She was a flicker of candle. Sasuke was the darkness and Naruto was the light. She loved the darkness but she loved the light also. But her love for darkness was stronger. Besides, there was also Hinata, who chased the light and whom she considered a friend. Hinata deserved Naruto more than she did, of that she knew.

Besides, darkness was hers. She knew Sasuke far too well. What started as a crush came to be love. She loved an international criminal and she didn't regret it.

That being said, she will breach that barrier separating her and Sasuke. On so many levels, she hoped her love could break his hatred. No, not hatred.


She saw him cry that day, he cried for his family and especially his brother who died.

"Anything?" she asked hopefully

"He shouldn't be very far." Naruto responded

Hinata, the third member of tracking team, nodded

"What if someone interferes, though?" she asked

"Hinata and I will draw them away, then you can talk to Sasuke freely." Naruto said

And it happened just as planned. Hinata engaged Sasuke in a spar while Naruto openly boasted about his Jinchuuriki status, taunting Madara to come get him. Finally, Madara relented and the two jumped into the ravine, Hinata following. Naruto drove Madara away from Sasuke and herself, while Hinata acted in case anything nasty happened.

That left Sasuke and herself alone.

"Sasuke." she said, calmly

"Glad to have you here, Sakura. You were and are, the only one who understands." Sasuke said

He turned towards her, finally showing her his true state.

Sorrow was etched on his face

"Why do we have to suffer? I lost my family. He." here his hand pointed towards the ravine where Madara went "He lost the girl he loved. And all because of Konoha. Konoha must pay. They kill people with no retribution. Naruto suffered from this as well. His father was killed for Konoha. His mother died because of Danzo who represents Konoha. Can't you see that? Someone has to give Konoha the retribution.

"Actually, me, Naruto and Hinata thought of something that could pacify us, all of us. Tsunade agreed. The plan is that we turn our back on Konoha and form our own village somewhere in steep mountains. That way, no one will bother us, since climbing those mountains is dangerous." Sakura said

The caravan of people climbed the mountain. First was Hinata, scanning ahead with her Byakugan. Next were Obito and Sasuke, their Sharingans at the ready. Next was Naruto with his special moves at the ready. Then came Sakura and finally, there was Neji with his Byakugan also activated. They soon reached their destination and began their work