Chapter 29

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"Then let's go. We haven't anytime to waste."

"But Charlie!"

I sigh. I wasn't thinking about her father. I was simply wanting to get to Canada quickly as possible.

"Edward, he'll totally freak. I can't go to Canada."

I cock a brow at this and look to her tummy.

"Well do tell me sweetheart, which do you think he'll freak out the most about?" I hint.

She closes her eyes temporarily.

"He's my father Edward. I'm still human you know. We can't just up and leave without explanation. He's also a cop; he's not exactly ignorant you know. He has his ways just as you all do. At least have respect enough to help me deal with my father before we leave!"

Tears were in her eyes and the rest of the coven looked upon me. I shake my head and take in a deep breath.

"Very well, I can do that. However, you are staying in the car. The rest of you don't leave her side! And DON'T let her out of this car."

Bella had a point and I knew it. I was being selfish however. My only true concern at the moment was Bella and our child. The reason I didn't want her to go inside? Besides, the obvious that would probably give her old man a heart attack. Was because deep down I knew I'd probably have to compel Charlie to be accepting of all this. I didn't see him being rational at all. Who would in any given case of this? I kept putting myself in Chief Swan's shoes and knew I'd be a dead man.

Only Charlie wasn't home. Nope of course not he was still at the station. Which meant this was going to be even more fun. Emmett pulls up to the station.

"You stay in the car I mean it. I need you to trust me Bella."

She nods and I kiss her forehead, before heading out. Ironically, Charlie was just about to head out. Apparently he'd been called out. He was placing his gun in his holster and grabbing some coffee.

"Chief Swan…" Even as a vampire I was nervous as hell about this.

I looked him in the eyes. What the hell is he doing here? Is Bella alright? Did something happen? Went through his thoughts. I forced a smile.

"Might I have a word with you?"

He narrowed his eyes a bit and looked to the time.

"Um sure son, but make it quick. I gotta run."

I nod and I follow him to his office. He grumbled under his breath as he spilled some coffee on his uniform. I reached over and handed him a napkin.

"Thanks." He gruffly replies.

I nod yet again.

"So what brings you down? Shouldn't you be in school?"

"Yes sir, but I needed to talk to you one on one. I apologize for the bad timing. I will try to be haste."

He cuts me this puzzled look.

"Is Bella alright?"

He takes in a breath on this.

"That's what I came to you about. There are two matters in which we need to discuss."

He now looks upon me accusingly. If that little shit knocked up my daughter. I'll kill him! I half laugh not able to stop myself. I quickly cover my mouth and clear my throat. Well shit… I lean back in thought. I shake my head and just decide to go about it like ripping off a Band-Aid.

"Sir, it seems your daughter and I are with child."

He shoots out from his chair.

"Is this some sort of joke?"

"No sir, I'm afraid not."

"WHAT?!" He bangs his fist on the desk.

I simply nod.

"You knocked up my daughter?!"

"Sir…" I look around as he was raising his voice.

He points directly at me.

"Just what the hell were you thinking son?!"

Does he really want me to answer that? He reaches over the desk and grabs me by the collar of my shirt. He shakes his head furiously.

"You had damn well be planning to take care of my little girl and that child, or so help me God I will end you're little punk ass where I stand."

Don't laugh Edward. Don't… We vampires tend to have dark senses of humor. Now was not the time for one of my moments. The issue was this… Charlie Swan human… Me vampire. That was the humor to me. The idea that he thought he could end my very existence. Oh and he meant it too! This man's mind was a literal vortex of fiery red hell at the moment. He wanted me dead! I was nothing, but some little bastard that deserved to die. I ruined his little girl's life. She was meant for bigger and brighter things such as graduation, college and a career. She wasn't meant to be having children. NOT NOW! I messed up his simple world of expectations for his daughter.

"Sir, I love your daughter unconditionally. I can assure you I will take care of her and our child. In fact we will be getting married as well."

"You're God damned right you will!"

What the fuck was Bella thinking?! Jesus! I raised her better than this! This isn't her! She knows better! She's a smart girl! How could she pull something like this?! Is she trying to kill me? It's his fault! This is that little fucking bastard's doing! Bella wouldn't pull some shit like this! He seduced his way in and took advantage of my daughter!

If only he knew just how naughty his "little girl" truly was. Bella was by far the angel image he had for his daughter. Now I will admit this is my fault yes. But Bella isn't so innocent when it comes to sex, cursing, and other matters Charlie deems her innocence in. He hadn't a clue of the true Bella Swan I knew. The Bella I knew had a bit of a temper at times, she wasn't near as shy as he assumed, she was a little minx, she'd a very foul mouth (especially in bed). All Charlie could see was this shy, innocent girl whose virtue I stole. I robbed her of any sort of happiness or future. Charlie honestly acted as if it was all over now for Bella Swan. That her life would begin to spiral down fast. That she'd be working for some fast food joint now struggling to make ends meet. He even pictured me leaving her and her having to raise the child on her own. A million things went through this man's mind. He was livid and hated my living guts.

"Where is my daughter now?"

"In the car, sir."

He nods and drops his hold. He starts to head that direction.

"I can't let you do that Mr. Swan. I'm sorry. But she doesn't need any added stress. Her condition isn't of that of the normal pregnancy. All the more reason we need to wrap this up."

"You have the balls to tell me I can't see my own daughter? And to tell me we need to wrap things up?!"

And there it was. I knew it was coming I saw it in his mind. I simply took it. Charlie Swan socked me across the face. A sigh escaped my lips. I hated it, but deep down knew it was going to come down to this. I looked him in the eyes.

"Sit down, Charlie…" I said softly as I started to compel him.

He batted his eyes a bit. I nodded and helped him into his chair. I sat across from him.

"Charlie, your daughter will have to leave for a bit. But you will not worry, because you know I will take care of her. Won't you Charlie?"

He nods.

"I won't let anything happen to your daughter or our child. She will be in good hands. You will go to work and continue to take care of yourself. You will live like any other day. If anyone asks about Bella, you well tell them she went with a foreign exchange student program. That she will not be finishing out the year here in Forks. If they insist on pushing you for more information. You will tell them that the decision was between you and your daughter. You will know of the pregnancy. But you will not tell another living soul. Because you want to make things easier for Bella. I'm taking your daughter to a doctor Charlie. She will be taken care of I give you my absolute word. I love Bella and our unborn child. I will do everything within my power to protect them both. You will go about your life as though everything's perfectly fine. You will wait until I'm not the door before you head out. Ok Charlie you have a good day."

"You too." He says and stays at his desk.

I nod and head on out the door.

Bella cuts me this wide eyed stare. Her poor heart was going ninety to nothing.

"Let's go Em."

He nods and peels out.

"Well?" She questioned desperately.

"Everything is fine. Charlie knows…"

"Just like that… Everything went ok?"

I nod.

"What happened to your lip?" She runs her finger along the busted area.

"It just hasn't fully healed yet it would."

Thus, proved Charlie Swan could pack one hell of a punch. I hadn't realized it hadn't fully healed yet.

"How'd you get that Edward?!"


"Edward…" She hisses.

I let out a sigh.

"He didn't take it so well at first."

Her jaw drops.

"He hit you?!"

"Bella, please… just relax."

"I can't believe he hit you!"

"I had it coming."

"Oh my God!"

"Jasper…" I utter hintingly.

He softly chuckles.

"Oh no you don't!" She growls.

Jasper smiles and puts his arm around her. She folds her arms bitterly about her chest. Bree was giggling as she covered her mouth. Bella continued to curse under her breath. I pinched the bridge of my nose and tried to clear my mind for a moment. She looks back over though.

"So if he hit you then how is everything fine?!"

"It just is."

"You compelled him didn't you?!"

"I had to Bella. I'm sorry, you know I'd never intentionally do anything to hurt your father."
"YOU COMPELLED MY DAD?!" She reached to her tummy and turned ghostly white.

"Dammit Bella, please…"

Jasper was trying his best to influence her, but she was fighting it. I wasn't taking any chances though.

"Look at me Bella. I want you to relax and go to sleep."

"Edward!" She was even battling against my compulsion.

I found myself having to focus and give it my all just so it'd work.

"Bella, Charlie is fine. So am I. Everything went ok. Now I want you to relax. Close your eyes and go to sleep. You will not wake until I personally wake you."

Her eyes grew heavy. Jasper dropped his hold as she fell asleep. I laid her in my lap. Bree looked to Bella concerned. Jasper took Bree's hand and kissed it.

"She will be fine." Jasper did his best to insure.

Not a one of us wasn't worried about the outcome, even Emmett. He was looking upon me in through the rearview mirror. Alice's visions were playing a game with her as of late. She had a ton of different scenarios. It seemed everyone was constantly changing their minds so the path kept changing. Nevertheless, the Volturi always came to play. I grew completely ill as one scenario played out.

Caius took Bree's head and threw it at Jasper's feet. Jasper loses it and thus begins the war. Aro will try and persuade Bella to become Volturi. She will refuse. He will grow irate. Yet again he will insist that she and the child are in better hands with him. He will try to attempt something that's never been done before out of sheer desperation for power and his newfound obsession with Bella. He will attempt to steal another vampire's bride and make her his own. He will fail. Thus, will end in Bella's death, as she will not give into his wishes.

Jasper cuts me a worrisome look. This image had me completely weakened. My body felt as though it'd shut down. The only ones left standing would be myself and Emmett. Alice and Jasper would also meet their fate. I wince at this. I wouldn't just lose my bride and child. I'd lose my entire coven except for Emmett. They will take our brides first as mere punishment.

Alice looks to Emmett as she sees her own death. She swallows back and looks out the window.

"You alright babe?"
She nods, but Emmett knew something was up. He took her hand as we made our way to Canada. Each of us men now held our loved ones. We might be their lords we might have reign over them. But to take a bride away from his lord is like death in itself. As I've stated before the bond between a bride and her lord is strong. Though she is not yet my bride, the bond is there. I can feel it. Losing Bella would surely kill me.

I pull her closer into my chest. We are quiet the rest of the trip. The border wasn't an issue for us vampires. Alice gives Emmett directions on where Garrett's place is. Just as I suspected it was out in the boonies. We pull up and Emmett parks the car behind Carlisle's. We all just sit there for a moment. I decidedly stir Bella awake.

She rubs her eyes a bit and looks around.

"Stay close."

We all get out. Each of us takes our girls by the hand, none of us certain what to expect. I'd only met Garrett once. He didn't strike me as someone I'd have any issues with. I wasn't about to take any chances. From what little I knew of him he was pretty laid back. The coven follows me to the door. Garrett was living in some sort of fancy log cabin.

Before I even have a chance to knock on the door Garrett answers. He raises his brows as my knocking hand was still in the air.

"Ah, and what do we have here?"

He darts his eyes Bella's direction. He sniffs the air and his fangs pop out. I quickly hand her over to Emmett.

"She's mine. Let me make that clear."

He grins.

"You've made claims to a meal?"


He softly chuckles.

"Relax, I already know you're pathetic little love story. Only apparently there were some loopholes." He states looking upon Bella's stomach. "Please, do come in."

He winks upon Bella as he steps aside. Rosalie makes her way down the stairs.

"Edward?" She says as if in shock.

I nod.

She lowers her brows and her attention is instantly directed at Bella's stomach. Her hand goes over her mouth.

"Is that…"

"Yes, the child is mine."


I take in a breath.

"I do not know for certain. Where is Carlisle?"

"He's at work. His shift doesn't end for another couple hours."

"Then we will wait."

"Please have a seat." Garrett utters with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

Rosalie couldn't take her eyes off Bella. She was in true disbelief. She makes her way over timidly. It was apparent through her thoughts Carlisle wasn't the only one that feared me. She did as well. Or more like the feared the unknown, that seemed to be something I brought on. Rosalie had always had it set in her mind that Carlisle was the strongest vampire that ever lived. However, now she was second guessing herself. That and Rosalie missed us. Even with Carlisle by herself she felt lonely in the sense of not having a coven. It'd been just the three of them all this time. She also missed the company of having other women around.

"May I?" Rosalie questions me.

She wanted to feel Bella's tummy.

"You may ask her."

Bella looked to me oddly.

"May I?"

"Um sure…"

Rosalie nods and places her hand upon Bella's stomach.

"Amazing…" She softly whispered.

Her eyes dart towards me. Who are you Edward? You must be a god amongst vampires. How is this conceivable? How are you doing all this? I merely tilt my head upon her thoughts.

"So if this is what I think it is. I do hope you're not staying long."

Garrett mouths picturing the Volturi bursting down the doors, to his precious cabin.

"I just need to speak with Carlisle. We do not wish to cause any trouble."

"That maybe true mate. However, that little lass reads nothing, but trouble. No matter how beautiful you are my dear. I highly doubt you're worth all this fuss."

I snarl back and he grins. He points directly upon me.

"So how does one take over a coven? I've never heard of such a thing. I never dreamed Carlisle of all vampires would come knocking on my door with such a story. I'm not sure whether to be impressed or kick your ass right out of here. You see I like the peaceful existence I'm currently living. I do not wish to be connected to any sort of coven. Nor do I ever want a bride. I like things simple." He turns to Rosalie.

"Such as why these two will not be staying with me much longer."

"That is a decision I can respect. However, we're not going anywhere until I speak with Carlisle."

Garrett nods and he takes out his cell.

"Let me get this show started then shall we? I'm not a very patient vampire."

He winks upon Bella as he calls Carlisle, before long Carlisle answers.

"You might want to get on home now. Say pronto?"

"Why what is it Garrett? Is Rose alright?"

"Oh she's perfectly fine. However, you have some guests. Some very unexpected ones that I wish to rid of asap. So do be a good lad and hurry on over."

Garrett just truly cared about going on his uninterrupted life. In fact he wasn't very thrilled about Carlisle and Rosalie being here. He was used to being alone. That's how he preferred it. He wasn't truly an asshole he just had a certain of doing things. He too had a rather dark sense of humor. Garrett had no ill intentions or thoughts towards Bella nor myself. He just wanted to be left out of it all. Garrett as the story was told had been around since the revolution and yes he hated his own people.

"I'd offer you something my dear, but I tend to feed from your kind, rather than entertain and feed them. I do apologize."

"Um I'm good."

He smiles.

"I think I like her. She's awfully chill considering the situation."

The door opens and we all turn, Carlisle steps inside and freezes. He shakes his head and then sighs.

"What brings you here?"

Before I have a chance to answer. He takes notice of Bella. The vampire literally staggers back losing his balance. Emmett rolls his eyes and helps him balance back on his two feet. The vampire's stupid thoughts are all over the place. The one being that she must've cheated on me. That this isn't feasible. Carlisle the fool… He points directly upon my girl.

"Don't you even try to pull that shit!"

Her eyes widen. My jaw clenches tightly.


"You honestly believe that child to be yours?"

He half laughs.

"Your spermatozoa is just as dead as you are!"

Way to be frank Carlisle you bastard.

"Just one little DNA test and you'll see. The child is not yours!"

I grab him and slam him back against the wall.

"You watch what the fuck you say. You will run no such test. That child is mine. You will have respect when dealing with Bella. If you do not I will take out your fucking lungs and rip them out of your chest. Do we have a fucking understanding?!"

He grips my wrists tightly. I was stronger than him now. He knew it too. He was struggling just to break free. I continue to stare him down.

"You will help her! The child within her womb grows at exceptional speed. We need you to find out why!"

"I will do no such thing."

I nod and look to Rosalie.

"I'm sorry…" I whisper, just before I break his neck.

Rosalie screams and Garrett grabs hold of her.


He will live of course. It's just going to suck having to heal from that. I flip him over my shoulder. I look to Rosalie.

"You can either join us or not. I apologize, but he'd his mind made up. I must take matters into my own hands."

I turn to see Bree helping Bella. She was using the wall to balance along. I shook my head. Bella was growing weaker and weaker. Emmett makes his way over and scoops her up.

"We'll be out of your hair now."

Garrett looked to be conflicted. He glanced upon Bella. He shakes his head and pinches the bridge of his nose. It was also a known fact, that Garrett had an extreme soft side for women, whether it'd be vampire or human. He couldn't stand to see them in any sort of jeopardy. Hence, one of his true reasons for never choosing a bride. He couldn't fathom putting them through this sort of life. He also couldn't fathom the idea of falling for someone and losing them. A lot of Garrett's reasons for being alone were that of fear. Not that he'd ever admit to it. He used every excuse and though yes some of it was very true his reasoning's. Nonetheless, the vampire had a heart. He couldn't stand the thought of Bella heading out of his door and dying before we were able to assist her. He'd also just lost some respect for Carlisle.

Garrett pinched the bridge his nose as we began to head out.

"Now hold on… it's obvious she needs attention straightaway. You probably won't even make it past the border." He ground his teeth together.

"You can get her situated here. Once the problem is taken care off then yes LEAVE! I do not wish to be involved in anything that may have the Volturi knocking on my door!"

"They will not come here." Alice assures.

He nods.

"Very well. I'll show you to a room. We'll get her set up."

I look to Bree and Jasper.

"Go into town and get some essentials that Bella may need."

I hand Jasper my card. I throw Carlisle onto one of the guest beds. Emmett gently lays Bella down. Bella was still not very happy with me. She continued to cut me go to hell glances. When it came to her father she was very protective, just as he was for her. The two of them had a bond that no one even I could break. Nor would I ever try to. I respected this father daughter relationship. If anything I rather envied Bella. I thought I had that with Carlisle. I couldn't have been more wrong. That's why I felt guilty on having to compel him. I knew it'd upset her and I actually like Charlie even if he rightfully can't stand me. All I've done is given him more of a reason. I did not compel him to be accepting of me. That is something I must earn. Something I want to earn. I only compelled him so he'd know I will care for Bella and that she's in good hands. Otherwise, the man would have driven himself insane or sent an entire swat team looking for her.

"So now what? I've some vampire asshole for a doctor?"

I shake my head on this.

"I'm going to be your doctor Bella. Carlisle is simply going to help walk me through this. He will not be allowed to touch you unless he is given permission."

"You're going to be my doctor?"

I nod.
"I've had some experience in the medical field, just not to Carlisle's degree."

"What does that mean exactly?"

I grin.

"Have some faith in me."

"This is so fucking weird."

I shrug.

"It's just nature, Bella."

"I'm not sure how I feel about you…"



"Knock it off."

Her jaw drops and she throws a pillow at me.

"Don't be a jerk!"

"I'm not…"


I sigh and lay beside her.

"Sweetheart, I'm not trying to be cruel. We both got a lot on our minds."

She takes in a breath.

"So when you say doctor…"

"I mean it just as it sounds. I will be delivering our child myself. I will not put our child's fate in the hands of another vampire. Especially that of Carlisle!"

"And that doesn't gross you out at all?"

I narrow my eyes at this.
"Just how would it?"

"Just all the blood and seeing a side of me that's not exactly sexy. I mean what if it turns you off to me? What if you don't see me the same afterword?"

"First of all we're all vampires. All the more reason I need to be the one that delivers our child. There could be a lot of blood involved…"

She grimaces in thought.

"So you see I cannot take that risk. I only trust myself not to harm our child, even Carlisle as long as he's been around human blood. I cannot simply risk it. As for your other concern that'd never be an issue. You don't seem to grasp just what it is I feel. All Carlisle is around for is to help guide me through this."

"And what if he purposely leads you astray?!"

I point to my head.

"I would know. Now please just let me worry about this. Let me take care of the situation."

She runs her hand over her tummy.

"Do you think something's wrong? You know with the baby?"

"No Bella, but its growth naturally causes me concern. You look as though you're about 4 maybe even 5 months along already that shouldn't be possible."

Her hands were shaking and her heart was beating erratically. After a couple hours Carlisle finally wakes. Jasper and Bree had already returned. Jasper and Emmett drag Carlisle into the room.

"Now are you going to listen to me or must we continue this debacle?"

Carlisle sighs.

"What do you need?"

I nod and begin to tell him everything I want for him to get. Just for my own peace of mind I have Jasper and Emmett go with him so he doesn't try anything stupid. However, he seemed somewhat calmer in his thoughts now. Apparently, he and Rosalie had a talking before he came in here.

"And Carlisle…"

He turns back around before leaving.

"Grab whatever else you know she will need."

I'm sorry… son… Went through his thoughts, but I recoiled at them. How dare he treat Bella like that and… My hands had balled up. I follow him out pulling the door shut to where Bella was.

"Could you at least try…" I whisper harshly. He freezes in his tracks.

"Just try to find whatever ounce of humanity you have left. How is it you tend to humans and their needs every damn day practically and yet you can take one look at Bella and go primeval? You care about her. I can see it. So why do you insist on this way of existence and cruelty? She doesn't deserve this and you know it."

I tilt my head a bit and begin to dig a bit deeper into his thoughts. I found a block… Carlisle literally had something far back in time. Something he'd been desperately fought to keep from me.

"What are you hiding from me?!" I demand and reach out and roughly grab his arm.

That's when it hits. The truth! The truth about my actual existence and what truly took place. Why Carlisle is so fucked in the head when it comes to Bella Swan. I sucked back a breath as it hit me like a tidal wave. My mother… My mother was the reason behind all this mess between myself, Carlisle, and Bella. She was a failed attempt at his first bride. No one ever knew not even Rosalie. Rosalie wasn't his first, not like he'd made it sound like. Carlisle had not only turned my mother, but made love to her and exchanged blood. She was to become his bride! Only it didn't take. Once she had awoken the bond wasn't there. Carlisle was distraught and heartbroken. My mother's real name was Esmeralda Mason. When I said there was no Esme… That's what I meant. Esme was what Carlisle had called my mother. But she never was part of the coven or even part of my life once I became vampire. I had indeed been dying from the influenza. Their little love affair took place during that time. We were both his patients. He'd fallen for my mother and deeply. He just knew she was the one. During my time of hospitalization, he'd attempted to turn and make her his bride, as she too was dying. Only she was far more ill than I. Once he turned her and she was reborn. They'd made love in attempt for the bond between a lord and bride to take place. However, it did not. Carlisle was shattered and my mother was full of shame and guilt. Neither understood fully why it didn't take place. It seemed even she thought she were in love with Carlisle. Through her shame my mother begged for Carlisle to save my life as I was closer to death by the day. He'd argued against it through a broken heart. Nevertheless, his love for my mother stood strong. She'd made him promise to take care of me. She felt in the state she were in now she could not. At his promise, my mother fled. He later found out she'd joined the Volturi. Aro was to attempt this bond next. But the little blonde haired bitch Jane, killed my mother. She'd tricked her into getting close, gaining her trust. But through Jane's jealousy, she took my mother's life. Jane had always been the favorite of Aro's. Conversely, he saw her as nothing more than a child. A curse that Jane happens to live with as she cannot age. She is permanently 16. To Aro there has never been a romantic interest in Jane. If anything he's in love with her power more than that of Jane personally. That is why he didn't have Jane executed nor did he kill her himself. She's an asset to the Volturi and he knew he needs her. That is why the little brat gets away with whatever she wants. Even killing a woman Aro had loving feelings towards. Like Carlisle, Aro had fallen for my mother. For once it wasn't just about power for him as my mother didn't carry any other abilities other than being a vampire.

What's this have to do with Bella Swan?

To Carlisle Bella reminds him of my mother. The one true love that got away…