matter. What does matter though is the rumors that they have aligned themselves with Iwagakure and are going to attack an alley of the Land of Fire. Since we are not an ally of the Land of Fire I don't think we are in danger, but that doesn't mean this group is only after one target, so if you do see whatever this new threat is I will need a ninja who is fast enough to get me this information so that I can ready the village if need be" spoke E knowing that his son was very strong and cleaver, if really head strong. He would no doubt take his title as Raikage one day, not that E was complaining, and lead their village. E would have to teach A how to react to situations like this, so this really as the best form of practice.

"So this possible threat to our village thinks it is ok to just move on through our lands and figure it will get away with it? I will teach whoever these idiots are the true furry of Kumogakure" shouted A as sparks ripped off of his body causing an armor of lighting to encase his body, but that was all stopped when E used his fist to shut his son up, and knock him through a wall.

"You idiot I just said I would need a strong ninja who was fast to be able to report back to me as soon as possible. that means if you see whoever or whatever this new threat is to figure out everything you can about it, then come back to Kumo so that we can plan a counter strike as quickly as possible" spoke E wishing that his son had a bit more brains over all of his brawn. He knew that his son was strong; he just needed him to be a bit smarter and wiser.

"Alright alright I won't attack whoever or whatever this new threat is, but I will give those Konoha wanabee ninja a good thrashing" spoke A as he stood up rubbing his chin from the pain throbbing chin his jaw. This was really just the way he and his family communicated since they were so strong and durable it wasn't that big a deal, but his father did have monstrous strength so he did have a bit of an advantage.

"Good, now I know that my idiotic son wont piss off whoever it is that we know almost nothing about possible dragging us into this wasteful war ruining countless lives here in Kumo just because he is stupid leaving me with the ability to sleep peacefully at night" spoke E with an annoyed look on his face as he looked at his son. 'So strong, yet so stupid' thought E with a shake of the head, as he looked down at his desk as he closed his eyes.

"Alright I get it don't do anything that can draw us into the war" spoke A as he ran out of his father's office. He knew that he was only able to fight and destroy the ninja in the Land of Frost because Konoha couldn't afford to fight them as well, so they would probably ignore them, and even if they didn't they would just end up with another great village trying to destroy them.

[With Naruto and Girls]

Naruto yawned loudly as he sat at the top of a tree looking around at the green scenery that he had come to familiarize himself with. He was supposed to be looking for enemy ninja, or any other threat to their group, but he had been teaching Kushina how to use her sensory abilities, and she had taken to them very well. She was just like that girl, Karin, which had been in Sasuke's group who had all of those amazing abilities that the Uzumaki clan had been famed for.

"How are things down there? You sense anything yet" asked Naruto knowing that Kushina would have her difficulties using her sensory abilities. She may have the skills, abilities, and everything else that the Uzumaki clan had, along with that girl Karin, but she had extremely massive chakra reserves, and something like sensory abilities took lots of chakra control, so it would take some time for her to perfect it.

"I don't sense anything Naruto-kun, what about you Tsume? Do you smell anything" asked Kushina as she stopped focusing her chakra and took a deep sigh. She looked over at her friend and saw her take a deep whiff of the air along with her ninja dog.

"Naw I don't smell anything. The only thing we can smell are the plants and animals around the area, but the down draft from the wind could cause us to miss something. What about you Mikoto, do you see anything" asked Tsume as she started to pet her ninja dog. She loved the little guy and she was sure that one day he would become a big strong ninja dog like her father's dog was.

Mikoto surveyed the surrounding area with her Sharingan before deactivating them and looking back towards her team. "I don't see anything Naruto sensei. It really does seem that Kumo is going to stay out of the war so far" spoke Mikoto as she continued to lean against the tree that they all had gathered around.

"Alright let's" but that was as far as Naruto got before a giant explosion rocked the ground they were standing on causing Kushina and Tsume to fall on their buts while Mikoto looked like she almost lost her balance as well. Naruto was easily able to withstand the rocking of the earth, even though he was in a tree that swayed more than need be.

"What the hell was that" spoke Mikoto as she tried to get rid of her wobbly legs. She hadn't ever felt anything like that. It almost felt like a thousand paper bombs going off all at the same time, but she figured that even that was an understatement.

"I don't know, but I am sensing some very bad chakra coming from back towards out base" shouted Naruto as he jumped up and started running towards the base that they had been stationed at. He didn't sense the bad chakra before because he hadn't been kneading his chakra, but now that he did he could feel the powerful chakra source in the distance.

He knew he had felt this chakra before, but where he had felt it was unknown to him. It felt dark, almost evil, yet it wasn't to the point where it was intolerable. He needed to figure out what was going on to make sure the girls were ok, and to make sure that the old man didn't try and use this to his advantage.

Kushina was very shocked by the way Naruto had reacted to the shaking of the ground, but she knew that he was a much better sensor then she was. She could only hope that their allies were ok, even if she didn't really feel she was a Leaf Shinobi. In truth she would always be a ninja of Uzushiogakure, regardless of what others thought.

Mikoto was surprised that her Sharingan hadn't picked up any chakra signatures when she had it active earlier. She was jumping from tree to tree with her Sharingan active, but even then she couldn't tell what she was even seeing. It looked like she was looking at a giant ant hive that was suspended up into the sky with countless little chakra signatures roaming around inside of it, but oddly it was moving. Mikoto couldn't figure out what was going on, but she put that in the back of her mind until she figured out what was going on.

Tsume didn't like what she was smelling. Earlier the air was crisp with the smell of nature, but now her nostrils were filled with the scent of blood and earth. She knew that she should be worried, and hopeful that her comrades were ok, but something was telling her that it would have been pointless.

"Were coming up to the clearing where the castle is" spoke Naruto as he looked forward with his own Sharingan active, but not even with the Sharingan could he see any chakra signatures where the castle used to be. It was worrisome to say the least, but he knew that this was the only thing he could do right now.


Standing on the wall surrounding the castle that the Leaf shinobi were occupying were two guards both enjoying a laugh when one of them pointed up into the sky causing the other man to do the same? When they both looked up they saw a giant flying something with what looked like wooden birds flying around it.

"What the hell is that" asked one of the men as he walked to the edge of the wall and squinted his eyes trying to get a better view of what he was seeing. He had never seen anything like that, and could only say that it was what he figured Konoha would look like if it could fly.

The man was plain looking with no disconsernable features besides his average colored brown hair. He had dark brown eyes, a black ANBU outfit on, and a dark green flak jacket over his shoulders. His build was average as well, but his head was a bit bigger than the average person's body.

"I don't know, but I did hear that Sunagakure was experimenting with a new flying jutsu, so maybe this is what they were able to come up with" spoke the other man as he watched the flying thing get closer and closer. He had no idea what was going on, but he had a feeling deep inside that it wasn't good.

This man had dark black hair that was cut very short giving people the ability to see the skin underneath his hair. His eyes were as black as coal while his skin was pale as the moon. His clothes were exactly the same the brown haired man's, but he wore a forehead protector around his waist like it was some kind of a belt.

"If that were true then why doesn't it have the symbol for Sunagakure? I figure any village that had something like that in their military would be thrilled to show it off" spoke the brown haired man as he looked at the flying fortress. It had a giant face on the front of it, but no symbol that he could recognize was visible.

"Maybe we should report this. I don't think that letting this thing get any closer would be such a good idea until we know whether it if friend or foe" spoke the black haired man as he looked up at the giant metal fortress getting closer and closer.

"Yea I think you may be right" spoke the brown haired man as he turned around to jump off the side of the wall when the black haired man grabbed him by the back of his flak jacket. "What" spoke the brown haired man as he turned around, only to feel like the life inside of his body leave his body?

"We are so dead" spoke the black haired man as he watched what looked like a large yellow energy beam start to form in front of the mouth of the flying fortress. Before either of them could say anything the energy beam fired causing the fortress and the area around it to be engulfed in a powerful explosion.

[Up on the Flying Fortress]

Shinnō was a very driven man, and the thought of ruling the world and getting revenge was not something that he could have ever passed up. After the second Hokage had the Land of Sky destroyed for challenging the power of the five great nations Shinnō had been angered at the strife this brought his people, but he was both clever and patient. He slowly got stronger and led his people to realizing their true might, the might that the second Hokage had feared. It took years but finally they were able to completely repair their village and get the Zero Tailed Leech back under control to power their village. Now it was time for the world to know the power of their village.

As he looked down at the castle that the ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village was occupying in the Land of Frost he could only scoff at the primitive way in which they did battle. The Five Great Nations had ruled for too long and believed that their old barbaric ways of fighting would be enough to stop them this time, but without extremely powerful ninja like Madara Uchiha, Izuno Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Tobirama Senju, or various other ninja to stop them these pathetic little ninja would fall like blades of grass to a lawn mower.

Shinnō had waited all of his life to become the leader of his village, and now that he was the leader he wanted nothing more than total domination of the entire world, but even he knew that this was a long shot, and that he would need the cooperation of others to accomplish this. That is why when a representative of the Land of Stone had come to them with an offer to help fund them if they helped them destroy the Land of Whirlpools they had been all over the deal.

The Land of Whirlpools was a threat not only to them personally but to the world and its balance of power. They were quickly proving that a single village had the potential to become a powerhouse on equal terms with the great villages, which was a problem for the great villages. If this were to happen then the clans might believe that they didn't need their villages and could try and strike out on their own. This could possible cause the world to fall back to times like the great clan wars, and this would also mean that the civilian ninjas would be screwed because clans wouldn't want them, and if the clans started to form their own factions, and there was no central government, they would quickly be killed off. That is why the Villages Hidden in the Mist, Stone, and Sky were going to attack and destroy the Land of Whirlpool so that they didn't become too much of a problem in the future.

The Land of Sky also had another reason for wanting to destroy the Land of Whirlpools. While they had invented some rather interesting seals that could do some very amazing things, like siphon off all the dark chakra within the Zero Tailed Leech to power their flying fortress, the Land of Whirlpools was famous for their skills with seals, and could possibly be the answer to the problem of the Zero Tailed Leech damaging the seals that they had invented to hold it in place.

It was really annoying when the Zero Tailed Leech would start to thrash around when it was able to save up enough chakra to try and possess someone, and it usually destroyed some section of the seal, meaning that someone had to get possessed by the Leech while they fixed the seal, then they would have to reseals the Leech, though it usually fought until its host's body died, not something they were proud of actually. So if they destroyed the Land of Whirlpools, they may be able to find where the stored their sealing information, and then gain the ability to completely control he Leech for their own benefit.

"Sir the Dark Laser is ready" spoke one of the ninja at Shinnō's side with a smile on his face. It was obvious that he was happy about killing some of the ninja that had destroyed their home so long ago.

"Fire" spoke Shinnō with a smile on his face.

"Yes sir" shouted the man who had an equally wide grin on his face.

[Normal Point of View]

Before any of the ninja inside of the castle could prepare to defend themselves the flying fortress let loose a powerful beam of energy that hit the castle head on causing a powerful explosion that caused a large explosion that rocked the earth around them and created a mushroom cloud to form in the air.

Fire was caused by the rapid increase in temperature inside of the air. This caused the grass, trees, and anything else hit by it to superheat and catch fire. The heat was so intense that it incinerated everything two hundred yards around the edges of the explosion.

When the cloud of dust finally cleared there was nothing left except for a giant burn mark upon the earth with a large hole in the center of the burn mark? Shinnō was sure that after a few months of rain the hole would become a new river or lake for the Land of Frost to always remember this moment with.

"Perfect" spoke Shinnō as he looked down at that destruction that they had caused.

"Sir I do think I should remind you that it takes time for the Leech to build up enough Dark Chakra for us to use that attack. We should probably save it until we are attacked, or we reach Uzushiogakure" spoke one of his lieutenants as he read off a chart that told them the chakra levels the flying fortress had.

"I understand" spoke Shinnō as he waved the man off like a nuisance. "Now all hands prepare your selves. We are going to show those ninja in Uzushiogakure who is the new ruler of these lands" shouted Shinnō causing all of the other ninja in his command center to start shouting and cheering.