True Friendship

Friendship shines like a beacon in the night,
Lighting the darkness with its powerful beam,
Two hearts, one mind, blended and beloved.
Acting as one in arising need,
supporting, protecting but never questioning,
always there, unswerving in devotion,
prepared to die, each for each other, yet,
Hoping not to have to make the choice.

Friendship burns like a flame through blackened wood,
Etching shapes of hope where none should be,
Two Halflings, one goal, destroy the ring,
And never think what their end will be,
Together, forever, in hearts remembered,
Their brave journey saving the world, and yet,
Leaving no hope that they also will live.

Friendship shines like a beacon in the night,
Bringing them home against all of the odds,
Six waiting, one aim, see them back alive,
Renewing fellowship, except for one
Who gave up it all at the last for the cause,
Friendship unbroken by burdens of dark,
Lasting, eternal, to grey havens call.