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Title: Switched!

Summary: It was a fine day until they found themselves living in someone else's body. AU-ish! RiRen/EreRi!

Warnings: YAOI! Grammar… And OOCness

Disclaimer: SnK belongs to Hajime Isayama… If only I owned it *Sigh*

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-Let's start shall we?


Chapter 1

The Great Pretenders (NOT!)

It was morning. A certain brunet woke up with a scowl written on his face. He was in a dungeon. A filthy damn dungeon; he seemed to be free of doing whatever he was supposed to do anyways. He sat up from his stony bed of his, rubbing his back to soothe his back all thanks to the fucking bed. He let a sigh escape his mouth then stopped mid-way.

This is not my voice… He suddenly thought. He immediately stood up from his bed and stalked over to the bars—lucky enough that he's good at picking locks. Upon opening it, he bumped to another brunette.

"Eren, you're up early today?" She said then suddenly grinned that may put a Cheshire to shame, "Don't tell me… You're going to Levi's room, right?!" She gave playful jabs at 'Eren's' shoulder.

"Fuck you, shitty glasses, I am most certainly not that damn brat." 'Eren' replied.

'Shitty glasses' or Hanji stopped giving him jabs then put up worried face, "Eren, I know Levi is your idol but don't copy to the extent that you are going to speak like him… It doesn't suit you…"

What the hell is wrong with her?

"Look, shitty glasses, I am not here for jokes. I am Levi for god's sake!" The brunet's eye twitched in annoyance.

"A-Ano…" A deep voice intruded.

Both eyes landed on whoever was speaking, one was scowling and one stared with wide eyes. They both saw the Lance Corporal—who unexpectedly looked 'untidy'. His hair was a tad messy, there was no cravat, just plain white collared shirt with a pair of black pants. His eyes looked wider and more innocent—and tamed—it was something you might compare to a kitten. He had his hands tangled together and was looking down on the floor as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Another unexpected thing happened when the Lance Corporal was about to say something then flushed a healthy shade of red. IT. WAS. FUCKING. ADORABLE!

Hanji had to contain her fangirl-ish squeal at the sight, "He-He-Heichou! Are you alright?! You don't look like yourself!"

"Ha-Hanji-sa-san… please lower your voice… i-it might cause a scene…" He timidly reprimanded.

"AND HE'S POLITE! HAS THE WORLD COME TO AN END?!" The eccentric brunette grabbed the sides of her head then received a fine chop to the head, "—OW! What was that for Eren?!"

"I am not Eren GODDAMNIT!" 'Eren' shouted. He pointed at his supposed body, "That is my body!" then he pointed to himself, "And THIS is your superior!"

It took awhile for Hanji to realize what 'Eren' was trying to say. She shifted her head to the body of Eren then the fidgeting body of Levi. Eren would be usually be polite around his superiors, he would only be a loud mouth infront of people he has been with—unlike this Eren, he was scowling, he had this stress marks on his forehead and under his eyes, he has a foul mouth and let's not forget the grumpy attitude. She nodded to herself then analyzed Levi. The Levi infront of her was fidgeting, playing with his fingers, still not well-groomed, blushing in embarrassment like a high school girl, and polite. The real Heichou would act like a freakin' boss, remain stoic, insert curses whenever possible and be grumpy.

Hanji slammed her fist against her open palm, "Now I get it!" She pointed at the Grumpy Eren, "You are Levi in the body of Eren and—" she pointed at the fidgeting Levi, "—you are Eren in Levi's body!"

"Congratulations, what can we do without you?" Levi, who was in Eren's body, said with sarcasm dripping each word. He crossed his arms and leaned by the prison bar, "of course we are in each other's body! What else would you like to know?!" He added.

(A/N: Starting here, please remember that when I address Levi, please take note that he is in Eren's body and vice-versa. I'm so sorry if this ever confuses you… oTL)

"Maa, maa, calm down Ere—I mean Levi. Don't you guys think this is awesome?!" Hanji shouted in excitement, she waved her hands and arms to prove it so. She clutched the side of her head, "Oh my gosh! Wait 'til the others hear about this!"

"Hanji-san! Please don't do that!" Eren begged.

Hanji raised a brow, "Why so?"

Eren looked down and twiddled with his fingers, a tint of red creeping up his cheeks, "Be-Because…"

"Oi, shitty brat, don't you dare do that infront of my men and stop blushing! You look like a damn high school girl confessing to someone you like!" Levi reprimanded then tugged Eren out, "Let's go! I am going to clean this body of mine whether you like it or not!"

The stomping of Levi's feet were heard and gradually resided. Hanji was left perplexed of the recent happenings. Grinning to herself, she thought: Fufufu~ This is going to be fun!

Leaving Hanji to herself, Levi continued to drag Eren to his supposed room. Eren, who had felt himself literally shrunk due to having Levi's body, struggled to keep up with the taller guy's footing. He would trip midway then immediately regain his footing—he nearly bit his tongue the way Aurou would when he tried to say something actually.

Levi clicked his tongue then scowled once again. Dragging his body was a pain—especially with Eren navigating it. As he continued to drag Eren, an idea popped in his head. As much as he hated doing it—plus the fact that he was going to do that to his own body—AND the fact that if people see 'Eren' carry 'Levi' will and will make misunderstandings—he still had to do that if he wanted to things quickly.

Eren had been on his nerves especially this very morning. Yes, they may have a secret relationship but that's not the point. The very thing that got on his nerve was how damn filthy Eren's body was and to how damn filthy was his sleeping place. Not only that but, Eren also went to the dungeon wearing THAT outfit AND didn't brush his hair AND probably didn't even thought of his fucking hygiene this time. It actually made him wonder to how he even managed to get past the people on his way there.

Soon enough Levi snapped on the inside then started to carry Eren bridal style and stormed to his room as fast as possible.


"Shut it."

As if lady luck was on their side, they were in Levi's room in speed record.

Levi slammed the door open and did the same manner in closing it. He threw Eren (regardless of the fact that he is throwing his own body) to the bed and almost immediately, Levi towered over him.

His smirked as he saw Eren's excited face. Although he preferred having his own body towering over Eren's real body—not the other way around—he still liked it. Call him a narcissist but Levi actually thought that the flushed expression he was seeing, with the courtesy of Eren controlling his body, was adorable.

What would his lips taste? What would Eren taste when he is being kissed by his body? How delicious would those moans coming out of his body—the one being controlled by Eren—come out like? Despite it being filthy, would Eren masturbate and touch himself even though that was his body? How damn tight would his hole be?

Just the damn thought is making Levi more and more curious. Unbeknownst to him, he has been wearing a scary face ever since he was thinking of that stuff.

Eren stayed silent with fear engulfing him—which was due to Levi's scary face (Even though he shouldn't be scared since the scary face was made by his own face—Eren's body) When someone else is controlling your body, it really looks like it's not your own. He partly closed his eyes from Levi's scary face. It was as a fail attempt of hiding his wince.

The mere fact that Eren made that kind of face turned a switch on Levi. He suddenly had his breath hitching uncontrollably. He had a hard time swallowing the lump stuck in his throat, a bead of sweat slowly dripped down his cheek.

He inhaled largely before speaking again, "We are going to take a bath together got that Eren?" Levi abruptly stood up from his position, dragging up Eren in the process, "I will make sure that every fucking square inch of my body and your body is scrubbed clean."

You can really see what type of person Levi is when you enter the room of cleanliness—the bathroom. It was literally clean and free of dirt. All cleaning materials were neatly placed in one place—as in totally arranged. The holes were free of any gross things, the toilet… the fucking toilet looked like a holy place. It was downright SHINY!

Eren couldn't believe his eyes from what he was seeing. As the two of them got inside—very sacred place—a VERY sacred place! He was tugged inside the bathroom—sacred place as he'd like to call it—and before he knew it, he was being undressed by Levi.

"He-HEICHOU! I CAN DO THAT MYSELF!" Eren nearly shouted. He clutched his clothes together then turned around.

Levi had his brow twitch in annoyance, "Oi, shitty brat, you have certainly been getting on my nerves and the fact that I am in your body is not really helping." He gently massaged his temples, "And have you forgotten to what we have agreed?"

It took awhile for Eren to register what his superior was trying to say. He held back a face palm and secretly made a guilty look. 'I forgot that I was supposed to call Heichou by his first name when we are alone… He has been a sensitive kind of person now that I think about it…' He inwardly sweat-dropped at that. After finishing he was done with unbuttoning the buttons, he turned around and tilted his head upward so he could meet the older guy's eyes, "I'm so sorry about that, Levi… I'm still hooked up on us body switching… Gomen (Sorry)…" That was then Eren hung his head in shame.

It was an adorable sight—not that he would even admit that or anything—when he saw Eren look up to him. Usually the eyes in Levi's body were really sharp and it was hard for people to look at it but when it was Eren doing it to his body, his eyes looked a lot more tamed. Like a kitten if he were the one to choose. Those orbs looked larger than they were supposed to be—now that's what you can expect from Eren. Levi's eyes trailed downwards. Now that he has seen it, he really had to admit that his body was well-toned and looking closer, that was then he realized that he still has some scratches that remained during expeditions and stuff.

Levi gave a small smile and gently rubbed Eren's head, "I guess this is a surprising thing to happen so I'll let that slip for now." Levi then turned serious, "Now, I will give you lessons on how to act infront of others—ESPECIALLY when you are infront of my men and infront of your asshole friends!"

"While we are in the bathroom?!"



Smirk. "Did you not know, Eren? Pressurized water can cut even through the strongest metal. Water can make a great substitute for a whip, especially when it's against someone's bare skin."

Eren paled at the thought, "W-Wait, Le-Levi! You're not thinking of…"

"Oh don't you dare look down on me, Jaeger. I do not hesitate—even when I'm up against my own body."

With a bowl on his hands, Levi devilishly smirked. This is going to be fun…

"Fuck you, Levi… ugh…" Eren softly cursed under his breath, rubbing the nearest spot that was hit hard by the water. He was now fully dressed. He now LOOKED like the feared Lance Corporal. Everything that you can see in him is definitely clean. He had to make sure that he could scowl darkly to the extent that no one would dare come near him—setting aside Hanji and Erwin.

Levi on the other hand now looked like that shitty brat of his. Much to his dismay, he had to keep his hair messy and by all means, he had to make sure that he can smile at 'Eren's' friends. Furthermore, he has to be careful with his language and he has to prevent himself of thinking any objective of killing someone now that he is in the body of Eren (Since he might transform into a titan if he hurts himself). He also has to keep himself accompanied to the presence of Mikasa and Armin—and other annoying faces that Eren considers as a friend.

The proceeded to the door, "Eren, if you make even the slightest mistake, I will fuck you until can't stand anymore." Levi threatened.

"Wait, was that a treat or threat?" Eren questioned.


Eren suddenly had an idea forming in his head—"Don't you even dare, shitty brat" Levi darkly muttered.

Shuddering, Eren nodded profusely and followed Levi.

As they got out, Eren immediately went infront of Eren. He did as he was told to do during their short training in the bathroom. 'Yosh. First I have to make a scary face and shoot glares at anyone going near.'

~Short Flashback~

"Listen clearly alright? Eren. Normal people will definitely not go near me because of my expression." Levi started. He was still brandishing the bowl of freezing water on his hand, "Glares will help you best if you can't scowl… considering the fact that you look like a criminal when you glare…"

"Hey! That was rude of you Levi! I do not have a face of a criminal—OW!—AHH! IT'S SO COLD! WHAT THE HELL?!"

~End of short flashback~

An innocent guy holding a piece of paper was coincidentally passing by. Eren took this as a chance and gave the worst glare that he could give. Success! The guy ran away, clutching his heart for dear life, screaming "I'M SO SORRYYY!"

Eren turned to Levi with a stupid happy face then suddenly paled and turned back to the hall. FUCK IT!

~Short Flashback 2~

"If others saw you pouting like that, I am pretty sure that you and my body will never be seen again." Levi darkly muttered. "Promise me that you are not to pout infront of others but only to me."

Eren beamed, "Of course, Levi!"

"AND!" Levi leaned closer to Eren, "Show any stupid face while we are out there, consider yourself dead by the time you sleep."

~End of short flashback 2~

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, FUCK! He mentally cursed. So he was going to die by the time he sleeps… It was not a happy thought—NOT a happy thought at all! A sudden flash of his life before his eyes happened.

Damn! I really am going to die!

Despite the inner turmoil, his outer face remained stoic and Levi-material. The rest of the walk went silent and no more. A few more steps later, they were at the stairs, going up. No more funny business—just being the great pretenders as they are.

The light at the end grew brighter and brighter until they reached the main floor. A few turns more and they were at the cafeteria—the fucking smelly cafeteria—that these men never bother to clean. Both exchanged glances and gave curt nods at each other. And before they knew it, they were headed for their supposed places, 'Eren' going to his friends and 'Levi' going to his men.

Levi was confident of trying to imitate Eren but as all else fail, he failed to do one thing, and that is to smile. Imitating Eren for him was a piece of cake, considering the fact that he has been together with the boy ever since. True, his friends were really something. True, that his friends have great futures ahead of them, and true, that he really has one of a kind friends but he still can't really take in the fact that they were so damn filthy. And add the fact that he was pretty damn filthy himself, this was all fucked up.

A few more strides and he were there with Eren's friends. He had his eyes twitching in annoyance for what the fucking hell he was going to do next. He forced a quirky smile and seated next to Armin, his blonde friend.

"Ohayo, Eren." Armin greeted.

"Ahh… Ohayo…" Levi also greeted, mentally twitching in annoyance non-stop. It was really damn hard to keep up the happy/unhappy face of his or whatever that shitty face was called.

"Eren, are you alright?" The raven haired girl, Mikasa asked, concerned. She sat by the other side of 'Eren' and gave him a pair of worried eyes.

I have to make a damn lie or else…

He silently gulped. Looking to the other side, the table of his men was taking things the way it was supposed to be. By chance, he saw Eren suffer the wrath of coffee. Perhaps it was black coffee? Levi mentally hypothesized. Going back, he made an easy lie good enough to fool everyone present, "Ahaha… Ahaha! SHIT! I had a hard time sleeping in the dungeon…" Of course the italicized words went unspoken. He scratched the back of his head, and like what Eren might've done; he flinched by the sight of Mikasa's expression. "Mi…Mikasa..?"

"Tch. That chibi has gone too far! I'm going to demand him!" She stood up and stormed to where 'Levi' was. As she got there, the others stopped talking and stared at the glaring Mikasa. Levi mentally commended Eren for not cringing, flinching, or jerking or doing any shitty movements like an ass would do.

"What?" Eren coldly asked. What the fuck am I supposed to do?! Eren's inner state complained. He can stand up to many and that includes Mikasa since he doesn't want to be treated as a kid anymore but in this state (Him being in Levi's body) was not really helping. He slowly trailed his eyes to a pair of ire green orbs. Eren mentally winced at that. Levi was trying to tell him something and that something was something he couldn't put his finger on it. It was sort of a do or die situation for Eren… but more severe. If you do something—which was the message Levi was trying to say—you are clear of any danger… and if you don't… you will die by the wrath of Mikasa first then the wrath of Levi.

Sharp gray eyes slowly widened and looked tamed.


Levi clicked his tongue and boldly went in between Mikasa and Eren, "Ackerman, you are not to lay a finger on him got that?" Another twitch on his eyebrow… Well that was certainly not a smooth move

Mikasa looked dumbstruck,

"E-Eren… what did you just call me..?"

It was a shit moment…


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