A/N: So I've been gone for...far too long. School's been keeping me busy along with taking an outside language course takes up a lot of time. Added to that I really have been facing a slump in this story along with all other fanfiction. As such I've been considering doing a complete rewrite of Dissonance. To that end I wanted to give people a notice as well as asking for suggestions on how exactly to go about this. If I go through with the rewrite it will most likely change nearly every aspect with a few exceptions, I really would like to make a more coherent plot. So without further ado, a very short preview.

Break 1 (rewrite)

She wasn't quite sure what had possessed her to tag along. But here she was, it was a sunny day for a not-so fresh start in Kaijou. Crowds of people swarmed around as students made their ways to classes or to find their friends. The girl stood relatively tall in comparison to a majority of the females present, giving her an edge when it came to spotting people. Unfortunately for her, the friend in question she was looking for blended in far too easily. Sighing, she took a few steps to the edge of the crowd and glanced down at her phone to check for any new messages, there were none.

The girl had just about given up when a small dark blur rushed to her side. Grinning from ear to ear the smaller female jumped the other with a quick, but powerful hug. "Kaed-chan! I found you! You have no idea how glad I am you decided to come here!"

Smiling slightly, Kaed gently pushed her excitable friend to the side. "Geez Etsu-san, no need to be so over the top about it. It's a good school and you and the other one wouldn't stop bugging me about it. Speaking of which, I haven't seen him anywhere, strange considering it is kind of hard to miss him…"

"You're right about that," Etsu mused, tapping her lip. "I wonder…"

"He's probably off with his fans or signing up for the basketball club." Straightening out her uniform, Kaed took another sweep around with her eyes. "Which is something I should also be doing."

So taken by finding a clear path through all the people, Kaed didn't even notice the other tall form approaching her with great haste. Well, until said form decided to try and get her attention.

"Tsujicchi~! I need your help!"

"Kise! What did I tell you about asking for sudden favors?!"