A/N-This story will mostly focus on the friendship between Michael, Franklin and, Trevor. It will also focus on Michael's and Franklin's farther and son relationship. Sorry about any mistakes.

"You promised," he screamed.

"You barely touch me."

"Because you never give me the chance. I have been nothing but fucking faithful to you, since you came back and you can't give me the same kind of fucking respect." Michael paced around his room like a predator, trying but failing to get his emotions in check.

Amanda sat on their bed with her arms crossed, but her face showed no remorse. "You don't understand."

"What don't I understand? You're fucking a 20-year-old sales person from Perseus. Why, to get free clothes? Or to feel like you're fucking young again since he is our son's age."

"Oh like you're any different. I know you go to that strip club that Trevor owns."

"Which I do nothing at, but drink; because I thought we had an understanding about not cheating anymore. Of course like always I was wrong. I should have known I couldn't turn a whore into a housewife."

"Fuck you Michael. I don't know what I saw in you."

"You saw my fucking money that's what you saw." Frustrated by the situation, Michael walked towards the closet, grabbed a bag and started packing.

"Where are you going?"

"Since you left last time, you can stay here with the kids, while I leave. Honestly I don't' know why I'm being kind to you by letting you stay at the house."

"Michael, you're not leaving. Stay and we'll work this out."

"And if I stay it will only be a matter of time before you fuck someone else. Who will it be next Amanda, since you like them young? That sixteen year old singer down the street, what's his name, oh yeah Austin Beaver. Or better yet an orgy with that British boy band 7 Route. Whoever it is don't do it in the damn house." Michael pushed pass her and started to pack miscellaneous items.

"Michael, I'm sorry."

"I seriously believe that," he said sarcastically.

"You're not leaving."

"I am Amanda; I'll call the kids later and tell them about me leaving."

She watched as he walked down the stairs and out the front door. After every serious spat they had she had always left and relished in the fact that he was suffering without her and the kids. Now the tables were turned. "Michael don't leave," she called rushing after him.

He didn't acknowledge her as he got into his black Tailgater and pulled off choosing to turn up the radio as she screamed for him to come back.


The psychedelic funk of The Undisputed Truth's Smiling Faces Sometimes played on the radio; a song that Michael could truly relate to as he sped down the Los Santos Freeway with no destination in mind.

That bitch had looked him in the eyes with a smile on her face and promised that the cheating would stop and they would amend their relationship. Holding her in bed, she whispered sweet promises in his ear about how their future would go and like an idiot he believed her, because he wanted nothing more than to be in a normal relationship. He went out of his way to be around the house more, shower her with random gifts, and take her out for dinner and dancing. Anything she wanted she got. In return she acted more civil towards him and would be affectionate.

But memories of the past always reared its ugly head.

He would be the first to admit that he was awful to her before and during their marriage. When he first found out she was pregnant with Jimmy; he wanted her to have an abortion, but came around when she threatened to leave him if he didn't accept their son. Not wanting to lose the only person he had ever cared for next to Trevor, he took back the abortion statement. When Jimmy was born he couldn't hold back the pride he felt and the knowledge that he helped create another life.

Of course their son didn't stop his pursuits, he pimped her out only stopping when she became pregnant by Brad. He bit the bullet and decided to raise Tracey as his own child then to risk losing Amanda.

There were nights where they both were physically abusive towards each other. He remembered when she stabbed him with a kitchen knife or when he punched her hard enough to knock out two teeth. After each incident they screamed at each other and she would pack up the kids and leave for a few days only coming back when he begged that he would get better. They would make up with rough sex, but sex didn't always help.

He thought time and a change of location would heal all wounds, but it didn't. In a way it only made it things worse.

Hearing his phone go off he answered it. "Hello."

"Hey you ass, how dare you leave," yelled Jimmy.

"You don't understand Jim."

"I understand that you hurt mom. That's all you fucking do is hurt us; you think of nobody but yourself and now she is miserable."

"She deserves to miserable after what she has done."

"Which you led her to."

"Don't you dare blame me you little shit. You know nothing about me and your mom."

"I can blame you for every fucking problem in our lives. You don't care about anyone, but yourself."

"If I didn't care about anyone, I never would have saved your stupid ass from the boat thieves or the nerds that kidnapped you," Michael yelled. "When you gain an ounce of fucking respect call me back." Throwing his phone on the floor, Mike slammed his fists against the steering wheel. How was he always the bad guy in any situation? That little shit knew nothing.

Right now, he just needed a drink a very strong drink that would make him forget everything.