Pulling the Strings

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Chapter VII

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The front doors opened up to reveal Team 7. Up in the stands, Naruto looked down at them with a smirk as he stroked the hilt of Aka no Shi. "Everything is according to plan." He stated with a smirk. "Are they here, Hinata?" He asked.

Said heiress had her Byakugan on and nodded. "Hai. The Snake has arrived from Grass. Karin is also here from the same village." Naruto's smirk grew dark.

"Then the stage is set. These Exams are in the palm of my hand." He said just as Kabuto began speaking to the two remaining teams of the Rookie Nine. "Though Kabuto could present problems." He said with a frown.

Just then, the white-haired medic was nearly punched by an Oto genin and fell to the floor, one ear bleeding. Ibiki appeared and yelled for no fighting and for all to find a seat even as he explained that this would be a written exam.

After all were seated, Chuunin assistants began to pass out the nine question Exams. Naruto looked it over once. Kyu-chan?

"I see it too, Naruto-kun. These are much too hard for a normal genin. I know the answers though, so do not worry." Naruto nodded and listened as she read the answers out. After about half an hour of writing, Naruto set his pencil down and turned the paper over. Discreetly, he swiveled his eyes left and right. On one side sat the pink-haired banshee, Sakura and the other side held one of the Oto genin, he had spiky brown hair.

There was still a quarter hour until the final question was announced, so Naruto decided a little time in his mind couldn't hurt. With that, he let his consciousness drift to his mindscape where he would stay for a good three-quarters of an hour.

He materialized in the grassy field of his mind but immediately felt something... off. Perhaps it had to do with the fact the sky was blood-red and the sun was black?

Naruto felt out Kyu's signature and took a step forward, appearing in her location. What he saw was a surprise, for sure. There were two others with them. One, he already had met.

He had a spiked mane of blood-red hair over one side of his face, much like Uchiha Madara was said to wear his, with pupilless crimson eyes, two oni horns on his forehead, a light red shade of scaly skin, two-inch claws, a whip-like demon tail and dewmonic bat wings. He also wore a red yukata torn in many places and had sharp, blood-stained fangs. It was Aka no Shi.

The other man he hadn't met but knew from pictures. Why was the Yondaime Hokage strapped to a steel chair in chains though? In his mindscape?

"Okay, I'm just gonna ask. What the hell is going on?"

All three turned to him at once. "Ruto-kun!" Kyu grinned and appeared next to the blonde.

"It seems this man, or spirit more likely, was inside the seal. He was programmed to intrvene should you ever try to fully release the vixen there." Aka no Shi said coldly. "I was doing some snooping around the seal and found the part of the seal he was set, isolated it, and entrapped him."

"Hm... problematic in other circumstances." Naruto said coldly and walked forward to the soul of his father. "Perhaps I should learn all of his secrets?" Naruto's eyes changed to a blood-red with slit pupils.

"You can't be Naruto..." Minato said.

"Don't like how I look, tou-san?" Naruto asked. "How could your son have a heart so dark? It just isn't possible, right? Well, gaze into my... yes, Kyu-chan?" He stopped and turned as he felt his vixen's tail pull him slightly back.

"Don't waste your time sifting his memories, Ruto-kun." She said. "You don't have the time now. Use your newest gift..." her smirk told him everything and he felt a strange tingling in his body.

"Tell me how, Kyu-chan." He said even as his hand was surrounded by a black aura.

"Just touch him. The Void Funnel is simple. I've altered your body structure to allow you to channel massive amounts of Yin chakra to allow you to absorb people's chakra and memories. If they have a kekkai genkai though... it becomes yours. The final four you will need to obtain on your own." Naruto grinned and placed his hand to Minato's forehead.

Immediately, the soul of the Hokage was surrounded by dark energy before in no more than two seconds he was nothing more than a pile of bones. Naruto swayed slightly before recovering as the dark energy traveled up his arm to his head. His eyes inverted to become pitch-black with slits of crimson for pupils.

No one moved for a moment until Naruto grinned. His blonde hair seemed to become brighter before his eyes changed back to their demonic form with a slight alteration of being half blue and half red. His whisker marks had slightly faded as well.

"This... will be fun." Naruto said. "Tou-san had no kekkai genkai, so I still can get four, but he had immense seal knowledge as well as knowledge of other shinobi."

"You like it, then?" Kyu asked as she walked next to him, hugging him from behind with her chin on his shoulder. Naruto turned to her with a smile.

"It's amazing, Kyu-chan." He kissed her deeply and pulled back, leaving the demoness breathless. "Aka no Shi, the five bloodline requirement is met."

"If you can find yourself in a situation which calls for my power, I will allow you to know how to unlock Shikai. Until then, you are still unworthy."

Thirty minutes later (mindscape time)

Naruto opened his eyes in the classroom with a smirk as the time for question ten neared. They were noticably a brighter blue than before.

He had spent the last thirty minutes sifting through Minato's memories and decided it would take too long, so he gave them a new form in his mindscape. All of Minato's techniques were now located in a vessel within his mind, an exact copy of the Yondaime Hokage who would never go against anything Naruto said and had the sole purpose of teaching Naruto.

"Pencils down!" Ibiki announced. "It is time for the tenth question now. I will offer everyone a choice first though. You may all leave the Chuunin Exams now before taking the question."

"Why would anyone do that?" A blonde kunoichi from Suna asked.

"Because if you get the tenth question wrong... you can never take the Chuunin Exams again!" He announced dramatically. Some genin took his offer and left, forcing the whole team to leave.

Ibiki inwardly grinned at the atmosphere of the room before he looked on and saw one calm genin. The Kyuubi jinchuuriki looked unfazed... bored even. "What about you, blondie?" He asked.

As soon as Naruto set his sights on the proctor, Ibiki found himself sweating. Those eyes... they seemed to carry an immense weight with them. "Your attempts at manipulation and inducing fear into me are weak, Ibiki-san. I cannot be so easily swayed to leaving." Then he smirked and let up on his KI. "Just finish your little game."

When no one else raised their hand, Ibiki sighed. "Because of this disrespectful genin you all... PASS!" Everyone was surprised save the master manipulators in the room. "In the life a Chuunin you will be forced to sometimes make a difficult choice." He said. "The tenth question was meant to weed out those who couldn't make such a decision."

Just then, one of the windows crashed and a giant banner was suddenly hung on the wall. 'The Sexy and Single Mitarashi Anko, proctor of the Secon Exam' it said. Said woman stood before tue genin with a smirk as she chewed on a bit of dango.

"Eh, what's this Ibiki?" She asked. "Why are there so many left?"

"Just a good batch this time, Anko." He said.

"Doesn't matter anyways." She said as she flicked the dango stick and it stuck in the wood half an inch from Sasuke's face. "By the time I'm through with them, half of these gakis will be disqualified or dead."

Thirty Minutes Later, Forest of Death

Naruto stood upon a high branch in his second home as he gazed upon the Forest.

The Second Round was simple. Anko had the Chuunin assistants hand out either a Heaven or Earth scroll to each team and the objective was to get the opposite type of scroll and get to the tower in 120 hours with both of them without opening the scrolls.

Simplicity really to kill a low-leveled team and take their scroll.

"Report." Naruto's Kigan was a cold crimson and azure split in the middle by black slits.

"Hai, Naruto-kun." Karin appeared in a kneeling position looking at Naruto lustfully past her slim glasses and licking her lips. "My teammates are dead, as you ordered."

"And Orochimaru?"

"He is going to battle Sasuke within the hour. His 'team' is also dead." She said. "Is there anything you want me to do?" She asked. The blonde smirked.

"Find Tayuya after the Exams and tell her to begin Operation: Crumbling Wall." Karin nodded and looked at the blonde. He knew what she wanted... it wasn't too hard to figure out with the look she was giving him. "Later, Karin. I'm busy now." The redhead pouted but left in a swirl of grass anyways.

Naruto took a step forward and suddenly disappeared in his trademark Shunpo only to appear in another tree overlooking the Tower. Hinata and Ino were already in the very same tree and looked to him. "Our choices are simple now. Be the first in and cause suspicion... or show up later and act normal."

"We're going later then?" Hinata asked.

"On the contrary... I want the Council's attention now. If they look at me then others are free to do things. We'll lay low after this and my other agents will work as well as Orochimaru's plans will come out so I can outmanuveur him the best I can." They nodded. "Let's go in... time to show Konoha a little of my power."

And with that, all three disappeared as they took a step forward. The Second Exam would end with Konoha genin squad 8 holding the new record for quickest time of completion.

Naruto's plans were that much closer to completion.

Wow... Naruto's a genius. Half-insane, but a genius nonetheless.

And now with not only a fifth kekkai genkai but the choice of the final four being up to him, just what could happen?

Naruto's going to start kicking serious ass, that's what.

Now, I've got a question. More of a poll. What should Naruto get as bloodlines? I have a few in mind, but perhaps someone has an original bloodline which would fit better?

Rules are no Sharingan/MS/EMS or Rinnegan. No sub-elements. Hm... anything else will do. Start casting your votes and my top ten after a little bit will be in a poll on my profile page later for all to vote!

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