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'Eren' refers to the body and the same applies to 'Rivaille'. Rivaille and Eren refer to the people



-Let get things rolling shall we?


"Ne, Eren, can Riren join us?"

"Oh. That's a good idea. That way err… Eren can teach her some other etiquettes.

"Yosh! Eren, go teach her. Rivai taught you already, right?"

"Ah. Hai!" FUCK!

"And don't forget, we leave at 5!"


"Nah, Erwin, what does the letter say?"

"Ah… You mean this? This contains our entrance tickets."


Chapter 4

Preparation part II

A few hours remain before anything else…

It was an awkward walk to the canteen. Mikasa was fed up with jealousy since 'Eren' was together with this girl named 'Riren'. Armin felt tense because of Mikasa's aura creeping out. Rivaille remained indifferent since he was more than happy not to speak—he hates acting like the shitty brat. And, Riren a.k.a. Eren was the one feeling the odd one out. Well, who wouldn't? He was the main reason to why they are having this awkward walk. Eren wished that he could have his body back… Unfortunately, Hanji still has no apparent ways of getting them back to normal.

There was far too much silence. Yes, there may be people chatting as people pass them by but that doesn't count. Only the footsteps made by their boots echoed. Small chats between Armin and Mikasa were heard, though, they resided as soon as the other nodded or gave their answer.

They finally reached the canteen. Soldiers chatted to the fullest and talked with their mouths full—much to Rivaille's dismay since he had to hide the urge to scowl. Armin led them to their seats.

As they proceeded to their seats, filth seriously scattered everywhere. Grains of rice that were stepped on and made an awful hell of a smudge were seen everywhere. Spills of wine and water puddle just under the seats together with some food particles. Definitely gross. Downright gross. DISGUSTING! It was hard for Rivaille to maintain a straight normal 'Eren' face. It was hard, hard, hard. A bead of sweat started to form from the side of his cheek. A slight twitch on his eyebrow happens from time to time.

These actions didn't go unnoticed by Eren. He was the first to notice this. That is because he knows that the person residing in his body is Rivaille. Eren could feel some stares coming from the other men. It was like seeing an eye-candy. Eren grew irritated of the stared but he cannot—not allowed to speak. He wasn't allowed to because speaking in such a manly voice such as Rivaille's wasn't really much of a good idea. People might think that the great Lance Corporal slash Humanity's strongest warrior is a cross-dresser. He wouldn't want that now, would he? Rivaille's status is at stake so he had to do things as smoothly as possible.

Now they finally reached their table. The first thing they noticed was a fine lady in a nice blue dress. 'She' somehow looked more than familiar. So familiar, familiar, familiar.

Rivaille cleared his throat, "So this is Riren. She's Corporal's relative." He motioned the cross-dressed Eren up front. He was there standing awkwardly as he was not allowed to talk. The ones who were supposed to be eating stared at the raven haired 'girl', expecting her to say some sort of greeting or atleast a bow to show some recognition.

No response.

Eren left for a moment and returned with a white board and marker (Well that was absolutely fast hehehe… Let's just pretend that those things exist, k?) and shoved it on Eren's hands. The supposed 'Eren' faked a sheepish smile, "I'm sorry, I forgot that she can't speak much… Ahahaha…" But inwardly Rivaille was saying: I fucking hate this day! He was inwardly growling actually.

The raven haired 'girl' scribbled on the board, slightly irritated that the board won't balance on 'her' hand. Huffing, Eren placed the board on the table and easily wrote whatever he needed to write. With a forced smile, Eren showed the board.

"My name is Riren!" flip. "Eren will be teaching me for the time being." Scribble, scribble, scribble. Flip. "I hope I won't be a nuisance to everyone here…" After that, was an elegant bow followed by a shitty smile.

Mikasa, who sat down just a few while ago, rolled her eyes in response, earning a tensed sweat drop from Eren. The others noticed this and also sweat dropped.

Eren took the vacant seat—which Rivaille pulled out in a gentlemanly way. They suddenly heard a something breaking… It was Mikasa's patience and wooden spoon breaking. Yet another sweat drop.

"Oi, Eren, I heard you spent a night in the Corporal's room." Jean blurted out, taking a sip of water afterwards.

Now, the real Eren had to contain a choke coming out and as for the supposed 'Eren', he stayed calm for a good few seconds. He rolled his eyes to the tall guy, "What of it?"

Jean remained speechless. Eren would usually blow a fuse or something just from that statement. Was he out of it today? It was just plain weird not to have Eren explode from just that. The taller guy scoffed and went back to eating.

Scribble, scribble. Flip "You do know that I wouldn't act that way… right?" Cat-like eyes came to stare into another set of orbs. Rivaille huffs, "I don't feel like it today…" He responded—which made the people look at him weirdly. Rivaille raised a brow, "What?" He nodded his head to a cross-dressing Eren, as if saying 'I was talking to her, idiots.'

They returned to eating their grub.

Eren stared at his food with mouth nearly drooling. It felt like forever since he never got the chance to eat breakfast. He continued to stare at the grub—THWACK! His forehead met the table with the sound of utensils clanking altogether. A red mark appeared, together with the darkest scowl you can imagine, as Eren raised his head.

Scribble, scribble. Flip. "What the fuck?!"

Rivaille scoffed, "Why don't you eat it instead of ogling it." He deadpanned. He ate his in an orderly manner and without a doubt clean.

Rolling his eyes, Eren got his spoon and fork and dug in like how he was supposed to do it when he was still in his body. Another harsh thwack to the head for him; the boy raised the same side of the board, "What the fuck?!"

He got a hard-on glare by Rivaille, "For crying out loud, Riren. You are a damn woman. Act like one." He commanded. Eren stuck out a tongue and ate gently the food.

Everyone was staring at the duo incredulously. The Auruo virus seems to have infected Eren because of how he was acting. He was definitely acting like the Lance Corporal. They heard the chair clanking to the side and whoop-Dee-doo, 'Eren' was wiping the 'woman's' face. They heard him say, "You are being damn filthy, Riren."

This was somehow one interesting day…

"Say, Eren, where are you guys going anyway?" Armin inquired; quirking one brow up due to curiosity. He tilted his head a little to the side as he waited for an answer.

When 'Eren' was about to say something, Jean just had to butt in, "Keh. I'm guessing you were 'invited'—Jean made quotation marks with his fingers—by the king and are expected to attend… As if that would happen, right?!"

'Eren' nodded, "How did you know that?"

"SERIOUSLY?! I WAS RIGHT?! AND THAT WOMAN OVER THERE IS YOUR PARTNER?!" The tall guy stood up, slamming his palm to the table.

'Eren' nodded again.

"HOW MANY TIMES MUST YOU MAKE ME JEALOUS EREN?!" He clutched the collar on 'Eren's' uniform with a scowl. The tall guy glared intensely at 'Eren'.

Rivaille was left unfazed by this action and he was getting pissed off by the minute. He matched a scowl with Jean. A glaring contest was born. The older one didn't even give his answer to Jean's up roaring question.

"Hey, you bunch of ninnies! You people are making a scene!" A higher up soldier shouted.

The two—Jean actually— backed down and remained fixed on his seat. Jean felt someone nudge him by the feet. He saw the raven haired 'girl' stare at him with a smug look on 'her' face and showed the board, "Way to go, horse face."

Jean felt a twitch on his brow. For some reason, that one and only statement sent him way beyond pissed. He then mouthed, "Fuck off, bitch"

Scribble, scribble. Flip, "You first, horse face"

Okay, so the nickname was very much the one pissing him off, Jean concluded. He felt a dark glare forming. This bitch was most likely to set him off… Just like Eren would. But he marked that as impossible. Jean deemed that the woman was just plain sassy.

Eren felt stupidly happy for the time being. Being able to tick off the great horse face and get away with it was fun. He—being a she as off the moment—wasn't all that bad (if he doesn't blow his cover that is).

"Riren…" Rivaille said in a dangerous manner. "You're going to eat, not fight, alright?" He carefully stated, as if threatening Eren to knock off his childish actions.


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