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Ngh… A boy groggily opened his eyes, blinking in a heavy stupor. Where…where am I? Come to think of it…who am I?

He slowly lifted himself off the bed that he was resting on and tried moving his body. Although every bone seemed to ache with unnatural pain, he was fine. The boy swung his legs and placed them on the ground with a solid thud. Aches, but nothing deliberating. He shakily stood up and took a few cautious steps on his two feet. A few flares of pain, but that was all.

The boy turned and saw a cracked, dirty mirror to his right. Despite its poor condition, he could clearly see a maturing black haired 17 year old, with a prominent jawline and hawkish nose. His blue eyes seemed to sparkle as the boy studied his reflection, noting the simple leather clothing he wore.

His room, after some careful looks, was very simple. Wooden planks made up the walls, floors, and ceiling. The bed he had woke up from composed of simple clothes, nothing too fancy. The walls were bare save a few hanging animal skins, all of them deer. A wooden desk was tucked away in a corner, alongside a bookshelf with little books.

But something was not right. This…wasn`t his room. He distinctly remembered it being far more…royal. He closed his eyes and in his mind`s eye, visualized a grand room made up of stone material. He saw a magnificent silk bed, covered utterly by books on magic.

Wait. Magic?

Digging through his memories even further, the boy remembered the world he was on. His planet had no name, for it was still in shambles. Knights and mages fought together, meeting each other in glorious battles for the control of lands. And in the same thinking, the people who lived on them.

The boy`s name was…Anthony. Yes, Anthony! That was his name here on this world. But he remembered a different name. Marcus. A charismatic boy who always looked out for those that deserved proper recognition. The friend and leader anybody could rely on.

Yet another contradicting memory surfaced. Marcus had…died. He was with his friends, walking home from school. They passed a construction site. The bindings on iron poles snapped. Marcus had pushed his friends away in reaction, saving their lives but losing his own as his body was torn asunder by the falling iron. The boy`s stomach suddenly felt missing, as the memory brought back the sensation of dying.

Anthony had died as well. A searing sensation ran throughout the boy`s body as yet another memory of dying surfaced. Anthony was…the son of the town leader! He was part of the wealthiest family that helped the people in the town prosper under their guidance. He was trying to become a mage to follow in his family`s footsteps and lead the town to further prospering times. But it had fallen all in one night. A fire had been left carelessly unattended. His father, his mother, his brothers…all had burned. Anthony and his family were burnt alive that night.

But the boy lived. As he examined his skin, it showed no signs of burning or scarring whatsoever. What was this sorcery?

"Anthony!" The door to the recovery room suddenly burst open as another young man ran in, his green eyes full of panic. "Are you alright?! I feared the worst to you!"

"…Cain…" The boy decided to take the ruse of Anthony for now and rose up, straightening up. "Where am I?"

"My house of course!" The blond hair boy in matching peasant clothing took Anthony`s hand and examined the skin. "I see no burn marks. That is wonderful! I am glad that I was coming to visit! I saw the mansion aflame and made haste. I am sorry that I could not save everybody but…you were the least hurt it seemed to me."

"Cain, my friend, it is alright." Anthony grabbed his friend`s shoulders and smiled. He remembered Cain. His best and truly loyal friend.

When they were young, Anthony had saved Cain`s future by persuading his family to give him a part of the land for the orphaned boy to live on. At first, Cain was cynical and bitter, having just lost his parents to a recent raid. But once Anthony started visiting Cain and helping him with the farm work much like a common peasant, Cain had realized how blessed he truly was to have Anthony`s friendship and became his loyal man as a result. It didn`t matter how dire the situation was, the two boys would always find a way to solve it together.

Like now.

"I was worried…but…what will you do now?" Cain gestured to the simple room. "You can stay here in the spare room and live with me forever, but what will the town do now without the guidance of your parents?"

"They need a leader?" Anthony`s voice took on a confident tone as his mind suddenly received a very interesting tidbit of information. Coordinates of a supply drop. "This town needs a leader?"

"Yes. But who? I mean, there are other brave men, but none will step up!"

"Easy." Anthony strode out of the room and turned, facing his friend directly in the eye. "I will lead!"


There was a small crowd outside of Cain`s house, awaiting for word of Anthony`s survival. Once the black haired boy appeared, the farmers went ballistic and began cheering and shouting at their young leader.

"Young master!"

"He survived!"

"We are going to prosper now!"

The cheering continued for a few more minutes before Anthony held up his hand, silencing the crowd. He cleared his throat and began to speak, a determined tone in his voice. "The loss of my family is devastating to us all. However, I will do my best to guide us all through this time and lead the town to prosper!"

The farmers began cheering again, but was cut short by Anthony as he continued his speech. "But why should we stop at just making this town prosper? Why should Candur, our beloved town, be the only one to reap the benefits? Why not…the world?"

Here, everybody gasped. Even Cain could not believe his ears. Help the world? An impossible task. But Anthony was still talking. "Therefore, I will need all your support! Right now, the goal is to make Candur a great power!"

"What? A great power?"

"We have always been fine ourselves…but messing with others?"

"How is young master planning to carry this out?"

The crowd whispered among themselves as Anthony ushered them to return back to their homes. One by one, the men and women dispersed, their leader`s words still lingering in their minds. Once everybody had left, Anthony turned to Cain.



"Are you interested in helping me on this dream of mine?" Cain closed his eyes and took a deep breath before replying.

"I will follow you anywhere Anthony. Just give the word."

"Good. Follow me."