A/N: Wow I start a new story just now after putting everything else on Hiatus. I really need to learn how to get organized. Anyway I'm trying something a little different than my usual all canon humor stories. Yep, an OC story, in a whole different fandom; this idea has been bugging me for the last few weeks and I'm just getting to trying it out. Doesn't help that I've gone back to trying to complete AMVs either. Hopefully it doesn't crash and burn. Now enjoy this super short but important intro!

Break 0: Prologue

Dissonance, -noun; discord, disagreement, or incongruity.

When something is dropped into the calm water a ripple effect is created. No matter how small the movement it will be carried on.

The consistent tapping of a pencil was the only source of sound in the dimly lit bedroom. A mildly disheveled female sat in front of a plain wooden desk tapping the pencil in thought. Letters and papers were scattered carelessly on the smooth surface; all filled with words both of honesty and dishonesty. With a sigh the girl leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, recalling why she was staying up so late the night before school officially started.

"Oi! Kaed-chan!" a petite black haired girl called out to the other female who was currently on her way back from picking up the groceries.

Turning to face the other girl Kaed raised a questioning eyebrow, "Etsu-san?"

The other girl huffed in annoyance, "I told you to drop the –san already! We are friends after all."

"I will when I can alright," Kaed said, "Anyway, what brings you here?"

"Oh!" Etsu straightened up, "A few of my friends are also going to Kaijou along with some other girls they know. I told them that you went to Teiko and knew the Generation of Miracles personally." The girls smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of her neck.

Now quite suspicious of her long-time friend Kaed held her gaze, "And?"

Etsu was now chuckling forcibly, "Well, I kind of told them that you were close to Kise Ryouta so. . .," she drifted off.

"I see," Kaed deadpanned, it wasn't the first time this had happened after all. Being the somewhat flamboyant model's minder, did have its downsides. This was one of them. "So you have the letters on you now?"

"Ha ha. Yep, right here," Etsu said handing the dark brunette a small stack of letters. "I'd best be off!" Smiling she hastily jogged down the street, about half-way out of sight yet still in earshot Etsu turned and called out one last time. "Oh yeah! I kind of sort of maybe told them that you could introduce them to him!"

Kaed stared at her friend dumbfounded before collecting herself, "Etsuuuuuuu-saaaaaan! I keep telling you. You can't just volunteer me for things!"

At the sight of a ticked off Kaed, Etsu quickly began running again, yelling over her shoulder, "I only do that because I can rely on you!"

Kaed let her head drop onto her desk at the memory and groaned. Etsu sure was a handful sometimes. Propping her head up on her hand she sighed, "Always the reliable one," she murmured.