Kushina was sitting in her room covered in the color of beige red, thinking of what she did weeks ago with her very own son. Kushina stood from her bed, her clothes wrinkled from being in bed all day, her eyes darkened at the bottom, feeling disappointed of what she did. She went to the bathroom, pulling down her pink panties and sat on the toilet, pissing. She laid her face in her palms, her cheeks pushing her mouth a bit, making her look like she was puckering a little. She sighed and closed her eyes. " Maybe it's fine, when you really think about it, it's not like i fucked him or anything.. " She smiled, opening her eyes. " Yeah! I am a great mother! All i did was help him and myself while doing so! Man i am awesome! " She smiled happily, reaching for the toilet paper. She rolled a lot off, not liking to use one or two piece. She wiped her pussy and then looked up, slowly, seeing a boy with orange pants, shifting her eyes up more, she saw his orange jacket and then finally his blushing and smiling whiskered face. " ... " Her eyes were wide with embarrassment and anger, her pupils as tiny as a gnat.

Naruto grinned, blushes on his cheeks. " Yo! What's up Red-Hot mama! " He said, saluting.

Kushina clenched her fists and frowned, her eyebrows angled down and her mouth a cheeky frown. " .. YOU FUCKING PERVERT! " She kicked him in the mouth, his entire body flying into the wall behind him into her room and into her dresser, leaving a big Naruto-Dent in it.

" WHAT DID I DO!? " She shouted at her, rubbing his giant hickey and pouting angrily.

Kushina pulled up her panties and walked into her room, saying not a word to him and her eyes were closed and her arms were swaying. She sat on her bed and began to pick up the pieces of wood from her dresser and saw something familiar. " ... This is.. " Her eyes were full of wonder and happiness to see this thing again.

Naruto ran to her. " I'M TALKIN' TO YOU, YA KNOW! " He looked down at her hands, calming down. " What's that..? " He asked, looking at her hands.

" It's something my great grandmother gave to me.. " She smiled. " I always held onto it for luck.. I wonder how i have it now.. " She looked up. " Obito.. I think he put this in here.. " She thought.

" It looks a lot like what's on my back.. " He turned, taking off his light ocean blue backpack off, showing Kushina the Uzumaki Clan, and the Land of Eddies, Mark. " What does it mean anyway? I mean, i conveniently always use this sign thingy. " Naruto said, turning back around.

" It's something very special to me, you and many others.. " She smiled. " What is your last name kid? "

" Uzumaki! Naruto Uzumaki! " He smiled, announcing his full name.

She put the red wooden Uzumaki Clan Emblem she held in her hands on her back, turning so Naruto would see. " Uzumaki... Kushina Uzumaki! " She looked back, smiling.

Naruto was amazed. " But... How are there more Uzumaki's?.. I thought i was the only one.. I have no grandparents.. No mother or father.. No cousins, no brothers, no sisters.. Uncles.. Aunts.. No one. " He looked down, sadly.

" ... Cheer up! There are many like us out there! And besides.. You have a Red-Hot friend like me to be one of you. " She smiled.

" So we are family!? " Naruto looked at her, smiling happily.

" In a way. But just just by Clan.. No other way.. " She said, feeling bad she couldn't tell him. " Why do you have a backpack on anyway? Another mission? " She asked, coming to realize that he was wearing one.

Naruto nodded, grinning. " It's my first C-Ranked mission! I'm finally gonna show my ninja skills! " He said.

She smiled. " I wish you luck. "

" I don't need it, but my partner Sasuke does. He'll probably freeze up if a fight arises. " He closed his eyes, bragging about himself.

" Sasuke.. Who is he? " She asked, curious as to his names mentioning again from Naruto.

" A pain in my neck.. But he's okay i guess.. He is also my rival! I may not be as good but i will be! Hokage are never weaker than anyone else! I will be the strongest in the Village and world! " Naruto said.

" Sasuke.. Isn't he..!? " She remembered talking to Mikoto ( Sasuke's mother ) after Sasuke's birth and she remembered her son was named Sasuke. " He is an Uchiha.. " She said.

" Yeah, and an emo. 80% Emo, 10% Uchiha and 10% A pain in my neck. " He pouted.

Kushina laughed at her son, loving his attitude about things. She smiled at him, seeing a lot of her in him. " Naruto, i was just like you when i was younger. " She poked his nose. " Ya know? " She smiled. " Good luck on that mission, oh wait, you don't need it. So do your best! " She smiled at him, her eyes shut and her smile wide.

Naruto looked at her, feeling so happy with her and then he smiled back, giving a thumbs up. " You got it Red-Hot mama! " He said.

Kushina laughed. " Mama.. "

" Hehehe, yeah. It's cause you are old. " He laughed.

Kushina froze, getting angry and kicked him in the stomach, aiming right out the door and he was thrown out of her house. " YOU ALWAYS RUIN A GOOD MOMENT! " She shouted. She sighed, standing up and putting clothes on. " Ha, i already am moving closer to peace! Take that Obito! " She smirked and walked out her door, heading for the town of the Uchiha. " Man, i always hated walking to the Uchiha's town, i wish they'd just live in the same place as the rest of the villagers.. " She said, walking after a while and finally getting there. She saw people walking up and down the roads, but things had changed. All the Uchiha Crested decorations, the town's look, the houses, everything was changed. She was confused. " Maybe a little redecorating..? " She walked in and looked around. " Aw man, where i can i find this girl.. " She said, looking left and right. Luck was not on her side, she saw no signs of Mikoto Uchiha's residence, as well as the Uchiha for that matter. She finally gave up and decided to ask someone. " Yo, blondie!" She called out to a tall man with blonde hair.

" Hmm? Yeah? " He asked, walking to her.

" Where can i find Mikoto Uchiha? " She asked.

" Uchiha? You're kidding right? " He laughed a bit.

" I dunno, maybe jokes nowadays are in the Uchiha's expense. But no i am serious. " She pouted.

" Well, sorry lady but the Uchiha has been dead for a good 5 or 6 years. " He said.

" Mikoto is dead!? How!? " Kushina asked. " How'd the whole Uchiha die!? They're the strongest people i know!? " She asked.

" Calm down.. I am not exactly sure on the details, but Itachi Uchiha betrayed his own Clan and destroyed the ENTIRE Clan. " He said.

" ... Itachi.. Uchiha killed the Uchiha..? But that's Mikoto's son.. He loved this Village so much.. His Clan.. Everything.. " She said, letting a tear run down her face.

" He's class A bastard! I remember the kid, he was the Prodigy of the Uchiha Clan back when i used to be a constructionist. " He said.

" .. Thank you sir. " She said, walking back and heading for the exit. " I can't believe it.. Obito was right.. This world is without peace.. " She looked at young ninja walking by.

" Hey, i think yogurt sounds awesome! " One said.

" No guys, we have to work for protecting the Village! " Another said.

" I guess you're right. " One said.

Kushina looked at the boy who wanted to protect the Village, picturing Itachi when he was young.


" Miss Kushina, would you like me to help you out with your bags? " Itachi asked, a smile on his face.

" Why yes, thank you Itachi-Chan. " She smiled, handing him the bags.

He gladly took them, walking with her back to her house. " I've been researching.. Thinking and learning.. " He said.

" Hmm? Why are you telling me this Itachi-Chan? " Kushina asked.

" Because, i now know that you are the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki.. That you are the granddaughter of the former Jinchuriki host.. " He said, looking back at her.

" ... " She said nothing, not knowing what to say.

" It only makes me look up to you more... " He said, smiling. " There are so many people on the Earth we live on, giving up, letting go or not caring about faith or hope in protecting something... " He looked at the Hokage monument. " Those three people.. They are heroes.. Do you know what they did? " He looked at Kushina.

" Yes, they looked over the Village and protected it. " Kushina said. " Right? "

" Partly.. But they did more than that.. " He took off his Leaf Ninja Headband, laying it on the ground and performing Hand-Signs. " Those three people are the Hokage.. Those who are strongest and will look after the Village without hesitation.. " He said.

" ... " She listened.

" But they also gave us, the Villagers, the Ninja, the children, the people of the Village the courage to do the same.. That is why.. " He performed the last Hand-Sign.

" Fire Style? " She mumbled.

Itachi used his Fire Style to put the Leaf Village Headband on fire. " .. The Will of Fire they left us... " He watched the fire burn the headband, but it was becoming less tense and the flames began to go away. The Headband's Metal area was fine, the Leaf Village sign on it was in perfect condition. " Will never go away.. " He said.

Kushina was amazed at Itachi wise words, he was truly smart and strong for his age. Not only that, but he also cared so deeply for the Village already. " You are adorable Itachi-Chan! Also, technically, the fire did go out. " She teased and pushed him playfully.

Itachi laughed and pouted. " But you get what i mean.. Besides, you know better than anyone how to care for a place.. You keep a monster in you to keep this Village safe.. We all thank you for that. " He smiled.

" ... Ita- "

~Flashback End~

" -Chi.. " Kushina mumbled. " He cared to much for this place and his Clan to let it all go.. " She said. " He must have left the Village.. Maybe he can help me find peace..! " She said, running to the Hokage mansion. Once she got there, she busted down the door, and saw Sarutobi sitting there, smoking his pipe.

" Thank you son, you supply the best wee- " His eyes popped wide at Kushina and Asuma coughed.

" I get it.. " Asuma said, walking out of the room, trying not to reveal that his father still smoked weed.

" What are you here for now..? " He sighed.

" Lord Third! Where is Itachi Uchiha!? " Kushina asked.

" ... I see.. You heard of the Uchiha's demise.. " He said.

" Yes, and i need to find Itachi-Chan. He can help me. " She said.

" Well, the Akatsuki's whereabouts are very hard to track.. " Sarutobi said, looking down.

" The Akatsuki..? " Kushina asked. " Isn't that the group that Hanzo killed off? " Kushina asked.

" Yes, but they have regrouped and no one knows how.. Itachi is one of them.. " Sarutobi took a puff from his pipe.

" So if Itachi is with them then...? "

" He is no longer with the Leaf.. He now works for the Akatsuki, solely.. " He said.

" .. I see.. And they are bad guys? " She asked.

" Yes, in a sense.. " He said.

" Itachi-Chan.. " She looked down. " Alright, thank you Lord Third. " She bowed and turned to the door, leaving out the office of the Hokage. She left the Hokage Mansion and walked to a nearby bench and took a seat, thinking of what to do. " The Uchiha is gone.. Even Minato.. " She rested her chin in her palms, her eyes looking forward at the many villagers walking by. " What should i do..? " She asked, rhetorically. Just then, she heard someone jump from above her head. She looked up at the sound, seeing Jiraiya land right in front of her.

" MASTER JIRAIYA IS HERE AGAIN! " He shouted, posing.

Kushina smiled. " Master Jiraiya! You're just the person i wanted to talk to! " She said, folding her hands and raising it to the side of her face, smiling prettily, blinking to flutter her eyelashes. " You will help me, " She asked, making a pretty innocent face. " right? "

Jiraiya put his hand below his chin, pondering as he looked at Kushina. " .. You mentioned Minato.. What exactly would you know about Minato? " Asked Jiraiya, curiously.

Kushina's eyes widened, coming up with a lie. " Well he is the Yellow Flash of the Leaf.. You should know that.. Leaf Villager. " Kushina said.

" I see.. So you randomly think of the Yellow Flash? " He played along.

" Well yeah, i mean if he was here he would've made this Village, as well as mines, much better.. " She looked down.

" Really now? What's going on in your Village then? " He sat next to her, leaning forward and looking at the ants on the ground.

" Well, things i can't explain to outsiders.. " Kushina said, not really aware of the Land of Eddies' current status.

" I see, that's a respectable excuse. " Jiraiya turned his head to her. " Ya know, there was something that the Third Hokage always told me.. " He said.

" Hmm? " Kushina cocked her eyebrows up, curious as to what it was.

" He always told me that if the Leaf Village could just achieve the one goal it was made for, then everyone else's goals would be fulfilled as well.. " Jiraiya said, taking out a bag of dumplings, reaching inside and pulling out a stick of dumplings. " I wonder what that means.. " He smiled, his eyes looking at her from the side. " Want one? " He handed her one.

Kushina's eyes looked at Jiraiya's hand as she was thinking of what it could mean. " .. That old geezer doesn't know what he's talking about.. " She pouted, coming up with no solution as she took the stick from Jiraiya's hand.

" That's what i said too.. But now.. " He looked at the sky. " .. I'm not so sure.. " He smiled.

Kushina stood. " Thank you for trying to help a stranger, i'll be going now. Please be safe.. " She bowed, walking away slowly.

" Minato really would've liked you.. You remind me of.. No, i am wrong.. " He said, chuckling a bit.

Kushina stopped, surprised at what he said. " How does he..? " She mumbled. " See you.. " She ran to the Village Gates. Once she got there she saw her son, his arms stretched apart, a big grin on his face and he was standing in front of everyone.

" FINALLY! MY FIRST C-RANKED MISSION! I'LL FINALLY BE ABLE TO SHOW MY NINJA AWESOMENESS! " Naruto shouted, excitedly. " Let's.. " He turned to the road ahead, extended his right leg. " Goooo! " He pointed to the road ahead.

" That's not really your call Naruto.. " Sakura sighed, hanging her head.

" She's right Naruto, it's my call. " Kakashi smiled, stepping in front of him.

" Fine, then let's hurry already! " Naruto crossed his arms, pouting.

" For once, i agree with the little loser. " Sasuke walked forward, his eyes closed and his hands in his pockets. " .. Let's go.. " Sasuke said.

" You're such a leader Sasuke! " Sakura's eyes turned to stars, her hands folded and raised to the side of her face with a great big smile.

Kakashi, Naruto and Tazuna ( The great Bridge Builder AKA: Team 7 client for the time being. ) all pouted. " Didn't i just say that..? " Naruto mumbled.

" She's really into that guy, i guess Edward from Twilight really is a turn on.. " Tazuna said.

" She'll never change.. " Kakashi sighed. Then he just realized what Tazuna said. " Wait, what? " He was so confused.

" Nothing, it's just a little fourth-wall breaking combined with pop-cultural references.. " Tazuna said.

They all began walking until Kushina walked to the Gates and Kakashi looked back. " Hmm? "

" Kakashi, he's grown to be a very handsome man, well he has a handsome eye, everything else is covered.. Still.. " Kushina sighed. Kushina looked at Naruto. " I wanted to wish Naruto good luck.. " Kushina said.

Kakashi's Sharinghan began to hurt so badly, then it began to twitch and he held it. He began to sweat a little and he slumped over, panting. " Haaah huuuh huuh haah... " He panted.

Kushina looked at him. " What's wrong Kaka-, i mean sir? " She walked to him, helped him back up. She noticed his hand on his eye, the one that Obito gave him and she thought that maybe it was something about the fact that his eye existed in this world too, but she didn't know for sure. " Are you okay? "

Kakashi looked at Kushina. " Yeah.. Thanks.. " He stood. " Okay, Naruto. You've a visitor. " Kakashi said.

Naruto smiled. " Yo, Red-Hot Mama! " He said, his fox grin on his face.

" Yo! Do your best, and remember to show off. Not to much, but just enough. " She giggled.

" Ha! You got it Red Mama! " He put his thumb up.

She smiled and put hers up, too. Sakura looked at Kushina. " How does Naruto know such a beautiful woman..? " She put her finger to her lip, confused a bit.

Kushina looked at Sasuke, he was looking back, his bangs hanging a little pass his eyes and his head was tilted slightly. He permanently looked a male model and Kushina was amazed to see how much he looked like Mikoto, his father AND Itachi. She walked to Sasuke.

Sasuke began to feel uncomfortable. " Why are you so close, i like to breathe fresh air.. " Sasuke said.

She pouted. " I'm happy you're still okay, kids shouldn't have to suffer... " Kushina whispered to him.

Sasuke looked at her. " ... " He said not a word, yet he began to think about why she said that. " Are you referring to the Uchiha Clan? Because if you are, i have no time to suffer.. I may seem like a kid, but i am an avenger.. And as long as i have that HE will never be able to defeat me.. " Sasuke said.

Kushina felt bad for Sasuke, she knew that by avenger he meant to avenge the Uchiha. This meant he'd have to kill his brother, Itachi. " Do what you think is right.. " She said, unsure of what to tell him.

" I intend to.. " He turned his head, walking again.

" I'm sorry, uh, Red-Hot Mama.. " Kakashi felt weird to call her that, but that was the only name he was aware of for her. " We have to get on our way for the mission.. " Kakashi said.

" I'm sorry, i'll be going now. " Kushina bowed. " It was a pleasure meeting you.. Sasuke.. " Kushina smiled, walking away.

Sasuke was still thinking of why she approached him with this, and why did she seem so concerned. He just shrugged it off, until he heard her say his name when he never gave it out. " Who.. Was she Naruto..? " Sasuke asked, looking back at her as he walked away.

" She's a member of the Uzumaki Clan, that's what she told me. " Naruto said.

Sasuke almost tripped on a rock from watching her. " She was.. Nice.. And she reminded me of my mother.. I have to talk to her again.. " He thought, turning his head to the road ahead. " .. I see, well i suppose not everyone in the Uzumaki Clan are a eyesore.. " He said, needlessly picking on Naruto.

" SHUT UP SASUKE! I AM SUPER SEXY! " His eyes were completely white and perfect circles. They went onto their mission.

Later that night, Kushina was picking up some groceries and was on her way home, on her way home, she ran into Riyone ( This is just an O.C for Ino's mom, since she doesn't have one really in the show, but it clearly stated in the movie "ROAD TO NINJA" that she has a mother that is alive and well. ) And remembered her when she was younger, but she would always bitch at her and be mean. She did grow to be beautiful though, so she decided to say hi to her and maybe talk a bit. Kushina walked to Riyone and smiled. " Hey there, i'm new to this Village but i just wanted to say you are really pretty and i love your hair. " She smiled.

Riyone giggled. " Am i now? Wanna touch it? " She smiled.

" Sure! " Kushina reached her arm out to Riyone's blonde head, dropping all of her groceries. " Aw, shit! " Kushina profaned.

Riyone busted out laughing, trying to make her do that. " HAHA! You fell for it! " Riyone laughed.

Kushina began to get so angry and she clenched her fists, as silent as a mouse.

Riyone looked at her, beginning to get frightened.

" That was all my groceries! What am i supposed to eat tonight!? " Kushina shouted at her.

Riyone put her finger on Kushina's lip. " Nah girl, it's cool. You can come over my place and you can eat there. And i'll pay whatever you paid for those groceries. " Riyone said.

Kushina smiled evilly. " I paid a few thousand.. " She looked around, suspiciously since she was lying.

Riyone pouted and bent down, reaching in the bag and grabbed a receipt. " I think you were off by like 2 or 3 0's... " Riyone said, seeing it was only 78$.

" Uh, yeah. Numbers trip me up sometimes. " Kushina chuckled, nervously as she scratched the back of her head.

Riyone laughed and pushed her. " I like you! Yeah, we are definitely going to my place for dinner! " She grabbed her hand and began walking.

Kushina giggled. " But i dunno, i have some stuff to do ya know.. " She said, being dragged.

" Nonsense, you're only as busy as you think you are.. " Riyone said, making NO sense.

Kushina laughed, remembering her friend fondly and was happily dragged to her house. She was lonely, a lot of her loved ones seemed to be killed, but a few of her friends were still around and this made her feel happy. " You still own this flower shop? " She asked.

" Still? " Riyone asked, wondering why she said still as if they were acquainted before.

" W-well uh yeah, you are pretty famous in the Land of Eddies. A lot of women love to receive these flowers.. " She made up a lie.

" I see.. I used to have a friend from the Land of Eddies.. But.. " She began to cry a little.

Kushina never knew she would've cried for her. " W-what happened...? "

Riyone sniffled. " S-she was killed.. Right after she had her baby... The Kyuubi came and killed her.. " Riyone cried. " I always was a pain to her, and she was a pain to me.. But i really liked her.. " She cried.

Kushina wiped her eyes and smiled. " That's so nice, i am glad that she had such a great friend.. But i am sure she is happy she got to meet you.. " Kushina tried to cheer her up, happy inside.

" I was going to ask her if she ever loved me.. Like.. Loved me as a spouse.. " Riyone said, looking down.

Kushina's eyes widened and her lips were puckered from disgust and one of her eyes twitched. She almost vomited but swallowed it back down then she coughed. " Ahem! I-i uh, well maybe she did like you.. "

" She was so sexy, i loved that nice little booty.. So flat, but soft.. " Riyone said.

Kushina's eyes widened and she began to get angry, but kept it hidden. " Flat huh? "

" Yeah, until she got older. Then that ass was fat. " Riyone smiled.

Kushina got angrier, not wanting to have a fat ass or a flat ass and she just kept it hidden. " FAT HUH? " Her eyes got all white and a perfect circle.

" Yeah, but i really loved her.. " She looked at Kushina, now trying to make a straight face for Riyone. " I would've put my hand on her hip.. " She put her hand on Kushina's hip. " .. Look her in the eyes.. " She looked Kushina in the eyes. " .. And tell her.. " She put her face closer to Kushina's, about to whisper in her ears. " I'll do everything and anything to and for you.. " Riyone smirked, licking Kushina's ear.

Kushina pushed her away, wiping her ear and her face was a red as her hair. " S-sorry, i am not a lesbian.. " She stepped back a little. " .. We can just be friends okay? " She said. Kushina wanted to vomit but then Riyone grabbed Kushina's pussy and smirked.

" You may not be a lesbian, but you like this don't you? " She said, rubbing quickly. She began to moan and then she came instantly since she hadn't cum in weeks. He pants now soaked and she she blushed then slapped Riyone, truly angry and also horny then ran away. Riyone held her face, a red mark on it. " Oh yeah.. I reaally like her.. " She smirked, moving her fingers to her lips and licking them.

Kushina ran home, laying in her bed and put the pillow over her face and screamed as loud as she could. It was muffled. but her voice was loud so you could still hear it pretty loud. " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! " She shouted in the pillow. Then she took the pillow from her face and she was panting. " I hate Riyone! I can't believe how quickly she made me cum.. She used her fingers so well.. " She blushed from the words she was saying, describing Riyone's fingers on her. " I am not a lesbian.. I like dicks, boys, ball, muscles, mustaches, beards, anything manly! " She shouted. " .. So why did i cum so quickly..? " She asked herself. " Kushina, please calm down.. Just try to focus on finding peace, you already had sex once.. You don't need to do it twice.. " Kushina calmed herself down. " Okay.. I'll get some sleep.. Maybe then i will be able to think straight.. " She took her soaked pants and panties off and threw them to the floor. " But still.. It was fun to be with friends.. I really miss them all, Mikoto, Riyone, Mebuki, all of my friends.. I wish i had Minato next to me right now though.. " She closed her eyes, falling asleep rather quickly.


It was late, so Kakashi was the only one awake as everyone else slept. He took off his headband and looked at the moon with his Sharinghan. " Obito... " He mumbled to himself. " Why did your eye react so suddenly earlier.. " He said.

And that's the end of this chapter, and yes, there was little no Lemon in it, i didn't see a good chance to put it in and really i try to only put Lemon when it needs to be in or at least try to not make it seemed forced. I hope some of you can understand, and don't worry, there will be a shitload more Lemon, trust me. Still, give me little pairings you may want with Kushina, just don't ask Kakashi, i will never want to write Kakashi having sex, maybe Kid Kakashi, but not old LOL But i dunno, maybe. Follow, Favorite, Review and Community-ize it. Or just read it, idgaf what you do after that XD. Enjoy.