As a geek of anything Marvel, I had/wanted to write this AoS one shot. This was begging to be written after I saw 1x02 and I couldn't help myself.

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Agent Grant Ward sat on the edge of the Bus' open cargo door as he watched the 0-8-4 disappear into the dimming skyline. The chatter of his fellow agents was only a sound off in the distance; something he could hear but wasn't listening to.

He had just downed the last off his drink when the burning in his side became more noticeable. Ward had only taken care of it loosely, before engaging in a fight on a plane falling out of the air. He could feel blood running down his side, staining his clothes more.

"Hey Ward, care for another?" Fitz asked motioning towards the stocked cooler. "I'd say after today's events you've earned it."

"I'm good. Thanks." Three words was all he could manage. He just wanted to sleep. Not saying goodbye, Ward headed for his quarters where he had a first-aid kit, along with a painkiller and peace and quite that was much needed.

When Grant got to his room, he painfully took off his shirt to assessed the damage. After removing the blood soaked gauze he noticed that the 'flesh wound' as he told Skye, looked a bit worse than it had only hours ago.

"Oh, god! I thought you said it was a flesh wound?" came Skye's voice. "You said not to worry about it."

Ward suppressed a groan from both the pain and knowing that Skye was right behind him. "Yeah, I meant it."

Didn't he close the door?

"Well, that looks pretty bad,"

"For a hacker who has only been through one firefight you sure know a lot about bullet wounds." Ward grabbed a handful of gauze and began to clean the blood, wishing that Skye would take his silence as a hint to leave him alone.

"Have you done this a lot?" Ward didn't answer. "Cause I think you're suppose to stop the bleeding."

Though he wasn't going to admit it, Skye was right. He hadn't gotten the bleeding under control yet and his hands were shaking. Skye noticed this and said, "Here, let me."

She grabbed some gauze in one hand and pushed Ward's away with the other. Not wanting to seem weak by allowing her to help him, Ward resisted. "Skye, I got it."

Ignoring him, she carefully dabbed the would which cause Ward to slightly wince that didn't go unnoticed. "You don't have to put on the 'Tough Guy' act, you know."

"I'm not-"

"Yes you are." when the bleeding stopped, Skye tossed the bloody gauze away. "I know you said you're used to working alone, but you've got a team here that cares about you. No one will think less of you if you show emotion."

Ward raised one eyebrow but didn't say anything. "See what I mean. That was a nice spot to say, 'Gee, thanks Skye. I know I'm human.'"

"I do know I'm human." Ward finally replied as Sky taped a thicker piece of gauze over his freshly cleaned wound. "I know I don't have any superpowers or an iron suit. I was trained to not let any thing stop me from doing my job. You're just going to have to learn that with what we do here at SHIELD."

"I guess so." Sky said. Once done she got a good look at Ward's well built and defined frame. The buzzing of her phone snapped her back to reality so gathering herself she smiled. Grabbing the bottle of what she guessed was unmarked painkillers-must be SHIELD's making-she dumped out two and gave them to Ward. "I'll just leave you to it then."

Taking the pills in his hand, Grant watched Skye leave. She was smart, not just with computers, and he liked that about her. Maybe Coulson was right for bringing her on to the team. She could be a lot of help. "Hey, Skye?"

"Yeah?" Skye stopped and looked over her shoulder.


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