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Also, tonight I was watching this movie with my mom, Road to Christmas. I was watching and guess who played the main guy part. Clark Gregg! A.k.a Coulson! It was so cool seeing him as a different character. I've only ever seen him as Coulson.

Anyways, I know most of you probably hate me for leaving you on that cliffhanger. So, hope you all like this new and probably final chapter! It's gonna be short. Sorry, but it's got a lot of heart in it for it's length.

Skye's POV

I opened my eyes and saw a sight that almost made me cry. Cry tears of joy. The gunshot never sounded because my dad had been tackled… by Grant! My face broke out into a huge smile just seeing Grant. I knew he would come for me. I knew he loved me for real. Grant was currently beating the shit out of my dad. The gun had been knocked out of my dad's reach, so I breathed a sigh of relief. Coulson came up and started untying my wrists.

"Are you hurt?" Coulson asked as I rubbed my rope-burned wrists. I shook my head. That little exchange reminded me of the time Grant saved me from Quinn's men. How he had seen me so scared and vulnerable. Just like when my dad first came into the picture and when I told him about my dad prostituting me. Remembering this, I turned to see Grant being thrown across the room into the wall.

"Grant!" I shouted. I ran over and knelt down next to him. I could see he was still breathing, so I relaxed a little. That quickly went away when I heard my dad's laugh behind me.

I whipped around to face him just as he said, "Looks like the boyfriend's down for the count." My fists clenched in anger. Something to the side caught my eye. It was the gun my dad had.

"You hurt him." I said through clenched teeth.

"What are you going to do about it, sweetie?" He said in a sarcastic voice. My eyes darted back to the gun. I was thinking I could use it on him.

I guess Coulson saw my eyes because he said to me, "Skye, don't do something you'll regret just because Ward's hurt."

I turned to him. He was always a father figure to me. Especially since my real father was such a douche bag. Usually, I would listen to him. But my hand seemed to have a mind of its own cause I reached out and grasped the gun. "Yeah." I said, "But I won't regret it."

I stood up and aimed the gun just like Grant had shown me in training. My dad gave me a sarcastic smile, "You have a gun. So what?" He said and laughed a little, "You don't have the guts to shoot me. Or the reasons."

"Reasons? Guts? Please." I scoffed, "I have both. This is for blaming me for mom's death." I shot him in the leg. He collapsed and a cry of pain escaped his lips, "This is for calling me names, abusing me, and prostituting me." I shot him in the other leg. Another cry of pain, "And this is for hurting Grant!" I shot it for a final time. Miraculously, the bullet hit right where I wanted it. His heart.

A final strangled cry of pain came out of his mouth. He fell to the floor with a pool of blood forming around him. He was dead. I had killed a person. The gun fell out of my hand and landed with a thud. I dropped down to my knees in shock. Behind me, I heard a groan coming from Grant. I was too focused on my thoughts to turn around. I didn't face him until I felt his hand on my arm and heard his voice say, "Skye? What happened? Are you okay?"

I turned to him and buried my face in his chest. I could feel his arms wrap around my body and a sense of safety washed over me. This is why I loved Grant. Every time he would hold me in his arms I felt like I truly belonged. He made me felt like I was truly loved. These thoughts made a few stray tears roll down my cheeks.

"Skye?" Grant asked. I looked up and saw concern written in his face, "What happened?"

I put my head back on his chest. I didn't want to see what he would think when I told him, "I killed him."

"You killed your dad?" He asked. I nodded.

"It's over." I said in shock.

"It's finally over." He repeated. He held me closer and I smiled a little. He was right. It was finally over. I wouldn't have to live in fear of my dad anymore. I wouldn't be woken up by nightmares or anything. Grant tilted my head to look at him. He placed a gentle kiss to my lips. He didn't know how much that meant to me. That one kiss meant safety, comfort, and love.

I could feel Coulson put his hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at him and smiled. I finally had a real family. We weren't connected by blood. We were connected by something stronger… love.

I know it was short, but that was pretty good right? I got really poetic at the end. I kinda like it. Anyways, hope you all liked my story!

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