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CH. 1:


With a sigh, I closed the window shade on the plane, just as the pilot announced our arrival into Port Angeles. The sky was overcast and dreary only adding to my melancholy, which, on top of it all, I would probably get jetlag from this journey, as well.

"Would you stop bouncing. You're giving me a headache." I grumbled irritably. My twin sister was bouncing in the seat next to me. She may be my twin but to the casual observer they wouldn't pick up on it.

I was six feet three inches and she was four feet eleven inches. She had spiky black hair cut short and had bright blue eyes. My hair was an oddish color, I wasn't really sure what to call it. It wasn't really red but not brown either. My sister and mother referred to it as copper. My own eyes were green and often hidden behind a pair of glasses.

My sister was an extrovert and that was putting it mildly. Myself, I was more of an introvert. I had a harder time letting people in. Growing up, my peers seemed more interested in my parents' wealth and status and wanted to be friends for those reasons, rather than find out who I was as a person.

Our interests differed as well. My sister lived to shop. I played the piano. She would read fashion magazines; I'd rather sit and read a good book. But at the end of the day we had each other's backs and were the other's best friend.

"Stop being such a grump. Aren't you excited? We are starting over in a brand new spot, where no one knows us. We can reinvent ourselves." She seemed so excited. She placed on a pair of sunglasses with bright pink frames.

"You aren't going to need those. Forks gets more rain than sun. In fact, you have maybe a ten percent chance of sun most months. Possibly twenty percent in the summer months." I informed her. She peered at me over the top of her glasses and rolled her eyes.

"Did you seriously look that up?" She huffed taking her glasses off.

"I wanted to be informed. Did you know that this high school only has three hundred and fifty-seven students?"

"You mean three hundred and fifty-nine. At least it's coed and not a boarding school." Alice retorted. The seatbelt light went off and we were waiting for permission to unload.

"The nearest type of mall you're used to, is about three hours away." I watched as her face paled and her eyes went a bit wide.

"What is your problem? I know things are going to change for us. They could be for the better. I doubt news of what has happened reached Forks. I have had a dream of you being happy and with a girl no less. How she's going to handle your grumpy ass, I don't know."

"Alice…" I sighed shaking my head. She frowned as we both stood up to get off the plane. I took her carry-on from her slinging it on my shoulder. She followed behind me.

"You don't believe me?" she pouted sounding hurt. Alice would get these dreams and intuitions about things. A majority of the time she would even end up being right. However, most people thought she was a bit of a freak because of it.

"It's not that I don't believe you. It's just…" I tried to find the right words to not upset her.

"Not every girl is going to be attracted to you just because of your bank account. Give it a chance and you could be very happy." She insisted as she hung on to my elbow as we headed towards the baggage claim.

"Well, are you going to tell me anything about her?" I gave in. I was slightly curious since she was so adamant about it.

"Nah ah. I'm not telling." She smirked slyly. I rolled my eyes and knew this was probably payback for being a know-it all earlier.

"So is your dream boy here?" I teased. She blushed and shook her head.

"No, I still can't tell when he's coming," she sighed leaning her head on my arm.

"Maybe he's busy with a Civil War reenactment." I snickered.

"You don't know that. It could be for a movie. He was handsome enough to be a movie star." She sighed dreamily. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

"I guess that would explain his red eyes. Maybe he plays some type of zombie back from the dead." I snickered and then winced when she stomped on my foot. She looked away and let out a loud squeal.

"That must be him," she skipped away from me and nearly tackled a police officer waiting by the baggage claim. The guy looked complete shocked when my pixie sister wrapped her arms around him squealing a hello.

I sure hope she was right. I didn't want to have to explain the reason for my sister's exuberance so she wasn't arrested.

"Edward, come say hello to Charlie." Alice waved me over.

"Edward," Charlie held out his hand warily. He was probably worried I would attack him like Alice had. He was a tad shorter than me with dark hair and mustache.

"Charlie," I shook his hand firmly like my father taught me. Charlie gave me a genuine smile back before he seemed to get serious again.

"You kids grab your bags and we will get you to the house to get you settled in." Charlie let my hand go. We stepped forward to the belt. I pulled my suitcase off then helped Alice pull her three bright pink ones off.

"I thought you kids shipped most of your stuff?" Charlie looked slightly surprised.

"We did, except for the essentials." Alice smiled charmingly. Charlie blinked a few time as it registered before grabbing two suitcases and I grabbed the other two. Alice took our carry-ons from me to make it a bit easier.


Ten minutes later, we were headed to the small town of Forks in a police cruiser. I was in the back with two of the suitcases since they didn't fit in the trunk. I looked out the window at all the green and more green. My mind drifted to the last few months as I gazed out the window.

Alice and I were Masens, one of the oldest and riches families from Chicago. We came from a long line of lawyers which my father was grooming me to be since I was able to walk. Alice and I went to separate private boarding schools. Only the best all boys and all girl schools for Masens. My father was worried that girls would distract me from reaching my potential. Which seemed ironic, with all the prissy high society girls that were basically shoved at me, by my mother.

It was at Thanksgiving when Father and I got into a screaming match at the table. I didn't want to be a lawyer like he was. I wanted to focus on music. That didn't sit well with Senior. Frankly, I could care less if I was rich and part of the social elite of Chicago.

When I left to head back to school early it was the last time that I saw my parents. They called a few days later to inform me that they were going to Paris for Christmas, leaving Alice and I behind. It wasn't too surprising since it wasn't the first time they did this. My father's parting words were, if I didn't become a lawyer then I was out of my inheritance.

Alice's private school wasn't far from my own. So we found a restaurant that was open on Christmas and spent it together.

On New Year's Eve day, I got a frantic call from Alice. She had a bad dream that our parents were going to walk into the house while it was being robbed and get killed. She had been trying to reach them and was having no luck. No matter what I said I couldn't calm her down.
She finally calmed downed slightly, when I finally got into my Volvo and went to pick her up. We were a about an hour away when we hit a snowstorm. It slowed driving considerably. When we reached our house it was surrounded by swirling red and blue lights. Alice was in tears beside me before I even shut off the car. A pit formed in my stomach, I knew that we were too late.

Apparently they had come home earlier than expected, due to a pushed up date in a court case my father was involved in. They walked in, surprising two men who were robbing the house. One of them shot my parents and they fled. What the burglars didn't know was that they had tripped a silent alarm and the police arrived right after my parents. A quick car chase ended with the burglars' car flipping over while taking a turn on the black ice, killing them both.

If my parents were five minutes later they would still be alive today. Since Alice and I were only seventeen we were being sent to live with our appointed guardian, Charlie Swan. He was a first cousin of my mother's. He lived as a bachelor in a small town of Forks, Washington where he was the Chief of Police. We had never met the man before today and now we were going to live here until we went to college.

Our trust bonds weren't available until we reached twenty-one. Luckily there was a stipulation in the event of my parents' death for a stipend each month to help take care of us as well as tuition for college.


"We are here." I was pulled from my thoughts as Charlie came to a stop. I looked out to see a very small white house. It was probably an eighth of what my parent's had. I looked at Alice who was eyeing the house. A small crease formed on her forehead as she studied our new home.

"I know it's not what you two are use to…" Charlie took our silence as a rejection.

"The house is great, Charlie. It's much better then living in campus housing with a bunch of other students." I spoke up. "Right, Alice?"

She glanced at me and put a smile on her face. Her chirpiness came back as she answered me.

"I think it looks homey," she spoke. She was probably already thinking about the changes she would make, if Charlie allowed it. I just hoped she wouldn't go overboard. Alice had a tenancy to be overzealous even though she meant well. I would probably have to rein her in.

"Let's get you two settled in and then I will order some pizza. You two like pizza, right?" Charlie got out of the car and we followed.

"Pizza is fine," I answered. The first thing that caught my eye was a red Ford truck that may have been new in the 50's. Today it was a bit rusted and showed its age. Charlie saw me looking and gave me a nervous smile.

"Sort of a welcome to Forks present for you two. I know it's not fancy like the cars your parents bought you, but it's better suited for the area." I felt bad that he felt he had to keep apologizing to us that he couldn't provide the same luxury that our parents could. It wasn't too long ago that I said I didn't need my parents' money. I guess I was going to get a real taste how the middle class got by, might as well take it in stride.

"As long as it gets from A to B that is all that matters." I smiled at him.

We followed him into the house and looked around the small living room.

"Okay, Alice, I thought you might like the upstairs bedroom. It's small, but it's close to the bathroom." Charlie explained. Alice nodded absentmindedly. She was glancing around the room. I could see her plotting in her head more changes she would make. I elbowed her and shook my head very slightly. She gave me a sheepish grin that she was caught.

"Edward, I have something set up for you in the basement." Charlie informed me. I kept the smile on my face as best I could. All I could imagine was a dreary, dark, damp basement filled with cobwebs.

"Lead the way," I mustered up as much enthusiasm as I could. Charlie started heading down the small hall to the kitchen. I turned to see Alice struggling with her bags trying to bring them up the stairs.

"Ali, leave it and I will bring them upstairs for you in a minute." I told her. She grinned and skipped up the stairs.

"Very spirited, isn't she," Charlie chuckled.

"Oh, she has been tame so far. Just wait until she tries to start redecorating everything." I smirked. Charlie grimaced slightly as he continued through the kitchen. Maybe Alice's touch wouldn't be a horrible thing. The kitchen looked like it could use a new paint job and the table had four mismatching chairs that looked worn.

Charlie opened a door and flicked on a light and I followed him down the stairs. I was very surprised that it was nicer than I thought. The room had four walls of drywall with a fresh coat of primer on it. There was a full bed with plain blue bedding. There was an oak dresser, bookcase and decent desk that looked second hand. The floor was covered with a commercial style grey rug.

"It's not much. I had some friends of mine help with the drywall last weekend. You can paint the room whatever color you want. That door there goes to a makeshift closet. The other door leads to the rest of the basement where I keep some tools and a deep freezer for the fish I catch. You fish?" Charlie paused through his explanation to ask.

"I have never been. There wasn't a real good place to go in the city." I shrugged apologetically.

"Well, maybe I could take you sometime. Anyways I can access that area through an outside door so you don't need to worry about me disturbing you down here. However, it's good to know for an emergency exit. Those windows open into the room if you need some fresh air." He pointed to two different windows on the wall near the ceiling.

"This is great, Charlie." I was genuinely pleased. It was far better than I expected when he said basement.

"Well, I will go check on Alice. I will take care of her bags if you want to start unpacking. I will yell down when the pizza is here. Any particular type you like?" He started to move towards the stairs.

"Anything but anchovies," I answered. He nodded and headed up the stairs.

I headed to the boxes I sent here. Most of my things were still in storage in Chicago. We had to live simply when we were at boarding school anyway so it wasn't that much of a shock.

I set up my laptop first and checked to make sure it worked. I was relived to see that Charlie had Wi-Fi but it didn't look like he had it secured. I would have to help him set that up.
I had no e-mails, which wasn't too surprising. I didn't have too many friends that would write. Many at school were just acquaintances that were more rivals than friends.

I was working on putting away my clothes when Alice bounced down the stairs.

"You could knock." I sighed looking up.

"You could hang that up. Honestly, Edward, it will get all wrinkled if you put it away like that." She grabbed it from me. She headed across the room and paused.

"The door on your left." I told her before she could ask.

She opened the door and frowned.

"You need hangers." She spun around.

"I don't have any. I didn't think I would have to pack any." I shrugged.

"Well, I will just add it to the list." She sighed draped my shirt over the chair. She came to the boxes and started to pull out a green sweater that matched my eyes and a pair of khakis. "Here, wear this tomorrow."

"That's funny, I thought since a uniform was no longer required I would be able to pick out my own clothes." I snickered. Not really caring too much. I just wanted to tease her.

"Just this once, please. I want to make sure we set a good impression." Alice pleaded.

"Alright, we both know that you will win anyways." I smirked, tossing a pair of socks that she dodged while sticking her tongue out at me.

"This weekend I need you to come with me shopping." She gave me her best puppy dog eyes that always worked when we were younger.

"Okay, but try and find a shopping buddy here. There has to be someone that will at least come close to sharing your love for it." I sighed. I hated shopping, but I wasn't about to let her go by herself in an unfamiliar area.

"Maybe your new girl will." She grinned.

"I don't have a new girl." I shook my head. I still hadn't really come to grips with that I was going to fall in love. Most people around here seemed to stay in the area after school. I had every intention to go back to Chicago or maybe New York after high school.

"We will see." Alice glanced at the walls in my room.

"So what color are you going to paint the room?" she asked sitting on the bed.

"I haven't really thought about it yet." I told her honestly.

"Maybe, a nice, light cornflower blue or a sage green." Alice glanced around. I raised eyebrow at her. "Of course, that is just me." She grinned sheepishly.

"Perhaps a nice blood red," I pretended to be serious.

"Ewww, no, there's not a ton of natural light in here. You should do light colors to brighten it up." Alice looked horrified.

"Traffic Cone Orange would brighten it up." I ducked the pillow she tossed at me, when she realized I was only teasing her. I threw it back and she caught it.

"That is it. I'm painting your room pink when you're not looking." I could tell she wasn't serious. We always bantered back and forth like any other brother and sister, trying to one up the other. But we were hardly ever really that upset at each other.

"Do and your Louis Vuittons will take a swim in the Puget Sound." I threatened. I may have pushed that one and her eyes grew huge and looked panicked.

"You wouldn't," she glared.

"Try me," I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Fine, you win." I grinned at her. "This time."

"Kids, pizza is here." Charlie called from upstairs.

"Coming," Alice skipped to the stairs. I followed behind her up the steps.

I grabbed a few slices of pizza and placed them on a plate. I turned to the table just as Charlie held a beer can to me.

"Beer?" Was this some type of test? I never drank before and I didn't think it would be wise to start now.

"No, thank you. I don't drink." I refused. Alice handed me a can of soda on her way to the table.

"You don't have to worry about him, Charlie. Edward will probably be too busy downstairs buried in books or on the computer to cause any trouble." Alice slid in to a chair gracefully. "I was lucky if I could talk him into having dinner with me at least once a week."

"How often did you two go home?" Charlie frowned. Alice and I exchanged a look.

"Not very often. Maybe a weekend here and there. Our father encouraged us to take extra classes, so it looked good for college resumes." I answered trying to keep from sounding a bit sour.

"Edward ran track so I would try to get to a meet when I could." Alice mentioned playing with her slice of pizza. "Sometimes mom came to meets and then she would take me shopping and the three of us would have dinner together."

Charlie took a long sip of his beer and frowned. He seemed to be thinking about something that upset him. "But not your father?" We shook our heads and I thought I heard Charlie mumble 'pretentious prick' under his breath.

"Look, it seems that you two have been on your own before now, but I do have a few ground rules. No drinking or drugs. Curfew is ten on school nights and midnight on the weekends." Charlie informed us looking more like a police chief at the moment.

"That is fair. I'm sure you will find that we are very low maintenance. What can we do around here to help you out?" Alice asked. "I can cook a little, so we can do family dinners. We can do our own laundry."

"All of that will be fine. I'm not much of a cook so I usually order out, but if you would like to cook, Alice, that will be fine." Alice beamed. Mom and father never let her try cooking at home. She was expected to marry rich and have a cook like we had. However, her school still had made the girls take cooking classes.

"If you would like me to do anything around the house just let me know." I offered. I wasn't sure what to quite do, but I was still willing.

"I will. I usually watch the news and catch up on sport highlights and there is a game on tonight. Do you two need anything before school tomorrow?"

"Nope," I shook my head. Alice hesitated before speaking.

"I will need to go food shopping after school, what should I do about money?" Alice looked out of sorts. We never had to worry about it before, so I understood her dilemma.

"There's some cash in a coffee can in the cabinet. Take what you need for food shopping or school lunches." Charlie stood up and threw out his paper plate.

"Thank you, Charlie." Alice smiled. Charlie gave her a smile back and clapped me on the shoulder before heading out to the living room.

Alice and I cleaned the kitchen and I headed downstairs for the night. I unpacked a little more before settling in for the night. I lay in bed for along while unable to sleep. My mind didn't want to shut off.

Before, in school, I often buried myself in school work and reading, because I didn't often relate to the boys in my class. They often seemed too juvenile for me. I wondered what this girl was like, the one Alice saw. Would she get me at all? Most girls I knew were too shallow and couldn't hold a conversation that kept my interest. I could care less about who was dating who or what celebrity was hot. At some point I drifted off to sleep.


This story is a reversal of Twilight. Edward and Alice are human and the others are vampires. I was asked by a reader to try this plot at first I thought no. But a seed go planted in my head and took root. I found away to make this story different then the others that I could find. The storyline may share some similarities to Twilight but as whole it's different. For example I made Alice human and there is different threat.

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I headed to the back of the room. Once I got close to the table Isabella's eyes shot up to mine. I stopped for a minute shocked by the hostility in her flint black eyes. Could that color be possible, I must being seeing things.