She ran…..

The pain of her rejection was too much for her. The love of her life had denied her the chance to be loved by him as much as she loved him; Instead choosing to pursue the pink-haired harpy that continuously refused him.

'He denied me….' She thought as she cried in anguish, her tears mixing with to torrent of rain that continuously fell from the sky.

She ran faster as the thought hit harder, hoping to out-run the pain that dogged her every step, until she slipped. She fell face forward into the mud, moaning in pain and grimacing as she felt the mud and moist earth seep into her clothing. But still she stayed put, choosing only to flop onto her back and close eyes.

'Why…..Why does it seem like nothing will ever go right for me? What in Kami's name did I do to deserve this torment' she wondered as she looks up into the sky. Her usually beautiful pale lavender eyes dulled, lifeless from the pain in her heart as she thought about her day that she had.


She woke up with a start as ice cold water hit her face and body, wetting her nightgown and bed sheets. Looking around for the culprit she found only her father glaring at her angrily as her sister smirked maliciously, filming the entire exchange for Kami knows what type of humiliation to come in the future. Lowering her head and letting her bangs cover her eyes she remained still, only to feel a second bucket of water poured onto her head. She gasps for air and tries to get out of bed, but the wet sheets tangled around her causing her to fall on to ground with a wet plop as her father looked on in disgust and her sister cackled in mischievous glee at her misfortune.

"Oh good you're already up and showered…stop wasting my time and get the hell out of my house," her father said annoyed that she gaped at him still. He looked down his nose at her. "Are you still here? Would you like me to revoke your school privileges and let you live with your already abysmal education?"

Quickly she shook her head no and began to stand. Her father rolled his eyes and looked about her room, scoffing at her before turning to leave "and clean your room…. Its unsightly," he said as he left. "Hanabi, sweetheart come on down for breakfast when you're ready." Hanabi smiled lovingly at her father as he passed her, gently kissing her forehead and left.

The moment he left the room, her malevolent glimmer returned to face her older sister. "get off your fat ass you bitch.." she said as she watched older sister struggle.

With bangs covering her eyes to hide her tears she sniffled softly and said "y-young g-girls sh-s-should n-not s-spea-speak t-to th-the-eir On-Oni-Sa—AHH!" Hanabi interrupted her by grabbing her hair and pulling on it.

"You are NOT my Sister Hinata!"Seethed Hanabi as she yanked her hand, still fisted in Hinata's hair backwards. "You really want to know what you are?" she asked as she forced Hinata head to nod yes as tears formed in eyes. Hanabi smirked and bent down to whisper into her ear "You Hinata are nothing but hated trash. A curse that we of the Hyuga clan must suffer with and to be honest," Hanabi smiled, "Everyone would probably like you better dead…."

Hanabi pushed her aside and watched as she lay still on the floor, spirit broken and mumbles " …and this bitch wanted to call herself my onii-sama….yea right". She walks out her room and down the stairs, happy with her work.

"Mom….Why did you leave me here alone' thought Hinata in anguish.


She sat in the back corner of the room waiting for the day to end, watching the raindrops trail down the windowpane as everyone gravitated towards their friends having loud boisterous conversations. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as her personal sunshine laughed obnoxiously at a joke told by his friends.

Naruto Uzumaki, to her embodied everything that was pure and good in the world. He was always happy, and tenacious, never letting anything get him down for long. He was goofy, but knew how to be serious when the moment arose for it. Not only that, but he was athletic, which showed on his lean but muscular 6'4" frame, with an Adonis like face that could get away with murder. Stylishly messy blonde hair, a narrow face with dimpled cheeks, a killer smile and eyes so blue you could drown in them.

Yes, Naruto Uzumaki was the total package, which was why she was in love with him. And she planned to let him know that today.

Hesitantly she stood up and walked from her corner to the center of the room where Naruto and his clique sat. As she walked closer, his friends slowly quieted down and took notice of her approach. Shyly she tapped on his shoulder and he turned uncaringly to look at her "What is it…"He said trying to remember her name without being too obvious about it. "Hinata.." one of his friends whispered while pretending to sneeze.

"Right, right," he said as he winked at his friend, "What is it Hinata?" She blushed as her name left his lips. "U-Uz-Uzum-maki-s-san….c-can w-we p-please t-talk… pri-va-vate?"She asked nervously while she played with the hem of her skirt. He rose his eyebrow at her reaction to him and nodded his head before he followed her to the window area where there were less people.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" he asked, curious as to what she had to say. She looked at him, blushed and looked down at the ground before she spoke "Ever since the day you moved h-here…i-I've been drawn to you U-Uzum-maki-san. Just being in your presence is enough to brighten u-up my day…"

Naruto blinked at her and she gulped a bit before continuing, "I j-just wanted t-to let you know t-that I l-love you an—" she was interrupted by his boisterous laughter as he doubled over in his fit. "U-uzu-Uzumaki-s-san?" she said as a mortification and humiliation broiled in her stomache.

"Oh KAMI….that is rich!" he said before shouting to his friends, "Hey Guys, Another Weirdo just 'professed her undying love for me' ain't this shit hilarious?" Suddenly the whole class was ablaze in laughter at her expense, and tears formed in her eyes.

Naruto chuckled and wiped a tear that formed from his eye. "Woo you're a riot Hinata… but I won't nor do I want to return your feeling. See I need a real woman and you…"He said as he glanced at her baggy attire, "are not it, she on the other hand is" he said as he looked lustfully at a high heeled pinkette Barbie pass by.

"Your drooling Naruto" She said as she smirked at him. "It's only a matter of time til you mine Sakura-chan" he shouted back at her. " she rolled her eyes and flipped her hair as she said "Not even in YOUR dreams." Then she walked away.

"Damn" was all he said before he turned back to Hinata, but she was already running away from the room.


She sighs and turns her head to the left, and she realized where she was 'Bull's End'.

She slowly stood and waked over to the side of the bridge gently stroking the rails that usually kept people from falling into the water accidentally.

'Maybe it's time I took Hanabi's advice to heart' she thought as she gripped the railing and slowly pulled herself to its other side, the one with no protection.

She closed her eyes and smiled. Finally at peace and ready to face what was to come 'Mommy….I'll be with you soon' she thought before she stepped off the railing and began to fall.