Guess who's back, back, back, back again, gain, gain, gain. No, not slim shady... ME! *cue nobody caring*


"My father..." Jack spoke softly, "You knew him? Really?"

"Yes Jack, he was a good man and very good at what he did too. Did he leave you that pendant when he passed or did you find it?" Manny asked eyeing the pendant Jack was rolling between his fingers.

"He gave it to me the last time I saw him..." The boy had tears in his eyes now and Aster curled a protective arm around him.

"Manny! You're upsetting him! Are you going somewhere with this or just being a dick?!" Aster hissed.

"Shush Rabbit! Before he gave you that pendant, did he or your mother leave for a while?" Manny asked while picking up the skull he told Jack not to touch earlier.

"Yeah, they both left in the night about a week before that I think... I was only 7, but when dad came back to give me the pendant he was in pretty bad shape. He told me 'Be good, be strong and remember to have fun' then he left and I never saw him again. I was raised by friends of the family" Tears were streaming down his face now, years of ignoring abandonment issues catching up on him.

"What about your Mother?" The Wizard asked.

"Never saw her after that night she left..." Jack sniffled hating the fact he sounded pathetic, but feeling soothed by Asters strong presence.

"Do you know what she did for a living?"

"Not really, I asked her once and she said 'I hunt disgusting animals'" Manny barked out vicious laugh at that then gestured for Jack to continue, "I always assumed she was an exterminator of some sort."

"I supposed SHE and her kind would see themselves as exterminators or even Hunters, for that matter, only these hunters take 'special' trophies... They hunt magical creatures." Manny said taking his seat in the big chair.

"A few days ago I'd have called you crazy... So was my father a hunter?"

"Quite the contrary, actually. Your father was one of the hunted."

"NO WAY!" Was the immediate response from Jack and Aster.

"Yes, your Father was Jack Frost."

"Does Jack have powers then?" Aster finally piped up due to Jacks' state of shock.

"Yes. Well not right now, I'll have to give him his fathers other two gifts first. Jack, Are you ready to become who you were supposed to be?"

"Will I be able to touch Bunny if I get these 'powers'?"


"Then yes." Was the boys instant answer.

"Whoa mate, take a minuet to think what you'd be leaving behind, your friends, work ALL human contact! Being magical aint no walk in the park!" Aster said trying to be the voice of reason, he loved Jack and would love to be able to touch the boy but he didn't want Jack to hate him three or four years down the line if he got bored or missed his friends.

"Aster this is what I want, I'm not a child anymore. This is who I am, no, this is who I'm supposed to be! I want to carry on in my fathers footsteps." Jack said running a gloved hand down Asters cheek.

"Alright then. Touch the skull Jack."

"But you said-"

"I'm aware of what I said. Could you think of a better way to keep curious hands away from important, irreplaceable items?" Manny smirked, getting up and passing Jack the ice-cold skull with blue crystal eyes.

Jacks eyes grew wide as the silver skull began to melt in his hands soon leaving behind nothing but a silver chain. "What do I do with this?" Jack questioned.

"Put your pendant on it. When the two pieces meet they should activate your powers, at least that's what your father told me."

"When did he tell you this?"

"Shortly before he died."

"I know he died, Mrs. Bennett told me. How did he die?"

"He was murdered."

"By who?"

"Your Mother."

End of CHAPTER 7