Allen pov.

Skipping down a grassy meadow I sigh, taking in the beautiful scenery. Glancing upwards a clear blue sky stares back at me, not a cloud in sight. The soft tufts of grass squish beneath my feet. I turn around to head back to where I came from, and I come face-to-face with him. My breath hitches, and he smiles at me calmly. My eyes widen and I croak out some semblance of his name.


"-llen! ...ALLEN WALKER!"

"HUH-!?" I yelp, disoriented and dazed.

I seem to just remember where I am as a deep green eye gazes at me curiously. The whole class erupts into laughter at my outburst and I flush bright red at the unwanted attention.

"Try to pay attention next time~"

I eye the person standing before me, who happens to be my teacher in the middle of roll call. A bit miffed, I pick up my textbook and bury my face in the pages. Although he is my homeroom teacher, he's more like a 12 year old in a grown man's body. Based on his youthful looks, He can't be older than 25, easy. His startling bright red hair swaying slightly as he made his way back to the front desk. Leaning against the wooden edge he grins and finishes the attendance.

He's a new English teacher here at Black Order High School. I'm a fairly new student as well, I transferred here only a week ago but I already regret it. The work is pretty difficult, I'm kind of an outcast because of my strange white hair, and I sorta have this... bully.

I rub my arm tentatively, trying to soothe the pain emanating from the various bruises that covered it.

Class drawled on for about thirty more minutes. I wasn't exactly paying attention, but occasionally i'd scribble some notes to look busy. I didn't have to keep up the facade for very long because the bell signaling our dismissal rang, though later than I had hoped it would.

"Well, there's the bell, you can all go." Mr. Bookman shouts unenthusiastically.


I grin and scramble to get my notes and binder in order.

"Except Allen Walker~"


My face falls into a frown and I grumpily shuffle towards his desk. A few kids shoot me sympathetic glances and exit hastily. Once everyone was gone he started to speak.

"Why've you been off in Wonderland during my class? Am I not interesting enough for you?" He pouts, similar to a small child.

"No." I state flatly and he presses a hand to his heart in a mock expression of hurt.

"No! No! It's not that, I just..." I sigh heavily. I actually did mean it but I SHOULD be polite, shouldn't I? I come up with a lame excuse as an apology.

"It's not you I find boring, it's the subject you teach. Hell... It's school in general."

"Really? It's not me? You stare at me a lot during class... I was worried you've fallen for me." He purrs and I blush furiously.

"I do not stare at you!" I shout a little louder than I should've, and crossed my arms.

The red head blinks at me and laughs hysterically.

"Geez kid it was a joke! However judging from that cute red blush spreading across your face, I'd think otherwise~" He teases, amused by my flustered expression.

"That's sexual harassment." I go red in embarrassment, with my white hair I probably looked like a snow covered tomato.

"Who said anything about sexual?" He grins.

That's it!

"Who let you become a teacher!" I shout, storming out of the classroom.

Even I admit I overreacted, maybe I just wanted a reason to escape being alone with him.

"Hey! The old panda got me this job! Blame him!" He shouts defiantly, though remains at his desk and doesn't come after me, which I am grateful for. After a day like today i'll need to be alone for a while.

Lavi pov.

"Bookman do I HAVE to?" I groan loudly and a dictionary comes in contact with my forehead.

"Shut up idiot. You're lucky I called in a favor with Komui!"

After recovering from the attack, I calmly sip some of my coffee and bring the cup back down to my lap, warming up my hands.

"Yeah but teaching a bunch of bratty kids..." I grumble. "That's totally not my style."

"You're only twenty-two Lavi, you aren't that far off from a child yourself. Probably more so seeing how immature you act." Bookman scowls, restocking books into nearby shelves. His work is to take care of the school's library, and because he's been doing it for years he was able to snag me a teaching job with the principal. Not my cup of tea, but a job is a job.

Ignoring his earlier comment, I roll around freely in one of those wheeled office chairs and gulped down some more coffee. I look up lazily and stare at the ceiling of the library with my uncovered eye. I'm the type of guy to get bored easily, so most of the jobs I've had were dismissed pretty early on. I've never found anything that really interested me. This would be no different... A bunch of boring obnoxious high school kids being rowdy and annoying...Ugh.

"Bookman, what time is it?" I ask with disinterest as I gulp down more coffee.


"PFFFFFFTTTTTT!" I spit coffee into the air and hastily get up from the wheely chair.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap I'm so freaking laaaaaaate!" I shout and run out of the library, Bookman shouting behind me, "YOU BETTER NOT LOSE THIS JOB!"

I screech down the hallway and rip open the classroom door, not even bothering to look at the students or even check if I'm in the right class. A hasty "Hi, how ya' doing." Escapes my lips and I speed-walk over and grab the attendance sheet off the desk.

"Jan?" I call out the first name on the list tentatively and a brown-haired boy's hand shoots up.

Good, good.


A short fair-skinned boy yells "Here," lazily and returns to his i-pod.

He's a lot like me when I was a kid... I grin at the memories of how mischievous I was as a teen. Hmmm who's next..?


A few seconds go by and I hear no response, so I look up at the class. No hands are up. I repeat the name but no one answers again. Huffing slightly, I looked at the seating chart for the name. Hmm... He sits in the fourth seat at the front. I turned back to the class and scanned the amused faces.

He's got balls not to answer me when he sits right in fron-

My thoughts cut off when I notice the kid in the fourth seat. He was small for a 16 year old. However that wasn't the first thing I noticed. What caught my attention was his pure white hair and the red star-like tattoo that adorned the top of his right eye to his forehead. Is he in a gang or something? He looks so innocent though...

I walked over to him awaiting a response. When I received none I glanced down at him to realize he was staring off into space.

"Allen." I called, waving a hand warily in front of his face. No answer.

"ALLEN WALKER!" I shouted, causing a few students to jump and effectively rousing the snowy haired teen.


I laugh inwardly and coo, "try to pay attention next time." I can pretty much feel him glaring at me, but I don't look up from the attendance list.

I actually teach for the rest of class before the bell rings and I decide to have some fun with the kid.

"Well, there's the bell, you can all go."

My attention immediately falls on Allen who has a wide grin on his face, as he hastily shoves his binder into his bag.

"Except Allen Walker~" I watch his elated grin fall into a deep frown and laugh inwardly again. He's so easy to read!

I wait before all the other students leave before asking, "why've you been off in Wonderland during my class? Am I not interesting enough for you?"

"No." He replies bluntly.

Wow... that actually stung a little. I had a mock hurt look and grabbed at my chest. He then quickly makes up some b.s excuse but I kind of tune him out, only catching the 'it's not you' part.

"Really? it's not me? You stare at me a lot during class... I was worried you've fallen for me." I almost purr.

"I do not stare at you!" He yells loudly and flushes red.

I laugh outloud this time, clearly enjoying the flushed expression on his face. Finally I stop, somewhat pitying him.

"Geez it was a joke! However judging from that cute red blush you've got spreading on your face, I'd think otherwise~" I smile, on the verge of laughter again.

"That's sexual harassment."

Pfft, Of all the things to say.

"Who said anything about sexual?"

He stops in his tracks and yells, "who let you become a teacher?!"

Aahaaha! You have no ideaaa~ I realize i'm enjoying this way too much as he storms out the classroom. I don't even make an effort to stop him, however I decide to answer his question.

"Hey! The old panda got me this job! Blame him!" I shout at the last glimpse of snowy white hair.

I sit back in the comfy black chair behind my new desk, putting my feet up and grinning smugly. I probably won't be quitting anytime soon...I think, glancing at the door that the raging teen left ajar.

I just found someone interesting.