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"Dinosaurs! Mighty creatures, who once ruled over the earth!" A narrator said as our view jumped many thousands of years back in time to the time when Dinosaurs walked the lush landscapes of Planet Earth, "But they went extinct, vanishing from the stage of history."

The camera leaped forward in time, to a certain part of the universe, where two certain Planets orbited their single sun in a perfect harmony- one a single world once shattered, the other resting inside a ring of a destroyed paradox clone of itself- a single Castle- a floating Fortress of a City- turned itself silently in a half-orbit between the Digital World and Earth-3.

"And now, that extinction threatens two worlds brought into harmony!"

The camera pulled away from AINCRAD, and shuttled down towards the frozen continent of Antarctica on Earth-3, where, deep under the ice, a certain Time Traveling Demon had unsealed a powerful force hidden within a long since thought to be destroyed White Moon.

Deep within that White Moon's abandoned hallways, the lanky form of Quartzmon's Astamon body strolled down to the frozen palace's main chamber. "So this Frozen Castle has awakened," he chuckled, "and revived itself not a moment too soon." He entered the room that held a certain rib-cage design to it, and so examined the three intact, one broken, energy pillars. "Now, after millions of years, those Deboss Legion who slumber here shall live again to bring down vengeance upon a world that should have been destroyed thrice over," He clenched a fist, and gathered a burst of energy in it, "and upon those fools who managed to destroy my prime self and so many of my brothers!" He threw the energy blast up into the ceiling- sending shudders across the abandoned White Moon.


"It's almost been eight years now, Local Aincrad Time, since Quartzmon's Prime self was defeated," Dirk Strider- once a mere PawnChessmon serving under the army Xros Heart, now a Knightmon Commander of the Xros Heart Inter-dimensional Task force- said to the group of cadets before him. "While that point is forever fixed in the abyss between our Universal Cluster and our neighboring Lagann Cluster, Quartzmon's many temporal divergences are still at large, making the continued surveillance and protection of the Universe a top priority." The various cadets had differing reactions to this sentence. Some, such as Strider's own son Inaba, rolled their eyes. "You all, the recruits who have volunteered your lives for the last six years in training, are set to become the front line of the foreseeable future." Others, such as the hopeful looking Calliope "Callie" Grey, beamed with excitement, while others, such as Callie's twin brother Caleborn "Caleb" Grey, just grinned at the prospect of dealing damage to the Universe's Public Enemy Number 1. "That is why we only want the best of the best- and I'm here to tell you that You All are it." Strider's eyes fell on the daughter of fellow former PawnChessmon Reenah and Cabarat, a girl whose full name was Roxy Phexis, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. "Or at least, that is what I hope." There were a few grimaces from the crowd, and that girl Roxy was one of them. "In three week's time, we will be holding final exams for the practice section of your training to determine your overall skill ranking, and be sorting you all into your final teams for your Live Fire Courses." Some people cheered, others groaned at the stressed words. "You have the rest of today off to recover from the last round of testing, but starting tomorrow, I suggest you brush up on procedure in the mean time. These next three weeks are just going to float on by."

The crowd broke formation, leaving one Yui Kirigaya to hurriedly search the stage floor for a set of certain heads of black and white hair among the rest of her fellow cadets

"Seriously, though," she heard the voice of Caleb grumbling just a bit further away, "does he have to be so serious all the time? I'd rather be at some carnival right now..."

"Hush you!" came the giggling, but still slightly stern voice of his sister. "Do you want Knight Strider to give you detention again?"

"...No, not really," Caleb muttered as Yui shoved her way past a boy who was conversing with a girl who had cut her uniform shirt up so that it stopped only just at the bottom of the ribcage.

"Oi, watch where you're goin'!" The girl, one Merry Mashimo, shouted in reply to the action.

"Easy there, Merry," The boy, name of Yumeji Tsurugi, said with a sigh even as Yui slipped away through the crowd, "she's probably just trying to find someone.

"The least she could've said was 'sorry' or 'excuse me,'" Merry remarked with a huff.

Moments of shuffling through the crowd passed, and then Yui found the two siblings. "Callie! Caleb!" Yui said with a grin as she wrapped her arms around their shoulders.

"Hello, Yui," Callie smiled, "good to see you again."

"Y-Yeah," Caleb blinked, a slight red blush appearing on his face. "Hey, Yui."

"So!" Yui said, "We've got the rest of the day off! Want to go down to Earth and grab lunch?"


Alarms blazed as one Kaiyumi Kyuto, former Xros Loader maintainer for Xros Heart now full-time Science Department Head Scientist of the NERV Research Institution, hurried down the hallways of what had once been a Black Moon (retooled and re-purposed by the natives of this earth that had been rescued from a doomed timeline into a Fortified base) with an urgent pace.

"Damn it, why does everything have to go wrong all in one afternoon?" The 27 Year-Old woman grumbled as she hurried up to the Terminal Dogma Control Room. "First Nyarko and Kuuko, now this...?"

Kaiyumi emerged from the final set of stairs into the large room, where scientists, civilian, and military personnel all scrambled about in a rush.

"We've got sightings confirmed in Europe, North America, the North Pole, and various islands in the pacific," a technician read off a report to the Facility's commander, name of Shinji Ikari, who simply grimaced in confirmation.

"What's going on?" Kaiyumi asked as she joined the Commander's side. "I haven't heard the Angel Alarm go off in six years now."

"We've got monster sightings across the globe," Shinji said with a flat yet-slightly amused tone. "Small, humanoid beings with green slime heads. We're tenatively calling them Paramonsters, since they're only giving off half of an Angel signal."

"They're not Cherubim then?" Kaiyumi asked as she grabbed a clip board form a randomly passing technician, and read it over.

"No, the signals these things are giving off are decidedly half-Angel, half-Quartz," Shinji delivered the line with little haste, "and I don't need to tell you what that means."

"Quartzmon's giving us trouble again," Kaiyumi sighed as she flipped a page on the clipboard, "damn, I haven't seen this variation of it before. Ryouma must be getting desperate to pull off an all out attack like this."

Another round of alarms sounded off, and someone shouted, "Signals detected in Tokyo-3 city limits!"

"This day just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?" Shinji remarked.

"At least these things don't have Tower signals," Kaiyumi offered the silver lining, "so he's not pulling another doomed Timeline on us."

"True." Shinji paused for a moment, then glanced over at the girl who had once come from another dimension and saved them all from a rampaging Tower, "You know, I'm starting to get the feeling that we're in a Sentai situation here."

Kaiyumi glanced over at him in surprise, "Commander Ikari, please tell me you aren't thinking about activating that project."

All the boy did was mimic his father and put on a sly smile.

"...Damn it."

"Better get back to the lab work, Professor."

A Short time later, elsewhere in the city out in the courtyard of some shopping mall, Yui, Caleborn, and Calliope were fighting off these Paramonsters that had appeared to stir up trouble.

"HIYAH!" Callie delivered a high kick to one of the monster's heads.

"Great!" Yui swore as she slashed through another monster with her sword, "So much for our day off!"

"HAH!" Caleb back flipped over a group of the monsters, "It's getting wild! Just try to stop us, Monsters!"

"Don't taunt them, brother!" Callie rebuked him.

Not moments later- the monsters pulled out slime guns and fired off consecutive blasts- sending the three Pawn-Chessmon-In-Training in training flying at each other, where they hit the ground to be surrounded by the monsters.

"This is Not good at all," Yui remarked as the Paramonsters prepared to line up another shot-


Only to be blasted by laser fire from above.

"HYRAAAH!" Kayumi came jumping down from a VTOL Helicopter- holding twin yellow blasters that were shaped like dinosaur heads as she blasted at the Monsters surrounding the three soon-to-be Sixteen-year-old kids.

"What the-?" Calliope stared on.

"Professor Kyuto?" Yui's eyes widened as the woman landed in front of them, "What are you doing here?!"

"What does it look like?" The woman snarled slightly at the Paramonsters that looked at them all in confusion, "I'm here to get you three out of trouble!" To punctuate her point, she fired one of the guns with a double tap, firing twin bursts out of the two barrels, "What were you thinking, confronting these things on your own anyways?" Then a swing around to fire at another bunch of monsters.

"They started attacking civilians!" Caleborn said as he got back to his feet, "We had to do something!"

"You couldn't turn your back then, eh?" Kaiyumi chuckled, "While I appreciate the sentiment, I need you to hold something for me for a moment!" She flung one of the two blasters at the boy to free up a hand to grab at her Xros Loader- which looked just about as in good condition as anything could after seventeen some years of constant use. "RELOAD!" she shouted, "GABUTYRA~!"

There was a burst of light from the Xros Loader, but instead of any Digimon appearing out of the Device, instead came a massive bio-mechancial beast about as tall as any building, and it was about twice it's own height in distance off of the ground.

Its body was huge, two legged, but leaned forward. It's entire skin was in red, with black and silver highlits and yellow as it's secondary color.

It wasn't any recognizable humanoid Evangellion either- but a Dinosaur.

It was a Robotic Tyrannosaurus.

"GAAAAAABU!" The beast roared as it descended- somehow managing to get it's two giant feet to land in empty street areas...

Or at least, what would be empty if they weren't filled to the brim with Paramonsters.

The three students took steps backwards in surprise as the giant right foot landed before them with but a single yard of clearance- creating quite a cloud of dust and wind but otherwise nothing else.

"W-What is that!?" Yui shouted in surprise.

"That would be Voltasaur 1, Gabutyra," Kaiyumi smirked like any proud parent would as the few surviving Paramonsters before her tried to run away from the massive Foot, "and he is the latest in Giant Robot technology. Cloned not from the Angel EVE like the Evangelions, but the might Dinosaurs themselves."

"That thing's like an Eva?" Callie asked in surprise even as they watched Gabutyra take several steps forward- one even going straight over them before landing a whole city block away- chasing after the Paramonsters that were now running for their lives.

"Yes," Kaiyumi said as she turned to watch Gabutyra go after them, "home grown here in Tokyo-3. He's completely sentient like Ichi, Commander Ikari's Unit-01, so he can run on his own just fine. But he's not the only one. We have several other Voltasaurs in development at other various NERV divisions. They've all been deployed to other parts of the world that are under attack right now...But they can't unlock their true potential without help." She turned to smile at them, "They each need a rider- a Partner- to help them."

"What, and you want us to pilot these things?" Yui asked, "Do you realize my dad would have a field day if he knew you wanted me to jump inside a giant robot?!"

"Nothing of the sort," Kaiyumi shook her head, "I just came here to save a couple of family friends who were risking their lives. The Voltasaurs will only choose partners they like, and we at NERV have no control over who they choose."

"So we go home then?" Callie asked. "And forget we even saw this?"

"That's about the gist of it," Kaiyumi nodded as she pocketed her Xros Loader, "except for the forgetting part. If you want to try meeting the Voltasaurs to become a partner, that's all up to you." She turned to Caleb, "Now could you hand me that Gaburevolver back, Caleb-kun?"

For a moment, the three girls stared at the spot where Caleb had been standing, and saw nothing but an outline of dust vaguely in the shape of the boy.

"Huh?" Yui blinked, "Where did he go?"

"...Where else?" Calliope sighed as she simply pointed an arm after Gabutyra.

"HUUUYEAH!" Indeed, the boy had somehow climbed on top of Gabutyra's head and was using it as a vantage point to snipe away at any Paramonsters that were immediately out of the Voltasaur's immediate reach. "It's getting wild! Isn't it, Gabutyra?!"

"GABU!" The Dinosaur roared in agreement as it stomped at some Paramonsters.

"Ah..." Kaiyumi said as a sweat drop formed on her forehead, "It seems Caleb-kun's been chosen to be a Kyoryuger."

"A Kyo-what?" Yui asked.

Meanwhile- In Europe, a boy in a black, skin tight Sentai Suit, designed with a yellow Tooth Sash over his chest and an image of a certain Voltasaur over the heart, fired away with his blaster at Paramonsters as he danced around them. "Bang!" He shot at some meanwhile his Voltasaur partner, Parasagun shot energy blasts at some giant Paramonsters in the city behind him.

In the frigid North Pole, a girl in a Blue suit fought against Paramonsters while her partner Voltasaur Stegotchi fought giant Paramonsters, partially hidden from view due to the wild snow storm raging around.

"UPPSIE DAISEY!" The girl shouted as she punched the ground, sending a massive explosion of snow and Paramonsters into the air.

In a bamboo forest somewhere, a Green suited boy slashed away at Paramonsters with his sword while his Partner Voltasaur, Zakutor, roared as it sliced at more giant Paramonsters.

He said nothing as the Paramonsters all fell to his blade.

"What's a Kyoryuger?" Kaiyumi asked with a chuckle as she pulled a sheet of paper out of her coat pocket to show them what's on it. "The name means 'Warriors of the Mighty Lizards'."

The sheet of paper was in fact a television screen paper, developed by Airu Suzaki several years earlier, and it showed a girl in a pink suit fighting against Paramonsters in some warehouse.

"You mean... a Sentai Team, right?" Calliope asked as she watched a bright Pink Triceratops march across the screen-paper. "Like the PawnChessmon who worked with Xros Heart back during the Xros Wars?"

"Exactly that," Kaiyumi nodded as she rolled the paper up again to put it into her pocket.

"Sounds right up our alley then," Yui grinned as she eyed the remaining revolver that Kaiyumi held.

"You think so, huh?" Kaiyumi smirked. "Then you're pretty brave."


*cue VAMOLA! Kyoryuger! (TV Size)*

"Dinosaurs Plus Humans!" The narrator said as the camera panned around the five suited Kyoryugers- Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink- "After millions of years, the strongest and bravest team in history assembles to protect the earth!"

We watch as the five Kyoryugers walk down a street- their suits briefly flickering away to reveal the heroes within, in reverse order of the above introduction.

"HEAR OUR ROAR!" The Narrator roared as the five heroes struck a pose and explosions in their respective colors occurred behind them

A Whistle sounded off as the team roared their name:



The Kyoryugers, unmorphed, ran across a snowy field.

Those five approached their roaring Voltasaur partners, and waved at them all happily.

We Are unbeatable Super Stars!

Caleborn Grey AS: Kyoryu Red.

With our burning spirits fully charged,

Inaba Strider AS: Kyoryu Black.

Our Hearts begin to Pound! It's wonderful

Merry Mashimo AS: Kyoryu Blue.

To make legends come true!

Yumeji Tsurugi AS: Kyoryu Green.

Don't let anyone silence your bravery,

Always Rise to The Challenge!

Roxy Phexis AS Kyoryu Pink.

Does anyone Really Know...


Professor Kaiyumi Kyuto

...where True Strength Lies?

Scenes passed by of the Kyoryugers on bikes, jumping over camera, interspersed with shots of the Kyoryugers firing their blasters.

Instead of traveling around the entire world,

Commander Shinji Ikari

Just look inside your heart!

We see shots of five villainous creatures, two of whom appear very comical and light hearted compared to the other three devious foes.

(Let's get 'em!)

We see a shot of the five Kyoryugers shouting to the sky.

Gaburincho! Very Mucho!

We see shots of the Kyoryugers inserting some battery like device into their blasters, and then spinning the cylinders on the side.

Today we're still going wild! (FIRE!)

They danced, and then aimed their guns to the air as they fired on the "FIRE!" Cue.

Come on, Kyoryugers! Kick some butt! Go Nuts!

We get treated to shots of the five heroes summoning their unique weapons, and fighting off Paramonsters after they do such.

Take a bite out of your world!

We get treated to a shot of Gabutrya running through a forest, roaring as he charged.

No one could ever stop you!

We get treated to shots of Parasargun, Stegotchi, Zakutor, and Dricera using their unique tail attacks, concluded with a repeat take of Gabutrya landing in the city.

Behold and Tremble as we Roar!

We see shots of Gabutyra, Stegotchi, and Dricera combining together into a single mech: Kyoryuzin!

The Voltasaur Team! VAMOLA, Kyoryuger!

Shots go by of the Kyoryugers slashing with their swords-


Then a group shot of the five unmorphed inside of their base of operations.


*Cue Title Theme*

BRAVE 1! THEY'RE HERE! The Mighty Kyoryugers!

"So with that gun..." Yui said as she, Calliope, and Kaiyumi climbed into the helicopter that had initially dropped Kaiyumi off, "we can become Kyoryugers?"

"It's called a Gaburevolver," Kaiyumi said as she put her gun into a holster on her right leg (the design shamelessly 'borrowed' from Jungle Zone's age old dance tradition), "it's not exactly the sole key to becoming a Kyoryuger, but it does play a large part in it." She glanced over at Gabutrya and his tiny rider, "If Caleb-kun is to become one, Gabutrya will provide him with the key."


A block of ice shattered- as the fifth of the Deboss Generals were released from their icy prison.

"Arr..." The crimson and gold warrior with a horned helmet that covered his entire face glanced at the QuartzAstamon who leaned against the wall, "so you're the one who awoke us?"

"Yes, he is," said a being whose near perfect symmetrical design was ruined by a shattered shoulder horn on one side, "and you are...?"

"You're Making me Mad!" The Newly awoken warrior drew his sword that crackled with lightning, "Did you forget? I am the Deboss General of Fury, Dogold!"

"Such fury!" The symmetrical one noted as the other three Deboss Generals giggled to themselves. "Yes, you've thawed out perfectly. It gives me relief. Come, let me introduce you and our comrades to our new friend." He turned to the other three. "This is the General of Sorrow, Aigaron."

A tin man whose face depicted a crying mask sniffed dramatically at his cue. "Oh no, another terrifying person!" He gushed twin streams of water from his eyes. Then he simply wiped the tear streams away with a flick of his finger, "I'm all ashiver!"

"My turn!" The clearly female General spoke up next, jumping up easily despite the weight of her pink armor, which had far too many giant hearts on it to be physically possible. "I'm the General of Joy, Candelira!" As she spoke and danced about, floating pink hearts formed around her. "A Bright Smile makes a beautiful face! Keep Smiling!"

The child of the group jumped up, "I'm Luckyuro!" This oddball wore so many large green pieces of clothing that you couldn't tell their gender from their voice or their physical appearance. "I'm the Spy of Smiles, Candelira's trusted lieutenant!" There were green stars floating around (let's call Luckyuro a boy for the time being) him.

"Good, good," QuartzAstamon chuckled, "you all seem lively. Such perfect foes to eradicate my enemies."

"Yes," The symmetrical one, whose head held a crown that reminded on of the Statue of Liberty, said in agreement. "Our duty is to exterminate the surface species of this world. Our Father and his first generation of children have failed in that task. Some of our own siblings have even joined the side of the Black Moon interlopers. The second generation of children failed in this task as well." He began pacing the room, "Their progress was halted by interlopers from another dimension, who have since brought this world out from it's death bed and into a new light. But we, as the third generation of children, have our great ruler- the final stratagem- the Master Deboss remaining frozen in slumber. Our first goal must be the thawing of his heart, so that he may return and lead us onwards towards the extermination of this world." He turned towards QuartzAstamon, "I am the Priest of Many Faces, Chaos, and you have our many thanks for reviving us, stranger."

"It's my pleasure," QuartzAstamon smirked, "I too am like you all...a cell split off from a larger whole... and even now, those who thwarted my prime self are plotting to destroy the Hybrids that I created for your mook forces. You shall see soon enough how they plot and plan."

TOKYO-3_ _ _|

"HAH!" Caleb shouted as he blasted away at the giant Paramonsters that had appeared to confront him and Gabutyra. "This gun might be powerful on it's own! But somehow I think it's got some hidden power to it!" He barely managed to hold on as Gabutyra spun around to lash his tail out at the nearest Paramonster.

"GABU!" Gabutyra agreed, but said no more on the matter.


"The true power source for transforming into a Kyoryuger is the bravery that is required to power the Voltasaurs," Kaiyumi explained as she lead the two girls into the large, sand-stone work lab, an oddity out of place with the rest of NERV's building structure. "'Brave In.' That is the key." She pulled out a small, silver cylinder from a large recharging tower- it had a red faceplate on one side with the name "Gabutyra" written on it in white, and on the other was the number "1." "This is a Beast Battery, powered by the ambient energy of the universes and times in which Dinosaurs still live. The Dinosaur's own inherent brave spirits, combined with that of a chosen partner, is enough to unlock the full potential of a Voltasaur without requiring them to be plugged into the city power grid like the Evangelions of old. There are no S2 organs either, like the Angels use to power themselves."

"Woah..." Yui stared at the Beast Battery Kaiyumi held in her hand. "That's awesome!"

"Gabutrya is powered by a single Beast Battery at the moment, without it, he can't fight properly at all," Kaiyumi said as she placed the battery back into the charging rack. "If the current battery runs out, we'll have to recall the present battery and replace it with a pre-charged one. However, if Gabutyra agrees with the idea of making Caleb-kun a Kyoryuger...that won't be necessary."

"Debo Iceage!" A frozen looking beast said as he walked out of a block of ice.

"So this is the 'famous' Debo Iceage?" QuartzAstamon remarked, "He doesn't look like much."

"This is the guy that helped caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs on this world long ago," Dogold said. "He froze them all solid!"

"Exactly," Debo Iceage said, "I am Master Deboss's great creation!"

"We shall send you to the home of the Black Moon," Priest Chaos said with a clenched fist, "and you shall destroy it all!"

"Don't get cocky now," QuartzAstamon remarked, "that Tokyo-3 happens to be where the greatest number of my enemies have settled down."

"Then we shall destroy them all in one shot!" Dogold shouted with a raise of his electrified sword.


The Five Kyoryugers throw their respective beast batteries into the air for the camera to get a good look at them.


The five Kyoryugers hurriedly strike an off-balanced team pose on top of Gabutyra's head.

Debo Iceage stepped out of a teleport to emerge into Tokyo-3- overlooking the fight between Gabutyra and a giant Paramonster.

"Hmf! So the Dinosaurs survived somehow? Doesn't matter!" With that, he raised back an arm, and threw it forward- unleashing a blast of freezing cold air at the city, coating the buildings with frost.

"What the-!?" Caleb flinched away as he watched the cold burst cover the city. "So there's another one huh?" He narrowed his eyes at Debo Iceage. "Fine then! I'll leave these big guys to you!" And with that, he leaped down off of Gabutyra's head, jumping towards Debo Iceage.

"AH! A human!" Debo Iceage scowled as he watched Caleborn land on the ground before him. "You shouldn't have left your Dinosaur alone!" Debo Iceage threw his other hand forward- launching a burst of ice over the boy's head at Gabutyra- managing to catch the Voltasaur off guard and encasing him in ice.

"Hey!" Caleb snarled as he watched this occur- and then turned the Gaburevolver at Debo Iceage, "You're gonna pay for doing that to my friend, jerk!"

"No," Debo Iceage laughed, "I think you're the one who will pay!" And with that- a fresh squad of Paramonsters jumped out of the wood work to attack the boy.

Caleborn scowled and jumped into action, shooting as best as he could under the circumstances.

"Gabutrya got frozen!" Callie squealed in terror, "What'll we do now?!"

"The beast battery is fully charged still," Kaiyumi said as she kept a clam face, working at a computer console to bring up a live feed of Caleborn fighting off the Paramonsters. "If I can convince Gabutyra to eject it down to Caleborn...!"

"He can become a Kyoryuger then?" Yui asked.

"Yes, exactly that," Kaiyumi nodded in agreement, "but, also, such an action would also break the ice surrounding Gabutyra!"

Meanwhile, in the command center, Shinji turned to a technician, "What's the status at the other attack sites?"

"The Paramonsters have all begun a retreat from battle," the tech responded, "they all seem to be drawn here to Tokyo-3 for some reason."

"Just like old times then," Shinji noted, "and here I am sending the kids to fight instead of being one of the kids fighting." He sighed, "Get them back here as soon as possible."

"That's enough of you!" Debo Iceage roared as the last of his present Paramonsters were defeated, he threw both hands forward- "FREEZE TO DEATH!"

And then there was a loud crack-

Before the burst of ice could reach Caleborn- a large chunk of ice slammed into the ground between him and Debo Iceage- along with the roar: "GABUTRYA!"

"W-WHAT?!" Debo Iceage took a step back in surprise. "How did he-?!"

The Voltasaur had broken free- and the giant cylinder of a Beast Battery was already flying away from his mouth.

"Caleb-kun!" Kaiyumi's voice came out of the Gaburevolver suddenly, "I'm sending you Gabutyra's Beast Battery!"

"What's a Beast Battery?" Caleborn asked not a moment before the beast batter shrunk down to a normal size right as it landed in Caleborn's free left hand. "...This little thing?"

"Activate the Beast Battery with the Cry, "Brave In!", and then you can Kyoryu change!" Kaiyumi explained, "then take one of the new batteries from your belt and give it to Gabutyra!"

"Whatever you say, professor," Caleborn said over the radio.

"Alright then," He held up the small battery, and pressed the small button over the section with the Number 1. "BRAVE IN!" He shouted, causing the visible inside of the battery to flip over from a blue field to the image of a red Tyranosaur. Without even knowing what to do next, he pushed back on the tail of the blaster- causing the top half to lift up to reveal two battery slots in the center. With that, he slid the Beast Battery in and then slammed the mouth closed.

_GABURINCHO!_ the Gun said in a loud voice similar to that of the narrator's, _GABUTYRAAA~!_

"Kyoryu Change!" Caleborn held the gun back and then, on instinct, spun the cylinder on it.

It started playing a loud samba beat, and, without even knowing why he was doing it, Caleborn started dancing to the beat.

"Wh-What are you doing!?" Debo Iceage shouted in surprise. "Go! Make him stop dancing!"

As another wave of Paramonsters ran towards the boy- he planted his feet firmly on the ground and then spun around, aiming the blaster right at them. "FIRE!"

A blast of energy shaped like Gabutyra's head launched out at the Paramonsters- chomping through them all before circling back and chomping down on Caleborn- instantly teleporting his clothes off and replacing it with a white plug suit that immediately transformed into a different form- gaining red coloring, the yellow sash with a silver outline, a helmet designed like Gabutyra's head, and a rather large beltbuckle that looked like it could hold six beast batteries at once.

"What?" The various Deboss Generals all looked up in surprise.

"A Sentai Team?" QuartzAstamon scoffed. "I told you not to be cocky."

"Impossible..." Chaos said, "What is he...a Dinosaur...ranger...?"

Without missing a beat, Kyoryu Red, opened his belt buckle, and grabbed a single Beast Battery out of three from it. "Hey, Gabutrya!" He called out, "Take a bite out of this!" He held the battery out and activated it with another, "BRAVE IN!" before throwing it to the massive Voltasaur.

The Battery grew in mid air- and then attached into that port inside Gabutyra's mouth- causing the Voltasaur's yellow hair-horns to raise up and his green eyes to glow brightly.

_GABURINCHO! GABUTYRA~~!_ that same voice from the Gaburevolver called out from Gabutyra's mouth, sounding oddly out of place when compared to the Voltasaur's normal voice.

"Alright then!" KyoryuRed pumped a fist, "Let's GO!"

And with that, both he and Gabutyra raced forward to face their enemies.

"This is the power of Humans and Dinosaurs!?" Debo Iceage asked in surprise.

Gabutyra charged and slammed into one of the giant Paramonsters with a headbutt- sending it squealing in pain backwards. Gabutyra then chomped down on the Monster's left arm, and then swung to the side, sending the Paramonster flying into it's nearest companion.

KyoryuRed slid across a car hood and kicked at a Paramonster, before grabbing another, that had climbed onto the car's roof, by the leg, and then pulling it down to the ground onto another Paramonster.

He backflipped over the car roof, and then did a sideswipe kick at some Paramonsters. Then- with a dinosaur infused power- he jumped at some more Paramonsters and did a roundhouse kick at them- sending them flying into Gabutyra's tail and knocking them away into the distance.

"GABURICALIBER!" KyoryuRed called forth his sword, and then jumped high up onto Gabutyra's head. "It's my turn, big guy!" He roared as he ran down Gabutyra's back and tail, and then leaped at one of the larger Paramonsters while Gabutyra turned his attention to the smaller ones.

"FRYUUUYAAH!" With a single downwards swipe- KyoryuRed slashed across the Large Paramonster- which fell down and exploded.

"Gabutyra! Switch!" He called out, and then ran back towards Debo Iceage- and took the fight to the monster.

"Woaah!" Yui and Calliope stared on as they watched the battle unfold before them.

"I had no clue my brother could fight like that!" Callie said, "He's always goofing off...!"

"He's definitely got what it takes to be a Kyoryuger," Kaiyumi chuckled. "Given that and his lineage, I can see why he and Gabutyra hit it off right away."

"WOW!" KyoryuRed yelled as he slashed at Debo Iceage. "SHARP!"

"GAH!" As Iceage fell backwards, Kyoryu Red jumped over him, and asked,

"Strong, ain't I?"

"You'll never defeat me alone!" Debo Iceage snarked.

"Eh?" KyoryuRed pretended that he hadn't heard that, "But I'm not alone, big guy! Together, Gabutyra and I are a team!"

"DAMN YOU!" Debo Iceage fired a burst of ice at Kyoryu Red- who leaped forward, summoning his Gaburicaliber into his off hand as he dove into action, slotting in the next Beast Battery into the Gaburicaliber and then slashing through the Paramonsters that were rushing forward next with a dino-enhanced slash.

"You can combine the weapons together into a single form," Kaiyumi informed him, "just make sure that the blaster nozzles line up together."

"Got it!" Kyoryu Red folded the Gaburicaliber into a strange formation, and connected it to the Gaburevolver. "Gaburicannon!" He primed it like a shot-gun and then spun around as he fired off into the Paramonsters. "Haha! This is awesome!"


"Why you...!" Debo Iceage growled, and then threw another burst of ice- that was exploded with a single burst of concentrated fire.


Kyoryu Red leaped forward through an explosion, dismissing the Gaburicannon to hammer-space, before grabbing hold of Debo Iceage and tussling with the beast across the ground.

When they got up- punches were exchanged- and then a flying Kick from Kyoryu Red- and THEN a flying punch that dragged Debo Iceage a few yards away- causing ice to go flying into the air from the expected impact.

A flying spin kick was delivered- and more ice shattered off of Debo Iceage...

Meanwhile- up above- Gabutyra bit down on a Paramonster's neck and jumped into the air to spin around the Paramonster's neck- delivering a rather brutal attack that resulted in Gabutrya being flung off from his own momentum even as the Paramonster sparkled, cracked, and ultimately exploded...

Right as Gabutrya landed a few city blocks away.

"Let's see if you can handle the brave!" Kyoryu Red said as he pulled out the second of three Beast Batteries in his belt buckle, then inserted it into the Gaburevolver.

_GABURINCHO! GABUTYRA-GABUTYRA!_ The revolver sounded off as Kyoryu Red spun the Revovler around by the trigger case.

"Let's see if you can handle My Ice!" Debo Iceage set off a burst of ice.

"Gabutrya!" Kyoryu Red called out as he jumped back up towards Gabutyra's mouth- "BRAVE IN!" Spinning the barrel on the Revolver at the same time.


The iceblast followed Kyoryu Red up to Gabutyra's mouth- even as the Voltasaur closed it around the Kyoryuger- where it shattered harmlessly against the dinosaur's teeth.

"WHAT!?" Debo Iceage looked up in horror as Gabutyra's mouth opened up to reveal Kyoryu Red and a glowing burst of energy from the giant Beast Battery...



Gabutrya let loose a burst of energy in the shape of his own head that carried Kyoryu Red forward towards Debo Ice age.


And then a second burst of energy shaped like Gabutyra's head launched out of the Gaburevolver- striking forward and blasting Debo Iceage in one strike.

"No...!" Debo Iceage cried out as Kyoryu Red landed a bit away from him, back turned in victory. "They're too strong...!"

KABOOM! The Deboss Monster exploded.


And inside the palace, everyone stared on at this development with dismay.

...Except for QuartzAstamon. 'I should have expected this from them.'

Gabutyra spat out the empty Beast Battery, which Kyoryu Red caught even as he kneeled down to the ground to rest up.

"Now that was brave, Gabutrya!" Kyoryu Red said to the Dinosaur.

"Caleb-kun," Kaiyumi said into the microphone, "please board Gabutyra and ride him back to base, please." She glanced over across the room to where Commander Ikari stood watching, "The Commander of NERV would like to speak with you."

"Eh?" The boy glanced down at the gun, then up at the Voltasaur. "Well, if you insist..."


"Kyoryuger has finally assembled! Dash onward, Red! Smooth Black and Cool Green! Blue and Pink show off their bravery! And last but not least, the arrival of KYORYUZIN! BRAVE 2! GABURINCHO! The Snap Together Combination! It's about to get Wild!"