In the Darkest Night: Dark Beginnings

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Authors Note: Alternate Universe in which the Protheans won a Phyrric victory over the Reapers, destroying both their Empire and nearly destroying the Mass Relay system. Mass Effect Universe with no Reapers, no Citadel, and no Citadel Council or Citadel race alliance. Many thanks to PMC65 for letting me use the Asari culture and characters from her "Thessian Whisper" and "The Shepardess and the Questing Beast" in this story. The timeline is in both Earth time in Anno Domini (AD) years and in Asari Republics Republic Era (RE) years which is marked from the beginning of the League of Republics upon Thessia, the first unified Thessian government. The story begins in 4714 RE/2190 AD.

Rating: Mature

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Chapter Eleven – Asari are not Batarians Part 3

29045 focused her gaze upon the wide ribbon of warm water pouring out from wide spout-like opening near the shower ceiling, following its shimmering flow to where it splashed upon small, curved, cream and blue colored tiles set in an intricate swirling pattern upon the floor. Eating at the same table as her new Mistress so that the asari could see which foods she liked and which she disliked had been a very strange and confusing experience for 29045, but this was even stranger and more confusing. When her Mistress had ordered her to disrobe and follow her into the shower, 29045 thought her Mistress wanted her to assist with her bathing and had followed the order eagerly, for it was a servant's task, not a slave's task, and yet another sign that her Mistress thought she might be more than just an animal.

However, that was not what her Mistress had desired from her. Instead of her bathing her Mistress, her Mistress wished to bathe her. Thus she came to be here, standing motionless while her Mistress stood behind her, the asari's soap slicked hands running slowly over the human female's arms and shoulders, her fingers working the cleansing solution into a thick white coating upon the slave's much paler skin. 29045 thought back to the brief glimpse of her Mistress's soft, pleased expression when she had immediately obeyed the asari's command to turn around and present her back to her Mistress. This was certainly a new experience for 29045. Yet the human female didn't doubt that she was giving pleasure to her Mistress simply by being compliant with the asari's wishes, and that was for her to accept that her Mistress wished to touch and bathe her. It certainly wasn't painful, 29045 mused as she unconsciously relaxed underneath the soothing, stroking hands now rubbing up and down her back. Indeed, the shorter female let forth a slight sound of pleasure as her Mistress's fingers dug into a tense set of muscles in a way that felt anything but unpleasant or painful…her Mistress's hands felt good upon her body.

"Your skin is so soft and tender," her Mistress's voice was soft and low as she spoke, surprising the slave for the asari had been silent ever since she had ordered the human female to shed her clothing and join her in the shower. "As tender as a newborn's skin," the asari continued sounding thoughtful above the sound of the water as she slowly stroked her fingertips down the human's back. 29045 didn't know how tender was a newborn asari's skin, but she knew that her skin was thinner and weaker than a batarian's skin. Just one sign of how humans were lesser than Batarians…and apparently lesser than even the youngest Asari given what her new Mistress had just said to her. "It…." there was a brief but noticeable pause before the asari continued, "You are pleasing my touch." 29045's eyes widened in astonishment as her Mistress gave her praise instead of ridicule.

Her Mistress's hands, which had stilled at the human's waist as the asari spoke, began their circular once again, pressing motion back up along either side of 29045's spine. They pressed with greater firmness as they worked their way back up along 20945's back, the soap acting as a lubricant, allowing the asari's fingers to slide freely across the human's skin as blue fingers kneaded into the muscles underneath. Unbidden, another slight sound of pleasure escaped 29045's lips at the pleasant sensation and her head lolled submissively forward. 29045 thought for a brief moment that her Mistress's hands slowed at the sound and tensed in concern. She waited anxiously for a sharp, physical correction and harsh words, but her Mistress said nothing and the asari's hands simply continued in their circular motions up her back at the same pace as before. Mindful of her earlier decision to not act fearfully and thus displease her Mistress, the slave forced her body to relax once again and as the silent seconds passed, 29045's forced relaxation eased into a more natural one.

Her Mistress lifted her hands from the human female's back, but only to dispense more soap onto her dark blue hands and rub it into a thick lather before beginning upon the slave's shoulders and neck. The asari spent several seconds rubbing over the tense muscles there before moving up the human's neck to gently glide her hands over the female slave's shaved head. "Your hair is already growing here," her Mistress said her voice betraying her surprise as she moved closer, her fingers stilled upon the human female's head. "Do not cut or shave it," the asari ordered after a moment as her hands began moving once again. "I want to see what it looks like when it's longer. As pale as it is now," her Mistress commented as her fingers upon the slave's scalp continued to work the soap into a thick, white cleansing lather, "it will be as pale as the hairs on your arms perhaps and certainly paler than the hairs above your eyes or at your groin."

Even though she was surprised at the command, 29045 quickly made an affirmative noise, acknowledging it. The Batarian masters had always kept the human slave's heads shaven; she did not even know what color the hair upon her head was for she could not remember ever having hair upon her head.

"Tilt your head back and close your eyes," her Mistress eventually commanded and the human female obediently lifted her chin as she closed her eyes. She was uncertain what the asari intended, but then her Mistress only continued rubbing the soap into her scalp. The asari's fingers worked their way across her head until 29045 was as certain as she could be with her eyes closed that her entire head was now covered with soapy white foam. "Keep your head tilted back and your eyes closed," her Mistress repeated her earlier command, causing the slave to frown a little in concern and squeeze her eyes even tighter together, "and turn around."

Ah, 29045's expression smoothed at the addition, and she did her best to turn around exactly in place though with her eyes closed and head tilted back she felt a bit disoriented. She wavered for a brief moment and immediately felt her Mistress's hands upon her shoulders, steadying and guiding her around. "Good," the asari praised her, "now step back into the water. I want to rinse your head."

The slave made a brief noise of acknowledgement and then immediately stepped backward into the warm spray of water behind her, stopping when she felt it upon her scalp. A brief moment later she felt her Mistress's cool hands upon her head rubbing along her skin. Making sure that the soap was all rinsed away, 29045 guessed from the asari's actions.

Her Mistress's hands lifted from the human female's head and then pressed against her shoulders, "Step forward," the asari commanded. 29045 obeyed letting her Mistress's hands upon her shoulders guide her while keeping her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she has not been ordered otherwise. One step, then two, and then after the third she had to stop because she literally ran into her Mistress. The slave was horrified at what she had done and immediately tried to step back only to have the asari's hands upon her shoulders firmly stop her. "I thought you would feel good pressed up against me," with her eyes closed 29045 could not see her Mistresses expression but something in her voice, in the asari's lowered tone, immediately dampened her fear and caused her breath to catch. "Your skin so pale against mine, so delicate and soft…and so warm." To the slave's astonishment the next thing she heard from her Mistress was soft laughter, "You are being wonderfully obedient right now my little human, go ahead and open your eyes."

29045 opened her eyes, and as she had her head tilted backward looked up directly into the intent brown ones of her Mistress. "I've liked your eyes from the first time that you looked up at me," the asari said, "our eyes are almost always shades of one color, brown or blue being the most common. Your eyes however are both brown and green. Their unusual, and beautiful." Astonished, the human female was still staring upward at the asari and it was only after her new Mistress stopped speaking that she submissively dropped her gaze. She did not lower her head however, for the asari had not told her to do that and was very aware that her Mistress was still staring down at her.

Warm…beautiful, she flicked her gaze upward, this close she could see the almost scaled texture of the asari's blue skin, which as her Mistress had implied seemed much thicker than her own pale skin. Her Mistress was still staring down at her, brown eyes intent upon the human. Normally this would be more than enough to fill the slave with fear, but this was her new Mistress not one of the Batarian Masters, and the slave did not think that the asari was thinking about hurting her at the moment. 29045 felt a strange fluttering in her stomach, and felt unaccountably hot for a moment - did her new Mistress wish to take pleasure from her body - to do more than just enjoying the warmth of her body and the softness of her skin? Strangely, the idea did not fill her with the same feelings as when the Batarian Masters wanted to please themselves with her body. She did not feel any need to chant to herself that her body was for her Masters to do with as they pleased to remain still and obedient, her body seemed to want to do that all on its own.

The asari lowered her head, her nostrils flaring as she drew in a deep breath. 29045's eyes flickered up, startled at her Mistress's behavior. "Last night before they sedated you couldn't smell much off you besides your fear, now though," the asari's hands slid downward from her shoulders to her back and pulled her even tighter against the alien female's body, "you smell very pleasant indeed and as if you like my touch upon your body."

29045 instantly thought about how her Mistress's hands had felt rubbing up her back and on her head, and now, and made an affirmative sound which sounded softer and more uncertain, or at least more wavering, than she had intended.

Instead of being angered by it, the asari once again laughed softly at her response. "Good because that was what I wanted," she replied before releasing her. "Turn around my human maiden," she ordered. Obediently 29045 turned around, she was bewildered though, both because she wasn't quite certain what her Mistress meant by calling her a maiden or by saying that was what she wanted and by the clear amusement in the asari's tone and expression.

As soon the slave finished turning, her Mistress pulled her backward until the human's back was pressed against the asari's chest again. "You are confused at me calling you a maiden?" her Mistress said as she reached around 29045, her blue arms encircling the smaller female, and dispensed a large amount of soap into her hands which she immediately began working it into a thick lather.

29045 made a soft affirmative sound as she stood very still, acutely aware of her Mistress's body pressed against her back while her gaze focused on how the muscles in the asari's forearms bunched and tensed underneath thickly textured blue skin as her Mistress continued to work the soap into a thick later. Her new Mistress was strong and tall and right now the slave was very literally surrounded by her body, it made 29045 very aware of how much weaker she was than the asari. The same thought had filled her with acute fear before, but somehow in this space, with how her Mistress was being with her, the slave wasn't nearly as afraid as she had been earlier in the morning.

"Even with what happened to you yesterday and wounded as you are," her Mistress began explaining, "still your body responds to me just as an asari maiden's would respond. Not many experiences would long dampen their needs either." The asari paused for a moment before continuing, "It probably means that your species, like mine, has a high sex drive that is especially high in young adulthood – and you are a young adult of your species."

The human female frowned slightly, the Masters had the right to use her body for pleasure. Sometimes…with a few of them she had not found the experience painful, but needing her Masters to use her body for pleasure? Slaves did not disagree with one's Master or Mistress though so her new Mistress must be right... The human's thoughts froze as the asari finished lathering the soap and then began working it into the skin of her stomach. "You have nice muscle definition," the asari murmured, as her hands stroked along the slave's abdomen, "it is very pleasant to feel under your soft skin." Blue hands glided upward, slowing as they reached the human's breasts then stroked around them once before the asari cupped them in her hands. "Not very big, but nicely formed," her Mistress complemented as her fingers stroked toward the crest of each breast, "and I like the coloring of your nipples. They are a very pretty hue of red and contrast nicely with the paleness of your skin…and against my own."

29045 made a breathy sound of acknowledgement of the compliment as her nipples hardened and became more prominent under the touch of her Mistress; making it clear to the human that the asari had been correct all along, her body did want her Mistress to use it for the asari's pleasure.

"This is what I wanted," her Mistress breathed in her ear just before her fingers flicked the stiffened tips of her breasts lightly, drawing a startled breath from the slave at the feelings that radiated from them. "You like how this feels don't you?" her Mistress did not even pause for the slave's agreement, "I want you to focus all your thoughts on how good this feels, can you do that for me my human maiden?"

29045 was bewildered by the command, but nevertheless made an affirmative noise and tried to do as her Mistress asked. It was not difficult as the asari's blue fingers, circled, lightly squeezed and even pulled at the deeper red tips of her breasts creating different, but all pleasant sensations. Never once did her Mistress squeeze too tightly or tug long enough to cause any pain.

After several seconds 29045 became aware of a strange pressing sensation against her head which reminded her in a way of a bay pressurizing. She felt it against her skin, and in her ears, making her want to swallow. As the sensation increased she began to feel somewhat felt disoriented, and removed from what was occurring, but at the same time she was very aware of her Mistress's fingers upon her breasts. Distantly she realized that at some point she had reached up and gripped her Mistresses muscular forearms, not to push the asari's hands away, but simply to hold onto something. Oddly, her mind focused on how small looking her hands were compared to the asari's blue ones. It emphasized in her mind her earlier thoughts of how much stronger and powerful than her race were the Asari - was the taller asari standing behind her. Unlike earlier however the thought did not feel her with even a slight amount of fear, but the growing belief that if she submitted to the Asari she would never be hurt again instead she would be cared for and protected by her Mistress.

Surrendering, yielding was easy; after all, it was what she had done her entire life without any promise of care or protection in return. The sense of her Mistress - strong, dominating…caring and protective - grew in 29045's mind as she surrendered everything to the asari. A warm feeling grew in her chest and then elsewhere as need rose within, overtaking and overwhelming her senses. The human slave heard a low groan and then realized with surprise that it had come from her about the same time as she realized her back was arched, thrusting her chest forward against the asari's stroking hands while her hips were rubbing in a needy motion against the asari's legs. 29045 wasn't quite certain what had just happened to her. She was panting, her blood was pounding through her head, and as she straightened she felt the slickness of arousal upon her inner legs.

Her asari Mistress did not let her get very far, strong blue arms tightening around her body and pulling her back against the taller female. "Again you have surprised me my human," the asari said, her breath whispering across the human's ear and causing her to shiver in reaction. "Upending my expectations about your species and proving that humans are very different from the other races. You are more similar to my own, not only in your appearance, but in how you react to the meld. Usually other species do not experience the meld as pleasurable unless the asari initiating it takes extreme care with them, or the two have several meld experiences and know what they are doing with one another. You however…your mind just yielded so sweetly to me that it was a simple matter for me to make sure you didn't experience any pain from it. Not only that but being in your mind, feeling you surrender to me, your beginning trust of me not to hurt you…" Her Mistress's voice dropped to a husky whisper that sent another shiver through the slave, "made the meld very pleasurable for me as well my sweet human maiden." The asari paused for a moment and then continued in a soft, deep purring tone, "And then of course there was the savoring of your own pleasure."

Her Mistresses tone made the slave's knees feel weak and it took her a moment to realize what the asari had just said, a meld? It took a moment for the human's mind to seize on the word, she knew it, but the Batarian Masters had described it as terrible experience, one as painful as having the pain device in her head activated for punishment. What she had just experienced had certainly not felt anything like the pain device, the slave thought as she remembered the feelings which had overwhelmed her.

"Did the Batarians ever tell you about our ability to meld with other species?" her Mistress inquired, her mouth very near the human female's ear and the slave quickly made and affirmative noise in response. "I suspect that they made it sound like a very frightening and painful experience?" Again 29045 made an affirmative sound. This time her Mistress did not immediately say anything else, remaining silent for several long moments. Finally, the asari spoke, "The meld can be painful when one fights against it. When you accept it however, it is not painful, and as you experienced can be quite pleasurable."

The human heard the message behind her Mistress's words, if you were disobedient to the Asari, as the Batarian Masters had been disobedient, you would experience pain. If you were obedient however, you would experience what she had experienced. Reward instead of punishment. Again 29045 made a sound of affirmation.

"Hrmm," was the sound that her Mistress made in reply before falling silent for several seconds. Eventually the arms around her waist loosened, and the asari raised one hand to stroke lightly from the slave's shoulder down to her hand. "I almost wish that batarian idiot was alive for me to kill him again for hurting you so badly that we can't continue this now," her Mistress said with a sigh and 29045's eyes widened in disbelief at what the asari had just said to her. "But unfortunately," the wandering blue hand shifted to stroke along the slave's stomach again, "my pleasure and my savoring of your pleasure will have to wait until you are healed." The blue hand wandered still farther upward, cupping the human's left breast, "Yes definitely," long fingers gently squeezed one nipple causing the humans back to arch into it, "he deserved a greater punishment than we gave him." Her Mistress let out a long aggravated sounding sigh, "But I refuse to feel anything from you when I meld with you except what I just felt from you," her Mistresses voice dropped abruptly into a low growling tone that should have filled 29045 with fear, but instead had her knees feeling as if they would give out, "Overwhelming pleasure which strips every thought from your mind other than how much you want me to touch you, to pleasure you, and how much you want to submit to me."

29045's mind was still reeling from her Mistress's tone and words when a blue haze surrounded her body and she felt the feeling of weightlessness that she had felt before when she had been captured just the day before. Her body lifted in the air and turned so that she was facing her asari Mistress before she was lowered to the ground once again and the biotic effect dissipated. Uncertain and confused the slave lifted her eyes only to be caught by the intensity with which the asari stared down at her. "And to think I was uncertain about the idea of taking responsibility for you, I did not guess how desirable you would prove to be my sweet human."

29045 could not even think of how to respond to her new Mistress's words, indeed it was rather difficult for her to think at all with all the contradictory and confusing feelings flowing thorough her body and clamoring for her attention. She could only stare up at the asari as her Mistress raised her hand to stroke gently along the side of her face. "So fair and beautiful, tender and delicate…there is a white flower that blooms upon the hillsides which surround Serrice in the spring. It is small and delicate, but despite that it survives even through the spring snows. Its name is Elosia."

Her Mistress stared down at her silently for a moment before bending and brushing her lips once against the human's before straightening. "Elosia, that is your new name my sweet human maiden."

Her lips still tingled from the strange contact, but really 29045 could only concentrate on one thing…she had been given a name by her Mistress…she was more than an animal, she was now Elosia.