The Cyan Voltasaur, Ankydon, roared and swung its tail around wildly as an ominous purple glow flowed from its Beast Battery.


The boat that was hit tilted over dangerously- and then exploded in the water.

"Damn it..." Asuka growled as she watched this all from the safety of a hilltop overlooking the harbor.

"Can't we do something?" Callie asked.

"Unless his Beast Battery drains out," Asuka said, "we can't."

Ankydon roared, satisfied that everything had been sufficiently flattened, and then dove towards the nearest source of open dirt and began digging down underground.

"And...he's gone..." Asuka muttered a string of obscenities in German.


*cue VAMOLA! Kyoryuger! (TV Size)*

"Dinosaurs Plus Humans!" The narrator said as the camera panned around the five suited Kyoryugers- Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink- "After millions of years, the strongest and bravest team in history assembles to protect the earth!"

We watch as the five Kyoryugers walk down a street- their suits briefly flickering away to reveal the heroes within, in reverse order of the above introduction.

"HEAR OUR ROAR!" The Narrator roared as the five heroes struck a pose and explosions in their respective colors occurred behind them

A Whistle sounded off as the team roared their name:



We see various shots of the Kyoryugers in action.


And then the usual scene of them running across a beach to the awaiting Voltasaurs.

We Are unbeatable Super Stars!

Caleb Grey AS: Kyoryu Red.

With our burning spirits fully charged,

Inaba Strider AS: Kyoryu Black.

Our Hearts begin to Pound! It's wonderful

Merry Mashimo AS: Kyoryu Blue.

To make legends come true!

Yumeji Tsurugi AS: Kyoryu Green.

Don't let anyone silence your bravery,

Always Rise to The Challenge!

Roxy Phexis AS Kyoryu Pink.

Does anyone Really Know...


Callie Grey, Yui Kirigaya,

...where True Strength Lies?

Scenes passed by of the Kyoryugers on bikes, jumping over camera, interspersed with shots of the Kyoryugers firing their blasters.

Instead of traveling around the entire world,

Professor Kaiyumi Kyuto, and Commander Shinji Ikari

Just look inside your heart!

We see quick panning shots of five villainous creatures, Candelira, Chaos, Dogold, Aigaron, and Luckyuro.

(Let's get 'em!)

We see a shot of the five Kyoryugers shouting to the sky.

Gaburincho! Very Mucho!

We see shots of the Kyoryugers inserting some battery like device into their blasters, and then spinning the cylinders on the side.

Today we're still going wild! (FIRE!)

They danced, and then aimed their guns to the air as they fired on the "FIRE!" Cue.

Come on, Kyoryugers! Kick some butt! Go Nuts!

We get treated to shots of the five heroes summoning their unique weapons, and fighting off Paramonsters after they do such.

Take a bite out of your world!

We get treated to a shot of Gabutrya running through a forest, roaring as he charged.

No one could ever stop you!

We get treated to shots of Parasargun, Stegotchi, Zakutor, and Dricera using their unique tail attacks, concluded with a repeat take of Gabutrya landing in the city.

Behold and Tremble as we Roar!

We see shots of Gabutyra, Stegotchi, and Dricera combining together into a single mech:

The Voltasaur Team! VAMOLA, Kyoryuger!

Shots go by of the Kyoryugers slashing with their swords-


Then a group shot of the five unmorphed inside of their base of operations.


*cue Title Card theme*


"I'm the older brother for the sibling comedy duo, the Ten Brothers!" Said a man on stage into a microphone.

"You're the younger one!" the other man on stage countered.

"Sigh," Luckyuro lamented as he and Candelira hid at the top of a stage where a comedy competition was going on. "Thank's to that vengeful spirit, everyone who ate our cakes got cavities."

"Yeah..." Candelira sighed, then got an idea and stood up. "Okay! What we need right now is a SONG!"

"Eh?" Luckyuro looked up in surprise as Candelira jumped over the railing and began singing:

"Dee, Dee, Dee, Destruction!"

Everyone turned to look at her in surprise, Luckyuro included.

"What's this supposed to be?" He asked.

"Ex, Ex, Ex, Extinct you should gooo!"

The crown began to run away, only to head head first into a cloud of thick purple miasma.

"Magnificent, General of Joy!" came an echoing voice from the cloud as it solidified into a semi-transparent illusion.

"Oh!" Candelira stopped in surprise, "And just who are you to know my title!?"

"The Illusion let off a wave of miasma to cause the crowd to fall unconscious, and said, "Why don't we work together? Behold, my offering to you..."

"Huh?" Candelira looked around in surprise as pink energy lifted up off of the people.

"Look Look!" Luckyuro cried out, "They're having such happy dreams! They're just bursting at the seams with Joy Aura!"

Candelira cried in joy, "So cool!"

"This sleeping sickness is just one of my powers," the Illusion said, "with this one, I make humans fall into a deep slumber, full of sweet dreams! Perfect for a woman such as yourself, is it not?"

"Lucky!" Luckyuro remarked.

"You still haven't told me your name, and you surely want something in return," Candelira said, "so tell me your name and what you want from us, and I'll consider your offer!"

NERV HQ _ _ _|

"Ankydon needs to be found pronto," Commander Shinji Ikari said to everyone in the control room before him, all members of the Voltasaur Project included. "To that end, I'm ordering all sensors to be calibrated to locate Ankydon wherever he is, and I want manned search teams out on the streets to locate the missing Voltasaur."

Kaiyumi spoke up next to add a sense of urgency to the matter, "We need to have to find Ankydon for other reasons beyond simply rescuing him. The Beast Battery within Ankydon presently is the only functioning one of the Number Seven Batteries, preventing us from using a Gaburevolver to morph someone into Ankydon's pilot and take the controls back from whatever is possessing him."

"If we can get Ankydon under control even for a moment," Shinji said, "we can take the Battery out and get Ankydon's Pilot Partner in there, hopefully preventing an exaggerated encounter. Any questions?" Merry raised her hand. "Yeah?"

"So how're we gonna exorcise the ghost possessing Ankydon?"

Nobody had an answer for that.


"About time we got one of these!" Yui remarked as Kaiyumi presented two Gaburevolvers to her and Callie.

"Since both of you are potential pilots for Ankydon," Kaiyumi explained, "I'll give you both revolvers- one of them is the one I've been keeping on hand since the invasion began, though, so it might not synch with Ankydon properly."

"How come?" Callie asked as she picked one and a holster up.

"I've been using it to conduct tests on a different pair of Voltasaurs, Number 6 and Number 9, more so the latter than the former due to...well...Issues with the mental interface and synchronization," Kaiyumi shrugged. "Long story short I had to develop a specific wrist mounted morpher design for Voltasaur 6 as it isn't compatible with the Gaburevolver design."

"Voltasaur Nine is Plezuon, right?" Yui asked as she inspected the Revolver she'd picked up.

"Um...Right?" Kaiyumi frowned, "I hadn't officialized that name in the database yet though so how...?"

"You wrote it on this one," Yui said simply and showed the bottom of the revolver's handle- indeed, it said "Plezuon-09 Test Revolver."

"Oh, I forgot about that," Kaiyumi laughed slightly, "just ignore it for now. It shouldn't be too much of an issue considering that just getting that battery out first is all that's important for now. Force synching a Pilot isn't what any of us want in this project."

"I understand that," Yui said, "but somehow it feels like we're tempting luck by giving me an already synched-up morpher. Is Plezuon even anywhere near operational yet?"

"Eight, Nine, and Ten are all still in the armor application phases," Asuka said as she and Shinji entered the room. "Six is nearly complete though. Finding a pilot for it will be an issue though."

"Why's that?" Callie asked.

"Voltasaur Number Six is the only Voltasaur that flies," Shinji said simply.

"Oh," Yui blinked, "you mean only people with the mental aptitude for flying are able to synch with it? In that case I can-"

"It's not that," Kaiyumi cut the girl off before she could volunteer to be Voltasaur 6's Pilot. "You can fly with wings from your back, yes, but the problem is that the Pilot for Six needs to be able to synch with the Voltasaur at a much higher level than the other Voltasaurs due to it's personality."

"It's simply is too stubborn to accept anyone that wasn't flying from birth," Asuka added. "I've tried synching with it myself just to ask it why it wasn't getting along with the temp pilots and it practically electrocuted me in the process of trying to kick me out for not being 'the one', lousy ungrateful..." Asuka trailed off into a string of German curses and insults.

"We think there might be some cross time contamination going on," Shinji added, "as soon as Kaiyumi finished the Gold Morpher, it was stolen by a boy appearing and disappearing in a flash of blue light."

"Right out from my hands too," Kaiyumi grumbled. "If those damned things weren't so complicated to build, I swear..."

The three adults then leaped into what sounded to be the middle of a long standing, continuing "conversation."

Yui and Callie shared a concerned glance and a shrug, and sneaked away to the battery rack to grab a few auxiliary batteries.

"So did you know anything about the Gold Morpher being stolen?" Callie asked in a hushed whisper.

"No," Yui shook her head, "the professor hasn't given me full clearance access to everything. All I knew about Voltasaur Six was that its batteries give off powerful electrical shocks. The name for it isn't even listed."

"Electro shocks, eh?" Callie asked as she picked up the #14 Stymero battery. "What about this one?"

"Um...14...Stymero...mero...meromero..." Yui giggled, "it replicates the Angel Lilith's Inhibition Lowering Wave. Basically, it makes you fall head over heels in love with the first person you see if you've been shot with it, and you'll follow 'em anywhere! It works twice as hard overtime if both people have been hit with it at the same time and they see each other!"

"Lowers inhibitions, huh?, huh?" Callie's eyes narrowed slightly, and she pocketed the battery, "I'm just going to keep this so you don't go using it on my brother."

"W-What? Yui said with a flush and she tried to advert her attention away. "Why would I do such a thing? I never used it on anyone!"

"You totally used it on my brother already, didn't you?" Callie said flatly.

"No! I have not! I just looked it up on the database cause I was curious and-" Yui stopped as soon as she realized she'd said that, face going even redder. "Eh-er-um...What I mean to say" She stammered the next bit out, "I've thought about using it it but I've never actually used it on Caleb! Nobody has even tested the thing yet to know if that's really how it works or not!"

"Uh Huh. Likely story," Callie smirked slightly, "how do we know what it does if nobody's ever used it?"

"Please," Yui said as she tried to recover from that embarrassing moment, "it's the only battery that's listed as being developed entirely from start to finish by Rei Ayanami. What else would it do?"

"...Okay. Fair point," Callie nodded. Their "Aunt" Rei who had ended up baby sitting all of the Xros Heart kids definitely...had a certain one-track thought process in the back of her head when it came to romance.

"Alright then! I'm going to go now!" Yui said as she grabbed a handful of batteries at random. "Later!"

Callie just stared after the girl who rushed out in a rather quick hurry- trading out the violet lab coat for her school-shirt mid-step to the elevator. "Yeeeah. I'm definitely keeping this battery away from her."


On the hologram screen before the Deboss Legion...

"Here we go!" Candelira said as she set her microphone down, and a band of Paramonsters (with Luckyuro on flute) set up behind her.

"First cakes, now a concert?!" Dogold rumbled, "This is infuriating!" He turned to leave in disgust.

"What is she doing?" Aigaron asked.

"This is.." Candlira began.

"My special request!" Said the phantom illusion as he appeared in front of her.

"OAH!" Chaos recognized the illusion immediately. "Debo Virsun! You've returned? But how...?"

"Oh yes, Right now, I'm inside one of the Voltasaur's Beast Batteries- the one thery call Ankydon." The image feed cut from the stage to about a mile underneath the dirt below it- where Ankydon resided- and then further into the battery itself. "I hitched a ride with that WaruMonzaemon through Patissiyay's cellular construction and waited in wait to help him get revenge!" The real Virsun inside the battery stood up and stepped to the side to reveal the dark cloud of smoke surrounding a generic representation of the Kyoryu Cyan powers, struggling in pain. "And what better way to get revenge on them- even if he got killed- than destroying one of their precious Voltasaurs and the Kyoryuger Powers that are tied to it!"

"So you see, he wanted to hear me sing a song!" Candelira added as the feed cut to the outside of Ankydon again.

"Once I hear Lady Candelira's 'Song of Joy', my strength will rise to it's greatest heights and I shall completely obliterate the newest Kyoryuger power before it can be given to any of those meddling kids!" Virsun finished as the feed cut again to the stage. "But more than that...I've spoken with your mutual benefactor, Chaos. And he has a plan..."

"I was wondering where he wandered off to," Aigaron said aloud.

"Let us hear it then," Chaos said.


On the road- "NO! NO NO!" - Callie screamed in terror as she and Roxy raced down a street on a Deinochaser. "THIS IS TOO FAST!"

"Whaa?" Roxy asked in surprise as they zipped past a car, "No way! This is the legal city limit we're doin', Callie!"

"Are you sure!?" Callie whined, and tightened her arms around Roxy's waist in terror, "I'm pretty sure this DeinoChaser still hates me for that bad pun I told it!"

"You're the one who wanted to partner up with me and not your bro', gUrl!" Roxy laughed as they turned north onto another road.

"AND I AM PREFERRING THE AKWARDNESS TEN-FOLD TO THIS DEATH RIDE!" Callie squealed, and the Deinochaser roared in protest to being called a death ride.


"Here it is!" Candelira cried out, "My Song Of Joy!" she took a breath... "DEE, DEE, DEE, DEESTRUCTION! EX, EX, EX, EXTINCT, YOU SHOULD GOOO! Fated to wander amongst the glittering stars! Dancing the steps that move a great heart...!"

The Paramonster on guitar kicked it up as Luckyuro fiddled away with his instrument.

"We are the almighty Deboss!" Candelira sang.

"Deboss!" Luckyuro chimed.

"The Emperors of Chaaaoss!"

The Deinochaser split into Deinos and Chaser, and drove off as Roxy thanked them for the ride and caught the battery.

With that, she turned towards the (normally) green eyed (Not a metaphor here, folks!) girl whose face seemed to be a little bit green in the face as well. "You ok there, Callie?"

"No..." she burped up just a bit. "Good grief...why do they go so fast?"

"I dunno," Roxy shrugged as she sat down. "Soo...You're hopin' to get Ankydon as your partner, right?"

"Yeah," Callie nodded, "well..Yui and I both... we want to be a part of this more than we have been, you know?"

"You're Caliber's sis," Roxy said, using that nickname that seemed to have caught on for the Red Kyoryuger, "'course you're gonna wanna get in on it...Doesn't explain why she was runnin' out of the lab all flustered like that ahead 'f ya."

"Yui...she likes Caleb, you know?" Callie said, and Roxy nodded. "Caleb and I...our parents are from Blue Flare. We both got a lot of unwanted attention just for being associated with Xros Heart. Yui...she's one of the few friends I had in training who didn't care about any of that. Her parents were heroes in their own right, but they never were even officially a part of Xros Heart. Just another bunch of people who were in the right place at the right time to be saved from Quartzmon. But she's...I'm not sure how we can stay friends if she's interested in Caleb..."

"Heh, I see where you're goin' with this," Roxy said with a laugh. "Even though us kids from Xros Heart are all not really related to each other, it's kind of hard not to think of us all as one big family, right?"

"We all called Yumeji's dad Uncle Zenjirou," Callie said as a case-in-point.

"Yeah, that's all sort of it," Roxy nodded. "Now see, I can't ever think of hookin' up with any of you guys! You're all like my cousins or brothers or sisters or whateverz! Me? Soon as this is all over, I'm gonna hunt me down some guy who has no clue who "Xros Heart" is and I'm gonna mack all over 'im!"

Callie laughed at that, "I don't know if he'd appreciate the gesture."

"Yeah, well," Roxy grinned, "my point is, I think we're all gonna probably hook up with someone outside of our close family circle eventually. And those of us that don't are all already interested in someone. Sooo...Yui being your sister-in-law instead of a friend wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for ya, would it?"

"Weeell..." Callie thought it over, "not really? I guess? I mean, it's a bit awkward when you've heard 'em through the..." She trailed off as she saw a couple of people in the distance suddenly collapse to the ground.

And then several more just a second later.

"What the heck?" Roxy noticed it too, "What's with them?"

"Oh no..." Callie started to feel woozy in the head. "Roxy, you'd better suit up, I think someone's casting a sleeping spell on the area. The plug-suit's helmet filters should protect you...!"

"But what about you?" Roxy asked. "You can't change...!"

"I'll be fine!" Callie insisted.

"NO YOU WON'T!" And a miasma cloud popped up from the ground- forming into an illusion of Debo Virsun!

"Deboss!" Roxy got her Beast Battery out and activated it. "Brave in!" _GABURINCHO! DRICERA!_ "KYORYU CHANGE!" She skipped out on the dance and straight away fired it upwards. When the transformation completed, Gaburicaliber already in hand, Kyoryu Pink ran forwards towards the illusion- and slashed through it. "Whaaaat!?"

"It's just a fake!" Callie deduced, slightly dizzily, "You must be whoever's inside Ankydon!"

"Exactly!" Virsun said with nod, "I can now project visions of myself, wherever I choose!" He waved around dramatically, "It's all thanks to the power Lady Candelira's singing has given me!"

"A song...?" Kyoryu Pink asked, and then...faintly...on the breeze... There was Candelira singing.

"The grinning reaper brings you a joyful curse!" Candelira sang as everyone on stage danced with their legs while STILL somehow managing to use their equipment. "Feel it flow through my monstrous verse...!"

"Yes," Virsun said, "the song that gives monsters an evil boost in power!"

"Ankydon must be nearby then!" Callie stumbled just a bit, and Kyoryu Pink ran up to catch her- straight through Virsun's illusion which shimmered for a moment.

"This is your Ankydon's finale!" And with that- Virsun's illusion vanished...

And Aigaron entered stage left, brandishing his Ax, "The aura of joy is the hardest to collect, you see...! So Lord Chaos said that I should help out!"

"Aigaron!" Kyoryu Pink growled, and leveled her sword at him.

Aigaron went to say something- only for Kyoryu Black and Kyoryu Green to leap into the fray- blasting away at him.

"ACH! That REALLY STINGS!" Aigaron cried out.

"Are you alright, Callie?" Green asked of the girl leaning on Pink for support, who nodded with a bit more strength since Virsun's illusion had vanished.

"Is there some reason you decided not to call us?" Black asked.

"You try finding time to call for help when the monster shows up only a minute before you two did!" Pink remarked.

"We have a lead on Ankydon and how to save him!" Callie said.

"Ah, alright then," Green said, "just leave Aigaron here to us two, and you two go on ahead to find Ankydon!"

"Oi!" Aigaron cired out as he summoned Paramonsters, "Start paying attention to me or I'll make you cry!"

"Get going," Black said, "the boy and I can handle this."

"Right!" Pink nodded, "Good luck, Inaba, Yumeji!" and with that, she ran off, dragging a still slightly woozy Callie along with her.

"DON'T LET THEM-!" Aigaron tried to order only to be shot at by Black and Green once more.

Pink and Callie came running past the site where Blue was dueling with Dogold- and was holding her own against him!

"Being part of this stupid plan makes me ANGRY!" Dogold shouted in a cloud of rage so thick he didn't even see Callie and Pink slipping past them.

"HUPSIE!" Kyoryu Blue shouted as she dodged a strike, "Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!"


"EX-EX-EX-" Candelira's song was cut off as a shower of sparks and explosions occurred right at her feet. "AAAAAAAH!" She squealed as the song came to an end. "Wha...?" She looked up towards the top of the stairs where Pink stood, having transformed her Gaburevolver into a Gaburicanon and had fired off with a double blast. "Kyoryu Pink!?" Candelira shouted. "What are you doing here?!"

"I'm going to stop your creepy song!" Pink remarked.

"DID YOU HEAR THAT!?" Candelira whined, "She's so meaaaaaan!"

"Allow me, Candelira!" Luckyuro cried out- and teleported over to where Kyoryu Pink stood- to engage in random attacks with his violin bow.

"HAH!" Roxy laughed as they exchanged blows, "And while You're up here trying to fight me! The question you need to ask is...!"


"Where's my search partner?"


Suddenly- Callie's voice shouted through the many speakers around the stage- catching Candelira off guard. "Huh- How- What-!?"


"Where-!?" Candelira looked around, and gestured for her Paramonsters to investigate. "WHERE IS SHE!?"


The echo went far and wide- and Ankydon roared from underground- shaking Virsun from his comfy seat inside the battery and sending him tumbling about the interior space.

The ground shook wildly- throwing everyone about.


And then- the Voltasaur exploded out of the ground just to the left of the stage's seating area.

"DOOOOON!" Ankydon roared.

"HAH!" Pink kicked Luckyuro to the side and brought out the Deinochaser Battery and her Gaburevolver. "BRAVE IN!" She fired down at the stage- right at Candelira's feet.

"AAAA!" She went flying as Deinos and Chaser broke through the stage floor- and Callie came running out through a backstage maintenance door straight for it- firing off with her own Gaburevolver at the stunned Paramonsters.

"HERE I GO!" Callie grabbed onto the Deinochaser and it revved off- leaping across the stage into Candelira- and then jumping OVER the Deboss General's body into the air- straight for... "ANKYDON! TIME TO SAY 'AAH'!"

Mid-air- everyone watched as the girl leaped off of the Deinochaser and straight for Ankydon's mouth- who courteously opened it for her to access the giant Beast Battery.

"There...!" Callie spotted a small gap in the Battery's construction. "That's the monster's way in, and it's my way in too!" She pulled out the Number 19 Battery, and inserted it into her Gaburevolver.


She then took the Revolver, and turned it on her self.

"Here goes nothin'!"


With a fire- Callie turned into a paper-thin version of herself- and flew up into the gap in the Beast Battery's front.

She slipped through...!

And was inside the battery!

She stood up and looked around at the glowing cyan void. "So this is the inside of a battery?" She turned around, and then saw the miasma covered Kyoryuger suit. "And that's gotta be the lock out on the plug-suit!" And then, just next to it, a surprised Virsun.

"I'm amazed you made it in here, girlie!" He remarked, and waved his staff around.


The Five Kyoryugers throw their respective beast batteries into the air for the camera to get a good look at them.


The five Kyoryugers hurriedly strike an off balanced team pose on top of Kyoryuzin's chest, just in front of its head.

Dogold slashed his sword and Blue hit the ground. "Hah...!"

But not for the reasons he thought.


...Aigaron fell from above, landing on Dogold a mere moment later.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!" Red called out as he, Black, and Green ran up to join Blue.

"Not a problem!" Blue laughed.

"WHY ARE YOU GOOFING AROUND!?" Dogold shouted at Aigaron.

"Says you!" Aigaron protested.

The Kyoryugers inserted their beast batteries, and the only warning the Deboss villains had was the cry of: _GABURINCHO! GABUTYRA GABUTRYA!_ and the other cries.

"ZYUDEN BRAVE FINISH!" The quartet shouted.


Dogold and Aigaron were sent blasting off agaiiiin...! Complete with a twinkle in the sky.

"I will never leave this place!" Virsun said "And as long as I remain here, Ankydon will never be free! And neither will you! You've trapped yourself getting in here so long as I control this space...!"

Callie narrowed her eyes, 'So how can I get him out of here...If only he would just follow me out of here...' her eyes widened.

"Um...Stymero...mero...meromero..." Yui giggled in memory, "it makes you fall head over heels in love with the first person you see if you've been shot with it, and you'll follow 'em anywhere!"

"Head over heels...?" Callie repeated, then smirked as an idea came over her...and then frowned as she was sure that Yui had something else about the battery, but she couldn't really remember the specific phrasing at the moment. "Damn it."

"What's that?" Virsun asked, "Care to repeat that?"

"I said..." Callie pulled the #14 battery out and activated it with: "BRAVE IN!"

"HUH?" Virsun took a step back in surprise. "What!? I thought you couldn't use a suit!?"

"I can't," Callie said as she inserted the battery.

"NO!" Virsun shot a blast of energy at her- but Callie, proving that she was just as trained as any of the other Kyoryugers, back-flipped away as the Revolver shouted:


With a quick spin of the barrel, Callie aimed the gun at Virsun and fired the instant she hit the ground.


Virsun was hit in an instant- and his chest bulged out for a moment in a heart shape. "What the-!? My chest feels so tight...Have I...of all monsters...become ill?!"

"Nah," Callie said with a slightly disgusted tone of voice, "just love-sick," then she winked at him.

Virsun's eyes gained hearts in them, and a pink haze filled his vision. "Oh my darling girl! You're too much! I'm head over heels!" He began to run after her...

"Catch me if you can!" She said as she flattened down and escaped through the crack in the battery.

"Please Wait!" Virsun shouted, and followed her out.

The miasma cloud around the suit vanished in an instant as the suit flexed its arms.

"Voltasaur Seven Battery unlocked!" Kaiyumi reported with glee.

"I can't believe she did that..." Asuka said flatly as Shinji snapped his fingers.

"Ejecting battery!" Kaiyumi shouted.

Ankydon ejected the Beast Battery- and Callie caught it the moment she hit the dirt, Virsun just a bit behind her.

"YOU BIG STUPID DUMBHEAD!" Luckyuro shouted as he came up to bonk Virsun on the head. "Why'd you leave!?"

"To follow my beloved girl!" Virsun said with hearts in his eyes, even as Candelira walked up, hands on her hips in disapproval.

"You ninny!" She slapped him.

"She's so cuteee!" Virsun whined with glee.

Callie rolled her eyes, which Virsun took as a cue to run towards her again...

Only for the other five Kyoryugers to run up.

"Three men-!?" Virsun shouted in surprise.

"You dragged him out! Nice, sis!" Red congratulated.

"Wow! What the heck happened to him!?" Black asked upon seeing the lovestruck reaction.

"Just a bit of Stymero's heart-throbbing romace tips at work, bro!" Callie said with a wink towards Red, much to his confusion.

"She winked at hiiim!" Virsun cried out in surprise.

And terror.

"Debo Virsun..." Callie said as she drew her Gaburevolver and the #7 battery, "it's time for your medicine!"

"Rock on, gUrl!" Pink said with a clap.

"Oh whatever you say...!" Virsun gushed.

"BRAVE IN!" Callie activated Ankydon's battery, and inserted it. _GABURINCHO! ANNNKYDON!_ "Kyoryu Change!" She did the dance- Candelira couldn't help but dance along- and fired upwards. The Cyan energy blast went up and came down... And Callie Grey was replaced by...Kyoryu Cyan!

"HEAR OUR ROAR!" Red said; with the formation of the week being, across, Black, Blue, Pink, Cyan, Red, Green. "THE FANGED HERO! KYORYU RED!"







"We're going to get wild!" Cyan and Pink shouted over Red, "So just try to stop us!"

"Let's go!" Red shouted.

"Paramonsers!" Candelira shouted, "Protect Virsun!"

The Paramonsters swarmed out of the wood work, and the core five Kyoryugers quickly got into action beating them down.

Cyan however, gets the show case this week, as she punches the Paramonsters down-

Only for Virsun to zap his own guards with a cry of, "Hold it you punks!" He ran into a crowd of Paramonsters and began hitting them with his staff. "Hands off my Cyan! I'm gonna show her how I feel!" He finished up with the monsters, and turned to a bemused Kyoryu Cyan. "My Darling, Cyaaan!"

In the command center, Yui had returned to base in time to see Virsun shout, "I LOVE YOU!" And run towards Cyan with a cheer.

"...What the heck?" Yui began...


Cyan kicked Virsun in the throat, and he warbled in pain.

"Oh no...!"

"Oh my," Shinji repeated as the three girls in the room let their jaws drop open.

"Like hell I'm gonna feel the same way!" Cyan shouted and then began delivering a series of short kicks to Virsun's face and then kicked him repeatedly in the torso before finally delivering a roundhouse kick that sent him to the ground.

She pulled out another Ankydon battery an inserted it.


"ARMED ON!" With a roll down the right arm- the familiar set of armor appeared on the shoulder and upper arm...and then a massive hammer formed over the lower arm and continued on for just a little ways more.

"Oh but Cyaaan!" Virsun began.

"You're done for!" Cyan shouted, and raised her hammer weapon up into the air, "ANKYDON HAMMER!" She swung back, and then spun to the side- launching the hammer off like it was mounted to a chain- "ZYUDEN BRAVE FINISH!"


Virsun got hit in the chest and was sent flying from the massive impact, shouting "I guess...Love hurts...!" as he went and exploded in mid-air.

"Yeah, I hear ya, bud," Shinji concluded with a shake of his head as Virsun's body descended towards the ground and hit it with a thud on-screen. "Oh Well! I guess Rei will be happy to find out that Stymero works, at any rate."

"Oh no!" Candelira whined as she and Luckyuro ran to Virsun's body, "It can't be over yet!"

"Time for an extra inning!" Luckyuro grabbed his watering can with the "TADAH!" sound.

"Nice job on the footwork, Callie!" Pink congratulated Cyan as she and the other Kyoryugers finished up with the Paramonsters.

"Now that was-" Whatever joke Blue had in the wait was cut off as Virsun grew to tremendous size in the distance.

"These guys never give up," Red remarked as he drew a beast battery.

"Nope!" Pink agreed and drew a battery of her own.

"Mind if Ankydon and I get in on this fight?" Cyan asked.

"The more the merrier!" Red said.

"BRAVE IN!" the trio shouted, and threw their batteries.

Ankydon- still on the scene- just received a fresh battery and roared as Gabutyra and Dricera were summoned to the scene.

"Let's snap together gattai, Dricera!" Pink clapped.

Gabutyra let loose the laser beams, and Dricera and Ankydon spat out their batteries.




The Samba beat let itself rip into the air.

Ankydon attached to the right arm- _GABURINCHO! ANNKYDON!_ -and Dricera to the left- _GABURINCHO! DRICERA!_


The waist spun around; the helmet attached; and the inside sign that said "KYORYUZIN" changed to say "MACHO!" as the six Kyoryugers teleported into the control center.

"Wow!" Pink said in reference to the signs, "It changed again!"

Inside of a Boxing/Wrestling ring, Kyoryuzin struck a few poses as the combination name shouted into the air:


"Macho!" everyone shouted and struck a for Black who asked, "Mucha...What?"

Kyoryuzin rolled their newly made hammer arm around in preparation as Virsun came running at them.

"GO!" The six Kyoryugers shouted.

Kyoryuzin stepped forward and swung its hammer to block Virsun's staff, and then revved up the drill to slash across Virsun's chest.

Then with a mighty swing down, they hit Virsun again.

"Haha!" Cyan laughed, "He's no Macho for us!"

"You could say we're just too Mucha for him to handle!" Blue added.

"Cut it with the jokes would you?" Black asked with a little concern, "We're still in a fight here!"

"Let's make sure he never comes back!" Red said as they saw Virsun get back to his feet.

"KYORYUZIN MACHO!" The six-member team shouted, "BRAVE FINISH!"

Kyoryuzin began spinning on its feet as it held the Ankydon hammer out far and wide- SMASH SMASH SMASH!- Virsun kept getting hit as the momentum built up, and then- "HAAH!"- the last hit was an uppercut that put all the spinning momentum into UPWARDS momentum!

Virsun went flying into the air yet again- where he exploded brilliantly.

Everyone cheered.

And Pink gave a nod to Cyan, who gave a peace sign in return.

Kyoryuzin threw its arms into the air in victory as Red shouted, "NOW THAT WAS BRAVE!"


"So they managed to retake their Voltasaur," Chaos said with a bit of amusement, "not entirely unexpected. Virsun always was a weak one." He pulled something out of his cape and glanced down at it, "But as far as distractions run...he was perfect."

It was a Black bodied, gold trimmed Beast Battery...

For Voltasaur #6.


"EH? Who's this!? What's up with these kids zapping around in flashes of blue Light!? EHHEHHH!? Why are we on SpaceTrailmon!? NEXT TIME! BRAVE 7! WHAT!? A MEANWHILE STORY!? this is too wild...!"

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