There was a massive explosion of lightning, and then several Cambeastian Guards were sent flying into the Frozen Palace's main chamber.

"Hmf," QuartzAstamon frowned, "another intrusion."

With a heavy *THUNK* of boot steps, Dogold and Chaos stepped into the main chamber.

"Quartzmon," Chaos breathed deeply in anger. "It seems my orders were not respected."

"Sorry, don't blame me," QuartzAstamon held up his hands. "The armor tried to kill my right hand man."

"Because Endolf tried to kill me first!" Dogold snarled, then pointed at Aigaron, who was cowering behind his pillar. "Then Aigaron and Candelira joined you both!"

Aigaron gulped as Chaos glanced at him, speaking, "You and Candelira I will give one chance to redeem yourselves. Where is she?"

"Er, ah..." Aigaron stepped out of hiding without thinking, "Candelira's out on a job right now collecting joy for Lord Deboss!"

"So I heard," Chaos narrowed his eyes at QuartzAstamon. "I would like to share a word with Lord Deboss."

"Fine," QuartzAstamon said. "But not now."

"Now's the only chance you get before I chop you up into pieces," Dogold threatened, leveling his sword at QuartzAstamon.


Dogold growled and turned around towards the entrance, "Didn't you just die again, Endolf?"

"Sorry, Armor," Endolf said from the entry way dual wielding his blasters in both of his mended hands, his aim was straight and true on Dogold and Chaos' backs. "but I hopped in just to hitch a ride back up with Mad Torin when he went giant. Kind of had to after you and your last host chopped both of my hands off, after all." Endolf snarled. "It gives me a headache just thinking about it."

"Now then," QuartzAstamon smiled darkly at Chaos. "I do believe you were just leaving."

Chaos and Dogold were sent flying into the cold, snow covered landscape that was Antarctica.

They both picked themselves up and stared at the top of the snow-covered dome that was peeking out through the ground.

"I told you that wasn't going to work," Dogold said.

"That he refused to let me speak to Lord Deboss proves that he is untrustworthy, let alone the mental tampering he pulled on me prior to my death." Chaos chuckled, then pulled two small spheres from his robes, "However, I got what we came for. Soon, we shall restart our own Deboss Army to complete the job that we started in the first place."

"Correction," Dogold corrected, "You'll try to complete your job."

Chaos turned on Dogold and raised an eyebrow, "Oh?"

"Hey, as far as I see it, I'm still boss of my own Deboss Legion," Dogold said. "You're just a ghost who came back to try to give orders...and I've had it with taking orders and having people try to over throw me. I've got my own mission now."

"And what's that?"

"Survival," Dogold said. "Way I see it, we're just killing ourselves throwing our forces at the Kyoryugers. Luckyuro's jumped ship already, and-" and almost imperceptible pause- "He's got the right idea. They're kids of the people who killed Quartzmon a billion times over. There's no way we can beat them, so we might as well join 'em. Our Angel cousins did the same thing too come the Cherubs. And we all know what happened with that little experiment."

"Fair enough points," Chaos said, "I won't stop you, Dogold," He then handed over one of the orbs, and then added, "However, know that if our paths cross as enemies, I will not hesitate to destroy you."

"I figured as much. And if our goals just so happen to align in giving that Quartzmon guy what's coming to him," Dogold said with a chuckle as he put the orb into his robes, "well... I won't not offer help." And with that, he teleported away in a slash of lightning.

"And yet another splinter in the shell," Chaos said with a heavy sigh. "I foresee a massive collision of interests in the future..."


It was a quiet morning at the park...


Until suddenly, everyone found themselves wearing olden samurai clothing; the world around them having taken on a grainy, old film style look; and now there was Candelira in her usual form, although dressed up in a princess costume with Paramonsters at her side, dressed as her servants.

"ATTENTION EVERYONE!" Candelira called out. "I- Princess Candelira De La Valerie De La Coltech De La Whatevers- am now the-"

"CUUUUUTT!" And then a Movie-Calmera themed Monster strolled into frame as the footage effect vanished, slapping a directors cap at her, "YOU FLUBBED THE LINE!"

Everyone just stared on in confusion.

What was going on here?

"The proper name is 'Prinncess Catletya De La Rochester De La Valerie'!" The Debo Monster scolded. "I expect you to get it right this time!" He then moved over to where a Paramonster was holding a camera.

"Geeze!" Candelira complained, "You make it sound so easy to remember, Debo Snapdirec!"

"And that is exactly what it is!" The Monster, 'Snapdirec', said. "You ARE Princess Catletya De La Rochester De La Valerie! NOW SAY YOUR LINES PROPERLY!" And then he held up a clip board, and with a SNAP: "ACTION!"

"ATTENTION EVERYONE!" Candelira called out, "I am Princess Catletya De La Rochester De La Valerie! I am here to announce that the invading country of Albion is-!"

"HAAAALT!" Cried a different voice.

A man decked out in Samurai armor stepped into frame, wielding a sword.

Dramatic music played; a drum was rolled.

"Who are you claiming to be Princess Cateltya!?" The Samurai asked. "I am a member of the Royal Guard, and you are not her!"

"OOOH!" Snapdirec cooed, "A Plot Twist!" Then to the Paramonster, he said, "Keep Filming!"

"Mouuu!" Candelira frowned, "And who are you to claim to be MY body guard!?"

The Samurai pulled off his helmet...and much to everyone's surprise it was Zenjirou!

"Her Husband!" He said dramatically, and then, ran at the Paramonster retainers. "HRAAAAAAAAH!"


"This isn't in the script!" Candelira cried out at Snapdirec. "Cut! Cut!"

"Keep filming, Keep Filming!" The Director just didn't care.

"HAH!" Slash- "HAAAAH!" SLASH!

And then Zenjirou brought out his Xros Loader. "RELOAD: STARMONZ!"

With a flash of green light, the Starmonz Brigade appeared!

"Woah-hooo!" Starmon cried out, "We're on a movie set!"

"YEAAAH!" The Pickmonz cried out in agreement.

Zenjirou threw his sword up into the air, and then cried out, "DIGI-XROS!'

Starmon and the Pickmonz all shot together around the Xros Loader in his left hand.


And then Zenjirou caught his other sword, and began dual wielding against the Paramonsters.

Off set, The Core five Kyoryugers, plus Eri and Fam, ran into view.

"Oh My!" Inaba cried out, "Is that Yumeji's dad!?"

"It is..." Yumeji's eyes widened slightly.

"Wait, who's that behind Candelira!?" Roxy asked.

A finger tapped Candelira on the shoulder.

"Huh?" Candelira spun around just in time to see Lila's devious smile.

"Hi, I'm the Princess you're impersonating!"


And Candelira was knocked to the ground, and rolled to a halt.

"Ooooh," Caleb let out a hiss. "That's gotta hurt."

"WOAH WOAH!" Snapdirec cried out, "That was uncalled for! CUT CUT!" The footage effect faded, and then he yelled, "EVERYONE TAKE FIVE! I Need to talk with Stunts about our casting choices!"

And then with a clap of his board, he, the Paramonsters, and Candelira all teleported away...

Which had the fortunate side-effect of removing the strange costumes as well.

"Damn!" Zenjirou was suddenly out of his Samurai armor, and only wielding one sword as well, but now was dressed in what looked to be a tuxedo!?

"Oh well. Looks like they got away!" Lila, too, seemed to have been returned to some sort of formal wear.

"Mom, Dad!" Yumeji said as he and the others ran up. "Are you alright?"

"Oh yeah!" Zenjirou nodded, rolling his shoulders out, "I just had to jump in when I saw I'd gotten samurai armor!"

"I gotta say," Lila agreed as she shook her right hand out, "punching that hot pink mess in the face was more fun than I thought it'd be!"

"So what's with the formal wear?" Fam asked.

"Oh, right!" Lila clapped her hands and smiled, "I almost forgot! Oh, and Eri-chan, it's a good thing you're here too!"

"It is...?" Eri asked, face paling slightly.

"Well, we were going to keep it a surprise but...!" Zenjirou said, "We tracked down your mother!"

"You-what?" Eri nearly did a double take.

"We were on our way to meet her when that Debo Monster attacked," Lila explained.

"But how-" It was Yumeji who spoke the next question.

"Yknow, it's kind of funny after we ran into that monster just now," Zenjirou laughed, "but I swear, it happened like it was straight out of a movie!"


_Dinosaurs Plus Humans!_ The Kyoryugers, unsuited, strike random poses as afterimages of their Voltasaurs flashed behind them. Then, we see the full nine of them, sans John, walking through a forest as flashes of Blue Light zips across the screen behind them, transforming each of them one by one into their Suited forms. _After Millions of Years, the strongest and bravest team in history assembles to protect the Earth!_

The Kyoryugers struck their poses as explosions went off behind them.




The Kyoryugers run across a field! Then we're treated to shots of the nine of them posing in the forest.


We get a shot of the Kyoryugers, plus Kaiyumi, Torin, Shinji, and Eri, running out of the forest, to be greeted by the Ten main Voltasaurs, plus the whole herd of Deinos and Chase and Tobaspino! Everyone waves up at the Mighty Voltasaurs!

We Are unbeatable Super Stars!

Caleb Grey AS: Kyoryu Red.

With our burning spirits fully charged,

Inaba Strider AS: Kyoryu Black.

Our Hearts begin to Pound! It's wonderful

Merry Mashimo AS: Kyoryu Blue.

To make legends come true!

Yumeji Tsurugi AS: Kyoryu Green.

Don't let anyone silence your bravery,

Roxy Phexis AS: Kyoryu Pink.

Always Rise to The Challenge!

Fam Fan Fan AS: Kyoryu Gold.

Does anyone Really Know...

Callie Grey AS: Kyoryu Cyan.

...where True Strength Lies?

Yui Kirigaya AS: Kyoryu Violet!

We see a shot of Torin throwing a set of four whole and mended Silver #10 Beast Batteries plus three #00 Batteries, the 1+ Battery, and the Victory and Maximum Batteries towards the camera, quickly followed by a flash of light- Transforming him into Kyoryu Silver!

Instead of traveling around the entire world,


Professor Kaiyumi Kyuto, and Commander Shinji Ikari

Just look inside your heart!

We see a re-ordered set of shots inside the Frozen Palace- Quartzmon, Endolf, Candelira, and Aigaron standing across the room from Chaos and Dogold.

(Let's get 'em!)

We see a shot of the first Nine Kyoryugers, plus Eri and a whole squad of Kyoryu-Paramonsters in the background, shouting to the sky.

Gaburincho! Very Mucho!

Nine different versions of 1+ are activated! Then we see scenes of the Nine Voltasaurs entering their various Mini-Modes!

Today we're still going wild! (FIRE!)

The Nine Kyoryugers aim upwards, and fire their Changers!

Come on, Kyoryugers! Kick some butt! Go Nuts!

With an explosion, They transform! Then, we see Kyoryu Red catching Minityra and transforming him into blaster mode! Then- CHOMPACHOM!- He's Transformed into Kyoryu Red CARNIVAL!

Take a bite out of your world!

Gabutyra lands in the city! The Voltasaurs in sequence let off their attacks!

No one could ever stop you!

Parasagun! Stegotchi! Zakutor! Dricera! Pteragordon! Ankydon! Bunpachy! Plezuon! Tobaspino! Bragigas!

Behold and Tremble as we Roar!

We see shots of KYORYUZIN SAMBA with parallel shots of WESTERN, MACHO, and KUNG FU in smaller, in-window windows; a four-way split screen of RAIDENOH, PLEZUOH, SPINODAI-OH KUNG FU, and BRAGIOH; followed by a scene of RAIDEN KYORYUZIN, EXPLODING KYORYUZIN, and GIGANT SPINODAI-OH!

The Voltasaur Team! VAMOLA, Kyoryuger!

Shots go by of the Kyoryugers slashing with their swords-


Then a group shot of the seven unmorphed inside of their base of operations.


Quickly followed by a group shot of the Nine suited Kyoryugers standing in front of an impossible collage of SPINODAI-OH KUNG FU, RAIDEN KYORYUZIN, RAIDEN OH WESTERN, PLEZUOH, and the EXPLODING KYORYUZIN and GIGANT SPINODAI-OH combos front and center.

*cue Title Card theme*

BRAVE 39! Right in the Heart! A Movie Lover's Favorite!

Eri's eyes glared forwards at the woman claiming to be her mother.

Candelira's human face just smiled at her in return, "Oh don't be like that, Eri-chan! I know I haven't been the best of mothers over the last few years, but that's no reason to glare!"

Yumeji just couldn't believe this.

His parents had made him and Eri dress up in formal attire as they met Candelira, who had somehow found out what Eri's mother's full name had been at the time of the Second Impact, and was thus pretending to BE said mother.

His fingers flexed and reached for a Gaburevolver that he'd reluctantly handed over to Inaba for safe keeping when it was claimed that he couldn't enter the building with it.

Yumeji was sure that the Camera monster from before had something to do with all of this.

Candelira's story was completely fishy, and didn't even mesh well with the facts that they knew about Eri's life pre-Second Impact, and yet...

Somehow his parents had fallen for the sour tale hook, line, and sinker.

Candelira, for her part, obviously was enjoying the act, putting so much energy and emotion into pretending to be Eri's mother that, if not for the fact that Yumeji knew better, he might very well have been fooled by the attempt.

"So, now that we've gotten the pleasantries out of the way," Zenjirou said. "I think we should get down to business!"

"Oh, of course!" Candelira said, nodding all the way. "The matter we discussed on the phone?"

"Matter?" Yumeji asked. "What matter?" He looked over at Eri... She looked like she wanted to shoot Candelira with her own Silver Gaburevolver just on principle alone...

Yet that silver gun, too, had to be left outside (This time with Fam).

"The matter of the fact that you two have been sleeping together outside of wedlock!" Candelira said the rather long line in a rather uncomfortable way...but Zenjirou and Lila still didn't seem to find anything wrong with that. "I may have been a bad mother, but if there's one thing I won't stand for is my darling daughter possibly getting pregnant outside of marriage!"

"So, we're arranging one!" Lila clapped with a gleeful smile.

"WHAT?!" Yumeji and Eri cried out in surprise.

After Yumeji got past his initial shock, he knew for sure that his parents had to be mind controlled somehow.

There was simply no way his parents would go for something like that.

"That's my terms!" Candelira said, clapping her hands. "I stay out of your lives so long as you get married, and we won't have any problems now!"

"And if we don't?" Eri ventured.

"Then I take you home with me and you never get to see Kyoryu Green again!" Candelira said so simply.

Yumeji waited for a reaction from his parents...



Eri growled. "Candelira...!"

"Tsk Tsk Tsk!" Candelira said, "Now now, Eri-chan! It's all perfectly logical-"

Yumeji wasn't sure who leaped at her first, him or Eri.

Meanwhile, outside...

"Oh No!"

Caleb and the others turned at the sudden cry. "Huh!?"

"Not you guys again!" Snapdirec cried out at a distance from them, "You're not in this scene!"

"It's the monster from before," Fam said.

"What's he doing here?" Inaba asked.

"Don't know, don't care!" Roxy took a step forwards. "Let's drop this guy like a bad habit!"

"Let's change, guys!" Caleb ordered.

"OOOH!" Snapdirec said with glee, "I know what genre that line's from!"

"BRAVE IN!" The Kyoryugers activated their batteries and slid them into their Revolvers. _GABURINCHO!_

"AND ACTION!" Snapdirec yelled, and then suddenly...

The Kyoryugers were all wearing cop uniforms, with various devices replacing their changers, and the Paramonsters all had mobster guns.

"SHOOT OUT!" A Paramonster yelled, and they all aimed.

"DUCK!" Caleb called out, and the five Kyoryugers all dived behind a car as the Paramonsters opened fire.

"DAKKA! MORE AND MORE DAKKA!" Snapdirec called from his director's chair. "LAY IT ON THICK!"

"Wha-" Fam flinched as a bullet bounced past the car hood near where she was hiding- "What is this!?"

"Sorry!" Roxy apologized, "But dad was watching a Police Special last night! I think he read it off my mind!"

"Roxyyyyy!" Fam's eyes displayed a lot of hurt and well as tears from the loudness of the gunfire.

"If this guy's changing the movie on us, then we've gotta roll with it," Merry spoke up. "We can't beat him if don't play along and make him let his guard down!"

"You mean like before with Yumeji's parents?" Inaba asked.

"Exactly!" Merry nodded.

"Then let's do it, guys!" Caleb called out, and then spun the barrel on the old-fashioned revolver that had replaced the Gaburevolver, "KYORYU CHANGE!" He stood up and fired out over the top of the car.

When he fired off- instead of bullets came the normal Burst of Gabutyra energy that shot out and broke through the Paramobster lines before swooping back around and placing the Kyoryu Red suit on him...underneath the cop uniform.

"Hear our Roar!" Officer Red then leaped over the car roof and began diving into the Paramonster lines.

"Right!" The others nodded, and quickly motioned for their Changer triggers, even if the objects in question didn't look like the original devices.

With a Roar of energy, the Kyoryu-officers leaped over the car and transformed in a flash, landing behind their Captain as the title of the movie cried out with a roar of police sirens.


"WAIT!" Snapdirec snapped to attention, "That's not the title of the script!"

"It is now!" Gold leaped through, slashing with some ornate looking Katana that was actually _ZANDAR THUNDER!_

Red slashed with a baton (The Gaburicaliber), Black fired away with a tommy gun (The Gaburicannon), and Blue rushed the Paramonsters with a SWAT shield (StegoShield).

Pink then leaped towards Snapdirec with a small dagger in hand (Dricera Lance), and slashed at him.

"OH! No! Come on!" Snapdirec cried out, "This just isn't fair!"

"It's Justice!" Pink then delivered a roundhouse kick that sent him flying away.

The Five Kyoryugers lined up, and then pulled out their Mobuckles.

"Judgement Time!" Red called out.

The five of them held the Mobuckles out and then opened them...upside down.

Instead of the usual Beast Batteries was instead two tabs with a Red X and a Blue O, alternating flashing colors.

There was a big flash of light, and Snapdirec found himself inside a ticking clock. "OH no...seriously!? What Year did I put us in!? 2005!?"

The Red X flashed brightly with a loud drone, and Gold declared, "Guilty!"

"Oh my," Black said, "Looks like your time's up!"

"Wait- Time!?" Snapdirec asked. "That's it!"

And then Red brought out the Kentrospiker, already formed somehow, and threw it at Snapdirec.



And then suddenly they were in a dystopian future, and the Kentrospiker had become impaled on a giant rock formation that appeared out of nowhere.

Snapdirec begun to run, and the Kyoryugers found themselves in different clothing (more ruggish and bounty hunter looking), and supposedly powered down as well.

"What story is this!?" Merry asked.

"It's the year 3000!" Snapdirec called out as he donned a large black cloak and a silver mask to cover half of his face, summoning a bunch of mutated looking Paramonsters in the process. "Earth has been overrun by mutants!"

"Oh my," Inaba paled, "Not this one!"

"You know it?" Roxy asked.

"Shiro and I had a movie marathon the other day!" Inaba said as the others eyes widened. "One of them was a Time Travel movie...!"

"I-na-baaaaa!" Fam had that hurt expression again.

"At least we know what to call this one," Caleb said, and then pointed to the sky as the text wrote itself there with a familiar cry:


"STOP DOING THAT!" Rans-er-Snapdirec yelled. "MUTANT PARAMONSTERS!"

The Paramonsters leaped forwards.

"Everyone, let's power up again!" Roxy held up her left wrist, which now had a fancy silver device on it.

"RIGHT!" And then they all yelled: "KYORYU CHANGE!"


In a flash- they were back in their Kyroyuger suits proper, although...they each had strange arrow shaped pieces of armor on them...that didn't really suit the color of the base suit underneath.

And so the Kyoryugers clashed with the Paramonsters.

Zenjirou was pulling Yumeji off while Lila tried to pull Eri off.

"Let me at her!" Yumeji yelled as he kicked at Candelira.

"Have you gone mad!? Why the hell are you attacking Eri-chan's mother for!?" Zenjirou asked.

"She's not my mother!" Eri snapped her teeth at Candelira as she got pulled off.

"How rude!" Candelira huffed.

"She's Candelira, from the Deboss army!" Zenjirou yelled. "She's the one you punched earlier, Mom!"

Lila gasped, "Oh my! I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you in that costume!"

Yumeji just sent a glare at his mother, "Seriously?!" He then glared at Candelira as she got up. "What did you do to them!?"

"People who get caught up in Snapdirec's Movie's get so caught up in the fact that they're filming a movie that they forget that it's reality!" Candelira said, wiping some blood away from her mouth.

"And let me guess," Eri scowled, "they give off so much joy that it doesn't matter?"

"Actually, the joy come back is trivial in comparison," Candelira said. "My main goal here was to cause you two as much trouble as I could! How could you, Luckyuro!? To your own mother!?"

"You're not my mom!" Eri growled, "She died years ago!"

"How cruel!" Candelira mock fainted. "Do you hear the words coming out of my daughters mouth!?"

"Don't you hear the words coming out of her mouth instead!?" Yumeji asked sharply of his parents.

Something had to be done...something...something...!

And then a Gabutyra made out of ethereal energy broke through the wall.

Moments earlier:


"BRAVE IN!" The five of them struck their poses in outfits that instead looked like the outfits from a certain other Sentai series in their lack of belts.

"Oh no! I chose another Sentai team!" Snapdirec lamented.

"ZYUDEN BRAVE FINISH!" They all held out their hands in positions of holding guns that were there but invisible.

Gold even slashed a bow staff instead of a sword.



And then energy blasts in the shapes of their Voltasaurs leaped out and flew at Snapdirec, who quickly threw up an energy-made version of his scene board, that blocked the aura attacks and sent them flying up in random directions.

One of which that hit the building Candelira and the others were in...

But more importantly, Candelira.

"OH NO!" Snapdirec cried out, "I just made an accidental Versus flick! QUICK! GOTTA CHANGE IT!" he took a breath, and then yelled: "ACTION!"

The force of impact thankfully had thrown everyone across the room, but more importantly, had made Zenjirou and Lila let go of Yumeji and Eri.

"Damn, what was that!?" Candelira asked in surprise as the oxygen suddenly began being pulled out through the new hole in the wall.

Suddenly, the buildings were space ships, and the time seemed to have switched to night.

"Now what are we in!?" Gold asked, finding her and the others suddenly standing on hoverboards.

"Looks like a space themed show...!" Red remarked.

"Oh my!" Black lamented as bright yellow text began scralling across the sky.


"DAMN IT!" Snapdirec cried out, "Now it's an 80's Movie!"

Yumeji and Eri broke away from the wall, and leaped at Candelira, suddenly pushing her out through the hole in the building and...

Straight outwards into space.

"WHAT!?" Candelira cried out, "NO GRAVITY!?"

"MERRY!" Yumeji yelled.

Blue looked up, and then saw the predicament. "YUMEJI! ERI!"

She quickly drew her Gaburevolver, and "BRAVE IN!"'d a certain expansion battery.

Meanwhile, Black did the same with a certain gravity inducing battery.




Both shots slammed into Candelira, forcing her into her Deboss form and making her expand like a beach ball.

"EEEEEEEEE!" She squealed like Helium as the three of them suddenly shot down towards the ground.


When they hit it, Yumeji and Eri threw themselves off as Candelira bounced at Snapdirec.

"Oh CRA-!"


Suddenly, they all found themselves back in reality.

"Oh man..." Eri breathed, "I never want to do that again!"


The Nine Kyoryugers caught their Beast Batteries from where ever they had been thrown from.


On top of Exploding Kyoryuzin's chest, the Nine Suited Kyoryugers gathered up into a group hug.

Cyan and Violet came running up to join the others then.

"Everyone!" Violet called out, "You're okay!"

"We would have gotten here a lot sooner, but something was making a Closed Space around the city and even Bragigas couldn't teleport us in," Cyan explained.

"Probably that guy over there," Red motioned at Snapdirec and Candelira as they picked themselves up.

"Here," Black handed Yumeji his Gaburevolver. "Better suit up."

"Yeah," Yumeji said as he took it back.

"Here you go!" Fam handed Eri over the silver revolver as well.

"Thanks," Eri nodded, and quickly attached it and the holder to her leg.

"Oh no you don't!" Snapdirec cried out as he pointed at Yumeji. "I won't let you morph!" And then he yelled: "ACTION!"

With a flash of light, the Kyoryugers all found themselves 'powered down' again, wearing gangster clothes, and having wildly different hairstyles...except for Yumeji and Eri who suddenly found themselves in school uniforms, and Merry...who was dressed up in her usual clothing.

"What's this one?!" Callie cried out as she looked over her suddenly rather flirty clothing.

"Oh no..." Yui paled as soon as she saw what clothing Caleb was wearing. "What are we doing in that new Delinquent Manga that just came out?!"

"Yuuuiiiii!" Fam cried, "Not you too!"

"Doesn't matter now!" Caleb said, "We've got nine of us here now!"

"So what!?" Candelira asked.

"HEAR OUR ROAR!" Caleb threw his arms out wide, then struck his usual poses. "THE FANGED HERO! KYORYU RED!"

"THE HOTSHOT HERO!" Inaba struck his usual poses, then blew a kiss. "KYORYU BLACK!"

"THE ARMORED HEROINE!" Merry struck her poses. "KYORYU BLUE! YUSHO!"

"THE-" Yumeji quickly unbuttoned his jacket, and hit his pose, "BLADED HERO! KYORYU GREEN!"

"THE HORNED HEROINE!" Roxy hit her poses, "KYORYU PINK!"


"THE CLASHING HEROINE!" Callie hit her poses, "KYORYU CYAN!"


"THE PLUCKY HEROINE!" Eri threw in with the roll call as well, "I'" She seemed confused as to what to say at the end there.


"Voltasaur Gang!" Caleb called out instead as the text wrote into the skies, "KYORYUGERS!"

"Vanquishing Evil in Heaven's Name!" Fam snapped out.

"It's getting Wild...!" Caleb then mixed up his series with the one about Pirates, "LET'S MAKE IT FLASHY!"

And so they ran forwards.

"PARA-TRUENTS!" Snapdirec snapped his fingers, summoning a horde of Paramonsters in Truent Officer outfits.

While the others held off the Paramonsters- and did a quite flashy job of doing it too- Yumeji and Eri confronted Candelira and Snapdirec.

Eri brought out her violin bow and began swinging at Candelira, who blocked and dodged and did all sorts of things to evade taking damage.

Meanwhile, Yumeji swung fists and kicked feet at Snapdirec, who blocked each attack with his clip-board.

"You're really going off script, boy!" Snapdirec yelled as he drew a Tripod sword, and swung it at Yumeji.

Yumeji brought up his Gaburevolver and blocked, only to have the Debo Monster knock it straight out of his hands.

"Yumeji!" Eri cried out as the Revolver landed just near her, and she lost focus of her battle with Candelira in an attempt to retrieve it.

"Oh no you don't!" Candelira then grabbed Eri by the arm, keeping her from moving to help at all.

"Eri-!" Yumeji saw this...and naturally got knocked down with a left hook from Snapdirec.

"Hahah!" Snapdirec laughed. "You poor lovestruck fools! Why do you think we came up with this plan in the first place!?" He smashed his foot at Yumeji, who rolled to a side. "You guys pulled off an incredible stunt defeating Guardoma and then the Renegade with that song of yours," and then it happened again, but this time Snapdirec expected it, and dropped his foot in a different place, pinning Yumeji to the ground by the shoulder. "Let's see you try it when your harmonies are incapable of synchronizing because you couldn't fight!"

"Which one should we kill first?" Candelira asked.

"Hah! Which one indeed..." Snapdirec mused on it for a moment.

"Yumeji! Eri!" Callie cried out, and then got held back by a paramonster. "Lemme go! This is an emergency you creeps!"

"Emergency, huh...?" Snapdirec muttered.

"NO! Don't!" Candelira tried to warn him...

"I'VE GOT IT!" And then Snapdirec went to change the genera yet again. "I'll summon a Lightning Storm and shock you both to death! And then the-!"

The world shook suddenly, almost as if an earthquake had hit the city.

But it wasn't an earthquake.

It was Tobaspino roaring down the city streets towards them.

"WHAT?!" Snapdirec looked up in surprise- "KAIJU!?"

Giant Paramonsters sprung up to confront Tobaspino as the Story changed again.


"BWOOOM!" Tobaspino roared, and leaped at one of the Giant Paramonsters, knocking it down and making the city shake with an impact.

The net result of those massive shakes had slid Yumeji's Gaburevolver across the ground towards Eri's feet.

And since Snapdirec was distracted... Eri glanced at Candelira, who was caught up in the surprise of the moment too...!

"YUMEJI!" She then kicked at the Gaburevolver, sending it flying through the air towards Yumeji!

"HUH!?" Candelira looked in surprise as Yumeji caught the revolver with his free arm, and then aimed straight up at Snapdirec's chest.

"You're FIRED!" And then Yumeji let loose a series of blasts that knocked Snapdirec over, and snapped them all out of the movie universe again.

"NO!" Candelira cried out as Snapdirec fell...

And then got a backwards kick from Eri for her troubles.

Candelira fell to the ground next to Snapdirec as Eri ran over to help Yumeji up.

"Are you okay?!" She asked.

"I'm fine," He said. "What about you?"

"I'm good..."

And then Tobaspino let out a roar and spun around, smashing the two giant Paramonsters to pieces.

"Huh!?" They both looked up in surprise as Tobaspino then spat out a golden beam of light that carried a 00 Battery down to Eri.

Eri caught it in surprise, then glanced down to the Gaburevolver at her side as it, too, glowed a bright golden color, and then shifted into the same color scheme as Torin's Giga Gaburevolver.

Eri pulled the gun out of the holster and looked at it. "Is this what I think it means?"

"I think so," Yumeji looked up at Tobaspino, who roared with a nod.

"Shall we slip into something a bit more comfortable, then?" Eri asked with a giggle.

"Let's..." Yumeji brought out a #4 and his Gaburevolver.

The two of them held out the batteries, and cried out: "BRAVE IN!"

Both batteries flipped over, and they opened the revolvers to slot the batteries in.

Candelira cried out with a "No! Not another one! Not Her!"

The revolvers chomped closed with a _GABURINCHO! ZAKUTOR!_ and a _GIGA GABURINCHO! TOBASPINO!_

"KYORYU CHANGE!" The duo yelled, and then spun the barrels on their revolvers.

The Samba beat and the Rock music poured out in a strangely clashing mix of melody. The dances the two did were equally different, and yet similar...

They spun around, and both aimed upwards with a "FIRE!"

Zakutor's energy blast shot out and swooped around, chomping down on Yumeji and transforming him into Kyoryu Green!

Tobaspino's energy blast shot out and swooped around, then chomped down on Eri and placing her in a modified version of the Deathryuger costume; with the red arms replaced with a light blue coloring, and the silver teeth on the inside of the golden sash turned yellow.

"Oh now who are you supposed to be!?" Snapdirec asked in frustration. "This wasn't in my script at all!"

"You can call me The Plucky Brave!" the girl said, "Kyoryu Navy!"

"Navy!?" Candelira then hung her head in defeat and said, "You're on your own, Snapdirec!" And then she absconded.

"What- What?!" Snapdirec looked around in surprise as he found himself alone. "Oh no...seriously!?"

Both of the freshly transformed Kyroyugers drew their Gaburicalibers, and then rushed forwards.


Snapdirec was hit with the attack, and then stumbled forwards as they zipped past him.


"ARMED ON!" Navy rolled her Giga Gaburevolver down her arm, and with a flash and a _VERY MUCHO!_, golden armor appeared on her arm, and a familiar boomerang sword appeared in hand. "Flute Buster!"

"Zaktor Slasher!" Green held up his weapon, and then he ran forwards to distract Snapdirec from what was about to happen.

_GABURINCHO! TOBASPINO!_ In went another 00 into the Flute Buster, and Navy shifted it from sword into boomerang mode. "FLUTE BUSTER!" She called out, getting into a familiar stance, "ZYUDEN SPIN!"

And the Boomerang was thrown.

Green dove to the side and Snapdirec was bashed repeatedly by the boomerang weapon, and it just didn't stop...!

"Viola Bow!" Navy drew out the familiar sword weapon, and then tossed her Gaburicaliber into the air. She then twirled around and gave a kick as it came down and sent it flying straight into Snapdirec's dented chest- impaling him through and through with it.

"T-This isn't in the script!" Snapdirec cried as Green and Navy came soaring at him.



Green slashed upwards to the right- Navy slashed upwards to the left- and then both of them spun around and delivered horizontal strikes that perfectly finished Snapdirec off.

"I feel like a broken record-!" Snapdirec lamented as he sparked and fell to his knees- "I guess this commentary's been left on the cutting room floor!"

And then he exploded.

The Kyoryugers all grouped up, and highfives began to be made all around.

"That makes eleven Kyoryugers now!" Red said. "Awesome!"

"Congrats!" Pink said with a double thumbs up.

"Thanks," Navy nodded shyly.

And then- inevitbly- Snapdirec grew giant.



And then got hit with flames from Bragigas.

"Everyone!" Silver called out from inside the Spirit Base, "Sorry I took so long but-"

"Closed Space, yeah," Green said, "we get it." He looked to Navy and said, "Let's end this movie."

"Right," Navy nodded, holding up the last 00 battery she had on her.

"BRAVE IN!" Ten Batteries were activated, and thrown up to summon their Voltasaurs.






The Voltasaurs began transforming, and shifting around, and then...!






Five mechas stood on the battlefield.

"Four on one!?" Snapdirec cried foul. "GIANT PARAMONSTERS!" He snapped his fingers, and out came a new batch of giant Paramonsters, five in total.

"SPINODAI-OH WESTERN! BRAVE FINISH!" Black, Navy, and Green called out.

Spinodai-oh shot through and slashed apart one of the Paramonsters with a _BWOM BWOM!_

"PLEZUOH BRAVE FINISH!" Violet fired off her Gaburevolver.


Plezuoh shot one of the Giant Paramonsters through the chest with pinpoint accuracy.


_KERTHUMP!_ The Ankydon hammer came down on another giant Paramonster, and then the Bunpachy ball sent it flying into the atmosphere.

"RAIDENOH SAMBA! BRAVE FINISH!" Blue, Gold, and Pink roared.

With a roar of the drill and a surfing shield- they ran through another Paramonster.

"GIGANT BRAVE FINISH!" Silver slashed though the air...

And Bragioh finished off the last Giant Paramonster.

"Just who do you think you are, so casually beating my monsters!?" Snapdirec asked.

"I guess it's time we wake you up from this dream of yours," Navy said.

"We're..." Red let the narrative take over from here.


"Wait- what-!?" Snapdirec cried out in terror. "STOP DOING THAT!"

"Not a chance," Violet shook her head. "Caleb! Callie! EXPLODING KYORYUZIN!"

"RIGHT!" They nodded.

"Then we'll put a new spin on Gigant Spinodai-oh!" Navy said.

"Care to join us, Merry?" Green asked.

"Hell to the YES!" Blue laughed.


"Let's use Raidenoh Dricera again!" Gold said.

"Great idea!" Pink nodded.

The Voltasaurs exploded apart, and began flying back together.

The simplest transformation was the detaching of Stegotchi, and the swapping of positions for Dricera on Raidenoh.


"RAIDENOH DRICERA! READY!" Gold and Pink called out.

Plezuon attached onto Gabutyra, and then Bunpachy attached as the arm. The head attached and the face was revealed.


"EXPLODING KYORYUZIN! READY!" Cyan, Violet, and Red yelled.


With Stegotchi replacing Zakutor on the staff and Zakutor replacing Bunpachy, Ankydon attached in the usual place on Tobaspino as Parasagun connected to Bragigas' shoulder port ports, and then...



"GIGANT SPINODAI-OH: KENTROSPIKER MODE!" Black, Blue, Navy, Green, and Silver called out. "READY!"

"WOAH WOAH WOAH!" Snapdirec stepped back in surprise. "That's way too much!"

"EXPLODING STORM!" Violet called out.

Gabutyra spat out a burst of rockets that froze him in place.

"GIGANT CROWN!" Silver yelled.

Gigant Spinodai-oh swung the giant tail on its head at Snapdirec, who was flung backwards by the whipping effect.






Gigant Spinodai-oh heaved back, and then threw the Stegotchi tipped staff with a _GIGA SPIKOOOOOOOM!_


Raidenoh Dricera leaped forwards onto the Kentrospiker staff and surfed it into the energy blast from Exploding Kyoryuzin, and was propelled forwards at speeds thought impossible.

Snapdirec's eyes widened as two giant sharp objects came hurling his way on a single trajectory.

Raidenoh Dricera then surfed its way through on the Kentrospiker staff on a Wave of Exploding energy.

"GRKKK!" he yelped out as he was pierced through.

The Kentrospiker staff ground to a halt on the city streets, and Snapdirec began sparking between the three mecha.

"I guess that's what I should have expected..." He lamented- "FROM AN EPILOGUE!"

And then he exploded.

"A Surfing Finish!" Red laughed, "Now that was Brave!"

"I'm just amazed we could control Exploding Kyoryuzin with just the three of us," Cyan said, massaging at her back.

"Our powers seem to keep growing and growing, don't they?" Violet asked.

"And to think we're still unlocking Bragigas' full power," Silver said with an amused tone. "I never would have thought to try this combination."

"Oh my," Black laughed. "I'm just glad we managed to throw that staff!"

Green nodded at Navy, who nodded back with a giggle.

"We did it!" Pink and Gold high-fived.


Kaiyumi's eye twiched ever so slightly.

Shinji looked at her calmly, then asked, "You're upset they're coming up with combinations without you, aren't you?"

"No," Kaiyumi said calmly, even though her eye continued to twich. "I'm MAD that they threw a staff that's as big as a SKYSCRAPER across the city and used it like a SURFBOARD!" She ran her hands through her hair, and yelled, "GHAAAHH! Do you even know how much money it's going to cost to repair the street they landed in!?"

"I wonder how you'd know," Shinji said with a dry chuckle, "considering I'm the one that has to sign the checks."

"And then there's the damage to Bragigas' armor too...! So much plate steel we're going to have to flat out replace...!"

Shinji just let Kaiyumi rant, silently making deductions to NERV's expense account as she listed off all the things that would need to be repaired...

'I don't envy you, Dad. Not one bit at all,' Shinji thought to himself with a sigh.

Meanwhile, at a fishing tournament on Aincrad, several dimensions and timelines away.

One Gendo Ikari, former commander of NERV, sneezed suddenly, drawing the concerned looks of all the other fishing competetors next to him. Gendo was not known to sneeze during moments like these.

One Kirigaya "Kirito" Kazuto just chuckled silently, and recast his line.

"Man, I can't believe we fell for that Monster's powers," Zenjirou sighed in defeat as he and Lila were walked out of the ruined building by Eri and Zenjirou.

"It's alright," Yumeji said, "I figured you two were under the control of the monster soon enough."

"And to think I actually appologized for punching her," Lila grit her teeth. "What a bitch!"

"Yeah, Candelira's like that," Eri said. "She's probably sulking right now."


Candelira stormed into the room with a huff, droping an empty wattering can down on the ground before sitting up against her pillar.

"Candelira-chan?" Aigaron asked, "You okay?"

"No! Just another failed plan among many!" Candelira huffed.

"Well, it is almost Christmas!" Aigaron said. "Maybe we should take a break until after the new year?"

"Ah, you guys can take a break if you want," Endolf said as he marched into the room, "but I have other plans."

"Although," QuartzAstamon said, following Endolf in, "I think a break would be well deserved after seeing if Endolf's plan has either succeeded or failed. We must wait for our new ally to report back in."

"That Enter guy, right?" Candelira asked. "Where is he right now anyways?"

"Negotiating our usage of the Shadow Line between worlds," QuartzAstamon said. "To get the Enetron needed from his world to the next..."

"And that negotiation involves what?" Aigaron asked, scratching at his head. "I'd rather not get involved in someone else's war! That'd really sting!"

"Fear not, brother," Endolf said. "We made it clear to Enter that this was to be a one time only thing. Our revenge will be made, and the Kyoryugers and Go Busters will fall..."


"Enter knows better than to sign us up for a fight against anything else."

Enter smiled as he and a figure in black clothing shook hands. "Then our deal is done, Emperor?"

"Exactly," the figure said with a nod. "Your enemies shall fall at the same time as our own..."

"Wonderful!" Enter said with a grin. "Your Queue problem will finally crash into a wall!"


"AAHHH! It's another Renegade group! Stricteach and Sportingspirit are back!? And they want to school everyone! But what's this!? Yumeji's trying to replicate Torin's special finisher!? BRAVE 40! SWAPAROUND! The Tornado of Confusion! Happy dreams!"

"Protect your buddies!"









"The Triple World Collision!"

"We'll drive these Dinosaurs Extinct."

A.N.: Hue, Hue, Hue... Oh Enter, must you make things so much more difficult? No, I suppose you don't care at all, do you?