A/N-some slash in this chapter

The rays of the sun started to filter in through the windows causing Michael to wake up. The second he opened his eyes his head screamed in pain. Nausea washed over him to the point that he dry-heaved. "Fuck," he mumbled trying to sit up. The scent of body odor and stale alcohol hit his nose as he tried sitting up again. This time he made it, but his head kept screaming almost begging to lie down to relieve the pressure.

Thankfully, he listened and laid back down. The events of last night were a blur. There were fragments of memory scattered in his head, like of him drinking or seeing Franklin. The strongest fragment was of Trevor in a dress sneering at him screaming something. In a way, Michael really didn't want to remember last night.

Closing his eyes, he tried to rest, but couldn't as a painful moan escaped his lips. He knew he needed to get up and get some aspirin, but the pain was too much.

"Here sweetheart."

Opening back up his eyes, Michael saw Trevor standing above him with a bottle of water and aspirin. Grateful, Michael managed to sit up and take the pills, while drinking the entire bottle of water. "Thanks T."

"No problem, Sweetheart. So how did you sleep?"

"Go fuck yourself."

"Touchy touchy, here," Trevor said handing over a mug of coffee.

Michael took it almost appreciating that Trevor was looking after him. The strong taste helped wake him up as he noticed that Trevor was in normal clothes. "Where's the dress?"

"Is that the only thing you remember from last night?"

"It's pretty hard not to forget," Michael chuckled as he drank more. Finally, he was starting to feel better as the coffee and aspirin worked their magic. Sighing he wondered what would happen now. Going back to Amanda was out of the question. He had the money he could easily get an apartment, but he did not want to be alone. "Where's Franklin?"

"Asleep, since he has been up all night looking after you." The kid had stayed by Michael's side all night, cleaning up him up when he had vomited everywhere, rubbing his back when he suddenly had a fit about Amanda. Trevor had been proud of him and admired the loyalty, hoping that Michael wouldn't ever screw over the kid.

"Shit! What the fuck did I do last night?"

"You got drunk, got dropped off here by some European guy, passed out on the couch, woke up and vomited everywhere and ranted about Amanda. And you called me a very dirty word."


"I care not to repeat it." What happened with Amanda?"

Michael turned away from his friend and tried to focus on Chop, who was outside playing at the edge of the pool. "I don't want to talk about it."

"I think you do."

"What are you my fucking therapist?"

"No, I'm your fucking friend. C'mon lets cuddle on the couch, so you can tell me all your troubles."

"Fuck you."

Trevor positioned himself next to Michael and wrapped his arms around him. "C'mon Mikey, remember those nights where we cuddled."

"We never cuddled." That was a lie. There were times in the past after a night of drinking that the two had woken up in each other's embrace. Michael hated to admit that those were some of the best memories of his life to feel so close to another human being and not worry about anything. "T!"

"What?" Trevor brought Michael close ignoring the body odor. After last night, he didn't smell that fresh either. "Mikey, you know you want this," he whispered. "Don't struggle."

"T, stop."

"Just admit you love this. Don't you remember that last night before you supposedly died? I remember it well, you screaming my name and clinging on for dear life as I fucked you raw. I can do it again just say the word."

Michael didn't want to think about that last night together or any other night together. He tried to speak, but only a moan came out as Trevor squeezed his crotch. "Seriously? I'm married."

"That's never stopped as before. Admit it I've always been a better partner than Amanda." He squeezed again. "Has she ever got you hard this quick? At least I love you enough not to send you into a drunken stupor."

Michael tried to get away, but Trevor's grip was to strong and pleasure he was feeling wasn't helping. "Trevor." His eyes fluttered as he said it.

"What is it Mikey?"

"What the fuck?! Oh my god seriously," Franklin exclaimed as he covered his eyes. The one thing he didn't want to see first thing in the morning was Michael and Trevor hooking up. He hoped they were drunk.

"Franklin, it's not what it looks like," said Michael as he managed to get out of Trevor's embrace.

"Yes, Franklin, it is exactly what it looks like. But don't worry we wouldn't disrespect your home by fucking; only jacking off."


"You two together?" Franklin asked not knowing what to think.

"What I have I told you about being close-minded?" asked Trevor.

"Man, whatever relationship you two have um…" Franklin didn't know what to say anymore as he walked past them to get some dog food for Chop. It didn't seem far-fetched that they had some type sexual relationship in the past, especially since they fought like an old married couple most of the time. But right now, on his couch, was too much. He tried to get them being together out of his mind, but nothing helped even as walked off as quickly as possible.

"Jesus Trevor. You fucking scared him," yelled Michael.

Trevor just smirked from his position. "He should know about us."

"That thing between us was over years ago."

"Yeah, because you chose the fake titty whore over me."

"That's my wife."

"The same wife that sent you into a depressive and drunken state last night, because you thought there was an understanding between the two of you. Michael, she's always lied to you about the money, the cheating and especially Tracey. Why do you put up with her lies?"

"Because I love her."

"No you don't."

"Yes, I do. If I didn't love her I wouldn't have endured these last few years with her or felt betrayed by the cheating. You've never truly loved anyone, so you wouldn't understand."

"Wrong Mikey. I loved Patricia, I loved Mary Ann, and the most important person I actually love is standing in front of me. So don't tell me I'm incapable of love."


Trevor stood up, grabbed his chin and stared him straight in the eyes. "Save it Michael." Trevor leaned in to the point that their lips brushed together.

"So I've been thinking," Franklin said walking back only to see Trevor and Michael in another position. "Will you two get a fucking room," he yelled turning away to leave the room as fast as he could.

"Frankie come back," called Trevor as he went after him. "Don't be embarrassed that your daddies show affection towards each other."

After a much-needed shower, Michael stared out at Los Santos as he lounged on Franklin's deck. The kid had not kicked him out yet, because of that display with Trevor. He chose to go think by taking Chop for a walk. As for Trevor, he had to attend to some business at the Vanilla Unicorn.

Putting on his headphones, he tuned out as soft rock entered his ears. For the first time since yesterday, he felt at ease, well until his phone went off. Not bothering to check who it was he answered it. "Hello."

"Come home." It was Amanda


"Because I need you."

"No you need my money."

"Why are you taking this so hard? We've always cheated on each other."

"I don't know Amanda, maybe because I thought we finally came to an understanding not to hurt each other anymore."

"Michael just come home."

"Why, so you can smile in my faces and tell me lies. How many lies have you told through the years?"

"Like you're a fucking saint; you're an egotistical psychopath, who gets his rocks off murdering others. There were so many times through the years you fucking lied to me and to the kids about your activities."

"To fucking protect you guys," he yelled. "Something you seem to forget about." The whole deal was to protect the people who I fucking love." He calmed down a little. "I'm not coming back for a while."


"Goodbye Amanda." Hanging up he turned off his phone and tried to relax, but couldn't because he felt conflicted.


Looking over he saw Franklin sitting next to him. "Hey kid. Did you hear?" he asked

"Everyone in the whole fucking neighborhood heard you."

"New piece of advice, don't get married."

"Okay. So about earlier with Trevor, I'm cool about you two being together."

"We're not together Kid."

"So what are you guys?"

Michael sighed as he tried to think of the right answer. "In the past, we were friends with benefits. Back then things were different, I was younger and got an intense high robbing banks. The money I made went to whores that were plentiful, but they didn't fill the void I needed for companionship. After a night together, they would leave, taking my money, but Trevor would stay. He filled that void. Everything changed when I met Amanda. She was the complete opposite of him and provided me with stability."

"So you two broke it off?"

"Not that easy. Despite Amanda and I being together, Trevor and I still messed around. Back then it made sense. I would dominate Amanda in bed, but when I wanted to be dominated I would go to him. In a way, he was my first love and you know you can't just get rid of that type of love."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Hell sometimes I think that if Trevor was more stable and we didn't have our careers; we would have been a couple, maybe would have adopted you and be a modern type of family," Michael said with a sarcastic tone.

Franklin shuddered at the idea. "That would be creepy. So what is he to you now?"

"He's my friend nothing more, nothing less."

"Will you make things up with Amanda?"

"I don't know. Part of me says go back, but the other part says we're better off apart. I'll figure it out."

The two sat in silence for a few minutes before Franklin asked, "So where are you going to live at?"

"I'll get a hotel room or an apartment."

"Or you could stay here."

"I'm not about to put you out kid."

"It's only me and Chop here, plus I have two extra bedrooms that go unused. I don't mind if you stayed."

Michael thought about hugging Franklin, but decided against it. "Thanks kid." He got up off the lounge chair to stretch feeling his bones crack a little. "C'mon, I have to get my car and I'll take you out to lunch."

"Thanks M."

"No problem, hey kid let's not mention to Trevor about my living arrangements."

"Okay," said Franklin. Once Trevor knew, Franklin had no doubts that he would try to move in as well and want to live in a strange family situation.