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Summary: During the final battle with Gilgamesh, Archer did not assist Shirou. As a result, both Shirou and the King of Heros were transported to another realm. A realm where the Age of the Gods had not ended. By chance, Shirou becomes the Eighth Campione. What is he going to do in this world?

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Chapter 1: End of a King, Birth of a Slayer.

I could not give up.

Letting Gilgamesh win would mean the end to everything that I cared about.

Tohsaka would perish. Every inhabitant of Fuyuki city would perish. Even lands across the oceans would not be safe from Gilgamesh.

Thus I gave my rage free reign, and used everything I could to stop him.


Swords were flying. Swords of every variety, culture, and design collided in shrill screeches of metal rending and bending. The sheer amount of speed and force of the collisions displaced the air around the impact points.

This battle is like nothing ever seen before. And nothing like it would ever be seen again in this world.

Breathing was a chore. It was painful to suck in even slightly. Each inhalation came with a spasm of pain. I was not getting enough oxygen.

I stood amongst countless blades. All of which were stolen from the one person I was trying to defeat. My head hurt. My circuits burned. My blood was on fire. Cuts and bruises littered my body. But those wounds were merely superficial. Compared to the damage that my magic circuits had sustained, every other wound was negligible. For now.

Gilgamesh didn't look any better. His once flat and silky blond hair was now sullied with grime, sweat, and blood. Not my blood, his blood.

We both managed to catch our breaths at the same time. We glared at each other with equal amounts of hate.

Trembling from exhaustion, both of us summoned our final swords.

"Trace on..." I traced the Golden Sword of Assured Victory, Caliburn, and charged.

"You scum, how dare you force me into such a state. You will pay with your life!"

Gilgamesh chose the one most powerful sword in his entire armory, Ea: The Sword of Rupture. I slashed at him before he could even start to rotate the individual parts that made up his blade. In a fountain of red, his arm was cut off. Ea dematerialized and Gilgamesh fell back and yelled in agony.


Lifting Caliburn high above my head, I swung down intent on landing the finishing blow. But my blow was halted by a tiny speck of darkness which appeared on the stump where Gilgamesh's arm used to connect. The speck expanded within milliseconds.

"What is this?! Is Angra Mainyu trying to devour me?! That cannot happen! I am the King!"

Space distorted around it with such force that Gilgamesh was fully engulfed. My reality marble, Unlimited Blade Works, soon followed like a carpet being pulled out from beneath my feet. Floating not even 3 meters in front of me, was a vortex of supreme suction. It had enough power to suck in my projected Reality marble, yet it was not sucking in anything else. Perhaps it was controlled by the influence of Gaia, and would only suck in those that should not exist in this realm: Gilgamesh and my Marble. The unholy vibe I got from the vortex didn't matter, It helped me in my goal. It was finally over. I stood up straight and relaxed my posture.

"At last…*gasp* Gilgamesh is gone…" I managed between breaths. The sphere of vile darkness started to shrink and before long it was about the size of a fist. I turned around and tried to locate Tohsaka.

Before Shirou could even take two steps, a chain shot out of the hole in space and wrapped itself tightly around Shirou's left arm. 'How is that even possible?!' Struggling as much as he could against the pull of the chain, Shirou attempted to shake it off, but it was futile.

"GAHAHAHA!" His maniacal laughter could be heard from the inside of the darkness. "You! If I must perish, I will not perish alone. You will die with meee!"

In another reality, Shirou would have acquired the help of the counter-guardian, but sadly in this one, the guardian did not appear. The chain tightened, and dragged Shirou along the stony ground. Shirou desperately looked for anything he could grab onto. Nothing. He could not just trace a sword either, since the chain that bound his arm was not just any chain. It was Enkidu, the Chain of Heaven. Which had the ability to suppress any divinity and by extension, any form of magical energy.

Seconds passed. Every second Shirou was dragged closer and closer to the break in space. Seconds that Shirou spent panicking and trying to halt his approach to the void. Inevitably, after doing what he could, Shirou came face to face with it. His arm was already halfway inside, and soon enough he was swallowed.

[Location: Netherworld]

Shirou awoke in an area full of white, gray, and black. It was an eerie feeling, yet not totally unfamiliar. Shirou couldn't remember where he had seen it before though. Mist was floating on the ground that did not seem to dissipate even if one fanned it away. It was a world that looked painted. It had no color, no life, and no movement.

"Am I dead?" Shirou said aloud, not expecting someone to reply.

"You should be by all means young lad. Tell me, how are you still alive? Are you one of the kings?" Questioned a voice coming from directly behind Shirou.

Startled, Shirou jumped back and reflexively traced Kanshou and Bakuya into his hands. There in front of him, was a rather plump old man. He was wearing a white robe of some sort that was open down the middle. He kept his hair scruffy and looked like he could use a comb. And a shaver for his brown beard. He had a necklace that had beads embedded at regular intervals. Overall, he looked to be a rather mellow type of man. So Shirou took a chance and responded.

"Um pardon me...but where am I?" Shirou inquired not letting up his guard the slightest.

"You mean to tell me that you do not even realize where you are?" Responded the old man incredulously. His eyebrows shot up a couple centimeters.

"Yes...Oh... I am sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Emiya Shirou. Can I know yours?" Shirou stated as he relaxed his guard now that he knew he could continue on a civil conversation. Big mistake.

As if on cue, dozens of swords launched out from his left side. Shirou widened his eyes for the split second, but reacted far faster than a normal human could ever accomplish. 'Thank god I still had my reinforcement' thought Shirou as he backpedaled to a safe distance away from the bush that the blades originated from.

Gilgamesh stepped out. Above his self were multiple glowing ripples in the fabric of space. Weapons one by one slowly came out of the individual ripples.

Shirou clenched his teeth. 'There is a civilian right there! I need to bring this fight away from him, but how?' Never taking his eyes off Gilgamesh, Shirou plotted his plan of action. He charged with his limbs fully reinforced. It seemed to take much more energy than normal to reinforce his limbs, but he paid it no mind as of that instant. His full focus was in trying to prevent the old man from getting caught up in the inevitable battle.

Dashing at a speed comparable to a cheetah, Shirou reached Gilgamesh within a blink of the eye. He had to deflect many blades along the way. Many of them were already copied into his Reality Marble, but many were also new swords to Shirou. Nevertheless, they were soon copied on sight. Looking into Gilgamesh's red eyes for but a split second. Golden-brown met red.

He was in front of Gilgamesh with Kanshou and Bakuya held in his left and right hands respectively. Shirou stabbed Bakuya towards Gilgamesh's heart, but was deflected by Merodach, The Original Sin. How very fitting.

Not letting up in his full frontal, Shirou slashed Kanshou across his chest. Red burst forth once more from Gilgamesh. It seemed that by dual wielding blades, Shirou had a major advantage against Gilgamesh who only had one arm. As an added bonus, by attacking Gilgamesh up close and personal, he could not utilize his Gate of Babylon lest he risk hitting himself. Shirou expected as much. Since Gilgamesh was so overconfident, he never bothered to learn any sword skills and just resorted to either Ea or his Gate of Babylon to overwhelm his foes with sheer unstoppable power. Now with Ea being cut off, literally, with his arm. He could only use his Gate of Babylon. But that was also proving to be no problem for Shirou. He had effectively sealed off that Noble Phantasm as well.

Slowly but surely, Shirou led them away from the old man's hut. As a flurry of black and white, Shirou's blades haphazardly slashed, sliced, and stabbed at Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh could not even retaliate since he was completely on the defensive, blocking only the most fatal of blows with his Merodach. Cuts appeared all over Gilgamesh's body. Within moments, Gilgamesh's appearance could be likened to that of an zebra. Except that instead of black and white stripes, he had large, deep red gashes that continuously flowed blood.

Shirou was out of breath. Gilgamesh did not even look like he should be standing.

"You mongrel…*gasp* How dare you do this to the king…*gasp*" Despite his pitiful appearance, Gilgamesh could certainly put up a tough front.

"Gilgamesh…*gasp* prepare to die…." Shirou let the married blades dissipate. Shirou could not figure out why he was so tired. He had only been forced into the fight mere moments ago and yet he was already out of breath. Some minor reinforcing and tracing one pair of the twin daos should not have exhausted him that quickly. 'Why am I so damn tired? This doesn't make any sense! I need to end this fight soon. Before I die from exhaustion' Resolving himself to at least completely obliterating Gilgamesh before he dies, Shirou traced his final weapon using much of the prana he had left.

" I am the bone of my sword."

An outline of the blade appeared in his hands.

"Steel is my body and fire is my blood."

Light started gathering to fill the handle of the blade.

"I have created over a thousand blades."

More and more light gathered into the handle.

"Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain."

The handle was fully formed. It was a cylindrical shape of royal blue. The hilt was that of pure gold, with a design of the same blue as the blue that made up the handle.

"Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival."

The actual blade of the sword started to form next. From the base of the hilt to the tip of the edge, enough light gathered and concentrated so as to give the blade form.

"I have no regrets. This is the only path."

In a bright flash, the weapon that appeared in Shirou's hands was the Sword of Promised Victory, Excalibur. It was majestic in its own right, but could not be called beautiful. Since the word "beautiful" does not even comprehend the full scale of this blade. It is instead, sacred. It glowed with a dim luminescence. A sword of the Faeries. Despite it being a divine construction, Shirou had managed to trace it only because of one reason. Avalon. The sheathe of King Arthur had been fused with his body and soul for a decade. Thus, to the blade, It is being handled by its sheathe. Shirou could not be classified as a mere human anymore.

"It is the end for you Gilgamesh, you will be slain by this sword. The sword of the King you could not have." Shirou got into the standard zweihander stance to ready its Noble Phantasm ability.

Shirou lifted the sword above his head and gathered his remaining prana into the blade. 'More! It needs more power!' Shirou could feel the blade taking away more and more of his prana. The blade gathered more and more light. By that point, it shone through vast areas of the netherworld, drawing the attention of the select few who resided there.


"NO! I will not die this way!" Gilgamesh roared as he opened up his Gate of Babylon. Behind him, a vertical sea of golden ripples materialized into existence. The sheer number of blades that escaped his vault was overwhelming to say the least. "A lot" would be the understatement of the century. In the face of this barrage, even Heracles, with his [Mad Enhancement], would back down in fear.

Yet, in the face of all these weapons of lore, Shirou did not back down.


Shirou unleashed Excalibur upon Gilgamesh.

The explosion of energy and light illuminated the netherworld in gold. The beam shot true even through the horde of noble phantasms. As a anti-fortress Noble Phantasm, Excalibur could only be matched by Ea. Therefore, none of Noble Phantasms that were currently coming at him could overcome an Excaliblast. The only weapon that Gilgamesh had that could counter Excalibur is Ea. Unfortunately for Gilgamesh, he had lost the ability to use that blade when he lost his arm.

The beam descended upon Gilgamesh in moments. He was engulfed entirely by it. Nothing was spared in the path of the blast. Flesh broke down into molecules. Molecules broke down into atoms. The sheer amount of energy used to power that attack had literally and effectively been wiped Gilgamesh completely off the face of the world. After accomplishing its sole purpose, the energy holding the blast together in a tight beam destabilized and it exploded with the force of a fusion bomb. A pillar of light was all that remained of the light energy, and it was rapidly floating away.

The force was something to be reckoned with. The wind pressure from the backlash caused Shirou to tumble back across the ground. The sound of the explosion could be defined as that of thousands of bombs going off at the same time. Not that Shirou could comprehend what happened afterwards anyways since he used up his remaining life-force in that final maneuver. Normally, a traced copy of Excalibur wouldn't be that powerful, but since an entity that is defined as 'sword' had used his life's energy to power it, the difference was inconsequential. Shirou Emiya had effectively just killed himself. All in order to end this heretical god.

[Location: Pandora's Lair]

Shirou woke up for perhaps the second time in the same day. And again he was lying on his back in a world of white. Sitting up, Shirou blinked several times to clear his vision.

"This must be the root." Shirou concluded.

"What's that?" A high pitched voice spoke behind Shirou.

Flinching, Shirou turned around and was taken back by what, or who he saw. It was a girl. A girl who looked no older than he was. Most likely somewhere around the age of 11 or 12. She had on a white one piece dress with little petite shoes of the same color. Her hair had been done up in a double side pony-tail that went down to her knees. It sorta reminded Shirou of Tohsaka…

Strangest of all, were her ears. Not the spherical earrings, but rather the ears themselves. They were pointed. Like an elf's ears.

"Hello! My name is Pandora!" Greeted the newly dubbed, 'Pandora.' "And you just died!"

Great way to start my morning.

End Chapter 1

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