The Interview of Edward M Cullen

Edward tells his side of what really took place. He's tired of all the lies and fairy tale like stories. He's one pissed off vampire and demands respect and fear be put back into the Cullen name. We never fed from animals! We only went to that dreaded school to compel and feed. In fact that's how I actually met the lovely Isabella Marie Swan. She was my prey… Carlisle was never our father he was our master. That's another thing I don't fucking sparkle. I want things set straight and now…

As always my stories are rated MATURE for a reason such as violence, language, sex etc… This is a much darker story that will contain horror, drama, romance, humor, violence, bloodshed, action and whatever else I feel like putting in the mix. Not your typical Edward Cullen you've been warned… please read and review thank you!


The woman that once gushed over the famous vampire now trembles in fear. Her hands shake as she begins to type.

"You will type down everything I tell you from the beginning to the end. You will not paraphrase you will not add your own little fairy tales into this. You will tell the truth. You will let everyone know the real Edward Mason Cullen!" She jumps as he slams his fists down on her desk.

"Yes sir."

Edward walks amongst the woman's office. He rips down one of the Twilight posters ripping it to shreds. He sighs and paces the room for a moment.

"If you only knew how degrading…" He mumbles grinding his teeth together.

His eyes go black as he leans over her desk trying to gather himself. He was rightfully pissed. He couldn't believe just out of hand this had gotten. He couldn't go anywhere or do anything without it being shoved in his face. All he knew was when he was done telling his story he was going to go after the person responsible for such lies. They turned his life into a comedy. Why the hell would she have to beg me for sex? Why would I let her kiss anyone else if we were together? You're all idiots. His nails dig into the interviewer's desk.


Welcome to Forks, Washington pop 3,532

"This is a joke right?" Jasper says as we look to the sign once our master passes the sign.

"We'd wipe out the entire town in less than a month." He scoffs.

I grin in thought.

"We will do no such thing. You're not to take lives at least not around this town. We cannot afford to reveal ourselves. We must learn to blend in with the public. It is where they least expect us."

"So about feeding?" I question curiously.

"You will not leave them for dead Edward."

"Well that doesn't sound fun at all." Rosalie scoffs.

I grin.

"No it doesn't." Jasper agrees.

"Each of you will obey orders. You do not wish to foresee the consequences if you do not." Carlisle says as he turns into this vast house that was more like a mansion.

Every one of us progenies exchanged the same concerned glance.

"You do realize master that the entire house is practically made of glass."
"That is the point. They would not expect it."

I wasn't sure what to feel about this. I roll my eyes as Alice and Emmett were practically fucking in the backseat. Each male progeny had their bride except for Jasper and I. I suppose I was picky. A smile crosses his face. That and well I just wasn't quite the type of vampire that was ready to settle down. Why would I need to when I had the Denali Coven? That's another thing the Denali Coven was all female each blonde very appetizing I must say. Isabella… Ah how she hated them. Not that I could blame her I suppose. I do believe I'm getting off track back to the story…

Now the thing about having a bride is they are subservient to their Lord. But only to their Lord or Master. There is a difference by the way between a Master and a Lord. Carlisle is our master he reins over each of us as a Coven. By Lord I mean the bride's husband as you humans would put it. We choose our brides that is why sometimes it may take centuries for us to find one, though some Lords may have 2 to 3 brides. However our master does not believe such things. He is a bit old fashioned and has been around for quite some time. The Volturi Coven however is entirely different each King has 3 brides. The thing about us vampires is once we pick our brides no matter how many. We seek true eternity with them. We do not cast them aside as many of your human men do. There is no divorce or such nonsense. That is why it is wise to be very decisive when you make your decision. You do not wish to choose someone unappealing or someone you'd to become bored of. There is a huge difference between what you human's refer to as a life time partner and what we vampires do. That is why it is a good thing we've more than enough time to choose and more than enough centuries to pick from.

Edward sighs…

This maybe more difficult than I thought... There is so much to explain to understand the truth. He pinches the bridge of his nose and looks out the window.

I'd been alone for quite some time. That does not mean I did not entertain myself however; such as what I was referring to with the Denali Coven. Oh how Tanya wished I'd pick her to be my bride one day. I had her literally begging at my feet. But she was annoying to say the least. She was a bit too cruel in nature for my liking but she had a body that one." He clears his throat and sits down he kicks his legs about the desk across from the interviewer.

Now you had it all wrong… It was Carlisle and Rosalie, Alice and Emmett and Jasper and I were still very much bachelors as you would say. Edward grins. The story that was made up behind all this is balderdash to say the least. I mean really, Emmett was attacked by a bear? And there never was an Esme. Like I said so much to explain so much to set straight…

How about I make it easier? I'll just start with the first day of school… and go from there.

Chapter 1

(I don't not own Twilight or the characters)

"I feel like a fool."

"You are a fool Em."

He rolls his eyes as we pull up to the school.

"Honestly Carlisle cannot be serious about this." Jasper grips.

None of us were too happy about the fact we were centuries old vampires; that had been ordered by our master to attend this school as no other than 17 year old teenage humans.

"And will you two knock that shit off already." Jasper hisses as Alice and Emmett were practically fucking in the back seat. Em flips Jasper off in the rearview mirror and goes back to what he was doing.

I took in a breath and reach for my backpack. But I agreed with Emmett it felt pretty foolish. We had no choice however master's orders and no one ever stands against Carlisle Cullen. To do so would be to sign your own death note.

Would you like a cigarette? The interviewer nods and Edward smiles. You seem a bit tense. Edward places a cigarette in the woman's mouth and lights it. Keep typing. She nods.

Where was I?

"You were discussing how no one stands against Carlisle."

Ah yes… So anyhow we exit the car and do as we were ordered. He'd already set up everything for us. Carlisle is good like that, always thinking ahead leaving nothing out of order. All we had to do was pretend and make it through 8 hours each day without terrorizing the entire school or killing anyone. What I didn't expect was she… He grins again putting out his cigarette. And she certainly didn't expect me.

Jasper was in suffering as it was he was more of a feral vampire as you would say. The entire school was no more than a buffet to him. That and Jasper loved the pretty things… and I do mean the ladies. Rarely did he feed from a male. Emmett, Alice and I had our thirst a bit more in control with Jasper it was a working progress. That would be what makes this year all the more interesting, keeping Jasper from draining anyone dry.

Emmett just sat there like a gargoyle his mind no telling where. Alice flipped through a fashion magazine. Meanwhile I was leaned back in my seat just hoping the day would go by fast. That's not what happened of course.

I could make out the other students pulses, scents even was planning which ones I could possibly feed from if needed. A scent however hits and it's the most potent ever. My mouth began to water before I even turned my head. I covered my mouth to keep from revealing myself and automatically closed my eyes. The scent however grew closer and when I opened my eyes I saw her. She was already giving me this odd glance. I couldn't take my eyes off her she had peeked more than my blood lust. I'm not even sure how to describe her and do her true justice. She'd the most beautiful mocha eyes I'd ever seen and her brunette hair flowed about her shoulders. Her little green buttoned top was snug enough I could perfectly make out the shape of her breast. In fact I envisioned what it'd be like to rip it open right there.

Am I making you uncomfortable?

The interviewer swallows then clears her throat.

"No sir."

The way I was described… He scoffs shaking his head.

I maybe a vampire but I am a man…

Anyways yes I wished to see all of the beauty before me. She takes her seat beside me. I continue to cover my mouth. I had to conceal myself. That and I knew if I continued to breathe her in I'd have her on the table in a feeding frenzy. Amongst other ideas that coursed through my mind.

However I wasn't the only one interested in feeding off this human. I turned to read Jasper's thoughts. He too eyed her from afar, though her scent did not call to him as strongly her body however did. I turn back around and roll my eyes. Like I said Jasper was all about pretty things. That was another thing that intrigued me that I was beginning to realize. I could not read this girl. But you already knew that at least you had that part true. What you didn't know however was we could compel others and that she was not immune to at least not when I did it.

He says with a grin.

"Hi I am Edward Cullen." I say but make sure to hold my breath so not to give into temptation

"Isabella Swan but people call me Bella."

What about vampires? I found myself thinking vainly. I nod and go back to our assignment as the teacher was gawking our way. At one point my hand brushed against hers and it was like this electric current running through me. Everything within me had awakened. I pulled my hand back and looked upon her. My throat ached I wanted her so bad. I did the unthinkable according to that nonsense story. I looked her in the eyes.

"In 2 minutes you will ask to go to the restroom. You will wait for me outside the door understood?"

She nods and places her hair behind her ear. Bella does as ordered and not long after I too ask to be excused. I make my way over and there she was waiting. I look her in the eyes.

"Good girl." I look around and once I see the coast is clear.

I look upon her once more.

"Follow me." I take her hand and lead her inside the ladies room.

Once again I make sure we are alone. I drag her into a stall and lock the door. A hint of fear crosses about her face.

"You will not be harmed. You can trust me."

I watch her neck as she swallows and takes a nervous step back. Something catches even me off guard however as I stare upon her.

"I'm going to kiss you." That wasn't what I called her in here for. I wasn't sure why my throat ached with desire. I needed it quenched desperately. Yet somehow her lips called to me more at the moment. I heard her heart pick up pace. Her breathing became more erratic, which made that tight blouse even more appealing to me at the moment.

I penned her against the stall and kissed Isabella Swan. To be honest I wanted to take it much further I found it hard to pull away. There was something else I noticed as well. Her scent… This girl was just as turned on as I was. I narrowed my eyes as I forced myself to stop. I come into a vain smile.

"You liked that didn't you Bella?"

She nods biting her lower lip. I nod and lick my lips. This girl was intoxicating in every which way.

"Now I'm going to feed from you and you will not be frightened will you?"

She shakes her head.

"That's a good Bella."

I lifted her hair and moved it away from her neck. I brought my lips upon her sweet neck. She whimpers slightly as I bite down. I began to drink from this girl and it was the best thing I'd ever had in my life. Even sex itself couldn't top this. That being said though I wished to know what it'd be like… To feed from and fuck this girl at the same time.

That's right I said it… the real Edward Cullen says fuck…

Back to where I was… Once I heard her pulse begin to slow down I forced myself to stop. I did not wish to end this girl's life. No she was far too appealing and her blood called to me like no other. I wanted to keep this one around. I was far from done. That's another thing. I could have compelled her to have sex with me. But that goes along the lines of rape now doesn't it? Or maybe that's just me. The kiss was already pushing it but I was curious but even to this day I do not regret it.

He licks his lips again and leans over grabbing another cigarette.

Even to this day the memory itself is quite stimulating. There are vampires such as my "brother" as you put it.

He sighs shaking his head.

Such as… Jasper, he has done such things.. He would have fed and had sex with her right there. That is not how I do things. I do have some morals. I've never pulled such a thing in fact she was the first I'd ever compelled for a kiss. Jasper and I tend to argue about such morals. He feels if they do not remember anything what is the harm? He take another drag and rubs his face.

Back to Bella… Once I was done I licked her clean and placed her hair back down along her shoulders. I breathed her in once more. I caressed her cheek.

"Your body will heal itself and you will remember nothing of this. Go back to class."

Bella does as ordered. Meanwhile I'm in a daze. I cannot move. I do not understand what has overcome me. I actually felt weakened but not that of energy thanks to Bella's blood I was more than ok in that department I could take on an army. No it was something else and I just wasn't quite sure what. I'd never felt this way before.

The moment I walked out of that bathroom. I knew I wanted Isabella Swan. She was mine and that was all I knew. However other events began to get in my damn way. It was one obstacle after another. Besides the fact that this girl was beyond stubborn as I soon learned. There was something else in my way. Something big…

That day after school I watch in admiration as Bella walks out of class. She walks up to a red truck assumingly hers. But I hear something highly irritating zooming through the parking lot. The smell was even more revolting. This guy pulls up right in front of Bella on a motorcycle. He takes off his helmet and I grind my teeth together as he kisses Isabella Swan. What the fuck? She's taken?! I punch at Carlisle's car irritated.

I watch as this jackass takes his kiss and peels back out. She walks back towards her truck and leaves. I shook my head as I thought on this. Jasper, Emmett and Alice eventually come out. That was another thing Jasper was looking for Bella as well. He still had her scent and body on his mind. He was sorely disappointed to see she was already gone. I laugh amongst myself at the pure irony of everything. Maybe I shouldn't have compelled her to forget that kiss after all. She'd nowhere near the reaction she had with me. I knew now I needed to learn even more about this girl and quick. Before Jasper stepped in before me and took care of things his way I grimace in thought.