Lilin sniffed at the forest air, picking up the scent of a very familiar person. She jumped out of the tree she was perched in, and ran in the direction the faint smell emanated from. She slowed to a jog and sniffed again, the smell seemed stronger and fresher. Picking the pace back up, she spotted fresh tired prints in the distance, that had driven through a mud puddle in the road. She ran over to the tracks and sniffed at them, contemplating in her head, then she spotted it on the ground. A book bag just sitting there. She approached it with caution, picked up a stick and started to poke at it. Finding that there was no trap set up that she could see she squatted down next to it. She couldn't put her finger on it, but the scent she picked up seemed very familiar indeed. She picked up the book bag and took in large lung full of air, better telling her who she was tracking the entire time. "BALDY!" She smiled happily when she picked out the scent of Sanzo. He must have left this here by mistake. She grinned evilly. There must be something important in this that they carry it in a plain thing like this. She opened the zipper and saw some incriminating photos of Sanzo and a lady friend she didn't recognize. The girl in the picture had a skimpy black halter dress on. Sanzo didn't have...well...much of anything on. After Lilin stopped the laughing and the nausea, she closed the book bag, put it on her back, and followed the trail of the Sanzo group.


"Apparently I miscalculated how much time until we got to the town," said Hakkai driving though the gates of the town they had been headed to. Sanzo sat in silence as Goku bounced around the back of the Jeep with much happiness. This meant that they would be able to have real food to eat, and a nice warm bed to sleep in.

Hakkai parked the Jeep in front of a inn with a sign that read "Vacancy" on the door. Everyone's joints creaked from driving for 3 days straight through to the next town. Sanzo refused to left them stop at all. They all piled into the doorway, looking as if they couldn't walk. Sanzo requested four rooms with single beds, and handed her the credit card. He finished signing the guest book and walked up the stairs that seem to mock his sore legs. sleep was a much needed thing for him right now and a nice soft bed was all he could think of. He unlocked the door to his hotel room walking in to see no blankets on his bed. ::Insert twitching eyebrow here::

Clenching and unclenching his fists, he walked back down the stairs very unhappily. Approaching the woman at the front desk, she smiled back at him. "Is there something wrong with the room sir?"

"There are no blankets on the bed."

"I'll send a maid up as soon as one is free. It may be a while though, two of them are out for lunch."

His eyebrow twitched, and he walked back upstairs. May as well buy supplies with the extra time he had. Sanzo knocked loudly on Hakkais door, telling him he was going to go buy supplies by himself. Overhearing things, like he always does, Goku came charging out of his room bouncing around asking if he could go also. Sanzo hit him with the mighty paper fan of doom to shut him up. "I'm taking you only if you don't bother me. Now shut up and let's go."


Lilin was hot on the trail of the Sanzo group which led her inside a town. She spotted the Jeeps tire tracks in front of a hotel and towards the door, which opened up just as she was about the plow through it, which made her run right into Sanzo. Sanzo was not happy. Sanzos eyebrow was about to fall off from twitching so much. He picked her up by the back of her shirt and plopped her out of the way and walked down the porch stairs.

"Sanzo! I found you," she yelled at him picked her self off the ground. She smiled a big grin and then ran to stand in front of him. "Give me the sutra, or I'll let everyone see what I have inside this book bag."

Sanzo started to laugh, no one would want to see what was in there for sure, because that was the book bag that Sakura-Sanzo disappeared into.

"......," Sanzo stopped laughing.

"Oh, so you know what's in here baldy monk! Now hand over the sutra!"

Sanzo wasn't going to stand for it anymore. He started to walk away.

"Wait, you can't go!" She ran in front of him again, and unzipped the book bag. She grinned and opened it for him to see inside.

"HAKKAI-SAN! DID YOU MISS.....You're not Hakkai!" Sakura-Sanzo ducked back into the book bag and zipped it, hiding once more in her portable hammer space. Lilin was very confused. Then she recognized the girl, she was the one from the pictures. She was even more confused. Lilin alarm went off, and she pulled a Grandfather clock from her pants pocket, examined the time then took off, saying something about her brother, leaving the clock in the middle of the road.

This time Goku picked up the book bag, put it on and then ran back inside to the hotel. Sanzo was ready to put his gun in his mouth and pull the trigger, but then again, he made it to the next town, and that stupid girl would be leaving them now. After pulling together some sanity, he walked off to get cigarettes.


Goyjo locked the door to his hotel room just as Goku bounded down the hall way with the way too familiar book bag on his shoulders. Plastering himself against the door, his eyes wide, and cigarette fallen to the floor, "Where the hell did you get that from," he exclaimed.

Goku smiled and opened it up. Sakura-Sanzo peeked her head out of the bag just enough to see, then stepped out in the black dress she wore when they fist meet. She then continued to root through the bag and picked out a mandarin style coat with red dragons on it. She slipped into some boots, blew a kiss at Goyjo then walked back towards the stairs. Goku looked into the bag and it was now filled with chocolate bars. He grinned, drool dripping down his chin, ran to his room to devour the chocolate.


The chatter of conversations and a smoky atmosphere greeted Goyjo as he walked into the bar. With his hands in his pockets he sat himself at a table, then waved down a barmaid. He ordered a beer, and leaned back in his chair. There was a nice crowd of people for a late afternoon on a week day. Work must get out early for these people. A man walked over to Goyjo and sat across from him putting his own beer on the table in front of himself.

"Play cards," the man asked him. The room fell quite as people watched Goyjos reaction to the man sitting in front of him. Goyjo chuckled to himself and sat upright in his chair leaning his elbows on the table.

"Most certainly do, what's your game?"


"You've got yourself a rival."

The man took a deck from his jacket, and placed it in front of Goyjo, "You cut."


Sakura-Sanzo walked down the street admiring the shops that were now closed for the day, her reclaimed book bag hanging from her shoulders reeking of chocolate. It being summer and all, made everyone want to get home, and rest in the cool of the evening. It was a round 4 PM and her stomach was protesting that it most certainly was time for dinner. She remembered passing by a bar on this street and turned back to stop in for some food. Hopefully it tasted good, she hadn't eaten anything for a few days.

Walking hastily down the street she found the only establishment that was still open past 2 PM. She walked in through the swinging doors and like always, everyone stopped talking. Sighing, she blew everyone a kiss then seated herself at a table near the door. She scanned the room and saw a small crowd of women near a table in the back of the room. Curious, she wandered over to see what kind of man could attract the attention of so many women at one time. She held back the laughter when she saw who it was and seated herself indiscreetly near the unsuspecting Goyjo playing cards and drinking cheap beer.

"Ne Goyjo, how do you get your hair such a nice shade of red," asked a tall blonde girl, running her finger through his long hair.

She couldn't help herself, it was just too funny, so she laughed, and laughed loud enough that everyone standing near Goyjo, including him, turned towards her. She doubled over in her chair and wiped the tears. Sakura-Sanzo then walked over to the table steadying herself by leaning on the table and calmed herself enough to speak. "You call that red! Hahahahaha! That's not red!" She motioned towards them to wait a minute, then she returned to her table and opened up her book bag. Half way submerged into the opening of the pack, she started to emerge struggling with something, then she finally got it out.

"Oro?" The short red headed Japanese man sat on the floor in a fuchsia kimono and white hakama. His sleeves tied back with a tasuki cord, and a basket of laundry in his hands.

She grabbed the ex-battousai by the pony tail and dragged him over to Gojyo. "Now, this is red," she said clearing her throat, and holding the mans hair up to Gojyos. Letting go of the mans hair, she then ripped off the poor confused rurounis kimono off with a loud rip, and held it up to Goyjos hair. "Now, this is fuchsia. Gojyos hair matches perfectly. Need I say more?" The girls standing around Goyjo slowly backed off, then walked away. Sakura-Sanzo snickered.

"Ano...sumimasen...," stuttered the half naked red haired man.

"Oh yeah," she picked him up with all his belongings then stuffed him back into the bookbag.


Kenshin fell out of the sky with a loud thud as he landed in the middle of the dojos courtyard. The laundry basket soon followed falling next to him, dirtying all the undergarments he just had cleaned. Kaoru came walking out of the dojo, with a broom in her hand, "Kenshin, what the hel--," her nose started bleeding and she passed out on the ground. Kenshins kimono then floated down and covered up the swirly eyed samurais bare chest.


Gojyo glared at Sakura-Sanzo with such purpose that he could have burned a hole through her head and then through the wall on the other side of the room. "What the hell are you trying to do to me girl!"

She smiled in response as the rest of the Sanzo party entered the bar looking to fill their stomachs. She stood up, knowing that it was about time to tell them what was going on and let them know what the consequences would be. "Oh be quiet silly, you and the rest of your group over there need to hear what I have to say about your case."

Gojyo got up with a look that could kill, and followed her over to the table that his traveling companions sat at. "Now, I'm sure you all want to get this over with, so shall we? I'm sure you want to know what I found out, and that information can't be told to as of yet, since my report isn't finished. But I can let you know this..."

She stood up from the table and started to unzip her dress. Gojyo wasn't giving up the opportunity for a free show, neither were most of the men in the room. Goku didn't understand, Hakkai blushed and looked into his teacup, and Sanzo looked out the window.

She picked up the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head, revealing that....

She was really Kanzeon Bosatsu.

"Gotcha!" she blew a kiss at Sanzo then returned to heaven.

"Goyjo, remind me to kill you after we get out of here."

"Why me?"

::Shoots gun at Goyjos head::

"Now now..."

"Huh? I don't get it."

(Oh yeah...Kaijyu and Jeep lived happily ever after.)



Well, I hope you enjoyed this crazy little tale. If you don't get the Kenshin references, just find a picture of him, then you'll understand. Thanks for reading!