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The tabby stared at the broken link, GowGow still whimpering even as he picked up the creature and began to carry it downstairs. Her didn't know how to break the news to everyone, hell, he didn't even know whether this was bad or good. But that feeling in the pit of his stomach was drawing him more on the bad side.

"Guys... The Scythe is gone and GowGow is still here." Cody stated bluntly, holding the creature tighter in his arms. Jake was the first to speak out in the astonishment.

"That can't be good. Think of the massacre that go on with that Scythe, it leaves no wounds and takes their souls!" The cinnamon tom began to think of reasons for taking it, and how someone even managed to sneak in and steal it.

"What worries me is that the souls won't have any place to go, this little guy eats the souls and sends it to the Scythe." Eyes were on the small creature, shivering a bit in it's owner's arms.

Chance wondered about that statement coupled with the earlier possibility from his partner.

"That means whoever has the Scythe is trying to gather souls by themselves..." Though none of them knew what that could possibly mean, it still put fear in their minds. The fox got up and began to walk towards the garage.

"Babe, where are you going?" Micheal called out to him.

"Gonna get in gear and steal that book again." Roy replied with a stoic and blunt expression. Both Jake and Chance got up to block his way.

"We're not stealing anything, this time we do things the right way." The fox muttered a few curses before crossing his arms and agreeing. "Cody, we need you to come along with that thing."

"His name is GowGow, at least call him that." The young tabby made his way to his father and family figures. He turned to look at the lynx and human. "Sorry guys, but this is SWAT Kat business."

The two nodded in understanding as they took up the empty couch as the heroes and next generation entered the hangar to suit up. Just as the fox was tying his bandana, a small realization hit him.

"Should you guys really be called the SWAT Kats now that I'm in it, I am a fox, so it kinda defeats the title." Razor smiled as he looked at Crimson.

"If a she-kat mistaken you for my son, then that means you can pass as a kat." Memories of that first day flooded back for both of them, the whole day was full of events that neither would forget.

"Alright, you ready Fury?" The fox asked as he looked at his partner, the younger tabby was grinning with the small creature by his legs.

"Ready." With his tone as serious as he ever heard, the fox nodded and followed his partner to the Turbo Kat's cargo hold. After strapping in, the famous duo prepped for launch and soon took flight.

After a few minutes in the air, both Fury and Crimson could feel that the Turbo Kat was landing at the moment. After making sure that the jet was on solid ground, the hatch opened and the two emerged to meet up with the original SWAT Kats.

"So where are we?" The fox asked, seeing that they were on top of a building in Megakat. Razor smiled and turned around.

"The museum, but we're not stealing the book, they know we're coming. Make sure to bring GowGow." The young tabby nodded and made his way back into the cargo hold to retrieve the small creature. T-Bone looked at the two and felt the need to state a rule.

"Don't say a word when we're in there, just let me and Razor do the talking, got it?" Both nodded in understanding and followed them inside. Though it was a serious occasion, the fox still fidgeted wanting a bit of fun, to fill the boring moment, he began playing with the C-R-O-W-N-E-D, spinning it on his finger through the ring, even performing his favorite knife catch.

"Hey Fury, think I should try the Knife Song with this?" Crimson whispered, indicating to his weapon.

"Are you crazy!? You'll cut off your whole hand with that knife!" The young tabby silently yelled and scolded the fox. Even smacking his helmet.

"Will you two behave?" Razor interrupted their antics. Fury immediately glared at the fox.

"It's his fault, he was being stupid."

"Then let him, if he gets himself hurt it's his problem, not yours." The young tabby sighed and let the argument die down with the cinnamon tom winning. Putting his attention back at the creature in his arms, GowGow was shivering less and finding warmth in his owner at the moment. The small creature burying it's face (?) into the chest of the young tabby.

Without noticing it, they were already in the museum Curator's office, with the Curator herself eagerly waiting for their arrival.

"Hello, SWAT Kats, what artifact is it that you wanted me to look at?" Abby Sinian asked, with a warm smile, excited over meeting the Vigilantes again and seeing an ancient relic on the same day.

"Well, it's not exactly an artifact... Fury." Razor stepped to the side to allow said SWAT Kat to step forward and reveal the creature.

"What is that...?"

"We were hoping you would know, we only know a couple things about it, it's name is GowGow, it was connected with a chain to a Scythe, and seems to devour souls." T-Bone explained as the curator examined the creature up close.

"... If I may, can I keep the creature with me as to help with my research for it's past?" The young tabby turned away, not wanting to let the small thing go.

"No way, GowGow stays with me." His father frowned and thought up a quick solution.

"Then you can stay with her and while she studies it, maybe even Crimson will stay and keep you company." Fury looked down at the beady eyes of his pet and sighed.

"Alright, you should head then incase the city needs you immediately." The young tabby stepped closer to the curator, along with his partner, still playing with his knife.

"Then we're off, good luck to all of you."

After placing the small creature on the research desk, both the new members of the SWAT Kats were fetching book after book for Abby's research of GowGow and anything related to the Scythe it was connected to. Though the book retrieving was put all on the fox's shoulders after the small creature began to cry when the tabby took too long.

"It's as if it's bonded with you for life." The curator commented when Fury petted it.

"Or I'm the only one that treated it with care..." He responded more to himself than to Abby. Before she could ask how he managed to find it, Crimson dropped another stack of old worn books on the desk and fell onto a chair.

"That's it, I'm dead..." He muttered before lolling his head back. Fury smiled and thought of a way to invigorate him.

"There is an empty desk right there, play the Knife Song." The fox rose from his self-acclaimed death and began risking his hand by playing a dangerous game while singing. (It's so fun but so dangerous!) "He's going to survive that somehow..."

And just as Fury predicted, a large portion of the table fell off and the fox stopped with all his fingers still intact.

"His knife cut through the whole table, how is that possible?" Abby asked the tabby.

"Razor designed his knife, it's made of a special plasma cutter that easily slices any material, his aim is horrible but close combat seems to be his strong point, so the knife helps... But he's an idiot sometimes." To prove his point, the fox moved to another spot on the table and started over again... rinse repeat until the whole table was destroyed.

"He certainly knows how to use it and survive..." Abby commented on the display of all five fingers still safe.

Manx Lemon right now! So enjoy what you see or not! Enjoy in my first ever character point of view! Through the eyes of Dalton, the guy based off the old crush I had many chapters ago!

It had been quite a stressful day today. Callie kept pilling work after work on me, though I guess it was more of Manx's fault, he never really pays attention to work, only golf and me... But I guess it's a trade off to balance out fun and work.

I still can't believe it's been a year since we started having sex... Manx really is a romantic, telling me to sneak into his office after hours. I know exactly what's going to happen. I didn't want to waste time, I was already running late from the extra work, so I didn't care when I bolted in after opening the door. I smiled seeing him sitting on top of his desk, already naked save for a hat covering his member, which based on the slight bulge, he was ready for me.

I didn't waste time I ran across the office and jumped into his arms, his large belly shake as he chuckled at my haste.

Change of View.

After leaving Crimson and Fury with Abby and taking off to patrol the city, I noticed something in the Mayor's office, it looked like he was being strangled. Feeling a bad sinking emotion in the pit of my stomach, I used the dimensional radar to get a better look inside it.

"T-Bone, think Manx's is being attacked."

"Are you sure, buddy."

"I'm gonna use the dimensional radar to check-WHOA!" Years of therapy could not help me with what I just saw.

"What did you see?!" My partner asked, concerned with it. I rubbed my eyes, but the image was still there.

"Kat's Eye News was right about Manx's office love affair..."

Why do I do this to Jake!? Seriously, I have him walk in at the wrong moment, feel bad about it, and now put blinded him momentarily... Whatever, I guess I teased that Manx lemon with a joke, sorry everyone that wanted it! Anyways, hope ya enjoyed!