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Time: Around a year after the series ends. Most definitely does not include 'Teen Titans Go.'

The Morning,... The Villains of the Day,... A Night Visit to the Kitchen,... Five Titans no More,... An Early Morning Discussion,...

A single green eye opened and peered around the room. Clean if not tidy. The shape shifter made a distinction between the two, even if the rest of the Titans didn't. Things scattered around on the floor made things messy, not dirty. The other eye opened, and both focused on the open window. A warm breeze blew through it, adding to the temptation to sleep in. Yawning, he resisted the urge.

Tripping over the laptop he'd placed beside the bed, it looked like a start to a normal day; there were no signs that it would mark the end of the shape shifter's place amongst the Titans. Dropping to the floor the boy started a series of vigorous exercises. He was content, if not happy.

An hour later, leaving the shower, he made sure to grab a set of ear plugs and insert them. In addition he used two more for his nose. It was the best the green-skinned Titan could do to ignore the things he didn't want to hear or smell. He then headed down to the kitchen for a plate of tofu eggs and bacon.

Damn. Too late again. He muttered silently to himself, seeing Cyborg and Jinx there. The two had become a couple when Kid Flash and Jinx had broke up. The two in the kitchen would make breakfast torture. They would ignore him, and focus on each other to the point of even making out. It was annoying to watch. And painful. Not that he was jealous or anything; at least not of those two.

On the other hand, he was quite willing to admit to himself that he was jealous of Boy Wonder. Two month ago Raven had found out that the Tamaranians didn't have anything like monogamy. To top it off, Starfire had invited the girl to share in her and Robin's relationship. The violet-haired Titan had taken her up on the offer. Recalling the event, Beast Boy frowned. He'd always had feelings for Raven, and seeing her with someone else hurt. Still, he'd decided it wasn't his business. Being short and green wasn't on the list of the top ten things a woman looked for in a partner. It was what made the ear and nose plugs necessary. With his senses it was too easy to overhear things he didn't want to. As for his sense of smell, it let him know when people did certain things that he didn't want to know about.

With a sigh, he turned away from the kitchen and headed to the gym, deciding he would grab a bite after another workout. Entering the well equipped exercise area he went to work tearing apart a punching bag. Not holding back, it soon started leaking stuffing. Not quite human, his animal DNA make him pretty strong. Combined with his knowledge of the martial arts, it meant equipment didn't often last long, at least not when he got serious. Video games and working out; the two things his life now consisted of. Still, it was better than what he'd had before he'd become a Titan. At least he had friends. Standing back for a few seconds with a small sigh, he took a breather.

Checking on the kitchen again, he noticed it was still occupied. The couple's breakfast was cold, while they were busy with other activities. With a sigh he decided to return to his room and take another shower. The last two hours of working out had made him sweaty again.

A single violet opened and peered around the room. The warm breeze was relaxing, and the girl decided a few more minutes rest wouldn't hurt. While she usually visited Robin's and Starfire's room each night, she always returned to her own for sleeping. The eye closed, and with a sigh she sank back beneath the sheets. The last few months her emotions had been for the most part well behaved. It seemed the sex helped relax her, and when it didn't Cyborg had placed a huge post in the center of her room. Weighing in at several tons, and connected to the tower's main structure, it could absorb a lot of punishment. Now when minor things annoyed her, she merely let it have its way with the huge block of titanium. It did no damage, and eventually her internal state settled back down.

Decided to spend a little time reading, she reached out and grabbed a large tome. A gift from Cyborg, it compared the history of magic between several cultures during the middle ages. It was fascinating. The girl frowned, staring at the book. It was much too heavy and too thick. Trying to open the pages she found them glued together. Minor things might be settled with the huge titanium post, but this was major. Books were her passion, and woe be to those that dared harmed her collection. Not only that, but this was gift. Her internal state erupted into pure chaos. Abnormally calm, she decided who might have done such a deed; not that she needed to, there was only one possible culprit. Cyborg she decided wouldn't destroy his own gift to her. Jinx loved books as much as she did. Robin didn't care what she did, and left her and her possessions alone except when she visited him and Starfire each night. Then there was the orange-skinned alien. She never harmed anyone or anything if she could help it. That left only one person: Beast Boy. For some reason he'd avoided her the last few months, but it seemed he'd returned to his old ways.

With fury in her eyes, the half demon left her bed and sent her senses out to seek the target of her rage. Fortunately he wasn't far away. Teleporting to him, she stalked her prey.

"Hey Raven. What's up." The shape shifter knew something was wrong, and tried to back away.

"You dared to sneak into my room again?" The enraged girl declared, holding out the book. "And you dared to destroy my stuff?" Her eyes glowed white, and her mouth curled up into a smile more fitting to that of a psychotic clown. For a second it appeared as if she had four glowing red eyes.

"I didn't. I swear." Sweat rolled down his back and it had nothing to do with the workout.

"Liar. Who else would destroy a book?" Her power reached out and slammed Beast Boy against the wall.

Eyes closed, he felt pain spike through the back of his head and run down his back. Barely he maintained consciousness.

"Leave my things alone." The violet-haired girl spoke. "Or next time I'll tear you apart." She threw the book at him using her magic, and it slammed into his stomach. She vanished from the hallway.

Beast Boy slumped to the ground, hurting more than he usually did after tangling with the concrete slab called Cinderblock. On the wall behind him, there was a smear of blood. Gingerly, he felt the back of his skull, and decided it wasn't anything to be too concerned about. Maybe a minor concussion but he could fix that. His stomach was tender where the book had hit him, with a huge bruise starting to form just below his ribs.

Standing, he wondered what'd happened. Raven rarely went out of control anymore, which meant something had to have set her off. Picking up the book, he examined it, noting the pages were glued together. Not his prank. It seems Cyborg is growing bored goofing off with Jinx, and now has time left over for such gags. Beast Boy mused. Tossing the book into a trash receptacle, he made his way to his room.

In the washroom he poured some cold water from a bottle into the sink. It was distilled, and had certain minerals added. He only needed a few drops to provide a whole ocean for his amoeba form to swim in. That was what he did for the next two hours. When he returned to his regular form, the bruise was gone and his head felt okay. With a sigh he let the water flow down the drain. He'd eaten as an amoeba, and no longer desired breakfast. Thinking about it, he thought it might be a pretty good way to avoid the hassle of the kitchen.

Deciding two hours soaking was enough to make him clean, he returned to the main section of his room where he tossed himself on his bed. Being injured usually made him sleepy.

Back in her room Raven held her head and sighed, trying to rub away an annoying minor headache. It was a pain she recognized well, being the irritating sensation she called a premonition. It'd started as soon as she'd thrown the book at the vandalizer, and from the intensity whatever it forecast was going to be major. Usually it was just a lingering dread that seemed to gather at the back of her skull, but this was something more.

Placing a kettle on a hotplate, she waited for it to boil. Some meditation with a cup of herbal tea might help, she decided, ignoring the call of her emoticlones. Nevermore was a place that reminded her she was different, and as such she hated it. Unless forced to, she never went there.

The tea gone, creating a warm sensation that spread outward from her stomach, the violet-haired girl sat and tried to find tranquility. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." She intoned again and again. The sense of something bad about to happen didn't fade, nor did she find the tranquility she was seeking.

During a prison break the villains of the day were Cinderblock, Plasmus, and Adonis. Three villains and six Titans. It worked out well, letting them face each criminal at two-to-one odds. Unfortunately for Beast Boy his partner in taking down Cinderblock was Raven. It made sense for Cyborg and Jinx to group to take down Plasmus; the cybernetic teen's sonic cannon was the most effective weapon against the walking pile of toxic sludge. Robin, of course, would group with Starfire to take down Adonis. Just because he was sleeping with Raven didn't mean he thought of her in quite the same way.

"Don't mess up." Raven intoned, still mad at the annoying prankster. She rubbed her head; the impending sense of doom didn't help any.

The shape shifter shrugged. Switching into an elephant, he charged the slab of concrete, trying to trip it. Naturally it hurt. Meanwhile Raven used her dark magic to repeatedly pound the villain with a boulder. Once it might've been a car, but doing that time after time had proven to be expensive; Robin had insisted they cut costs where they could.

"Too bad you can't actually do anything useful." Raven intoned, picking up another boulder after the first one had broken. She slammed it down on the concrete slab that was trying to get up; it impacted less than an inch from the shape shifter's nose.

"Hey. Be careful." He shouted, having leapt back and changed back to his human form.

"Stop whining. It's not like your nose has any more value than the book you destroyed." She slammed the boulder down again.

"I didn't hurt any of your books." He replied, shifting into an elephant once more, and charging the villain who'd just gained his feet.

"Right." The violet-haired girl intoned. A car flew past her. "And why aren't you doing your part? Keep him on the ground, moron." She said with a sigh, definitely not sounding apathetic.

Beast Boy fumed, but decided to ignore the psychotic half demon and focus on the real target. When the boulder, said demon was wielding, repeatedly came way too close for comfort he said nothing. It was better to just get the job done and over with; to get back to the tower where he could soak as an amoeba once again to get rid of the bruises and aches caused by slamming into the giant concrete block. That and the couple of minor cuts caused by fragments of the boulder hitting him each time the violet-haired girl bludgeoned their giant foe with it.

When Cinderblock finally stopped moving, having surrendered, they stood back and waited for the authorities to come and pick it up.

"Be nice if you could do something useful." The violet-haired Titan snarked again.

The shape shifter remained quiet, fuming. He knew the girl was raging mad at having a book destroyed. It was just his misfortune to be the one blamed for it. Still, he felt like shifting into a spitting cobra and wiping that expressionless facade off her face. She was an empath, and could easily find the real culprit; she just chose not to.

Back in the tower Beast Boy took another two hour swim. Being an amoeba was quickly becoming a pain. There wasn't much he could do in that form other than swim and mope. The very simple form might let him heal wounds quickly, but he knew the continuous monologue raging in his mind against a certain witch didn't help matters any.

Deciding no one would be in the kitchen at this late hour, he made his way down to the fridge, hoping to eat real human food, and not just the yeast cells he'd sprinkled in the water he used for healing. His sensitive eyes, not needing much light to see, enabled him to make his way to the fridge without turning on any lights. He opened the door and light spilled out. Suddenly the world turned upside down and he was slammed repeatedly into the side of the wall.

Looking, he knew immediately what'd happened. Robin, Starfire, and Raven had, for whatever reason, decided to use the commons room for things it wasn't meant to be used for. With his ear and nose plugs in, he had neither heard nor smelled them . Nor had he needed to look in that direction to get to the fridge.

"Pervert." Raven yelled, covering herself. She slammed him into the wall again. "Pervert." She coldly intoned, clearly raging mad.

Idiots. He though, wondering how stupid they must've been to think their activities in the commons room, which contained the kitchen area, wouldn't have been eventually discovered. His back was a mass of pain again; that, he decided, was getting pretty old.

"I didn't see you there." He attempted to say, trying not to respond in kind. That wouldn't help things at all.

"Right." The violet-haired girl mocked. "The boy with a dog's nose and a dog's ears didn't know we were here. How stupid do you think we are?" She demanded.

"How stupid do you think I would be to open a fridge, which has a light, if I was trying to hide." He countered. The response seemed to make her madder.

"Moron." She yelled, slamming him into the wall again.

"Please, friend Raven, let friend Beast Boy go." Starfire tried to calm matters down.

He was slammed against the wall twice more before the orange-skinned alien placed herself between him and the raging girl. Despite the pain, the view was nice. It seemed Tamaranians had little modesty at times. But more importantly, he really appreciated her successful attempt to have him released. Free, he left for his room.

Once again it was two hours as an amoeba. This time he ate his fill of yeast, and didn't try to stop his internal monologue against the psychotic witch. If that was suppressing her emotions, he thought he would take a sociopathic monster like Slade over her any day.

Eventually he returned to his human form, realizing out of the whole day he'd spent six hours as an amoeba healing. It was way too much. Still it ensured he would get a good nights sleep. Or so he thought.

A pounding on the door roused him from his deep sleep. Slow to answer it, it was forced open to reveal Cyborg.

"We would like a word with you." The cybernetic teen coldly stated, radiating hostility.

With a sigh, Beast Boy stood. "What about?" He asked, knowing it wasn't going to be good.

"The meeting room. Now." Was the only response.

He entered the room to see Robin and Raven waiting. Cyborg left, closing the door with a slam behind him. With a sigh he removed the ear plugs so he could hear the conversation. As an after though, he also took out the nose plugs. This would be too important to not have his senses fully working. Among the obvious odors telling him what the two had been up to earlier, he sensed intense rage. The scent of it flooded his nose, and the pace of their two heart beats confirmed it.

'What's up?" He asked, tired.

"We have video images of you sneaking into our rooms." Robin stated. "And leaving with certain items. Mind explaining." It wasn't a request.

"I have no clue what you're talking about." The shape shifter honestly replied.

"Just like you have no idea about the book." Raven intoned coldly. "Confess Beast Boy. The security system caught you."

"Since I didn't do it, it couldn't have caught me." He shrugged. "Let me see the tapes."

"There's no need of that." Robin answered, voice radiating intense hostility. "We've seen the footage."

"So I don't even get to see the evidence you have against me?" Disbelief filled the shape shifter's voice. These were the people he'd thought were his friends.

"There's no need." Raven reiterated her boyfriend's words. "All that's left to decide is what to do with you."

He gulped, frowning as he looked from one face to the other. There was no compassion in either one. "You don't get to decide anything until I've seen the evidence." He stated.

"You'll be removed as a Titan." Robin spoke, ignoring the comment. "Be thankful that's it. We could easily have made this into a legal matter. You would've served time in jail."

Fury erupted in Beast Boy, while the premonition that'd been haunting Raven all day suddenly increased to a blinding headache.

"You think you're a detective." The shape shifter mocked. "All you really are is a Slade wannabe. You act just like him. An obsessive, obnoxious, jerk."

Boy Wonder froze. "Maybe we should call the police on this." He replied with barely contained rage.

"Why don't we?" Beast Boy responded. "At least with them I would get a lawyer and a trail. More than what I'm getting from you two psychotic lunatics."

"Please be reasonable." Raven intoned, suddenly acutely aware she should've visited Nevermore to talk about the premonition with Knowledge. That things were about to get bad was guaranteed. She frowned.

"Oh. Right. Reasonable." The ex-Titan's voice oozed sarcasm. "Since when does the ice witch care about reason? Right or wrong you just lash out. How about we do call the police? How many cases of aggravated assault do you think you're responsible for. There was two just today."

"You will apologize to her, now." Robin spoke.

"Make me, little Slade wannabe." Beast Boy growled at his former leader.

"Freak." Robin roared, speaking in anger.

Raven froze, hearing the word. "We need to be calm or something bad is going to happen." She intoned, her expression hinting of worry. Her words were ignored.

"Oh. Poor little Birdie Boy is angry." Mocked the Shape Shifter. "Big words, no action."

"You want action." Boy Wonder leapt into action, his fist aimed direction for his target's throat.

Beast Boy stepped into the attack, driving his own fist into the attacker's solar plexus, sending him flying back through the air.

"Stop!" Raven ordered, looking to see if Robin was okay. He was. "We can just show him the evidence." She stated.

The acrobat had twisted his body to absorb the blow, taking only minor damage. "You're going to wish you'd never heard of the Titans he growled." All reason gone.

"Make me, Little Mr. Slade Wannabe." The taunt was growled by Beast Boy.

Raven decided it was time to separate the two. It puzzled her that she hadn't just placed a barrier around Beast Boy earlier. Letting him see the evidence against him was only reasonable. He would see it, and know he was caught red-handed. She would argue that he just be allowed to leave as if none of this had happened... It was too late.

The two attacked each other with the skill and speed that only master martial artists could. Robin, despite being human, had inhuman reflexes. That and his skill made him formidable. But his opponent had greater strength, with reflexes that were almost as fast. That he'd spent the last few months practically nonstop in the gym didn't hurt. That, with a greater ability to absorb damage, made the battle nearly even.

Raven gulped as the two attacked each other with a ferocity that was unnerving. The speed at which they twisted and turned, launching and evading blows, made it impossible for her to single the shape shifter out. Then there was the premonition that was pounding on her skull, hindering her ability to concentrate.

"I'm going to rip you in two." Boy Wonder panted.

"Try it." Beast Boy growled the response. Another benefit of his animal DNA was enhanced endurance. He might have to leave the Titans, but he would leave with their so-called leader soundly beaten. And he would do it without using any of his animal forms.

"Stop." Raven pleaded, trying to focus on one of them, no longer caring who it was so long as she stopped the fight. The premonition pounded in her skull, nearly blinding her.

Beyond reason, his stamina starting to fail, Robin reached for his weapons. Instinctively he pulled out an electric disc, and tossed it. The movement was swift and precise, done before his foe could note the change from unarmed combat to the usage of weapons. The disc hit soundly and he expected the charge to knocked the annoying brat to the floor, unconscious. It was with shock he realized the object he thrown wasn't an electric disc, it was an explosive one.

The premonition peaked, bringing her to her knees. Then it faded.

Beast Boy saw the movement too late to dodge. Stunned to see it was an explosive disc, he knew if it hit it would kill him. Only years of training saved his life. Instinctively he became an elephant, and allowed the larger creature to absorb the blow. It actually knocked the large animal back a foot, creating a massive wound.

For a second there was a pause in the fight as both Raven and Robin stared, shocked.

He tried to kill me! Was the stunned response that echoed in Beast Boy's mind. The wound, that covered a section of his chest, ached and poured forth blood.

"Beast Boy are y..." Robin started to say. He barely had time to react as the shape shifter resumed the attack.

Raven's face paled as she watch the attack. Before it'd been merely ferocious, now it was pure savagery. Beast Boy, she knew, believed Robin had tried to kill him, and on that account she was shocked herself. The master fighter never made a mistake, but she knew he just had. There'd been no intent to kill the shape shifter. She also knew it was useless to try to explain that.

"Stop." Robin cried, holding his bo staff against the wall, trying to use it as a spear to stop the charing elephant.

Knowing only rage he charged, swerving at the last second to avoid the spear. His form changed to that of a huge two thousand pound crocodile that was twenty feet long. His tail lashed at Boy Wonder, quite capable of snapping him in two.

The acrobat leapt over the tail, whipping the bo staff down on the creature's head. It didn't even leave a mark.

He twisted around to follow his foe, hampered by his large size in the too small room. His form shifted back to that of a cheetah. The fastest and most agile creature on the land leapt at his foe with a speed that left him only a blur to the human eye. Vaguely he noted the black barrier that marked the spot where he'd just been. She knows he tried to kill me, and she'd trying to help him. To his animal instincts she was marked as an enemy.

Boy Wonder ducked, and rolled under the cheetah. In the amount of time he had, it was all he could do. Nothing could match the creature's speed.

In a feat that was amazing even for the shape shifter, he switched to the form of a bird, used its wings to alter his trajectory, and reverted back to the large cat. His claws swiped, rending his opponent unconscious with four lines of red marking his cheek.

She gasped in horror, wondering if her boyfriend was still alive as the great cat turned to face her. Thankfully her empathic senses told her he was, but that still left the cat. Fear and anger drove her, and she brutally struck out.

Seeing her intent to attack, he altered his shape to that of a great ape. Picking up his now unconscious foe, he held him out as a shield, expecting the half demon wouldn't attack. That surely there'd been some mistake, and she hadn't meant to kill him. The massive hand of dark magic that lashed out was barely avoided as he changed to a cheetah again and leapt; Robin was left behind in his place.

She gasped in shock as the hand, rather than imprisoning Beast Boy against the wall, slammed Robin into it. And not gently. She'd been to emotional for that; blood began to pour from her boyfriend and run down the wall. She withdrew her magic, trying not to harm him any more than she'd already had. She turned to face the great cat. It was looking at Robin, and she could read its expression. He now thought she'd tried to kill him; she couldn't blame the boy for that.

"Please." She said. "I need to get Robin to the clinic."

He reverted back to his human form. "Why should I care? He tried to kill me. You tried to kill me. If this was about guilt over something you could've proven my innocence with a simple touch. You are an empath right?" He charged as an elephant, only to be blocked by one of her shields. It trembled beneath his onslaught, yet held.

Wishing she'd paid heed to the premonition, she wondered what to do. Her shield could block Beast Boy easily; she was the stronger member of the team. Still, she needed to grab Robin and teleport to the clinic, and then get the other team members. They could hold off the shape shifter while she healed Robin. She was wrong about her shield.

He turned, blurred as a cheetah again, and leapt at the wall. His powerful legs absorbed the impact, and threw him back at over fifty miles per hours. Reverted to an elephant again, his kinetic energy was just sufficient to crack the barrier as he smashed into it. Dazed from the impact, he still remained enough sense to carry out the rest of his plan. He became a spitting cobra, and spat venom at the girl from less than three feet.

The shock of having her barrier broke slowed her thinking for just a second. Then something was burning in her eyes. She was blind, and her barriers it seemed weren't quite as shape shifter resistant as she'd thought. She need to teleport away, but now she couldn't even see her boyfriend. She formed another barrier, and tried to grab hold of him using her empathic senses. The pain in her eyes she ignored.

He used the same trick to shatter the barrier once more, feeling something inside him break as well when he did so. Yet it did the trick, and this time he immediately changed form to a cheetah and lashed out with his paw. She fell unconscious. He turned as the door opened to see Cyborg staring in shock.

"Beast Boy. What've you done." The Cybernetic teen asked, his one human eye wide.

He became human again. "They attacked me." He stated.

The cyborg shook his head. "They were just going to toss you off the team. You deserved it for doing the things you did." He looked around in shock.

"You got a sonic analyzer." The shape shifter pointed out. "You could have found out if I was ly..." He switched to a cheetah again and dodged. The sonic boom of the cannon punched a hole through the wall.

Cyborg stared. "I ... I didn't turn it down." He tried to explain." His human eye blinking. He turned to face Beast Boy again. "Settle dow..." He didn't get a change to finished.

However much of the cybernetic teen was titanium, a part of him was still human. That part couldn't hope to match the speed to the cheetah. It launched itself at the foe who'd just tried to kill him with death in its eyes. It met a titanium barrier and was flung back. Whirling around, it dodged the sonic blasts from its foes cannon, which was now set to nonlethal.

"Calm down B." Cyborg tried again. "I get them to the clinic and make sure they're okay, then I can give you a chance to explain. I'll listen."

Right. The Shape Shifter fumed. As if I'm dumb enough to believe the person who just blasted out the wall behind me. He studied his foe. Titanium was strong, but the gears inside had their limits. His cat form blurred, and at sixty miles per hour he became a seven ton elephant whose speed and mass smashed its way through his foe, sending him flying. When the cybernetic teen tried to rise, he repeated the move. And then a third time. After that the third person who'd tried to kill him in the last hour remained still.

"Friend Beast Boy. What have you done?" The orange-skinned alien stood in the doorway.

Studying her expression, Beast Boy knew there was no chance to explain. As if she would believe me anyway, and that's assuming she isn't in on it. He mused. The rays that came from her eyes ripped through the floor, and it was obvious she meant to kill. The cheetah leapt to one side, easily more nimble than the alien. But the endurance of the large cat was quickly fading. He studied the girl who was super strong, and could throw energy bolts. Everything had a weakness. She was no exception; she needed to see to aim those starbolts.

He became a humming bird that evaded the onslaught that came his way. Hovering just a few feet from the girl, he waiting until she was focused on her attack. In her rage it didn't really matter. Then he dodged to a foot below her level, and became a spitting cobra again. The orange-skinned Titan blinked, but the venom didn't seem to cause her any pain. Still it would blind her sight for a few seconds, and he swiftly took advantage of it. As a crocodile he lashed at her with his tail time and time again. It hurt to strike something that strong, still it hit her, bouncing her off the walls.

When starbolts came his way again, he became a cheetah and evaded them. With his body overheating, that being a major weakness of being a cheetah, he used his paw to flip a pillow up at her. He followed behind it as a humming bird. She destroyed the pillow, but he survived with just a few singed feathers. Soon she was blind again, and he resumed battering her as a crocodile.

She was easily the toughest foe of the night, but still she couldn't throw a continuous barrage of starbolts forever. Soon she slowed due to exhaustion, and a final swing of his tail knocked her down.

Beast Boy stared at the still forms of his four ex-friends; at the four people who he would've trusted with his life, and who he believed had tried to kill him. Turning, he fled the building, bruised and battered. He was close to death, and wasn't even sure if spending time as an amoeba would let him survive. He staggered, and tried to use a bird form to get far away. He collapsed, and just managed to crawl to the ocean where he became an amoeba.

Raven slowly opened her eyes; they hurt and she was half blind. Time in a healing trance would fix that, but it would have to wait. She looked around. Robin was in a bed next to her, while Starfire was in another. Cyborg was sitting in a chair. Relief flooded her, until she noticed Beast Boy was absent, leaving her wondering if he was dead. Surely if he'd been alive Cyborg would've had him here too. Restrained, but still here.

"Where ..." She tried to speak.

"You're awake." Cyborg stood and slowly walked over to her. Clearly he was still damaged.

She blinked, and tried to talk again.

"You'll be okay." The cybernetic teen told her. "You were knocked out, with some slight gashes in the process. It would heal normally even on a regular person. Your eyes though will require you to use a healing trance."

"The others?" She asked.

"Starfire is okay. She merely exhausted herself and was knocked out as well. Robin is pretty bad. I think Beast Boy just knocked him out too, but ..." He went silent.

She understood. Thinking they'd been trying to kill him, the shape shifter had fought savagely to survived, but he hadn't tried to kill in return. Her boyfriend's injuries were mostly her fault from when she'd accidentally smashed him into a wall. "How bad?"

"Nothing you won't be able to fix." Came the reply. "But outside of that he would be paralyzed for life."

"And you?" She asked, trying to suppress the guilt.

"I'm okay. My more delicate circuits need repairs, and my human part needs some time to heal, but other than that." He shrugged. "I'm glad Jinx didn't show up. I've looked at the security footage from the room. Was pretty much one of us one after the other. And he took us all down." There was disbelief in the cybernetic teen's voice.

"How is he?" She dared to ask.

"I don't know." A worried expression crossed Cyborg's face. "He was pretty banged up. Without medical attention ..." The cybernetic teen frowned. "He didn't walk from the tower, he crawled, and pretty slowly at that."

"The tapes show he's guilty right?" She asked, knowing they did. She'd seen them.

"They do." Cyborg looked away. "Still, I should've used my sonic analyzer to see if he was lying, because ..." He took a deep breath. "There's something wrong with the tapes. I looked at them again while waiting for you to regain consciousness. I think they were altered."

"Altered." She frowned. "If I'd just used my empathic senses I could've ..." She paused. "Why didn't we?" She asked.

"Because we already knew the truth. Or so we believed." He answered.

"I was so angry at him. The book he destroyed. Walking in on me and ..." She paused.

Cyborg twitched at the mention of the book.

End of Chapter.

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