I found out about Incubi and Succubi last month and since then this idea would not stop hounding me. Warning for inaccurate portrayal of mythological creatures, lots of smut (JackRabbit and non con Blackice). And flashing images. Also, if you're someone who likes to listen to music while reading, may I suggest 'Fluorescent Adolescent' by the Arctic Monkeys. Not only is that an awesome song, but some parts fit perfectly with what you're about to read.


In the small sleepy town of Burgess, bright green eyes blown wide with lust watched on as the lithe form of his donor writhed in pleasure while he slept on. Jack was dreaming, dream Jack was lay on his back in a field looking down into eyes that rivaled the green of the grass he lay on. The owner of said eyes currently had his length in his mouth, sucking earnestly. The mysterious man had long blue-ish, velvety ears and he looked sinfully good with a cock in his mouth. Jack had alway wondered why the man of, no, in his dreams had rabbit ears, and why he loved them. He dreams of this man once or maybe twice a week and more often then not he has his tall proud ears.

In the real world Aster Bunnymund was sat on the end of his donors' bed trying not to touch him, a harder task than you may think when Jack lovingly moans 'mmh Bunny faster'. You see, if an Incubus or Succubus touches their donor when feeding from them, then they will keep feeding upon their donors' sexual energy until they are drained, ultimately killing them. And Bunny could never do that to Jack, Jack was his favourite. Jack was HIS.

Aster remembered the first time he fed off Jacks' energy, he was tired and ill but his master needed feeding by one member of his clan each day. So he jumped in the first occupied bedroom with an open window. Then he saw Jack, the boy was gorgeous, white hair and unblemished milky skin, later inspection of the photos on his bedside cabinet would reveal that he also had electric blue eyes. The amount of energy he got from Jack was outstanding, Aster felt like he could give every one in a mile radius wet dreams and still have enough power to give his master. After that he sketched a little bunny under Jacks' window ledge, marking Jack as his regular. That was three years ago.

When Jack came Asters' work there was done, he stood and smoothed down his fur. He appeared in the dreams of his donors as a human, just so he didn't scare them or freak them out. Aster was a Pooka, the last of his kind. He came to earth dying of the disease that killed race, Manny found and saved him and in turn Bunny offered his services.

Shaking off the depressing thoughts he opened a tunnel, and sparing one last look at his regular, jumped inside and went to meet the others. The others included:

Tooth- Who was once the Tooth Fairy until she scared a child from a very troubled home with very abusive parents, the child hit her in the head with a cricket bat. Tooth was later found by Manny wandering the streets of Burgess muttering 'who am I? Who am I?' To passers by crying in distress as they continued to walk through her. Tooth took Mannys' Job offer gratefully, later regaining her memory but still staying with Manny, her baby teeth continued to collect the teeth. To her donors she appears as a long lost lover and they wake up with happy memories of their time together.

Sandy and Pitch- Sandy and Pitch were hired at the same time, they were both just doing their job but being polar opposites in the same town was bound to cause problems. They got in each others way, argued and fought. The fight was viscous, they both lay in the snow, bleeding out and on the brink of death as Manny approach. With a promise to never fight again they took the job he offered. Sandy always left his donor with sweet dreams and well rested while Pitch gave his donor horrible nightmares and loved to mess with them by appearing as a male to a homophobic guy or as a child or a demon to a vicar. They both disagreed with the others methods, but they never fought. They promised.

North- This guy is the one and only Saint Nick. He was doing his rounds one christmas when the straps connecting the reindeer to the sleigh snapped, North and the sleigh fell from the sky over Burgess. The sleigh fell on top of him and he broke his neck. Manny helped him out of the wreck and extended the same offer North said yes, but only if he could have December off for christmas and Manny let him. North did whatever he wanted to his donors in their dreams but he always left them little trinkets like tree ornaments or treats like their favourite sweets from childhood.

And Manny- Nobody knows anything about him except he's a very powerful wizard and that he needs to feed on the sexual energy of humans to survive. There are other clans of Incubi and Succubi, even lone ones who wander and find the clan master to ask permission to feed on their turf. And each clan has their own rules, Manny doesn't have many but there is one you can't break...


Aster made his way into their 'Headquarters' or abandoned office building depending on what mood you're in. "Whoa Bunny how many donors did you visit tonight? I can smell their energy on you!" Tooth scrunched her nose.

Bunny laughed, "Just one sheila, keep your feathers on."

"Bunny? Laughing? What's the occasion?" A snarky British accent floated into the room along with a tornado of black sand that merged together to make pitch.

"Yer mums' debut on the cover of Playboy!" Bunny shot back.

"Aster!" Tooth gasped. North, as unhelpful as ever, just laughed and Sandy made an A+ above his head and put his thumbs up.

"Right, ladies break it up! Who's fed tonight?" Manny asked entering the room, he was a good looking man with a personality that demanded the attention of the room. Aster, North and Pitch raised their hands. Their master walked over and sniffed them, "Jack?" Manny asked him with a knowing smirk.

"Yeah, I was tired and I knew he could deliver." Lies.

"All of that energy is from Jack?" Pitch asked, Aster nodded. Pitch was interested in this boy, very interested indeed.


A/N: First part done! Second and final part soon, if anyone wants it! Please let me know if my writing is getting better. :) x

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