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Move Along

Chapter 001

The locker room was quiet, which was what drew Higurashi Kagome out from the private bath (each player was assigned their own personal shower). Being in such an elite school had its advantages, especially in helping her with a certain bet with a sly fox who thought too much of himself.

Dressing quickly in the standard boy's uniform with the added feature of a black hoody (worn under the blazer to help hid any curves). Kagome was busily packing her sports gear when she heard the commotion. Inwardly debating whether or not to get involved, a sharp cry and familiar, obnoxious laughter rang out.

It was more so out of habit that had her slinging her bag over her shoulder and rushing into the hall. Her blue eyes narrowed at the sight she came upon.

A few of the second stringers had ganged up on the new scholarship kid. The ring leader, a second year student in her class, Akiyama Teiko, had the poor first year held up against the wall.

"Hey," Kagome angrily shouted, garnering the attention of the others.

She was pleased to see Akiyama's two buddies looking nervous and ready to bolt. Akiyama however just sneered at her and said, "Run along, Higurashi, this doesn't concern you."

"Oh, I think it does. Especially when members of the baseball team, even if they're just the benchwarmers, tarnish the reputation of the club," Kagome smugly taunted

He took the bait and reacted the way she expected him to and dropped the first year.

"I've had enough of you attitude, Higurashi. Coming up in here like you own the place," Akiyama snarled.

"Still upset I replaced you," Kagome taunted back.

Akiyama let out a strangled cry as he attacked. Kagome was prepared though. Dropping her bag, she executed a simple counter Sango had taught her. Using her lower sense of gravity, she flipped him, the second year landing hard on his back.

The other two hastily booked it. Rolling her eyes, Kagome picked up her bag and walked over to the first year, who was still on the floor.

Crouching down, she smiled brightly and offered her hand. Though the first year was dressed in the boy's uniform like herself, Kagome could clearly see through the pretense. If she hadn't spent so much time around feminine demons, she probably wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

Hesitantly, the girl took her hand.

"You alright," Kagome asked, helping the younger girl to her feet.

Before the first year could reply, a thundering voice boomed, "Higurashi!"

Rolling her eyes, she turned around to face the red-faced, assistant coach. Behind him stood Akiyama's two friends.

"What did I say would happen if you were caught fighting again?"

Kagome casually shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what he had to say. The man hated her, and she had finally presented him the opportunity to kick her off the team.

"Hey, it wasn't his fault. He was only…" the first year spoke out before being interrupted.

"This doesn't concern you. I suggest you run home, unless you want to lose that precious scholarship of yours."

She narrowed her eyes, but nonetheless stomped off.

"Now, Higurashi," he spoke, turning his attention back to her, smiling tauntingly.

Kagome beat him to the punch and threw her baseball gear at him. "Yeah, yeah I'm off the team."

Stalking off, she paused to added one last comment over her shoulder, "Good luck against Nishiura next week."

Seemed like she needed to find another club to join.

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