Greetings to you, aspiring Trainer and wanderer of the Equinox Region;

If you've purchased this app for your Dex or picked this up in a Tourist Information spot, then you are wishing to know more about the mysterious Tamer-run environment of the Equinox Region. Well, what to say?

First, let me say that here, we are not like Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova OR Kalos: in that respect, I mean you will find common, uncommon and even a few rare Pokémon from EVERY region within our borders as well as a few surprises. You can come here to live and explore or continue your journey or, for the gifted ones, you can attend our northernmost isle of Hogwarts and become a Pokémon Avatar.

Whatever you do, you will enjoy our sights, sounds and company as much as we enjoy yours;

Now, pay close attention to the guide as, one day, it could save your life…only joking!

Can't wait to see you there;

Professor Adelaide Hawthorn

Region Pokémon Expert and Psychic Tamer

KEY INFORMATION: CITIES AND GYMS – In order of League (known as the Triwizard Tournament) Application and Qualification Requirements

Catchpole City:

One of the smallest cities in the Equinox Region that borders Lake Lumos and leads off towards Ravenclaw Town and Little Whinging Town. Set on the southern border of Gryffin's Wood and containing a few hidden surprises, this first-stage town has something for everyone.

Gym Leader: Xeno Lovegood: 'The mysteries of the Normal Clan are held within: are you strong enough to solve them?'

Badge: Burrow Badge

Godric's Forest:

A forest-edged town of memory and relaxation, located on the eastern side of Gryffin's Wood and on the road towards Diagon City, this serene, easy-living area is perfect for the trainer who is after a time of peace and quiet while spending time in the majesty of its roots and history.

Gym Leader: Alice Longbottom: 'The Flowering Maiden of the Forest; beware her thorns.'

Badge: Leone Badge

Diagon City:

The central retail metropolis of Equinox on the Inner Area of Solstice Valley and bordering with Elder River Gorge; known for its high-rise metropolis of residence and retail as well as the location of The Temple and the mysterious Labyrinth of Knockturn, this area is a first stop for all aspiring trainers, even Non-Tamers.

Gym Leader: Madame Andi Tonks: 'The Spark of Excitement burns in our city: are you next to be struck?'

Badge: Volt Badge

Nimbus Town:

Said to be doubled from Nimbasa Town in the Unova Region, this area is famous for its connection to Patronus Falls and the explored areas of Mt Azkaban and the dormant volcano Hallow Mountain. Hidden in the mists that spew from the vents in Hallow Mountain, and bordered by Ascendio Airways Airport, the area is steeped in mystery, but held with perfection from the soothing vapours.

Gym Leader: JK Rider: 'The wings of inspiration write out my adventures: will you be my next bestseller?'

Badge: Leviosa Badge

Durmstrang City:

The 'Dark Horse' of the Equniox Region: steeped in mistrust and superstition from the days of Team Kedavra and Team Nightshade, this area is more accustomed to fossil hunters and the less-than-ordinary passing through. Bordering with the western side of Hallow Mountain and holding the NK Ruins, archaeologists and mystery-solvers both are welcome here…as long as they're here to obey the law.

Gym Leader: Master Igor Karkaroff: 'Stubbornness is his specialty; can you break through his stern defence?'

Badge: Rubble Badge

Beauxbatons City:

Highlighted by its infamous Lava Pools and Hot Springs, this place is a central area of beauty, wonder and relaxation: bordering the Wandering Plains – Equinox's Safari Zone – and holding many different spots of health and beauty treatment, this area is essential for any who desire a rest after the long trek over Hallow Mountain.

Gym Leader: Selene Delacour: 'Like the phoenix, she rises from the ashes of defeat to burn bright again: watch her flames.'

Badge: Vulcan Badge

Emrys City:

The departure and arrival point of Equinox aside from AAA – Ascendio Airways Airport – this place is the beachcomber's dream: with coral reefs, underwater caves and the infamous King's Cross Harbour, which was said to house a legendary Pokémon's recovery during olden days, here is where your adventure in Equinox can either begin or end.

Gym Leader: Penny Flamel: 'The Ice Maiden of the Frigid North: beware the cold front she brings to the battle.'

Badge: Glacius Badge

Nurmengard Isle:

The final stop on the road before Mt Azkaban and the Triwizard Plateau, this area is steeped in darkness and history from the nearby Nurmengard Caverns and Crucio Spire Ruins; second only to Durmstrang City, it holds a dark secret that all seek to discover; can be accessed from King's Cross Harbour, Diagon City via transport pads or Ascendio Airways Airport.

Gym Leader: Lucius Malfoy: 'Do you fear what goes bump in the night? No; you should!'

Badge: Avada Badge


Little Whinging Town:

Located on the southern-most point of Equinox and bordering with the picturesque Magnolia Bay, this area is a perfect fishing spot and living area;

Ravenclaw Town:

A half-day's walk from Little Whinging Town and on the road to Gryffin's Forest via Catchpole City, this town is the starting point for all aspiring trainers and non-Tamers in the region. Visit Professor Hawthorn's lab or train your Pokémon with the Move Tutor and start your journey for real with one of the other region's Pokémon starters.

Gryffin's Forest:

Also called 'The Forest of Memory' for the memorial spire set at its heart, this sprawling maze of trees, tall grass and ledges makes for an interesting training point between Catchpole City and Godric's Forest; while within the outer area of the forest, also visit Lake Lumos for a peaceful slumber under the stars…but beware wary Poison and Bug Pokémon.

Solstice River Valley:

The main roadway around the Equinox Region: splits off at Beauxbatons City, Diagon City, Emrys Cove and Godric's Forest: venture across the adjoining bridges into the Solstice Pokémon Reserve and visit our many hills and viewpoints over this magnificent circular route.

Elder River Gorge:

One of four key water features within Equinox – as well as Patronus Falls, Lake Lumos and Solstice River Valley – this 125 mile-long river stretches from the northernmost point of Equinox at Emrys Cove to the southernmost point at Little Whinging Town. Also home to the Triwizard Plateau accessed from Mt Azkaban.

Patronus Falls:

Said to be the tallest waterfalls in the Pokémon World, these falls descend over 100ft into the Patronus Lake at their base: holding mysterious, labyrinthine caves behind the falls, these are perfect for aspiring trainers, breeders and Tamers alike.

Labyrinth of Knockturn:

Located in the northern sector of Diagon City, the area is home to many tunnel-dwelling and underground Pokémon while also being a challenge for those who choose to descend into the unknown. Entry is accessible through Gringotts Megastore and Bank or via a side-passage off the city's Gym.

Four Hills of Protego:

Rolling hills and meadows set near Hallow Mountain to the north of Nimbus Town; featuring a linked path to the top of both Solstice Valley and Patronus Falls, this is considered one of the toughest tracks and training areas in all Equinox.

Hallow Mountain:

The tallest point in the Equinox Region and said to house many different legendary Pokémon and rare Pokémon alike – depending on the time of year – this is the main pathway between Durmstrang City, Nimbus Town and Beauxbatons City. Explore its labyrinthine depths, if you dare; the base of the mountain is also the main official area and training sanctuary of the Auror Watch and Day Care.

The Wandering Plains:

Equinox's Safari Zone: most high-level and evolved Pokémon can be found here and the numbers of Pokémon vary: explore its reservoir and hidden cave for more choice of the Pokémon you're looking for.

King's Cross Harbour:

One of the main transport routes out of Equinox and in again: also used as the departure point for aspiring Tamers heading off towards Hogwarts Isle.

Ascendio Airways Airport: also known as 'The AAA;'

Another key departure and arrival point within Equinox: useful for long journeys from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh; planes, helicopters, zeppelins and other such sky-travelling transports can be taken from here including the scenic sky-journey: Air Jirachi.

Hogwarts Isle:

Home to Arceus Academy and the semi-temporary home for aspiring Pokémon Tamers: also used as the site of confrontation for any wishing to challenge our region's Champion, Albus Dumbledore.

Mt Azkaban/Triwizard Plateau:

Equinox's Victory Road and Pokémon League: also residence to the prison area known as Azkaban Penitentiary – off-limits to the public without Auror accompanying – and the final stop before the League for trainers to brush up on their skills. Mobile Healing Stations located throughout this final obstacle as well as links to Elder River Gorge for the campers and hikers out there.

NK Ruins:

Allegedly what is left of the base of Team Kedavra and Team Nightshade: said to be haunted, it is now a tourist site and training area for Psychic, Dark and Ghost Pokémon alike: visit the local Priests for opportunities of further tuition and training.

Crucio Spire Ruins:

Site of Champion Dumbledore's famous battle with Avatar Grindelwald, this spire is Equniox's Battle Tower and one of the last ancient settlements still standing today. Manned by Archaeologists and watched over by Security Wardens, the law of preservation is strictly enforced here.

There are more mysteries to be unlocked: will you be the one to find them?

Good Luck Visitor…and have fun!

Chancellor A Dumbledore;

Well, there it is: a guide to the Region: I hope this helps people understand the way of the story a little better: some of the features I've mentioned haven't been put in the story yet, but I hope you enjoy them when they do;