Hi there everyone, how's it going? So, this is a two-shot I decided to write when the idea came to me while I was in one of my classes, haha. I really hope you like it!

So, after this chapter there should be one more to go! ^_^

This story kind of takes place before Amon destroyed the Probending Arena and after Korra joined the Probending team. Asami is not going out with Mako and Bolin has a small crush on Korra, but doesn't like her. Just for a slight warning, for the team I used, Ba Sing Se Badgermoles, I made up names and used random names, except for the waterbender, and you'll figure it out who it is, haha ;) I also made up my own looks for them and personalities. Thanks! :)

Can you please let me know what you think of it? I would really appreciate it, thank you! :)

FULL SUMMARY: It's the Fire Ferrets against the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles. Their opponent's team captain has an interest with Korra, offering her a deal. He wants her to join their team and leave the Fire Ferrets, but she denies, however, he doesn't take no for an answer and he suddenly kisses her. Mako finds them and instantly gets jealous. While being too angry with her, he doesn't hear her out and accuses her of being a traitor. He ends up getting distracted during the match and their opponents play dirty. Mako gets badly hurt and Korra is worried he won't make it. Will she be able to confess her feelings to him in time and explain to him that the kiss he witnessed was all a misunderstanding?

Thank you for reading! ^_^


"Foul Play"

. . .

The Probending Arena is piling with hundreds of people, all cheering and talking as they enter the large, golden building and sit in their seats.

The large arena is roaring with the sounds of the screaming fans as they wait impatiently for tonight's match to begin. Tonight it is supposed to be the Fire Ferrets against the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles and the fans are beyond excited. Both teams are excellent and now with the Avatar as the waterbender for the Fire Ferrets, the crowd is eager to see how things are going to play out.

Both teams are getting ready by their lockers, the match starting in only a few minutes. Both of the teams are pumped up for the match, adrenalin rushing through them as they get changed into their Probending gear.

Korra finishes putting on her gear and then takes a long, deep breath. If they want to be in the Probending Tournament then they are going to have to do their best in every match and hopefully win each one. Tonight is going to be the first match of the week for the Fire Ferrets and they're ready.

Korra grips her helmet tightly in her hands, staring down at the piece of equipment. She is still somewhat new to Probending and she knows that if she messes up just even once, that could be it for them. She closes her ocean blue eyes and breathes in and out slowly, calming her nerves down. She may be the almighty Avatar who is strong, hotheaded, and confident, but under all of it, she is just a teenage girl as well.

When the young Avatar feels a firm hand rest on her shoulder, her eyes snap open and she glances over her shoulder. Her eyebrows knit together when she notices it's one of the members from the team they are about to face tonight, the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles.

She turns around and looks at the member with curious eyes as her face holds a questioning look. "Uh, can I help you?"

The guy standing in front of her smirks down at Korra and leans his side against the locker, folding his arms across his chest. "Ah, you're the young Avatar, correct? The new member of . . . –what was it again?- the Fire Ferrets?"

Korra narrows her eyes at him, but slowly nods her head, "That's right. I'm their new waterbender. I've been their new waterbender for a few weeks now."

"Ah, interesting." The man says as he slightly shrugs one of his shoulders. Korra eyes him, not liking his sarcastic tone. She places her helmet on the bench next to her and folds her arms across her chest, "And you are?"

"I'll be facing you tonight. The name's Jet. I'm the team captain and earthbender of the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles." He introduces himself with a cocky attitude, "You know, Korra, I'm looking forward to facing you in tonight's match."

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to winning." Korra simply replies with a smirk of her own as she leans her side against the lockers. "Now, if you excuse me, I have to finish getting ready."

He watches her carefully, his eyes scanning up and down her body as she turns her back to him. She huffs, a piece of her chocolate brown hair blowing out of her face as she does so. She could feel his eyes on her and she is trying her hardest to not snap at him and cause a scene right before the match. She slowly turns back around and raises an eyebrow, "Can I help you with something? You're still here."

"It's just that hard to tear my eyes away from you, I suppose." He says with a crooked smile, but Korra just rolls her eyes, "Smooth . . . real smooth."

He shrugs one shoulder, but continues to grin down at her, "Hey, what can I say? I'm a smooth guy."

"Uh-huh, sure you are."Korra says and then sighs, "Listen, I really have to finish getting ready and soon enough, we'll be in the ring together and I'll be kicking your sorry butt."

He raises an eyebrow, saying he was surprised at that comment would be an understatement. He just shakes his head at her and takes a step towards her, already invading her personal area. He leans his head down so it's only inches from hers and he grins widely, "Oh come on, surely you don't mean that. You'll be too busy dreaming of the two of us, together . . . alone and-"

"Stop." Korra growls through clenched teeth, being far passed the point of being annoyed and irritated by him. "I don't know what kind of games you're trying to play with me here, but whatever you're trying to do, it's not working. Now, leave so I could finish getting ready for our match tonight."

He chuckles and nods his head, "Okay, Avatar, whatever you wish for." He then takes a step back, turning around, and getting ready to leave. However, before he leaves, he glances over his shoulder and says with a smirk, "Try not to be so surprised if you lose. You know what they say, the referee can be sometimes, well, blind to some illegal moves, ya' know?"

Korra could feel her blood boiling inside of her. She frowns at him and glares at his back, her hands turning into tight fist, "Oh! So you plan on cheating for tonight's match? Well sorry, buddy, but I'm the Avatar and I can still take you on!"

"Hey," He begins as he turns around, still grinning down at her, "don't get all fired up now. Save it for the match, sweetheart." His dark, forest green eyes stare into her blue ones and his brown hair shining from the light above them. He watches the steam rise out of her and he just shakes his head, "Hey, maybe we could settle this."

"Excuse me?" Korra asks through her clenched teeth while tapping her foot and one of her eyebrow raises.

"Maybe," Jet starts as he walks right back up to her, making sure there are only inches of space between them, "we could make a deal. We'll play fair and square if . . . you join us. We'll get rid of our waterbender and you could be our new teammate. What do you say?"

She gasps, her eyes widening, shocked that he would be asking such an offer to her. She loves being part of the Fire Ferrets. They were the first real friends she met since she came to Republic City and it doesn't help the fact that she has feelings for the team captain, Mako.

She narrows her ice blue eyes at him and shakes her head, "Not a chance, Pretty Boy." His smirk drops from his face and a frown replaces it, "Is that how it's gonna be?"

The young Avatar nods her head, proud of her decision, but what happens next leaves her speechless. The next thing she knows is that he is pressing his lips against hers, pressing her against the lockers. Of course, if matters couldn't get any worse, Mako walks into the room, about to tell Korra they're about to enter the ring.

His amber eyes widen at the sight and he feels a sting of jealously run through him. His jaw clenches and so does his fists and he could instantly feel his blood boil inside him. He narrows his eyes at Korra and then at the man who is their opponent for tonight, Jet.

Mako doesn't waste another moment before turning on his heels and walking right back out of the room, bumping into his brother on his way out. Bolin could see the steam coming out of his brother and he frowns, wondering what suddenly got him in a bad mood.

Korra shoves Jet off her, narrowing her eyes at the man and shouting, "Get off, you freak! I'm not joining your team, so forget that, okay? Now, get out of my way and leave me alone!" All Korra wanted to do at that moment was to firebend his butt all the way to Ba Sing Se, but she stops herself, knowing if she does, that could caused them the match.

He rolls his eyes, clearly annoyed with her and she could obviously see it. She watches as he starts turning around, getting ready to leave, but before he does, he mumbles back to her, "You're gonna regret it, Avatar. You and your precious friends. Hope you're ready for tonight 'cause it's gonna be long and painful." He places his own helmet he was carrying on his head and then adds, "This isn't gonna be such a fair fight, I'm worrying ya' know, Avatar. It's gonna be a foul play, I promise you that."

Korra folds her arms across her chest, watching him leave the room and once she is sure he is gone, she lets out a loud groan as she slams her head against the lockers. She huffs and when she hears Bolin shout out to her that the match is about to begin, she snatches her helmet and roughly places it on her head. With one last sigh, the young Waterbender walks out to go meet her teammates, hoping that the match doesn't go as badly as Jet promised her it would.

. . .

"Oh! Did you see that? The Avatar just got thrown right out of the ring by an illegal move! Did the referee not see that? How couldn't he! Looks like the former waterbender of the Fire Ferrets, Hasook, joined the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles and wow did he just pull a fast move on the Avatar! There seemed to be crushed rocks in the water Hasook bended at Korra and wow did it look painful when it slammed into her." The announcer says into the microphone, announcing the match as he watches carefully.

"Ouch! Looks like the Fire Ferret's firebender, Mako, and the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles' firebender, Nyla, are going head to head! Look at that girl move! She definitely knows how to dodge Mako's moves and shoot back with her own powerful ones. Then look here we have Bolin, the Fire Ferret's earthbender, go neck to neck with Hasook and Jet! Wow does this look like an intense match alright so far, folks!"

Korra swims out of the water, gasping as the pain her left arm is in; the rocks that was in the water slammed right into her, cutting through her clothes and into her skin. She clenches her jaw and swims to the platform that will bring her back up once the first round is over.

She watches as Bolin ducks under Jet's earth disc and then she watches Bolin jump into the air and kick two earth discs, one at Jet and the other at Hasook. She smirks when she watches Hasook get thrown right into the water below the ring and Jet get pushed back a zone.

Mako ducks under Nyla's fire kick, the flames only inches from his face, and then he punches his own flames at her. Her golden eyes widen and Mako's strong flames push her back a zone.

Korra watches Jet carefully, knowing he is going to try to pull another stunt again like he did to her. Then, right on cue, before the timer goes out, Nyla continuously throws fire and fire streams at Mako, making him finally go falling off the edge of the ring and into the water. The time goes out and the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles win the first round of the match.

Korra meets up with Mako and Bolin and she narrows her eyes at Mako, "Hey, what gives?"

"What's your problem?" Mako shoots back at her, narrowing his eyes right back at her; amber eyes glaring into blue eyes.

She folds her arms across her chest and raises an eyebrow, "What's my problem? What's yours? You completely just lost focus in the last round! What happened to Mr. Cool Under Fire, huh?"

"Says the one that got knocked into the water first." Mako quickly snaps right back at her, folding his own arms across his chest. "You know, why don't you just join their team and save us the time of losing?"

Bolin watches the two of them go back and forth, but when he tries to intervene, he only gets yelled at to stay out of it. He sighs and continues to watch them until the referee tells them round two is about to begin.

"Excuse me?" Korra asks, surprised Mako would say that to her. "What are you talking about?"

He rolls his amber eyes and says in an annoyed tone, not making eye contact with her, "You know exactly what I mean, Korra." He turns to look at her, his eyes glaring hard at her and his voice harsh when he speaks, "I saw everything, Korra, okay? You were kissing Jet! Our opponent!"

Bolin's eyes widen as he turns to his friend, "Korra? You didn't . . . you didn't kiss him, did you?"

The Avatar rolls her eyes and shakes her head, throwing her hands up in the air, "No! Well, I mean yes, but it's not what it looked like, okay?" She watches as Mako waves her off and he calls over his shoulder, getting into his fighting stance, "Whatever, Korra. What you do is your business, but do us a favor, my brother and I are here to win so if you can't keep your head in the game and help do that, then I suggest you leave after tonight."

Korra stares at him, her eyes wide as she blinks away the tears that threaten to fall. She watches the back of him, completely dumbfounded of what just happened. That hurt, a lot . . . how could he say something to her like that? She sucks in a deep breath and swallows the lump that is stuck in her throat; she looks away from him and doesn't look up at Bolin's shocked and confused eyes either.

She keeps her head down and gets into her fighting stance and from the corner of her eye, she could see Bolin doing the same. She could see the hurt and confusion in Mako's dark eyes and she frowns, he doesn't understand and knowing him, he probably won't let her explain either.

The bell finally rings, signaling for round two to begin and then with that, as soon as the bell goes off, the teams go at each other with everything they got.

. . .

Round two started off good for the Fire Ferrets, but once the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles noticed that, they fought back dirty. They started to cheat again and the round suddenly turned back around into the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles' favor.

Bolin is stuck in zone three while Mako and Korra are stuck in zone two. The two of them are trying their best to dodge the attacks their opponents are throwing at them, but it is fairly obvious that neither Mako nor Korra has their heads in the game.

Bolin glances over at Mako and Korra and watches them try to stay away from each other the best they could. Bolin watches as Korra could have easily saved Mako from a hit to the stomach from an earth disc, but she simply looked away, focusing on attacking Hasook.

Both, Nyla and Jet, are tag-teaming Mako while Korra is staying put with fighting with Hasook. Bolin stops throwing his earth discs at Hasook and quickly rushes over to help his older brother.

Mako ducks under Nyla's fire blast, the flames inches from his face and the announcer quickly comments on that, "Did you see that? Mr. Cool Under Fire just dodged Nyla's attack and shot at her with his own blast of fire! What a move! Oh, looks like the two Famous Bending Brothers are fighting together against Jet and Nyla, which it seems that Jet has a thing out for Mako. Incredible!"

Korra rolls her eyes at the announcement and stays focus on Hasook, carefully watching his moments and dodging his attacks, simply reacting by throwing her own water whips at him when she finds an opening. Suddenly, right before Korra could bend the water to protect herself, Hasook bends ice around her ankle and makes her trip, falling flat on her face.

She growls and looks up at the referee, noticing that he paid absolutely no attention to what just happened. Of course, Jet made sure he wouldn't pay attention.

Nyla glances over at Jet and he nods his head sharply back at her. Her golden eyes shine with delight and she quickly turns her attention back to Mako, smirking at him. She ducks under his fire blast and makes eye contact with Bolin. Mako notices it and narrows his amber eyes at her, watching her movements carefully.

The match continues on, Ba Sing Se Badgermoles and Fire Ferrets going at it with everything they have in them, but the Fire Ferrets are close to losing this match. With Mako and Korra in zone two and Bolin in zone three, they are only inches away from falling right out of the ring and falling down below into the waters.

Korra keeps her eyes locked with Hasook as she jumps in the air and sends a powerful water whip right at Hasook, knocking him finally back a zone. She smirks, happy she managed to do that and then glances over to Mako, watching him and Bolin go against Nyla's fire and Jet's earth discs.

The young Avatar really hates fighting with him, but he is the one overreacting, not her. At least, that is what she keeps telling herself. She rolls her eyes, trying to keep her head in the game, but her mind keeps wandering right back to the Firebender that is standing next to her.

If only he knew she didn't like Jet one bit and all her feelings belong to him, Mako.

Hasook suddenly switches his attention away from Korra and starts attacking Bolin. Korra narrows her eyes and tries to figure out what he is up to. Nyla is already taking care of Bolin while Jet is fighting with Mako, so, why would be just leave her to fight with Bolin?

Korra rushes over to help Bolin with Hasook, so now it is Jet against Mako and Korra and Bolin against Hasook and Nyla. Something isn't right and Korra knows it, but she pushes that out of her mind and focuses on the match.

Nyla smirks as she kicks up a wave at fire which is awfully way to close to Korra's face and attacks the young Avatar, who, in return, yelps at the unbearable heat of the powerful flames. Of course, once again, the referee notices nothing.

Mako automatically turns his attention to Korra, to see what happened since he heard her yelp. However, that was the plan all along . . .

Jet grins when he notices the Firebender distracted and he quickly uses that to his advantage. He bends two earth discs up from and slams one into Mako's stomach and the other right into Mako's shoulder blade. Mako stumbles backwards into zone three, but Jet quickly bends two more discs and slams them again into him, one again into his shoulder and the other right in his abdomen.

Korra watches, unable to move from the shock of what just happened. Mako's scream of pain rings right through her ears and she watches him stumble backwards right into zone three and then right down below in the waters. She notices the spots of blood that Mako left behind as he fell backwards and she continues to watch him fall down into the waters below.

Bolin didn't even have the chance to grab onto his brother and help him, since he did not even notice what happened until it was too late. Bolin's forest green eyes widen in horror at the sight and a gasp escapes his lips; he is too shocked to even scream out his brother's name.

"MAKO!" Korra finally finds her voice as she screams; her voice full of horror and fear. She quickly runs over to the edge of the ring and makes a dive right into the pit of water blow the ring, diving right into the cold, blood stained water where Mako has just fallen seconds beforehand.