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Korra dives into the water below the ring, diving right into the part of the water that is colored red, due to Mako's blood. She falls into the water and opens her eyes underwater, franticly searching for the injured Firebender.

Korra bends the red color water out of her way so she could see clearly and then that is when her eyes finally lock with Mako's, whom is sinking slowly to the bottom of the water. His eyes are closed and his lips are partly open; a red liquid is seeping out of his wounds, surrounding him and his clothes are completely torn.

The young Avatar quickly swims over to him and grabs his upper arm, pulling him to the top and out of the water. When her head breaks the surface of the water, she gasps for fresh air and takes a deep breath. She turns her head slightly so she faces Mako, his body limp against her; he is unconscious and his body is shaking.

"Hold on, Mako. I got ya' . . ." Korra whispers against Mako as she starts swimming to the platform that will take them out of the water. She yanks herself up onto the platform with Bolin and two other medical assistants' help and then they lift Mako onto the platform as well.

Bolin kneels down beside him unconscious brother and says in a shaky, scared voice, "Mako? Mako! Come on, wake up." Korra looks up to see the Earthbender nearly in tears and she frowns, tearing her eyes away from Bolin and looking back down at Mako.

The two medical waterbenders push Korra and Bolin out of the way, telling them that they are going to take Mako into the back room and begin healing him. However, Korra stops them and stands in front of Mako, narrowing her eyes at the waterbenders, "No!" Her voice is strong as she speaks, much emotion showing in her dark blue eyes, "I'm going to take care of him."

One thing Korra knows about Mako is that he doesn't trust people and she knows that if he wakes up to two strangers hovering over him, trying to heal him, he won't be so happy. She shakes her head and firmly says, "I'm the Avatar and I'm also a healer; I've learned from the best: Master Katara, the old war hero. If anyone is going to try to heal my friend, it's going to be me and me alone."

The waterbenders try to protest, but Korra shakes her head, snapping, "Now, help me bring him to the back room and then you leave us alone." The way she is glaring at them tells them that she is not kidding and she would have no problem knocking the two of them out.

The waterbenders, plus Bolin, help bring Mako's unconscious body into the back room where they take the injured Probending players. They lay Mako on the old couch, placing a bucket of water beside the couch and then leaving the room. Bolin looks at Korra and she simply nods her head, silently telling him that everything will be fine and to leave them alone.

The Earthbender nods his head and then shuts the door on his way out, praying silently to the Spirits that his brother will be okay.

Korra lets out the breath she has been holding and slowly turns her gaze towards Mako. She studies his beaten up, scratched face and then her eyes trail down to study the deep wounds on his body. She slowly moves her hand so it could gently caress his wet cheek and she closes her eyes at the feeling of his touch.

"Mako . . ." She quietly whispers and then slowly reopens her eyes a moment later. She whips at her own watery eyes and shakes her head; she has to focus on healing him. Healing first, emotions later.

The young Avatar slowly bends the water out of the bucket and moves the water so it is hovering over Mako's shoulder blade. She breathes in a deep breath and then the water begins to glow. She watches the wounds begin to repair themselves, but it isn't fully working.

The water isn't fully healing him and he is looking worse than he was before, if possible. She shakes her head as tears run down her cheeks. She clenches her hands, curling them into small fists and then she jumps to her feet and punches the nearby wall. "Argh!" She is beyond frustrated at this point.

She leans her forehead against the wall and closes her eyes, squeezing them shut. "Why isn't the water working? What's going to happen to him?" She is screaming into her head, her body shaking with emotion.

"I can't give up . . . I can't give up on him." Korra whispers to herself as she slowly walks back to the couch. She kneels down beside the couch in front of Mako's face and once again bends the water out of the bucket. She lifts the water onto his shoulder blade and tries again to heal it. The wound is deep; it looks bad and the blood is continuing to ooze out of the injury. She sighs as she shakes her head, quietly mumbling to herself, "Why did Jet have to do this to you? All because I didn't join his stupid team? Ugh, I swear when I get my hands on him-"

"Mm . . ." A soft, quiet mumble barely escapes Mako's lips, "Korra . . ."

Korra's eyes widen and she almost drops the water she is bending on top of him, but thankfully, she doesn't. She smiles widely when she sees his eyes cracking open slowly, but she continues to remain her focus on his shoulder wound.

When his eyes fully open, his amber color eyes lock with Korra's ice blue ones. He manages a crooked smile while he watches her heal his shoulder, "H-How b-bad is . . . is it?"

She glances at him, but then her eyes return to his shoulder, "Well, I would like to say that I've seen worse, but sadly . . . I haven't." She sighs and bends the water back in the bucket. She looks down at his stomach and sucks in a deep, shaky breath. "Mako, I'm sorry."

He raises his eyebrow at her, but before he could say anything, he starts coughing violently. Her eyes widen and she quickly grabs the cup that is placed on the counter across from the couch and gets him a glass of water. She rushes back over to him and lifts the cup to his lips, slowly helping him gulp down the water.

She places the now empty cup onto the floor and then she bends the water back out of the bucket and above his abdomen. He leans his head back against the pillow and closes his eyes. Korra gets worried at first, but when he speaks in a raspy voice, she once again continues to heal his stomach, "What . . . what a-are you s-sorry for?"

"You shouldn't be talking, Mako. You should, well, save your strength! You did take quite the beating . . ." Korra quickly says, her hands beginning to shake as tears threaten to spill once more.

"Korra," He quietly pleads, "t-tell me." Her ice color eyes shift a little so they lock with his and that's when he notices the tears forming in her bright, cerulean eyes. He goes to open his mouth to say something, but she cuts him off, "I'm sorry for everything, okay? It's just- ugh! This whole situation got so out of hand."

"Tell me a-about it." He says with a humorless chuckle and sighs, closing his eyes again. She nods her head and then suddenly, her sadness turns to anger. She narrows her eyes at him and quickly snaps at him, her piercing yell ringing through his ears, "What was your problem anyways? If you weren't so distracted you would have seen Jet's hit and dodge it!"

His amber eyes snap open and he gasps, his eyes wide in disbelief, "Whoah, wait a minute here, are you blaming me for this?"

"Well," Korra shrugs one shoulder, sighing, "maybe I am . . ." She looks at him and almost instantly her facial features soften. She looks down and shakes her head, "No, it's not your fault, Mako. I'm sorry, it's just . . . well, I was worried. You have no idea what it was like for Bolin and I to watch you go flying into the water with a trail of blood left on the ring. I was so scared and so was Bolin. I screamed out your name, but you were already deep into the water. I jumped in after you and got you out, but, Spirits, Mako, you should have seen you. You were sinking to the bottom and your blood stained the water that was surrounding you red. Jet hit you pretty badly on the shoulder and on your stomach and, well, I wasn't sure if you were going to make it to be quite honest."

He listens to her, watching as her arms shake while she tries to hold back the sob that so desperately wants to escape her. She shakes her head and runs her hand through her damp, chocolate hair, "Mako, it's really . . . it's really my fault this happened to you." He gives her a confused, questioning look, not understanding how this could be her fault when it was obviously Jet's fault.

The Waterbender bites her lower lip and whips at her watery eyes, "Before the match started Jet came to me. First he was trying to be all cocky and charming, but that wasn't working so well. He was bragging at how he was the Team Captain of his team and he was, I guess, trying to flirt, but I blew him off. He got up all in my personal space and started saying these disgusting things, so I told him I had to finish getting ready and to stop. He pretty much told me this was going to be a foul play match! He kept saying how sometimes referees don't see everything and they could sometimes be blind to illegal moves." She sighs, looking down at ground, shaking her head, "I told him I could take him and I knew how important Probending is to you and Bolin so I told him I would make sure they lose and we win. He then told me he wouldn't use illegal moves . . . if I did something in return for him."

Mako could see Korra struggling with this and he could easily see how much she blames herself for his injuries. He wants to cut her off and tell her it isn't her fault, but he knows she has to get this out of her system and lift this weight off her shoulders. She swallows the rock that suddenly formed in her throat and continues, "He said if I joined their team, they wouldn't use illegal moves. You and Bolin were my first real and close friends since I've gotten to Republic City and I wasn't going to just betray you both like that, so, I denied his offer, but I guess doesn't take no for an answer. He suddenly had me against the lockers and he was, well, kissing me and then, of course, that's when you walked in." She finally looks back up at Mako, her eyes locking with his, "I guess you left before you saw me shove him off me and yell at him. I told him to get off and leave me alone. He then promised me it wouldn't be a fair match and I suppose he was right about that."

"Korra-" The Firebender begins, but Korra quickly cuts him off, shaking her head at him, "No, Mako! It's my fault. You wouldn't be this badly hurt if I didn't deny Jet's stupid offer!"

"Hey," Mako finally gets her to listen. He shakes his head and sighs, "Korra, I would rather you deny his offer and I get hurt than having you betray my brother and I. I would rather have these wounds than lose a friend . . . like you."

Korra's eyes widen and then she quickly turns her attention back to the ground. She could feel her cheeks getting hot as she starts to blush and she slightly smiles, "Really?"

"Yeah . . . really." Mako simply says and then lifts his hand up to her, a crooked smile on his lips, "Korra, I'm glad I have you as a friend and if it means that I had to suffer these injuries to keep you as a friend, well, that's fine for me." He then adds, "Thank you, Korra, for sticking by mine and Bolin's side and helping us out with the Probending. You helped us out when we had no one else and you became a real good friend to me and my brother. You looked out for us and even when I was a complete jerk to you, you still have my back." Korra smiles back at him and nods while she slowly slips her hand into his and he quickly pulls her down so she is lying on top of him. He weakly wraps his arms around her body and hugs her, his face getting lost in her hair. Her face is buried into the crock of his neck and she smiles into the hug.

When she hears him wince, she quickly jumps off him and kneels down beside the couch, smiling, "Oops . . . forgot about the wound on your stomach."

He shakes his head and waves her off with his hand, "No problem . . . you can heal me though . . . right? Because I don't mean to complain, but, um, Spirits, it hurts." Korra chuckles and nods her head, already bending the water out of the bucket and over his wound. The water begins to glow and she continues to heal him, concentrating on the injury.

He watches her heal him and he looks down, feeling his own guilt take over. He sighs and breaks the silence with his own apology, "Korra, I should be the one saying sorry."

She glances over at him, raising a questioning eyebrow, "What are you talking about?"

"When I saw you and Jet kissing, I jumped automatically to the wrong conclusion. I wouldn't even hear you out! I just thought you would betray us . . . betray me like that. When I saw you two kissing, I left a wave of jealously run through my body. I was so hurt and I just stormed off, replacing my jealously and sadness with anger and rage. I took it out on you, snapping and saying hurtful things to you when I didn't even know the whole story. I yelled at you, blamed you for us losing that round. I told you to save us the time of losing and leave the team. I was so harsh to you and I didn't even care if I hurt you. I left, well, you hurt me by kissing Jet so I should hurt you. It wasn't right, I know that, but, it's just . . . I'm sorry."

She looks down, her eyes locking with the blood that is still pouring out of his cut on his stomach and she sighs, "Mako, I understand. You were hurt because you thought I betrayed you. You have nothing to be sorry for-"

"You don't understand," He quickly stops her, "I was watching you get double teamed out there and when I knew I could have helped you out, I didn't! I just watched you get hit from all different angles and I didn't even bother even trying to help you out. If you would have gotten seriously hurt, I would have never been able to forgive myself, Korra."

"The thing is," The Firebender continues, "as much as I was mad at you at the time, when I heard you scream out in pain, I got distracted. I lost focused and looked to see if you were okay. I was worried about you, despite everything, I hated hearing you scream like that. I felt so guilty and I was already blaming myself when the yell came out of your mouth. I was scared to see how bad you got hurt, but before I could fully see if you were injured or not, that's when Jet hit me and I went flying out of the ring."

Korra finishes healing his stomach the best she could and she bends the stream of water back into the bucket. She looks up at his pale face that is starting to regain its color. He could see the love and worry in her eyes and the emotions swimming around in her ice color eyes. She whips at them, feeling them get watery, but before she could manage to say anything to him, he cuts her off, "Korra, I'm an idiot. I think we have both established that, but the thing is, I, um, Korra, I like you. I mean, hey, you drive me crazy. You're stubborn, hothead, immature at times, insane, hyper, sometimes annoying, and-"

"Get to the point, City-Boy." Korra interrupts, narrowing her eyes at him as her eyebrow goes up in annoyance.

"My point is," He starts again, "despite all of those things, I wouldn't change a thing about you. I love it how you're caring and how you would do anything for your friends and family; even strangers you would do anything for. I love your determination and the strength you have. I admire how you're doing everything in your power in order to be the best Avatar you could be; you are an amazing Avatar and person. We fight a lot, yeah, but we can get along too. I trust you with my life, Korra. There isn't a moment that I've spent with you that I regret. I'm glad I met you and I'm glad you're my friend and someone I could count on. Korra, I like you . . . a lot and I think my jealously tonight proved that I can't stand it when I see you with anyone else."

She can't help, but let the corner of her lips curve up into a small smile at Mako's words. She can't even describe how happy she feels at this moment. Korra tightly holds onto his hand and nods her head, not even knowing what to say, "I think it's about time you said that, Mako."

He rolls his golden eyes and chuckles, "Can't you just say that you like me back?"

"Hey, what makes you think I like you back, huh?" She quickly says with her famous pout rising to her lips. She raises an eyebrow at him and waits for his respond, but she only receives a shake to the head.

"Are you denying it?" The Firebender asks, his own eyebrow raising as he cocks his head slightly to the side, grinning at her.

She rolls her eyes and laughs, shaking her head, "Maybe . . . no. It may be true; I may like you back." She shrugs one shoulder at him and he shrugs his own shoulders back at her, "Hey, I guess you're not getting a kiss until you admit it."

She frowns and folds her arms across her chest, "Oh, really?"

"Really." He simply states, trying to fold his own arms across his chest, but then winces. "Ow."

"Oh just relax, City-Boy, before you damage yourself any further." The Avatar says with a chuckle as she sits on the couch by his legs and stares at his bright eyes. He smiles at her and she can't help herself, but moves up closer to his face; she begins leaning in. He lifts his own head up and presses his lips against hers; both of their lips moving slowly and passionately.

Both of their eyes close at the touch of their lips against each other's and the kiss is full of passion and love. They both continue the kiss until the door swings open and Bolin suddenly appears, clearly out of breath. He is panting heavily and Mako and Korra both quickly pull apart from one another; blushing.

Korra's eyes are wide and so are Mako and both of their faces are a dark shade of red. She swallows the lump that is stuck in her throat and rubs the back of her neck, "B-Bolin?"

"Oh, what, yeah? Oh! Right. Okay, wow, I'm tired." Bolin walks into the room, shutting the door behind him. He raises an eyebrow when he notices how red their faces are and how nervous they both look; they both have guilty looks on their faces. "Um, did I interrupt something?"

"What? No!" Korra quickly says and Mako just shakes his head. Bolin's lime green eyes shift to his brother and a wide smile breaks along the Earthbender's face, "Mako! Oh, Mako, you're okay! You're awake!" He quickly rushes over to his brother's side and quickly drags Mako into a tight bear hug.

Mako's eyes almost pop right out of his head because of how hard Bolin is squeezing him and he can't breathe. He moans out, obviously in pain due to his wounds on his stomach and shoulder, and he tries to struggle out of his brother's grip.

"Bolin! He can't breathe." Korra quickly says, placing her hand on Bolin's shoulder. He quickly lets go out his brother and backs away slowly, watching the Firebender gasp for air.

"Oh . . . oops . . . sorry about, um, that." Bolin mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm just really glad you're okay, Bro."

Mako smiles up at his younger brother and nods his head, "I know. It's okay, Bo. I'm okay though, Korra healed me up the best she can. I just need some rest, right, Korra?"

She nods her head while her hand rubs the upper part of her other arm. She looks away and shrugs one shoulder, "Yeah, he should be fine. He just has to stay put and relax." Bolin nods and she could feel Mako's eyes staring at her. She starts backing up towards the door, clapping her hands together, "I got to go. I have to, well, deal with a few things. I'll be right back though."

Then with that, Korra exits the room, leaving the two brothers alone. Bolin folds his arms across his chest and raises an eyebrow at his brother, shaking his head, "What did you do? Please don't tell me you both got into another fight."

"Actually . . . no, we didn't." Mako says, a smile forming onto his face, "We're actually getting along really, really well."

"Define 'really, really well'." The Earthbender says, his eyebrows now disappearing into his hair from them rising so high up.

Mako sighs and looks down at his hands, silently thinking to himself, "This should be really fun to explain . . ."

. . .

Korra opens the door quietly, thinking Bolin left to head back to the apartment and thinking Mako is asleep on the couch, still healing. She shuts the door behind her and looks over to actually see Bolin's eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

She raises her eyebrow at them and points to Bolin, "Um, did I miss something?"

Mako shakes his head, "He's been like this for about an hour now." He looks over at his brother, who is still standing there in shock, "I tried snapping him out of it, but it's not working out so well."

"Well, what hap-" Before she could finish her sentence, Bolin suddenly spins around and points his index finger close to Korra's face, "You and Mako . . . KISSED?!"

Korra's eyes widen and Mako could feel himself once again blushing. He shakes his head and sighs, "Oh sure now you decide to talk."

"You told?!" The Avatar yells towards Mako, her eyes wide with shock and confusion. He shrugs one shoulder, "Well I'm sorry, I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret!"

"I just thought you wanted to talk about it first . . . to be quite honest I thought you were just saying all of those things because you just woke up from being unconscious and you weren't thinking straight after hitting your head that bad!" Korra says, running her hand through her hair. She then turns to Bolin, "Um, Bo? Are you, well, okay?"

Bolin shakes his head, shaking off the shock and then smiles at the Waterbender. "Am I? Okay? Me? Korra, what do you think. It was obviously that the moment you saw the guy you fell for him. I knew my brother was a bit . . . awkward and rude at first, well, he was more of an idiot and jerk, but I saw the way he looked at you. I knew my brother had something for you and when he went flying into the water like that . . . the way you screamed out to him and jumped right after him, I knew you guys shared this weird, special, bond . . . thing. I'm happy for you guys, really. Oh, and besides, now I have a chance with Asami." Bolin adds that last part about Asami with a wink and a soft laugh.

Korra and Mako both roll their eyes, but smile nevertheless at the Earthbender. Bolin then sits on the chair that is beside the couch and looks up at Korra, "Oh, by the way, what was the thing you had to take care of?"

"Oh," She starts, rubbing the back of her neck, "the thing I had to take care of. Well, let's just say, in two weeks we're getting a rematch against the Ba Sing Se Badgermoles. Only this time, we're getting a fair match; I made sure of that alright."

"Korra," Mako says in a stern, knowing tone, "what did you do?"

She shrugs her shoulder, casually walking around the room like she did absolutely nothing at all. She smiles at him, but when she receives a glare and a scold look on Mako's face, she sighs, frowning. "Okay, okay, jeez, I may have used excessive force on the referee."

"Korra!" Both brothers yell at her in unison. She lifts her hands up in a defensive way and shakes her head, "Hey! It wasn't my fault he wouldn't take me asking nicely as the first option! He just told me to mind my own business, so, I ended up changing his opinion."

"How?" Mako asks, shaking his head as he folds his arms across his chest, clearly not in agreement at the Avatar's actions. She rolls her eyes, "Well, first I tried hanging him by his foot over the Yue Bay, but he didn't seem too scared. So, I may have had him tied to a tree with Naga nicely sitting in front of him, waiting to be . . . fed."

" . . ."

" . . ."

Korra watches Bolin and Mako look at her like she has three heads. She bites down on her lower lip and watches as Mako throws his hands over his face and Bolin just stare at her in, once again, complete shock.

"Um, guys?" Korra tries getting them to speak, but neither of them says a single word. It even looks like they both stopped breathing. "Hello? Guys?"

"Korra," Mako finds himself starting to speak in a very slow and quiet voice, "remember when I told you how hotheaded and crazy you are?" She nods her head so he continues, "Now would be one of those times when you prove me right on those two statements!"

She pouts and crosses her arms, "Hey! So not fair to judge me like that." He just rolls his eyes and then turns to Bolin, "Bolin, can you go see if the referee is still alive?"

Korra rolls her eyes at that comment and mumbles, "He is . . ." Bolin, however, nods his head and smiles at his brother, "See you later, Bro. Um, you two, well, have fun." He then skips out the door, leaving the two of them alone.

The Waterbender walks over to the couch and sits beside him, lacing her fingers between his own. "I'm sorry . . . I just wanted to help. Oh! And before you end up finding out later . . . I kind of, well, had a few 'words' with Jet and his team."

"Korra, if someone walks in right now telling me you killed Jet and his team and now we're all getting kicked out of Probending and going to jail . . . I think I just may kill you myself." Mako says with a complete straight face, which actually scares Korra for a second. She just waves him off, "No, I didn't 'kill' anyone, Mr. Hot Head. I just, well, had a few 'words' with him and his team. I made sure that if they ever pull another move like that again, I will personally make sure they are more scared of me than they are of Amon."

Mako's eyes widen and he then asks slowly, "Korra, did you hit any of them?"

"Jet went to go throw an earth disc at me, but I have quick reflexes and stopped him just in time. Oh, and then Naga came before Nyla and Hasook could do anything to me." Korra says with a smile. He nods his head and pulls her gently down so she is lying against him on the couch; both of their bodies are pushed against each others. She turns so she is facing him, her stomach pressing against his stomach. She tries to not move too much or press to hard against him, knowing his wounds on his stomach is still pretty bad and his shoulder is still healing as well.

She stares up at him and places her hand softly onto his cheek. Her sapphire color eyes lock with his bright, shinning amber eyes and she quietly whispers, "Mako, I'm really, really glad you're okay. If something were to happen to you . . . I would have lost it. I would have probably entered the Avatar State and killed every one."

He smiles down at her and kisses her forehead, "Korra, I'm okay. I really am. I'm just, well, banged up a bit, but thanks to you, I'm better."

"Good . . . that's good." She smiles and then cuddles against his chest, "Now, get some rest. You definitely need the strength."

"Well, now that I'm going out with you, I'm am really going to need the strength." He winks at her and she slaps his good shoulder playfully, "Hey! Not funny, City-Boy!"

He just stares at her, waiting for her to fully understand and progress what he said. She stares at him for a few minutes before her eyes widen and a wide smile crosses her face, "Wait . . . so, we're officially going out?"

He laughs and smiles his famous, sexy, crooked smile at her, "You bet we are."

She squeaks in delight and doesn't waste a second before wrapping her arms around his neck and slamming her lips against his own. She smiles into the kiss and she could feel him doing the same.

They both have each other's backs; they always did and always will. They have each other and they know no matter what obstacles or chaos they end up going through, they know they have each other to help get through it and they have Bolin as well. And to them, that's all that matters.