Pulling the Strings


Hello readers to this brand new story of mine, Pulling the Strings! As always, this is a Dark!Naruto story, and also a purely Manipulative!Naruto story.

I do very much hope that you, wonderful readers, like it and find it deliciously dark. On with the story!

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Six year old Uzumaki Naruto was alone in his one special place. No, not the Hokage Monument, but rather, Training Ground 44 a.k.a. the Forest of Death. A place no sane ninja would ever venture. The again… no one could ever say the young Uzumaki was sane, whether they spoke of his idiotic, smiling mask, or his true self, which no one knew of.

The boy, a bit tall for his age with spiky, blonde hair, cold blue eyes, three whisker marks on either cheek and wearing a dark blue shirt with an Uzumaki spiral on the back and ANBU-style pants of the same shade, had found this place roughly six months ago on his sixth birthday, and since the escaped beating on that day, usually stayed here. It was so useful for a few reasons. Firstly, no civilians were allowed here and every ninja but a certain purple-haired kunoichi stayed far away from here, and she never went near him either.

Naruto preferred that. If no one was around, he could practice freely. That also led to the second reason he chose the Forest of Death, the Hokage's damn Crystal Ball couldn't see very clearly within here. Just one of the side effects of the seals placed around said Forest that rapidly evolved all creatures inside and kept them from escaping.

The creatures themselves didn't bother Naruto too much though, and he even had companions in the form of a few of the genetically evolved species within the Training Ground. Though… that probably had more to do with his tenant.

That's right, six-year old Uzumaki already knew of the nine-tailed demon fox that resided within him. Some idiotic civilian had told him on his fourth birthday, thinking that Naruto would die that night. In the man's defense, Naruto did have multiple blades inside his body.

That revelation was all it took though, and young Uzumaki Naruto cracked. All semblance of sanity left him in that instant, which may have led him to meeting the fox within his mind.

The meeting wasn't anything he expected, nor did the Kyuubi expect such a cold boy. She could practically feel the waves of hatred coming off of him without that useful Negative Emotion Sense she had granted him, along with her promise of eight other gifts in the future.

Yes, that's right. The almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune, Demon Lord of the Bijuu, greatest demonic entity in the known world… was a woman. Even through his new cold demeanor he was using to cope with having his world shattered, Naruto still realized a few things.

First, the Kyuubi was going to help him attain his new dream, a dream she commended. After all, what demon doesn't love darkness, destruction, and vengeance?

Second, said demoness was the most beautiful woman in the whole universe, as far as he could tell. Naruto was actually quite intelligent and mature for his age, even if he acted like an idiot, that was just so he would have less attention from the people who wished him dead. And using all his intelligence and maturity he realized 'She is strong, beautiful, and actually willing to help me… she will be mine!'

Thirdly was that Kyuubi was not just helping him… she was all but giving him what every shinobi wanted… kekkai genkai!

He asked on the third thing, and she told him that she was doing exactly that. She couldn't have a weak container after all? And that was one of her abilities as a bijuu. All bijuu can heal their container, allow said container to access yokai, and also grant an amount of bloodlines to said container equal to their number of tails.

The Negative Emotions Sense was Naruto's first, which he quickly mastered within the year, allowing him sensory abilities. That kept him safe many times.

Within that first year, Kyu-chan, as Naruto had shortened her name to, began to teach him using mindscape training. Within his mindscape, time slowed down immensely. One hour in the outside world was actually four within the mindscape, granting him plenty of opportunity to train. And train he did, three nights a week he spent completely training within his mind. He needed the other four to actually sleep, because even if his body rested, if his mind did not, he would eventually exhaust himself. Even if his training progressed slowly to a demon, to a human, he had amazing progress.

By the end of two weeks, Kyu had helped him unlock his chakra and showed him how to mould it. Another two days and he had all the handseals memorized, though he had to practice them in the waking world to grow accustomed to them. He would practice in the orphanage while Kyu used a small amount of youki to hold a genjutsu that made him seem to be doing other things, allowing his secret training to commence.

It only took the blonde three weeks of constant practice to gain a genin-level speed in performing handseals, and at that point, Kyu began his chakra control exercises within his mindscape, a skill that wouldn't need practice in the waking world.

Because of his immense chakra reserves, Naruto had to spend the better part of six months to get it to the level of advancement Kyu and himself desired for the next lesson he would receive. Once it finally was finished, the demoness queen began teaching the now almost five-year old Naruto genjutsu, bringing about Naruto's second gift.

The Kitsune-Meimu or Fox-Illusions. These were advanced genjutsu that only a yoko could ever hope to perform, or a demon fox's container or their descendants. They used a combination of Naruto's chakra and Kyu's youki to create unbreakable genjutsu on a human.

The lessons started with simple things, a few human genjutsu that Naruto 'borrowed' from the Shinobi library. It was actually rather simple since Naruto allowed Kyu control of his body during the thefts, and she had complete knowledge of many undetectable genjutsu, allowing her to be in, grab a few scrolls, and get out.

Naruto progressed through the shinobi genjutsu quite effectively. The Konoha library ran out of D-ranks within two weeks, C-ranks within another week, B-ranks within four, and A-ranks inside of six weeks. Obviously any S-ranks would be in the Hokage's Kinjutsu (Forbidden Technique) Scroll inside his office, so Naruto couldn't do that.

Shortly afterwards, Naruto's fifth birthday came about, and he used one of his newly acquired genjutsu to fool the civilians to beating a different child in his place, some civilian that was the son of the Head of the Merchant Guild and a Council Member. Naruto knew that the Council constantly allowed his beatings to continue, and so he decided to get a little payback.

The day after he began his six-month Kitsune-Meimu training, which also gave him lessons in youki control. In the end, Kyu had commented that even though he wouldn't match any kitsune over three tails in illusions, any other human would fail to surpass his skills, even that rising star in genjutsu of Konoha, Yuuhi Kurenai.

At five and a half years old, Kyu decided to begin Naruto's fuinjutsu training. She informed him that his body was not ready for taijutsu, and ninjutsu would be harder to do without attracting notice. She also explained, rather hesitantly, that kenjutsu was beyond her, as she was never one for swords. Naruto graciously accepted all of this, glad for anything to advance his plans for Konoha's destruction as revenge for his mistreatment.

Fuinjutsu turned out to be rather simple for the Uzumaki, unsurprisingly to Kyu. When Naruto asked why she said that, she informed him that the Uzumaki clan was known for fuinjutsu. She then also informed him of her previous jinchuuriki, being his mother, the Aka no Shi (Red Death) Uzumaki Kushina.

Naruto didn't learn his father yet, though, as Kyu said just his mother should be enough for now. The blonde agreed easily and while he spent his time asleep in fuinjutsu, awake he scrounged every possible written resource for info on his mother.

He learned she was quite the kunoichi. She made the rank of jounin quite young, at only fourteen years old, then ANBU a year later. A decorated veteran of the Third Shinobi World War. S-ranked nin of the Bingo Books by seventeen and fuinjutsu master at the same age. She was known for her mastery of kenjutsu, fuinjutsu, and her chakra chain bloodline, which Naruto had questions about for Kyu later. She also had a high affinity for water, almost on the Nidaime Hokage's level. Al in all, she was the person he strived to surpass more than ever. Why?

She was an an orphaned Uzumaki, a jinchuuriki, and all alone in her early years (save for Uzumaki Mito) just like him. If she could do all that by the age of seventeen, Naruto would far surpass her.

And so, in the waking world, Naruto had found many accounts of his mother's kenjutsu style and began studying it. He had no katana, as of yet, but still studied the theory behind Uzumaki Kushina's Beniuzu (Crimson Whirlpool) sword style. It was elegant, almost as if a dance, spinning around your opponent's defenses and wearing them down until you can sweep them away to their deaths in a swirl of blood, just like an actual whirlpool.

Within his own mindscape, Naruto developed a small schedule with Kyu's help. He spent his training split between maintaining chakra control and youki control, learning new genjutsu, practicing katas for the Beniuzu, and also learning fuinjutsu of both the Uzumaki clan and also of Kyu's own creation. She was very adept in the art, apparently. Being sealed within two Uzumaki fuinjutsu masters and being able to sift through their memories offers quite a bit of learning opportunities, it seems.

That schedule remained the same until Naruto's sixth birthday, at which point he had easily become Chuunin-level in fuinjutsu by Uzumaki standars, which was high-Jounin by other standards. After he found the Forest of Death, though, Naruto finally found a secret place to train in the waking world. At this point, Kyu gave instructions on Hijuu Fuin(Gravity Seals) and had Naruto begin physical conditioning in the real world. He did so and began learning Kyu's first taijutsu style after three weeks, the Dakou Kitsune (Crawling Fox) style took an animalistic demeanor. The stance required the fighter to be on all fours, not unlike the Inuzuka style, and constantly jumped around different terrain, using chakra to stick and jump off of walls, trees, etc. to rush the opponent and use claws made of youki or chakra to slash at the opponent.

She declared this his 'closed space taijutsu style' to use in forests on enclosed areas, as it was useless in other places.

About two months after his birthday, Kyu said she would begin his ninjutsu training as well. She decided to teach the six year old jinchuuriki a jutsu to forever change his training methods. From memories of Kushina, Kyu passed the knowledge of the Kage Bunshin to her container, who at his age had high levels of chakra control and nearly double the reserves of Sarutobi Hiruzen in his prime. At the first chance, she told him of its ability to give the creator all the clones memories, and used in conjunction with the mindscape training three nights a week and all his free time during the day, he progressed quickly.

Upon revealing his ninjutsu training would begin, Naruto snuck into the library once more and did some research. Upon asking Kyu about his affinity, she revealed something rather mystifying. She would teach him to utilize all five basic Elements, as he eventually would have access to all five thanks to the gifts she planned to give him. Naruto accepted this as well, and simply stole scrolls on all of the Elemental Manipulation exercises and passed them off to clones to practice.

There was one other non-elemental jutsu besides the Kage Bunshin that Kyu wanted Naruto to learn, the chakra strings.

She didn't plan to turn him into a puppeteer, but the technique had vast and limitless potential, so she let him learn it.

With his already great chakra control, it took little time for him to get it down, and he practiced with it often.

Now, at the age of six and a half, it was the day Naruto was supposed to start the Academy.

Uzumaki Naruto walked into the Academy, a dumb grin plastered on his face. The grin never reached his eyes, though, if anyone looked closely enough.

It was all his plan, if no one had reason to suspect, then it would make his victory all the easier.

Naruto was the second in the classroom, the only other being who he recognized as none other than Aburame Shino, heir to the Aburame clan, if his observations were to be trusted. Naruto smiled and simply walked up to the back of the class, noticing Shino's emotions, though very hard to detect, were of curiosity towards him. 'Man, I love this Emotion Sense.'

"You are very welcome, Naruto-kun." Kyu replied to her container. Naruto sat down in the back next to a window and got to work.

First he set up an undetectable genjutsu that made it appear as if he was sleeping and gathered chakra in his fingertips, creating chakra strings. He then proceeded to move his fingers ever so slightly, causing the invisible and intangible chakra strings to form an intricate web around the classroom. This would serve to let him find out every movement, whether physical or chakra, of the occupants of the classroom and also to figure their chakra levels.

It's always best to know your enemy, no matter how weak they may be.

'Kyu-chan… what the hell is the point in this?' Naruto asked his tenant about the current lesson the teacher, Iruka, was lecturing about. In all her infinite wisdom and knowledge, the vixen could not answer.

"I… have no idea, Naruto-kun. These mortals are truly insane. What in the name of all that is unholy and demonic does knowing the history of the peacetimes of Konoha have to do with being a shinobi? This… is beyond me. Are you sure you have to waste your time with this?"

It was halfway through nine year old Naruto's third year in the Academy, and he was utterly and completely bored. He had hoped for something that would help him in the Academy… but no use. The Academy's first year was spent in teaching the students basic skills, i.e. how to read, math, etc. It was just things that you would learn in a civilian school, and while useless to someone who already knew them, like Naruto, he understood their importance in the Shinobi Academy.

The second year was a basic overview on shinobi, the Five Great Nations, skills, ninja tools, and things like that, also understandable.

The third year though… it was turning into a giant history lesson on things that had nothing to do with fighting. At least Naruto had the kunai and shuriken tests plus the daily spars and weekly tournaments to entertain himself. Otherwise… he might've gone completely insane.

One thing he did do was set his chakra web up every single day. At this point, he was sorely disappointed in most of his class. Most of the people had almost no chakra, like that pink-haired banshee.

By this point Kyu-chan had already helped Naruto advance his sensory abilities to the point of being able to tell more of a person's personality with the Emotion Sense and also tell affinities with his regular chakra sensing. It was pretty useful to come up with different strategies against each of his classmates.

Like the Uchiha. That boy was a brooder, but at least he trained. He was quickly approaching mid-genin levels and had an affinity for Fire and Lightning, had yet to activate his Sharingan, and had much hatred in him. Not surprising with the Uchiha massacre having only happened two years ago. Shino was also interesting, the boy was a true ninja. He was at high-genin levels with an Earth affinity, but was in the dead middle of the class. He showed no one his skills, and Naruto commended him for it.

One thing he hated about his class though… were the fangirls. He didn't hate the Uchiha fangirls, mind you, they entertained him immensely. No… it was his own fangirls, Hyuuga Hinata and Yamanaka Ino. They didn't even love him, they only fell in love with his mask, if you could even call it love. But they had their uses for sure. Both were heirs of powerful Konoha clans… definitely useful.

Once Naruto had figured out about Hinata's stalking of him, he found a way to make it an advantage.

Flashback no Jutsu!

Naruto felt the same chakra signature that had been following him for the last two weeks staying on his trail and grinned. 'Time to put my plan in action' he thought. Naruto suddenly stopped in his tracks, on Training Ground 43, which was always just as abandoned as its neighbor simply because it's so close.

He turned around, facing directly at Hinata, who was exuded large amounts of fear and… hope? Inwardly, the jinchuuriki grinned. Slowly walking towards her location, which she had yet to move from, Naruto found her behind a bush, blushing madly.

The blonde looked at her curiously. "Eh? Hinata?" Naruto questioned. "What are you doing here?" The panicked look on her face amused Naruto to no end. Said blonde simply took up a thinking pose. "Oh! You must be here to train too!" Naruto exclaimed and Hinata simply nodded vigorously. "Great! Hey… why don't we train together?" Naruto felt her about to pass out, and used a minor genjutsu to keep her conscious and she nodded again.

"Great, Hinata-chan!" Naruto got into a halfway-cross between the Goken and Juuken stance, his own creation that allowed him to flow around opponents and wear them out with chakra-enhanced palms and punches inspired by the Beniuzu kenjutsu style that he called Uzuken (Whirlpool Fist). "Let's see what you've got!"

Flashback no Jutsu Kai!

That was last summer, and he used it as a great excuse for Hinata to teach him some of the Hyuuga's own clan techniques. It was a simple suggestion from him that maybe he could help her with them, and she brought the scrolls, which Naruto memorized before helping her with them. Ah… the usefulness of fangirls.

Then there was Ino. She simply was a fangirl in every definition of the word. With Naruto's training regimen, it was impossible to hide his physique, and that was what had attracted Ino to him, he just knew it. Then with his mask's cheery attitude and foxy grin… she became his.

What was originally just a plan to find out more on some of the clans turned into a problem. Oncce the Hyuuga nad Yamanaka heiresses had discovered their mutual interest, both joined him for 'training' and tried to gain his attention. It got so very annoying sometimes…

It did give him the interesting opportunity to 'help' both of them with their clan techniques, though.

On top of all of that, they constantly bugged Naruto on why he didn't try harder in class, since he was so obviously 'perfect in every sense of the word' as stated by Ino. Naruto had given part of the truth, saying that he was being a true ninja and hiding his true power.

They both swooned at 'Naruto-kun's coolness' at that point.

Hell… at least Hinata didn't stutter anymore and was actually at a decent level of skill, same with Ino. How he hated his obsessive, vain fangirls though.

"You're not alone, Naruto-kun." Kyu-chan stated. "They'll definitely have to die once you take your revenge."

Naruto inwardly smirked. 'Getting jealous, Kyu-chan?' Naruto asked her teasingly. He could practically feel her blush through their connection.

"N-no! It's not like that at all!" The vixen exclaimed rather quickly. Naruto inwardly chuckled and then looked back at Iruka, who was going on about one of the Hokage's who created the Academy.

'That's it!' Naruto inwardly shouted and quickly made a genjutsu that made him look like he was paying attention and would answer if Naruto was called on before closing his eyes and laying his head down. 'I'm coming in Kyu-chan! This is beyond boring!'

Naruto appeared inside his redesigned mindscape and looked around. The sewer had long since been replaced by a large field with wildlife for Kyu's hunting pleasure with a single, large hill in the center with a large sakura tree atop it for shade. The scene was permanently frozen in the sunset Naruto used to watch from the Hokage Monument. Even if he hated Konoha now, he couldn't deny that the place had a great sunset.

The blonde looked different in his mindscape as well. After his five years of training with Kyu within the mindscape, his inner self had the appearance of a seventeen year old, time did work differently in here after all. He stood at about 5'7" with his wild, blonde hair halfway down his back in a ponytail, spikes everywhere atop his head and two bangs framing the sides of his face. Gone was all the baby fat in his face and body, which was rather muscular. Instead of his current attire in the waking world, Naruto wore a black haori and hakama pants plus a black trench coat that reached his knees, designed after what Kyu had said the shinigami uniform was in the past with his own slight touch. On his left hip sat a katana with a red blade, his mother's sword. After much searching, Naruto had finally found said blade three months after his eighth birthday. It had been located inside the Hokage Office, in a seal under his desk.

How in the hell Naruto hadn't noticed that seal before was beyond him. By that point he had learned how to sense the chakra from seals… but somehow it had evaded him. Within that seal had actually been three things. The first was the katana of his mother, the second was the book of seals belonging to Uzumaki Mito, and the last was a scroll containing all of the knowledge on Uzushiogakure and the Uzumaki clan's bloodlines that Konoha had.

His birthrights were all hidden from him by the Hokage!

That one fact had enraged him so much that once he got to the Forest of Death, Kyu forcibly pulled him inside the mindscape to calm him down.

"Naruto-kun?" Naruto turned around to see Kyu, his Kyu-chan, in all of her glory.

The demoness looked to be about sixteen with luscious, bright red hair to her shoulders in a spiky hairstyle (Karui's hairstyle), flawless ivory skin and bright, crimson eyes on her heart-shaped face. Her body was built like an athlete, with a slim, muscular frame. Her perfectly hourglass figure was barely hidden by the blood red kimono with black trimming that hugged every curve of hers, from the long legs up to her wide hips and slim waist, and accentuated her D-cup breasts.

Naruto smiled at her. Not his mask's goofy grin, but a small, genuine smile that only one person had ever seen. And that woman stood before him. "Hey, Kyu-chan." Naruto replied to her, noticed the slight blush on her cheeks at his smile.

It brought back the memories of his last birthday.

Flashback no Jutsu!

Naruto was within his mind, multiple Kage Bunshin around said area practicing all sorts of skills while Kyu and him watched them. The entire day, Kyu had been rather nervous, which incited the curiosity of the blonde who looked to be fifteen. He didn't ask her though.

In the eleven years he had known her, seeing how mindscape time worked different, she had become his most precious person. The redheaded demon queen had given him everything he ever wanted in life. Recognition. Affection. Friendship. He doubted that he ever would've survived this whole ordeal without her. If she wanted to have secrets, he was fine. She would tell in her own time.

After about another hour of watching the clones work, Naruto felt a hand on his arm and turned towards his tenant and best friend, who was blushing furiously. "Hm, Kyu-chan?" Naruto asked her.

"Naruto… we've known each other a long time, right? Over a decade." Naruto nodded, not sure where this was going. "Just… what am I to you?" she asked, and the look in her eyes told Naruto one thing, she desperately was hoping for a specific answer.

The blonde thought for a second. "Kyu-chan… the truth? You're the demon queen locked inside me. You're my sensei. You're my best friend. My only precious person in this world… in short: Kyu-chan, if I didn't have you, my world would be shattered." The red-haired beauty brightened at this statement and grinned.

"That's… what I needed to hear." She said before promptly crashing her lips over his. Naruto was at first too surprised to do anything, then he surrendered to the kiss and returned it with equal passion.

Flashback no Jutsu Kai!

That was the point that their relationship had gone past friendship. Most times after Naruto's mindscape training was over, the demoness would ravish him completely. He couldn't say he complained either… she was more a goddess than a demon in his eyes.

Naruto noticed her blush deepen considerably, and remembered she could hear his thoughts. "Th-thank you, Naruto-kun." The demoness said and Naruto merely grinned at her foxily. Sure, she was merciless to everyone else, but somehow Naruto could make her a nervous wreck, which was a great accomplishment for him.

"I only tell you the truth, Kyu-chan." Naruto told her and moved the hair from her face, letting him look at it. He smiled at her and caressed her cheek and then led her by the hand up the hill in his mindscape and under the tree before sitting, with her in his lap.

He turned serious then. "Kyu-chan, what did you find out?" The bijuu suddenly brightened and grinned. Naruto had created a single Kage Bunshin this morning but with youki instead of chakra and the result was Kyu being able to be free temporarily by using the clone.

"Well, two things, Naru-kun. First, While I'm using the Kage Bunshin, I have to take a fatal wound for it to dispel. Which is good, seeing how much youki it takes you to make a Youki Bunshin." Naruto smiled at that.

"That means you can be in the waking world with me." Naruto reasoned and held her closer, taking in the scent of his demonic mate. "What was the other thing?"

"Oh, I have only the skills that you have when I'm there. I can still use say, a genjutsu that you don't know, but my chakra control, reserves, strength, speed, elemental affinities, and the kekkai genkai I can use are the same as you." Naruto nodded.

"When are you going to give me a third kekkai genkai anyways? I really like my Negative Emotion Sense and Kitsune-Meimu, but a third would be really cool. Even with my Uzumaki kekkai genkais of fuinjutsu and healing, I still don't have an offensive bloodline. Once that damn Uchiha unlocks his Sharingan, how am I supposed to use ninjutsu without him copying it?"

Kyu nods her head. "I know, but I can only give you them at certain points. I'll give you the next one after you graduate, kay, Naru-koi?" she asked and Naruto sighed but nodded and Kyu snuggled into his chest, falling asleep on his lap.

The blonde snickered and stroked her hair a little before doing the same.

Naruto stood off to the side of one of the spars going on in the weekly tournament. He had already lost, but was changing the events of the semifinal round.

The eleven year old, fifth year Academy student was inwardly grinning at his work. "You're such a sociopath, you know that?" Kyu commented. 'Ah, you love it. Foxes are naturally tricksters right? I thought you would proud of me, Kyu-chan.'

It was currently Kiba vs. Sasuke, and Naruto was about to interfere, since it seemed Kiba was gaining an upper hand. It wouldn't do for his plans if the Uchiha lost his arrogant attitude. Preparing a chakra string, he twitched his middle finger just as Kiba was about to throw a kunai, causing the projectile to narrowly miss Sasuke's face. Sasuke smirked.

Naruto quickly set more chakra strings up to attach to Sasuke's hands just as the Uchiha went through handseals for his clan's Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Release Grand Fireball Technique) With the help of his strings to memorize the handseals and his chakra senses to feel how Sasuke molded the chakra, he memorized how to perform the jutsu. He had already used this same technique to memorize a few other jutsu of the Academy class, successfully recreating the effects of the Sharingan's jutsu copying ability.

Naruto watched as Kiba was about to jump away and twitched his right pinky, causing the string on Kiba's foot to pull him back slightly, just enough for him to be hit with the technique in the leg. Then Sasuke rushed at the Inuzuka before giving him a high spinning kick to the head. Kiba was out cold.

The Uchiha had a look of undeniable arrogance on his face. 'Good… just like I need.' Naruto thought as Iruka sent Kiba to the school infirmary and started the other semifinal match, Hinata vs. Ino.

This was absolutely perfect. Over the years, Naruto had upped his fangirls training, and obsession, with him. They were all too useful to him as they were now. In fact, each one was on either side of him, never leaving his side during the day. Currently they were glaring at each other with such intensity that Naruto swore he saw sparks between their eyes. "Ino, Hinata." They immediately looked at their mutual object of obsession. "Your match?" He told them with a smile, and they smiled back before heading to the ring.

Naruto watched in interest at this. It was to be the final tournament of the fifth year, being the last day of said year, so Naruto was eager to find out the fruits of their training.

As soon as Mizuki called for the match to start, Hinata tried a Juuken strike to Ino's gut, which the blonde deftly voided by spinning around Hinata gracefully. Ino then jumped up with a high spinning kick to Hinata's head, if not for the bluenette's quick duck. As soon as Ino landed, she had a kunai out to block the one Hinata had attempted to swipe her with.

The two separated with a jump and tossed their respective kunai, which hit each other. Ino set her hands in a strange seal just then. Her hands were clasped together with the right index and middle fingers, and her left middle and ring fingers straight up. "Ninpou: Jinran!" (Ninja Art: Dust Storm) The result was Ino using her mind powers enhanced with a seal of Naruto's own making to telekinetically raise the surrounding dirt using chakra and swirl it around herself. The dust soon became an assortment of hardened senbon that shot forth straight at Hinata.

The pale-eyed girl's eyes widened before switching on her Byakugan without seals or words. Using her doujutsu, she gracefully dodged all of them but a few that hit her in non-vital spots. Once the wave of dust finished, Ino stood there panting from the strain of that jutsu. It always took a toll on her reserves to use it, and damn Hinata was too fast!

Hinata smirked at the girl and went through a few handseals for a jutsu Naruto had taught her "Suiton: Mizurappa!" (Water Release: Wild Water Wave) She spewed large amounts of water from her mouth that crashed directly into Ino, making her fly back out of the ring, ending the match in the Hyuuga girl's favor. Naruto walked over to Ino and helped her up with a smile. The blonde looked at her blue-haired rival and stuck out her tongue as she held onto the Uzumaki boy.

Hinata growled just as the Uchiha made his way to the ring. Unfortunately, it was a short match in which Sasuke won. Hinata still didn't have quite enough chakra to pull off that jutsu unfazed… nothing a little training couldn't solve. Out of the whole ordeal, Naruto did manage to copy Sasuke's Katon: Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Technique)

'All according to plan.' Naruto thought.

"Remind me again how it is that the Genin Exam is so easy?" Kyu questioned her mate. Naruto shook his head. 'I'm… not entirely sure, Kyu-chan.'

Naruto had changed his attire to match what he wore in his mindscape, matching hairstyle and all. The only difference was he didn't have Aka no Shi at his waist, rather it was in the storage tattoo on his right wrist, one of the many fuinjutsu tattoos he had all over his body.

It was two weeks past said Genin Exams, and Iruka had just arrived to inform everyone of their team placement. Of course… Naruto already knew not just his, but everyone's placements, seeing how he chose them.

It was a simple matter of sneaking into the Hokage Office and finding the original team placements, writing his own choices, and forging Hiruzen's signature. Once that was done, he simply put it back into the pile of finished paperwork, and only had to await this day.

"Team 7 will consist of Uchiha Sasuke," he merely grunted. "Haruno Sakura," the banshee gave a fangirl squeal. "and Inuzuka Kiba." He groaned at his team placement. 'Serves you right for all your taunting and attempts at bullying me, mutt.' Naruto thought with an inward smirk.

"Team 8 will consist of Uzumaki Naruto," a smirk, "Hyuuga Hinata," the bluenette smiled wickedly, "and Yamanaka Ino." The blonde smirked evilly. Yes, telling them of his tenant and plan two weeks ago was a wonderful idea. He had made absolutely sure they were extremely obsessed with him to the point of suicide should he ever die before he told them though. When he did, each one had almost identical reactions. They looked sad by his 'burden', pissed at his treatment by the civilians and other Kyuubi haters, hatred at the Hokage's lies to Naruto, and immediately agreed to help 'their Naruto-kun' get his revenge on the Leaf.

"Team 9 is still in circulation, so Team 10 will consist of Nara Shikamaru, Aburame Shino, and Akimichi Chouji." Iruka finished. Shikamaru was asleep, Chouji eating, and Shino was stoic as always. "Go to lunch and when you come back, wait for your senseis." With that, Iruka and Mizuki disappeared in twin puffs of smoke.

Naruto looked at his two subordinates and they got up to go eat lunch. In the Forest of Death.

In the center of a clearing inside the Forest sat Naruto, Ino, and Hinata, all eating bento boxes courtesy of Hinata, who was a surprisingly good cook for a Hyuuga princess.

Naruto ate until he heard Ino speak. "Gomennasai, Naruto-kun… I just need to know. It was you who got us all on one team, didn't you?" Naruto nodded to his fellow blonde as he continued eating, and Ino grinned. "I knew you wouldn't let us be separated!" She squealed fangirlishly.

Naruto looked up at her pointedly, and she blushed. "Gomen, Naruto-kun… my bad." She said while rubbing the back of her head sheepishly, something she had picked up from Naruto's mask personality.

Suddenly, a snake, more specifically a poisonous viper, launched itself at Naruto from the nearby bushes. Naruto simply raised his left hand and created a net from chakra strings, capturing the snake. As he finished his bite, he spoke out loud "Come on out, Anko. I know it's you, unless Orochi-teme is in town."

Just then, a tall woman dressed completely in fishnet with a very short, orange skirt and a trenchcoat that reached her ankles jumped down from a nearby tree in front of the trio. Just looking at the provocative dress of the Tokubetsu Jounin caused both Ino and Hinata to blush. "Hey, gaki! What'cha up to?" She asked.

"Just eating lunch before we go to the Academy for team placements." Naruto reached inside his own trench coat and tossed a bag to Anko, one full of Dango. Anko snatched the bag and looked at Naruto as if he was a god.

"What you got for me, Anko?" He asked while he continued to eat.

Anko leaned against a tree and began eating her precious Dango as she began. "Well, Naruto… I got quite a few things for you, actually. You see, Danzou's kicked up his activity and I think he might be mobilizing ROOT again. Also, Hiruzen found out about your whole 'team placement' thing but doesn't have any idea who did it. He's leaving all the teams as they are, not like he has a choice, but anyways, your girlfriends can stay with you." Naruto nodded as said fangirls blushed.

"Also, I may have a few new recruits for your forces. If you play the whole thing right, that is. Hyuuga Neji, Kurama Yakumo, Inuzuka Hana, Fenikkusu Furea, and Inuzuka Tsume. Also, that Uchiha boy in your class? Yeah his mother, Mikoto, the only other survivor of the Uchiha massacre, I think she could be won over as well. There are a few other people, but I need to do a little more snooping on their loyalties first."

Naruto nodded and stood. "Thank you, Anko. You may go. Ino, Hina, come. We need to get back to the Academy." All three girls nodded and complied as they headed back to the Academy in order to wait for their jounin sensei.

Original Jutsu

Ninpou: Jinran (Ninja Art: Dust Storm) Using a combination of the Yamanaka mind powers and a seal Naruto created to increase said abilities, Ino is able to use telekinesis with chakra in order to control dust and dirt around her, acting in a similar way to Gaara's sand.

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