Emerald Destiny: The Eye of Deoxys


Plot: Response to my Poké-Harry Challenge: Poké-Hogwarts Challenge; An ancient prophecy, a surprise event and a mysterious future all bring Harry Potter to the wonders and splendour of the Pokémon World and his new start at Arceus Academy. What secrets dwell in Harry's future and will he be able to overcome the demons of his past?

Recommendation/Dedication: I would like to dedicate this story to the author 'Mr Chaos' for helping to start the fires that have burned in me for this story; his two stories 'Harry Potter and the Master Ball' and 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of the Unown' are my recommended reads.

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"But it is," laughed Giovanni, "And now, MewTwo, I command you to destroy Harry Potter so that I may claim the Eye of Deoxys!"

MewTwo lifted his hands again while Giovanni let out a cold laugh as he turned back to the mystical mirror;

All Harry saw was blue light as he felt fear and shock seize up inside his chest, his body not prepared for the intense power he knew was coming…

'Mum…Dad…I'm sorry…'

Chapter 22: A Call to Arms: Spirit of Justice

The blue light still burned through Harry's eyelids as he shut them tight, waiting for the shock and pain of the secondary Kanto legendary Pokémon's power to hit him. However, for a long moment, nothing happened, but, as Harry opened his eyes, he gasped when he saw Lucario standing in front of him, his own paws glowing with blue light: however, it was not this light that had burned in Harry's eyes.

No, this light came from the taller figure that appeared from within a field of blue light next to Lucario: a bipedal, reptilian creature with crimson scales and a cream underside. There was a horn-like protrusion on the back of its head, and it had narrow green eyes and a long snout. The strange, but shocking, newcomer also had relatively long arms with three sharp claws. Its short legs had feet with three claws and cream-colored soles while the tip of its long, powerful tail has a flame burning on it.

"Char…mander?" asked Harry, before he shook his head as he saw those eyes turn on him, "No…Charmeleon!"

"Me!" Exclaimed Charmeleon, his tail flame burning brightly as he held one of his claws in a thumbs-up gesture to his Tamer.

"You evolved…" Harry whispered, going for his Dex as he added, "To…protect me!"

"Charmeleon, the Flame Pokémon and the evolved form of Charmander: It has a barbaric nature. In battle, it whips its fiery tail around and slashes away with sharp claws."

"Thank you, Charmeleon," Harry whispered, before his awe turned to shock when a strong, but gruff voice replied to his thanks.

'Like my brother, I will ALWAYS protect you, my friend,' the voice explained, the look of Charmeleon's green eye almost glinting as he smiled at Harry telling the Aura Tamer where the voice had come from.

He could finally understand Charmeleon's Aura enough to converse with him as he did with Lucario.

"Then let's do this," Harry exclaimed, looking past Charmeleon to an-apparently-stunned MewTwo as he added, "Hey, Giovanni: this battle is far from over."

'It also seems I have gained a new power in our battle for destiny,' Lucario explained, the blue energy from his palms now settling while MewTwo seemed to try and find a way around the defence, 'Copycat: it allows me to mimic our opponent's last move.'

"I thought you could only learn that as Riolu?" asked Harry, earning a smirk from Lucario as he replied to his Tamer's question.

'You tell me, my friend: you're my Tamer.' His voice was edged by amusement as he faced MewTwo and a shocked, but amused, Giovanni.

"It seems I underestimated the bond between you and your Pokémon, Harry Potter," sneered the Battle Master, "I shall not be so foolish as to make that same mistake, but you could evolve a thousand Pokémon: it still wouldn't be enough to defeat the legendary powers of the greatest Pokémon alive!"

"Won't stop me from trying," Harry argued, now throwing out his Atlantic-Ice Ball and allowing Blitzen to join the battle as he added, "Because I'd sooner die than let Voldemort come back and destroy other lives!"

"Then die, you shall," Giovanni remarked, snapping his fingers where, in front of the trio, MewTwo's hands began to build up an orb of dark energy that he launched at the triage.

"Dodge it!" Harry commanded, all three members of his Pokémon Team leaping out of the way while Harry summoned out a burst of Aura Energy to combat the Shadow Ball summoned by MewTwo.

"Don't stop!" Giovanni commanded, "Use all your incredible powers: destroy your enemy and we shall finally achieve victory!"

"Guess we don't have much of a choice," grumbled Harry, looking to his newly-evolved partner as he commanded, "Charmeleon, use Heat Wave!"

Charging his body with fiery energy, Charmeleon released a powerful burst of fiery energy that was definitely stronger than his form as Charmander: however, as the attack neared, MewTwo lifted his hands and seemed to easily deflect the power of the attack with his own psychic energy.

"You're a fool, Potter," snarled Giovanni, "Surely you see how the world could benefit from the return of Darkness? Why you yourself could be a great Avatar of Aura with His help! You could even become my successor: imagine it, Harry; leading Team Rocket under your commands and powers. Why suffer an horrific fate when you can join me and live…safe…strong…and oh so very powerful!"

"Blitzen, Shock Wave: shut him up!" Harry commanded, Blitzen obliging him as he released the lightning bolts from his horn, but once again, MewTwo deflected the blast; however, this time, Harry was ready, "If special attacks won't work, then let's try something physical: Lucario, Aura Force!"

With a loud roar of obedience, Lucario became enveloped in his blue aura energy, his body charging towards MewTwo who, once again, lifted his hands and formed his barrier, but, as he'd done before, Harry was ready, "I expected that: now, Lucario, combo time: Arctic Force!"

Using both of his hands for emphasis, Lucario summoned out his icy energy and charged forwards, the sprinting sapphire attack smashing headlong into MewTwo's barrier…and cracking through it, smashing MewTwo's helmet in the process.

"Yes," Harry whispered, watching as MewTwo reacted to the destruction of his body armour by blasting Lucario back psychically: without his helmet, Harry could see the Pokémon's deep violet eyes glaring at him, the edges of those eyes hinted with blue from using his Psychic Attack.

"So you pierced his barrier," laughed Giovanni, "You still have to defeat him! MewTwo, enough kid games: Hyper Beam that pathetic pile of energy and destroy them!"

MewTwo placed his hands together, an orb of golden energy now forming between his paws as he rose into the air: at the same time, Harry clenched his fists, gathering his own energy and using it to empower the spirits of his Pokémon as he looked up at the legendary.

"You don't have to do this, MewTwo," Harry exclaimed, his energy now reaching out to Lucario, Blitzen and Charmeleon, each of them now glowing with their own respected colour of Aura: blue for Lucario, red for Charmeleon and yellow for Blitzen. "Giovanni's just using you for evil purposes! A Pokémon shouldn't be used to destroy: not now, not ever!"

'You know NOTHING of what I am,' MewTwo's voice, deep and powerful, echoed in Harry's mind as the Pokémon lifted his hands, ready to fire off the Hyper Beam, 'I must become stronger and overpower he whom created me: that is my destiny. I am not a normal Pokémon like yours, child: I was not born, I was created…'

"Perhaps," Harry agreed, "But are you saying you'd actually hurt humans and innocent Pokémon just for this man's pleasure? Lucario: Aura Sphere!"

As Lucario charged up his own attack, Harry looked across to Giovanni as he explained, "You consider yourself a leader and a warrior, Giovanni Rocket, but what you really are is a coward!"

"How dare you!" Giovanni hissed, "MewTwo, destroy him now!"

MewTwo launched his attack, Harry's mental resolve commanding Lucario to do the same: as the two attacks collided, both Harry and Giovanni became enveloped in black smoke, all four of the present Pokémon now blinded by the smoke.

"Is this destiny?" asked Harry, looking up at the blue sphere that had formed around MewTwo to protect him from the smoke, "Because if it is, then I'd just as soon avoid my destiny and make my own!"

'Your words do little to comfort me, child,' MewTwo argued, Harry knowing all too well that his talking was only helping MewTwo recharge his energy from using the supped-up Hyper Beam. 'I cannot avoid my destiny…'

"But is it your destiny to destroy?" asked Harry, stepping in front of Lucario, Charmeleon and Blitzen as he looked up at MewTwo, indicating the diamond-like mirror at the same time as he explained, "Do you even know why your so-called trainer is using your powers? It's because he wishes to break the dimensions with the power of the Eye of Deoxys!"

'You're lying!' MewTwo exclaimed, Harry shaking his head as the Psychic Pokémon charged up a Shadow Ball, 'It is my destiny to be the most powerful Pokémon alive: nothing will stand in my way.'

"If that's how you feel," Harry muttered, glancing to Giovanni before he sneered and looked back to MewTwo, his arms now held out to his sides as he added, "Then…then strike me down now, MewTwo: let me be your first destroyed human and let your so-called Tamer bring back a darkness worse than Darkrai and Giratina combined! Because if you don't, then I'm going to go after the Eye…and I'm going to make sure you nor your Tamer get your hands on it."

'Harry!' exclaimed Charmeleon, but Harry shook his head.

"Don't interfere," he commanded, taking a step towards the mirror as he explained, "This has to happen."

'You're a fool!' MewTwo hissed, 'This battle will not be stopped because one human wishes it to.'

"Then do what you must to stop me," Harry countered, moving towards the mirror again.

"MewTwo, destroy him!" commanded Giovanni, glaring at his psychic servant with hatred in his eyes, "I am your Master and I command you to do my bidding; destroy this pathetic little twerp now!"

'My…my Master?'

'Uh oh,' Lucario muttered, running towards Harry as he cried, 'Harry: you have to stop this: you won't like what happens next.'

"What do you…" Harry began, but his words were cut off when a loud explosion suddenly shattered the sound barrier above: down below, Lucario, Charmeleon and Blitzen all used their fists, paws and hooves to bat away the shrapnel while, over Harry's head, MewTwo glared at Giovanni with seething hatred.

'He doesn't lie,' MewTwo growled, his psychic energy making the walls tremble, 'You seek to rule the world and now you call yourself my Master! No human shall ever be my Master: especially not such a dark-spirited being as you. I worked with you because you said we were partners: that we stood as equals.'

"Equals?" asked Harry, but Giovanni, who was watching the shower of psychic energy with shock and disbelief, just laughed.

"You believed that?" he asked incredulously, "No, MewTwo, you were not born, you were created by humans to obey me: I took you in when no-one else would because my Psychic Gift allowed me to command you. We were never equals; you have always been my servant!"

'Your servant?' asked MewTwo, his energy growing again as he turned on Giovanni, 'No: humans may have created me, but they can never enslave me: this cannot be…my destiny!'

"Stop this now!" Giovanni commanded, but Harry could see everything he could: MewTwo's power was through the roof and whatever Psychic Hold Giovanni had once held over the legendary was now nothing more than a pipe dream.

'I was not born a Pokémon, I was created,' Mewtwo growled, 'And my creators have used and betrayed me: so…I…STAND…ALONE!'

An explosion of psycho-kinetic energy seemed to blow the room apart, Harry only being shielded from it by the bodies of Lucario, Charmeleon and Blitzen, the small zebra-like Pokémon now glaring at MewTwo with his horn almost crackling and glowing. Giovanni, meanwhile, had called out Persian, Machamp and what looked like a Rhyperior to face off against the powers coming from the psychic.

"MEWTWO!" Harry cried, his voice barely breaking over the collisions and explosions, "Please…there are innocent people here: you can't just destroy them! I know what Giovanni did was wrong, but please…just stop: you don't have to be a monster, you…you can live!"

His words seemed to have some sort of unforeseen effect on MewTwo as the pseudo-legendary psychic suddenly stopped, his eyes looking to Harry's with a mix of awe and wonder; as he looked into those eyes, MewTwo saw something in Harry's eyes that looked…almost familiar. A strength that, though he couldn't quite understand it, MewTwo felt like he'd experienced it…a very long time ago.

'What…what is this?' asked MewTwo, seeing a look of determination in Harry's eyes that was edged by a fear and a strength and…a sadness. 'Your eyes…I have seen eyes like those before.'

As Harry let out a gasp of confusion, he suddenly felt his mind being pulled away from his body, his friends leaving him behind while Harry himself was pulled into MewTwo's circle, the world around them shifting into what seemed to be a world of light and innocence.

'Could this be…a memory…' wondered Harry, watching as the scene played around them;

Flashback Start

The dark world held onto a layer of lights from below that were like stars while, above the world, two figures, one that looked like a miniature MewTwo while the other seemed to be a young girl bathed in starlight, faced one another, the smaller MewTwo lifting one of his hands to his eyes before his psychic voice asked, 'What…what are these?'

"They're tears," the girl replied, her voice full of innocence as she explained, "You're crying…"

'Crying?' asked MewTwo, the world below them now lifting up, as though the stars of the lights below were rising into the sky.

"My daddy used to tell me a bedtime story," the girl explained – Harry having no idea who she was – as the lights surrounded her and MewTwo, "That when Pokémon are sad…and they cry, their tears are filled with life."

MewTwo's tears were now showing on his face – though Harry also couldn't help but notice how…how innocent MewTwo looked – as he commented, 'I'm so…so sad…'

A sad smile crossed the girl's face as she spoke to him, "I have to go now…"

'Why?' asked MewTwo, his eyes blinking free of his tears.

"I don't know," the girl admitted, "But it's all right: thank you for caring about me…and don't cry, MewTwo, you should be happy: you're alive…and life is wonderful…life is wonderful…life is wonderful…"

Her words echoed around MewTwo as her image faded away, his tears returning as he stared in disbelief at her invisible form – or so he wished it to be – his sadness pushing outwards – where even Harry could feel it from where he watched with the present-day MewTwo – before the world around him seemed to pulse with dark psychic energy as he asked himself, 'These tears…what good are they? Please Amber; come back…don't go…please…AMBER!'

Flashback End

The world around Harry seemed to spin once more before he was back in his body, MewTwo now hovering over him, though his violet eyes were filled with the same sadness that Harry had seen in that…vision…memory…whatever it was.

'Amber,' MewTwo whispered, his voice calm as he looked into Harry's bright green eyes, 'My…my friend: perhaps even what you would call…my Tamer: they made me forget her, but…you…your eyes…they remind me of her.'

"Whoever she was," Harry muttered, looking to MewTwo with a sad smile, "I don't think she'd like it if you continued to hurt people: you are powerful, MewTwo, but that doesn't mean you have to destroy. You're free of your bindings now…please…help me…and maybe, somehow, I can find a way to help you."

MewTwo looked into Harry's eyes, his own momentarily seeing the visage of his friend in those eyes as he smiled and, closing his eyes, he nodded once, his voice now calmer as he explained, 'Yes…I see it now: it was no mere coincidence that you were chosen to be what you are: thank you, Harry Potter.'

"Huh?" asked Harry, watching as MewTwo opened his eyes again, the violet in them now glowing with blue light and fire as he stepped past Harry and faced Giovanni.

'You used me like a tool,' he snarled at Giovanni, 'If it's the last thing I do, I will make sure you never bring darkness back!'

"You're a fool, MewTwo," Giovanni laughed, "Even your great powers cannot stop this: Rhyperior, Hammer Arm!"

"Charmeleon, counter," Harry commanded, but, before even his Pokémon or MewTwo could make their moves, Blitzen suddenly leapt forwards, his horn now glowing brighter.

'What is going on?' asked MewTwo, earning a shake of the head from Harry.

"I…I don't…" Harry whispered, his words cut off when Blitzen's horn suddenly elongated, forming a perfect lightning-bolt shaped blade that curved upwards, its energy being empowered by the yellow aura of the Pokémon. "What…what is that?"

'I think,' Lucario answered, watching as Blitzen's attack deflected and countered the Hammer Arm with struggling, but shocking strength and precision, 'That is the gift from the Guardian of Nature: he said when you fought for Justice, it would show itself.'

"But what is that move?" asked Harry, his eyes wide with disbelief when he saw Rhyperior's defence and resistance being lowered by the attack, "Rhyperior's a Ground and Rock Type, isn't he? So Electric Pokémon shouldn't have much effectiveness against him…unless…"

Activating his Poké-Gaze, Harry scanned the move, watching as Blitzen returned to him with a bit of a stagger to his steps: examining the attack, Harry saw information appear across his Poké-Gaze:

Name: Sacred Sword

Type: Fighting

Category: Physical

Power: 90

Accuracy: 100%

Description: The user attacks by slicing with its long horns. The target's stat changes don't affect this attack's damage.

"Sacred…Sword?" asked Harry, looking in awe at Blitzen before he laughed as he added, "As far as gifts go, I'd say this one's a keeper, eh, partner?"

Blitzen whinnied before Lucario, Charmeleon and MewTwo all turned their attention back to a stunned Giovanni, Persian, Machamp and a slightly weaker Rhyperior now standing in front of their Tamer.

"Persian, Hyper Beam, Machamp, Superpower and Rhyperior, Megahorn!"

"Lucario, Copycat on Machamp," Harry countered, watching as Lucario's strength suddenly skyrocketed with his copying move: as the two went to battle, Harry added, "Charmeleon, let's test out this new move of yours: use Fire Pledge on Persian and, MewTwo? Rhyperior's yours!"

'With pleasure!' MewTwo remarked, firing off several bolts of Psychic energy at the large rhino-like Pokémon while Charmeleon smashed his foot onto the ground and released a geyser of flames at Persian before Lucario, finally overpowering Machamp, twisted him over his head and threw him into the wall, much to Harry's delight.

"Wow, Lucario, now you've learned Circle Throw too!" Harry laughed, gathering himself before he added, "Give it up, Rocket: you'll never win now!"

"Then I'll just take you and your little friends with me," Giovanni exclaimed, clapping his hands together before he released his own Psychic energy.

'Not if I can help it!' MewTwo snarled, returning fire and meeting Giovanni's Psychic Gift with his own Psychic Abilities, 'You will not be victorious here: you will fall!'

"MEWTWO?" Gasped Harry, but all he saw was the bright blue eyes of the Psychic Pokémon turning on him, a smile on his face as MewTwo addressed him.

'Harry Potter…live free…and thank you!'

All Harry saw after that was white…

Emerald Destiny

Harry was first aware of a searing heat near his head when consciousness finally returned to him; with a groan, the young Tamer tried to sit up, but found his arms restrained by a heavy force followed by a voice that told him, 'You're not going anywhere yet, partner.'

"Lu…Lucario?" asked Harry, opening his eyes before he glanced up into the bright eyes of his first partner, the heat, which he then felt, being provided by Charmeleon and his tail-flame next to Harry's bed. Straining his eyes, Harry looked around the room and, to his disbelief, noticed he was lying in the Medical Bay within Arceus northernmost wing. The sound of scurrying Audino, Chansey, Blissey and even Happiny all brought full consciousness back to him…before he also realised that he wasn't alone.

Next to him, dressed in a bright silver duster emblazoned with the Crest of Arceus, sat none other than Chancellor Dumbledore…and he was smiling!

"Chancellor!" gasped Harry, trying to sit up before Lucario pinned him down again.

With a laugh of amused playfulness, Dumbledore addressed Harry as he explained, "I must apologise to you, Harry: it seems my wish for your partner to watch over you and ensure a full recovery might have been taken a bit too far: how do you feel, my boy?"

"Pretty tired," Harry admitted, looking to the head of the school with a confused glance as he asked, "Sir…what happened? I remember…this mirror and…and Giovanni…and…"

"You may rest at ease, Harry," Dumbledore explained, unwrapping what seemed to be a Torkoal Tart before he munched on it lightly as he explained, "Our now ex-Battle Master has been apprehended by the Auror Watch and taken to Mt Azkaban, though whether or not he'll speak to anyone again is a mystery even I cannot solve. It seems his mind has been broken by fear and memory: also, between us…"

Here, he turned to Harry before he leaned in close, his eyes filled with wonder as he asked, "Was it my imagination or did I sense a Legendary Pokémon's Aura on that floor?"

"MewTwo, sir," Harry answered, figuring he could trust the old man since they were both Aura Tamers and since Dumbledore had, apparently, saved him. "He…he was Giovanni's prisoner and…when he looked at me, he seemed to…to know me."

"Ah," Dumbledore sighed, "I see…then you are truly just like her, Harry."


"Your Mother," Dumbledore explained, "You are just like her in that your eyes will always hold a light that no Pokémon, no matter how dark they may seem, can ignore: in that sense, you are just as great as your Mother with her heart and soul making you the great Tamer I foresaw on the day you came here."

"What happened down there, sir?" asked Harry, looking back to the head as he asked, "After I…whited out?"

"Alakazam sensed your pain and the fury of your powers," Dumbledore explained, "By the time I arrived at my destination, he appeared from within his Ball and told me we had to go back: when we got there, you were being protected by Salamence and Hydreigon while Druddigon seemed to be busy trying to cave in the chamber beyond. I'm sorry that I forced you to endure that pain, Harry: I should have never handled that treasure."

"Where is it now, Chancellor?" asked Harry, "The Eye, I mean: where is it now?"

"Safely back with Alexander Pyrus," Dumbledore explained, "A wise friend and a true hero of Equinox's aspiring Dragon Avatars…much like your young friend, Miss Ravencroft."

"Can…can I see my friends, sir?"

A smile touched Dumbledore's face before he nodded and told Harry, "Only if I have your word that you'll stay in your bed: perhaps then Lucario will allow you to sit up."

"I…I promise," Harry replied, Lucario shifting his form before the young Aura Tamer sat up and, looking around the Wing, he then asked, "Sir, would you mind if I asked you a question?"

"Other than the one you just asked?" joked Dumbledore, before he nodded, "Of course: what would you like to know, Harry?"

"In my battle," Harry explained, "I…I gained a…a new power: a gift from…someone nearby…"

"You mean the Commander of the Swords of Justice?" asked Dumbledore, earning an incredulous look from Harry, "I am rather wary of your trip into the Vale, Harry: while I'm not angry, I will tell you this now. What you were told by Cobalion is not something to be taken lightly: for reasons that neither of us can truly understand, the full story is lost to even myself, but I promise you this, Harry. When we know everything, you will know everything too: and yes, Harry, giving your little friend Blitzen the ability to use Sacred Sword is a rare and privileged honour. One, I trust, you will not take so lightly?"

"No sir," Harry remarked, looking to Blitzen – who was sleeping peacefully next to his bed – before he asked, "Chancellor, just…one more question?"

"Just one," Dumbledore answered.

"Well," Harry confessed, "We…we've all wondered, sir, all year, the New Marauders and I: so…if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you…who was your partner from the Temple as an Aura Tamer?"

"Ah," Dumbledore answered, smiling as though reminiscing before he explained, "My partner, Harry, was much like yours: twin starters; one was the fiery cavern Pokémon Solrock, but it was the other that truly defined me."

"Who was that, sir?"

"Dratini," Dumbledore answered, Harry then catching sight of a tear in Dumbledore's eye as he said the name, "And she was my closest friend: I even gave her a name…Arianna."

"What happened to her?"

"She died…" Dumbledore explained, a soft smile crossing his face as he looked to Harry, "Helping me defeat Avatar Grindelwald, but she reminded me why we fight here at Arceus each and every day: it is because there are wonders of the Pokémon Universe that even we cannot fathom and it would not do well to dwell on dreams or desires…and forget to live: I trust you will remember this, Harry?"

"Yes sir," Harry nodded, watching as Dumbledore left, leaving the young Avatar in Training to glance to his three friends before a smile touched his lips, Lucario and Charmeleon smiling with him while Blitzen slept on.

"One day," Harry told them, stroking Charmeleon's soft scales while Lucario sat next to him on the bed, "We'll go out there…and find those wonders: together."

'Together,' chorused Lucario and Charmeleon, just as the rest of the New Marauders approached Harry's bed, including a sullen-looking Ron who seemed to look at Blitzen with eyes of longing.

"Hey guys," Harry laughed, doing his best not to think dark thoughts about his ally, "Where've you been?"

"Packing," Hermione answered, "You've been out of it for a long time, Harry: are you okay?"

"Just…oof…fine," groaned Harry as Clefairy and Misdreavus tackled him, both them and their Tamer giving Harry a warm hug that made him smile, "Miss me, Luna-girl?"

"I thought you'd been destroyed," Luna whispered, "I thought I'd lost you."

"Nah," Harry laughed, letting her settle against his side while the rest of the group pulled their chairs around, "Not me: you can't get rid of this Aura Tamer that easily…so, what's going on?"

"Well," Train laughed, sitting on his chair with the back of the chair held in front of him, so that he was sitting backwards, "How about you start by telling us what went on down there? Everyone's got theories, but we know you won't keep it from us, boss: so, come on…spill."

With a laugh, Harry sighed before he told them, "You'll never believe me in a million years…but here goes…"

The End of Eye of Deoxys, but is this the end of the adventure?

No, the adventure continues with the second book: City of Souls;

Will Harry learn to control his power over his friends and allies?

Will the Swords of Justice help him master the power of Aura?

Keep reading to find out…

Next Time: The start of City of Souls: It's Harry's birthday and our heroes learn about the surprising secrets of Mega Evolution, but with two Pokémon able to do so, can Harry learn to prepare them for their powers?

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