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Chapter 1 –After the Fire

Dean held his baby brother in his arms, as tightly as the little boy dared. It was unusually bright for nighttime. Normally, when the sun went to bed, it was really, really dark. But the little boy was surrounded by splashes of colour: reds, blues, the orange of the fire in Sammy's nursery. Though he didn't want to admit it to Daddy, and especially not to his little brother, but Dean was scared. Mommy was gone, Daddy looked sad, and Sammy… well, he wasn't really saying anything. He'd even stopped crying, his wide eyes gazing up at his big brother with curiosity. Feeling the wetness from his eyes, Dean cradled his brother against his chest, snuggled in the warm blanket the firefighter had been thoughtful enough to give them. "It's ok, Sammy," he said softly, enjoying the warmth of the six month old as he grasped at Dean's tiny figure. "I know Mommy went away, but I'm gonna be here for ever. I promise!" The child cooed, as if acknowledging Dean's words, and closed his eyes, hidden behind large lashes. For a while, Dean looked down at the now sleeping baby, taking comfort in the tiny creature. "I promise," he whispered, gently kissing Sam's downy forehead.

They sat there for a long time, sitting on top of Daddy's black car, the 'pala, he had heard Daddy call it. He looked up at his dad, who looked like Dean had when he had gotten lost in the grocery store not that long ago. He misses Mommy, Dean thought, and he felt a strange feeling in the back of his throat, the one he always felt when he was trying really hard not to cry. I miss Mommy too. I want Mommy! I wantmommyIwantmommyIwantmommy…. Dean looked down at baby Sammy again, and smiled softly. He still felt very sad, but with his brother in his arms, he felt better. Maybe holding Sammy would make Daddy feel better too?

It was dark now. The policemen and firefighters had almost all left, except for a few that were staying behind to make sure the fire that had taken Mommy was out. Dean looked up at his Daddy again; he had tears in his eyes. Daddy was crying, just like Dean had. And Sammy had made Dean feel a little better. In a tiny voice, barely above a whisper, Dean called to his father: "Daddy?"

"Yes, Dean." Daddy's voice sounded sad too. Poor Dady. "Wanna hold Sammy?"

"I'm sorry, Dean. He must be getting heavy." Dean tried not to cry again. He was a big boy now, almost five. And big boys didn't cry. Even those who lost their mommies. But he didn't want Daddy to see him cry. 'Cause then maybe he would cry too. And daddies really didn't cry. "No, Daddy. But when I hold Sammy I feel a little better. And maybe if you hold him you wouldn't be so sad."

Daddy looked down at Dean with a strange look: was he mad at him? He didn't mean to make Daddy angry; he'd only wanted to help. But instead his dad smiled at him, his eyes still looking sad but not so lost. "Maybe you're right, kiddo," Daddy said, ruffling his blond hair. Gently, so not to wake him up, Dean passed his baby brother to his dad, who started to cuddle with him, playing with his tiny fingers and toes. Like Mommy used to do. The three of them sat there on Daddy's car until finally some nice strangers told them about a place where they could sleep until the house was fixed up. Buckled in the back seat of Daddy's big, black car, still holding on to his new, fuzzy blanket, Dean reached out for Sammy's finger, listening to the soft sound of the baby breathing in the car seat beside him.

"It's ok, Sammy," he said again. The baby opened his eyes, looked up at his big brother, and smiled. "Don't be scared. I'm gonna be here for ever and ever. I promise."