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The cold midnight wind seemed to slice at the lone fox. He stumbled as his limbs began to grow numb. He could only wish he could find some shelter out here. Or at least wish his death would be quick and painless. He was only 17 and on his own. No family left to raise him, too old for anyone to want to raise as well. The only option left was to live homeless.

He reached the outskirts of Megakat city, but truthfully he had no idea where he wanted to go. The fox knew he was a waste of space, nothing to live for, no future to plan. And even if he did, what's the chance he'll be able to live it in his current condition? Yet he kept walking, he had no idea why, he just knew something was pulling him to go on. Like gravity, something invisible and hard to explain.

The young fox reached a fence with barbwire lining the top. He used his last remaining strength to climb it. It didn't bother him much when the barbwire stabbed through his clothing, he was too cold and desperate to feel the pain at this point. When he was over the fence, he crashed to the ground with a large thud. He groaned in pain and slowly got back to his paws. Checking his surroundings, he could make out piles of scrap metal, planes, cars, and other junk. Taking a moment to look through the piles, the fox found his shelter. An old hippie van that still had it's shag carpet in the back. He collasped in it and held his body for warmth, but he shivered and breathed heavily.

The cinnamon tom cat, Jake Clawson, sat at his desk in the hangar, working on making more spider missiles for the Turbo Kat. He knew he should be getting his sleep, but the heater in the apartment was broken, leaving him and his co-worker/best friend, Chance in the winter cold. Although the skinny tom had longer fur than his strong friend, he didn't posses the endurance to sleep through it. Besides, it was warmer in the hangar.

Jake sighed as he finished yet another spider missile. It wasn't hard or tedious, just boring. It was the same routine, not just making the missile, but his whole life. Villian tries to take over Megakat City at least once a week, Callie Briggs drops off her car for maintenance the same week. Chance and himself fix the car then save the city as the SWAT Kats. The next morning Burk and Murray drop off junk in their front door as always. Repeat each week.

Jake sighed and carried the finished spider missile into a pile of other completed missiles he built the same night. As he was about to work on yet another, he heard the alarm go off, not the usual blaring alarm when a villian appears, but just the security alarm. 'well, at least I don't have to work on another...' the small tom thought as he approached the computer. He checked the cameras to see a figure moving in an old hippie van. 'I better check on that, no one should be out in this cold weather.' Jake left the hangar and grabbed a jacket and a flashlight. He put on the jacket as he went out into the salvage yard in search for whoever or whatever was out there.

The fox could barely keep his paws warm. He was in desperate need of food to heat up. His vision began to blur as his shaking slowly calmed down, he had no doubts he was going to die. He had no family, no future, no friends, no plans, therefore, he had no regrets. just before he blacked out, he heard the door to the van open.

Jake stared at the young fox huddled on the floor. At first he thought it was just a she-kat with a white tipped tail, but the physique was clearly male. The tom shook the fox to check if he was awake. When the fox didn't reply, he checked his pulse, low but still alive. Jake wrapped his jacket around the stranger and picked him up bridal style. The fox was surprisingly light. He rushed him back in the shop and layed him out on the couch. After an hour or so, the young fox woke up to see a cinnamon tom with a bowl of soup in his paws. "Are you ok, you were asleep for a while and it scared me." Jake asked and placed the bowl on the coffee table. "So what's your name, and why you were out there?"

"It's Roy..." The fox was quiet and didn't look directly at Jake.

"I'm Jake, now back to my other question." As the tom introduced himself, he sat the fox up and placed the soup in his paws.

"Thank you... but...I'm basicly a homeless, orphan." Roy stared at the soup, watching the steam rise from it. Without a second thought, he brought the rim of the bowl to his lips and slurped up the warm soup rather loudly.

"wow, slow down, your gonna burn your tongue that way." Jake warned him too late. Roy put the empty bowl down and sighed in relief. "Nevermind, so you're an orphan, how old are you?"

"17" The tom finally had a good look of the fox. Roy had long hair that draped a bit over his honey gold eyes, his fur was auburn red with white going down his muzzle. A scar lined his right cheek and it seemed to darken his demeanor. His hair curled around his neck, but the rest was completely straight. "what's wrong, you're kinda staring blankly at me..." Roy nervously blushed. Jake mentally slapped himself for getting caught staring. He scratched the back ofhis head.

"Sorry, you just look a little younger than that." The tom added an awkward laugh. They where both the same height, and Roy had a small build as far as Jake could tell.

The two froze as they heard a loud yawn and footsteps coming from upstairs. Walking down the stairs was a blonde tabby with brown tiger stripes on his arms. He was wearing boxers and a tight shirt that showed his impressive muscle structure. "Jake, who's that?" The tabby asked crossing his arms.

"Oh, this is Roy, Roy, this is Chance, my co-worker and best friend." Jake got up and explained to both the fox and tabby."I found him outside, he's an orphan, Chance, he's got nowhere to go." Roy couldn't tell what jake meant in his last statement. 'Is he thinking about taking me in?'

"No family huh? I don't think we can afford to keep him, buddy." chance phrased it as if Roy was a pet.

The fox lost what little hope he had. He braced himself for the bitter cold again. "But then again, we have been getting more work lately, but he will help us around the shop, especially when we have to leave." Roy began to cry. "That's a yes, why are you crying?"

"...because, I've been waiting to hear that word...for years.." He whiped his tears away and smiled.

That night, Roy slept on the couch, with a full stomach and newfound hope.

After getting the proper paperwork filled out, Roy Komamura was now under legal costidy of Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong.

"Now we need to get you in school." Jake explained as they got in the truck. With it being two seated, the fox was stuffed between the two kats.

"ok...which school?" Roy asked.

"Pawridge High, I expect you to keep your grades up if you wanna keep living with us." It wasn't really a threat, more of a recap of the conditions under the legal guardianship.

"I will. I promise." The rest of the car ride was bumpy, thanks to the blonde tabby's shortcut. But they managed to make it before noon and in one piece. Jake stepped out of the car with Roy following. The fox could see the front of the school, the glass windows had posters all over them, students walked around or sat by the walls. A majority of the students were kats.

"I'll take care of this part Chance." The small tom announced to his friend as he was getting out.

"Ok, just don't take forever, Scaredy-Kat is almost on." Roy began laughing at the serious tone. His guardians stared.

"...wait...he's not kidding is he..." Awkward silence would have been an understatement at that moment. Jake pulled Roy away into the building and walked into the office.

"Hello, how can I help you?" A brown she-kat asked as she typed onto a computer.

"I would like to enroll a student." Jake answered. The She-kat gave them a couple papers to fill out.

"After these, your son will be officially enrolled today and will stay until the end of the day at 2." Roy felt a little nervous. And he realized that the she-kat mistaken them to be father and son. The two sat down and started filling out the paper work.

"Can you believe she thought you were my son?" The cinnamon tom asked witha slight chuckle in his voice.

"I know, but do I really look like you?" Jake didn't answer, he continued writing on the paper.

"Alright, this should be good." The tom got up and turned in the papers. "I'll pick you up after school." Jake left through the office. The fox approached the she-kat.

"Here is yor schedule, and it is 3rd period right now." The she-kat handed him another paper.

"Thank you." Roy looked through his classes. 'right now I that should be easy.' The fox walked out into the halls and searched for the art room.

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