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Is it unnatural to want to hug and makeup with someone, yet want to strangle them to death at the same time? Those were Lavi's exact thoughts as he watched Allen angrily storm out of the classroom after the little pissing match they just had. The silverette obviously hadn't understood his troubled past with Tyki so it really ticked Lavi off when he claimed that he was overreacting. The room went unnervingly quiet and just about anyone could sense the obvious tension in the air. Though however pissed off he may be, Lavi couldn't let this affect his job. Suppressing his temper, He took a deep breath and regarded the class with his usual bright smile.

"Well then, shall we continue?" He said cheerfully, though the way his eye twitched irritably kinda gave away his foul mood.

Despite his demeanor, class went on uninterrupted albeit a little rushed. During the class period he often found himself having to force an answer out of his students, mostly because they seemed very reluctant to raise their hands. Lavi was taken aback by this, he thought of himself as a relatively patient and withdrawn person, just like Bookman taught him to be. Despite his playful personality, the young red head knew when to cut it out. His students were also usually very willing to participate, so Lavi figured that this was due to this morning's argument. Allen had taken this too far. Rebelling against him was one thing, but disrupting his class...that's a completely different story.

"Um...Mr. Bookman... I think that book is screaming bloody murder..." A small voice squeaked from the front of the classroom. Lavi looked in the direction of the voice with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" He asked, a bit annoyed.

Kanda was sitting next to the girl who spoke up and he 'che'd' loudly, pointing at the mangled scrap of paper and plastic that used to be a literature textbook.

"You've been scowling at the ceiling and ripping up that book for about 15 minutes." The pony-tailed boy explained with a scoff.

"Shit." Lavi muttered, earning a few snickers from the class. After apologizing for his odd behavior, he resumed the lesson just as usual, disgruntled at the continued lack of participation.

"Come on! Are you all still asleep?" He said in frustration at the very hesitant group of teenagers. Lavi glowered when right at that moment the bell for 6th period rang, freeing the class from his question. His temper was short which made his students uncooperative, which in turn made him unable to finish the lesson.

That's just great.

Lavi heaved a sigh and rubbed the back of his head. Things couldn't go on like this, he has to nip this problem in the bud. His temper was short because of a certain silver haired teen so that should be the first course of action. He couldn't let his personal matters intermingle with his work, so he made up his mind...

He was going to cut Allen from his life completely.

After the final bell rang for the day and classes were over, Lavi lingered behind in the classroom to erase the board and prepare materials for the next day. He was full of self-loathing at the moment, solely because he had allowed himself to become involved with a student and was now having second thoughts about it. Things shouldn't be this way. As an apprentice Bookman I shouldn't have any attachment or connection to anyone. He mercilessly continued his self-deprecating attitude and was slowly dragging himself into depression.

"Seriously, what am I thinking? Am I going insane?" He muttered under his breath as he reached up to erase the very top of the chalkboard.

"That could be a possibility." A deep voice echoed from the classroom door, making Lavi jump about 5 feet in the air. The red-head gasped, and being deep in thought, lost his balance and fell over with a thud.

"What the hell man, I was-! Oh. It's you." Lavi cut himself off when he identified the owner of the voice. Tyki chuckled at Lavi's very ungraceful fall and offered a hand, which was promptly rejected. "I don't need your help." Lavi growled and smacked his hand away as he rose from the floor with ease. Tyki sighed and retreated his hands to his pockets.

"Where was all this spunk and rebellion when you were in high school, hmm?" The chocolate brown haired man said teasingly, grinning at the acidic glare he received in response.

"What. Do. You. Want." Lavi spat each word bitterly and waited expectantly for Tyki's answer. The enigmatic man always beat around the bush and was never straight-forward or blunt in the least. It infuriated Lavi to no end. Tyki sighed again before finally revealing his intentions, "You're so straight to the point... okay, fine. I'm throwing a party on Saturday, and i'd like you to come. No hard feelings? Y'know... from before?"

Lavi glared venomously, Who does this guy think he is? Just 'cause I love a good party and was pretty notorious for it during college, doesn't mean I'd go to-

"Oh, did I mention Allen will be coming?" Tyki added slyly and watched with amusement as Lavi tensed and froze, his eye widening. However, he instantly relaxed again as if nothing happened.

"So? I don't care whether he's there or not." The red-head shot back nonchalantly as he cleaned the board in meticulous circles. Tyki smirked with that usual playful tone of his, quite confident that he had Lavi wrapped around his finger. "Your actions say otherwise Bookman Jr, remember to bring a date~" With that, the impish man who made Lavi's blood boil exited the classroom, leaving a baffled and fuming red-head in his wake.

Allen pov.

Even if I told you Tyki's house was huge, it still wouldn't be able to describe the size. The place was COLOSSAL. It was almost unfathomable how it stretched across a range of three blocks. Allen felt unbelievably small as he walked up to the polished and intricate front gate with his meager gift basket. He swallowed thickly and looked down at his clothes to check if he was decent, his eyes meeting a red sweater, black skinny jeans, and a pair of converse. He felt terribly under dressed. With a mansion like this, a pure white suit would've probably been more appropriate.

But no way in hell would you catch Allen wearing that.

As he shuffled in through the open gate which was tied whimsically with silver and golden balloons, he was almost blinded by the bright lights and flashy decorations that littered the huge yard.

"Wow..." Allen mumbled, he felt like a tourist or something. The silvery haired boy shook his head lightly out of amazement and weaved his way through the countless people that crowded the party. He was a lot less nervous about his outfit once he saw that a majority of the attendees were also dressed down in a casual set of jeans and T-shirts.

"If Tyki invited enough people to fill a yard like this, he wasn't lying when he said he had invited everybody." Allen said to himself as he made his way over to the gift table and set his gift basket down on the gold laced cloth. He looked up at all the other ornate gifts that surrounded his offering, like a large screen t.v, fine china, and- Was that a set of car keys?!

Allen bit his lip, feeling just a bit insecure about his gift, then shrugging it off with another shake of his head. What would Tyki expect him to bring? He's a high school student for crying out loud! As he walked away from the gift table, he scanned the party for any familiar faces, only stopping when Tyki's unmistakable voice boomed over the microphone.

-Welcome everyone to my celebration, not every person in my family could be here today but I hope we can still have a pleasant evening. Thank you~!-

Once Tyki's announcement was over, the crowd clapped and cheered thunderously, and then the laughter, music, and chatter continued. After wandering about purposelessly for a few more moments, Allen's face brightened and he let out a sigh of relief when he spotted the familiar spiky blue hair of his date. She was roaming the party and talking with a group of people that Allen didn't know. But then again, Allen had yet to see anyone at this party who he actually spoke to on a regular basis. He recognized a few nameless faces from school, but other than that he knew relatively no one at this party.

"Road!" He called out and the young girl turned her head in his direction, golden eyes set on silver. After Road's...enthusiastic invitation, Allen had agreed to meet up with her at Tyki's mansion since she did live there. Though the snowy haired-teen certainly hadn't expected such an extravagant crowd of people, forcing him to go treasure hunting for his date. Once the blue haired girl laid eyes on him, she beamed and skipped over. Of course, her initial reaction was to tackle him into a bear hug, she giggled as her small arms wrapped around his waist.

"Allen! You came~" She squealed, and reluctantly let go of his torso. When she had released him, Allen finally noticed how stunning she looked. She wore a white ruffled dress with a few bows littered here and there, and a pair of simple teardrop earrings. To say Allen was surprised was an understatement. He usually thought of her as a small child, but seeing her now made him realize just how pretty she was. It was when he almost tripped over his own foot that he realized he was being pulled around the party by a giggling Road.

"Come on! The rest of your friends are on the deck." Road laughed as she dragged Allen towards the backyard where paper lanterns emitted colorful neon lights and music blared from the DJ. This was where the real party was. Allen whipped his head in all directions to take in the wild atmosphere, the loud and overbearing music pumping along with his heartbeat. All around them people were dancing, talking, flirting, drinking. Allen gulped, realizing that he was out of his comfort zone. The closest thing to a celebration he had ever gotten was every year when it was his birthday, his Uncle Neah would send him a cake and a sappy note, apologizing for his absence.

Allen shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts, thinking of that would surely sour his mood. Road's hand clenched tighter around his and Allen looked down at her with apprehension. She smiled mischievously and pointed to a scowling Kanda, a glamorously dressed up Lenalee in a shimmering silver dress with a high split up the side, and her sister-loving older brother who nodded in acknowledgement.

"Shouldn't you be, I don't know concerned that there is underage drinking at this party?" Kanda asked dryly in Komui's direction. The young principal pondered this for a moment before shrugging.

"Not really, it's not my problem. If Mr. Mikk wants to get himself arrested then by all means. I just want to protect my darling Lena-"

"Allen!" Lenalee shouted and lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw her snowy haired best friend, enveloping the boy in a hug. Jeez... why were the girls around him so affectionate?

"You look so cute!" The Chinese girl smiled, making him blush softly.

"Lenalee, you can let go now~" Komui said in a sugary sweet tone, pushing Allen away. The teen stumbled back a bit before hitting the fence behind him and falling forward, making his lips brush against Road's cheek. In response Road smirked, steadying him by throwing her arms around his neck.

"You're so bold, Allen~" She smiled in a devious manner and glomped him mercilessly. Lenalee watched in pity as Allen had the life squeezed out of him, but she had her own problems to deal with at the moment.

"Don't you come near my Lenalee, you filthy boy!" Komui growled, causing a young blond teen to cringe and back away slowly. Once the guy had left, Komui hugged Lenalee tightly and rubbed his cheek against hers.

"Oh Lenalee, i'll never let anyone look at you with lewd eyes!" The Chinese male gushed, unaware of how close he was to getting a beat-down, courtesy of Lenalee's 4-inch heels. She sighed softly and pried Komui off of her to go talk to Allen. She rubbed the back of her head and winced when she heard his cries and loud shouting for her return. Jeez! She loved her brother, but sometimes she wished he could just be normal! She'll never have a social life at this rate. Komui was too busy blowing his nose into a handkerchief dramatically and sobbing her name to see Kanda trudge over and place a hand on Lenalee's shoulder. The Chinese girl whipped around, her green locks swaying behind her. She stared warily at his cobalt blue eyes, searching for any signs of emotion. She felt almost sorry for him, seeing as he had been her date for the night. She was almost over-joyed when he had asked her to go with him to Tyki's party. He was seriously one of the best friends she's ever had, and she wished he'd be more open to her. Kanda parted his lips, as if he was about to say something, then blushed softly.

"Che. I can't do this." He muttered, and removed his hand. Lenalee watched with a puzzled expression as he walked away, mumbling something about lack of confidence.

"Lenalee." Someone called, and upon hearing her name the girl turned to face a nervous Allen who looked frazzled and upset. Apparently he had managed to escape Road's grasp, seeing as he was panting, sweating, and looking very distraught. The boy was trying his best to remain nonchalant but curiosity got the best of him. He had seen all his friends so far, and was quite content to know he had so many people who cared for him. Though he couldn't deny, there was someone else missing who he was currently at odds with. All he wanted to do now was apologize, despite his stubborn attitude. He was willing to swallow his pride to make amends.

"Where's Lavi." Allen asked, though it came out more like a statement with the steely tone he used. Lenalee's eyes widened a bit before her lips set into a wry, melancholy smile. She then jerked her thumb in the direction of uproarious laughter from a large crowd of adults. Allen turned his head in that direction just in time for his heart to drop. There standing in the middle of the boisterous group was Lavi, a gorgeous brunette girl on his arm.

Just then, his 'making amends' plan was thrown out the window.

Allen kept to himself in the far corner of the overly populated yard, bitterness stabbing at his heart. Overall he tried to remain aloof but couldn't help but watch as Lavi flirted with the pretty brown-haired girl all night. Earlier on she had went around the party, introducing herself as Sachiko but Allen heard Lavi calling her Chomesuke on numerous occasions all throughout the night. Great... he has a pet name for her... Allen glared down into his drink that he had yet to take a sip of and sat in the corner gloomily. He had long since distanced himself from his friends, hoping to be left alone. It was now more than ever that he was appreciative of the impossibly huge area that housed this party, it would be pretty hard to find one person scattered amongst the hundreds of people who attended. Although, Allen did stick out like a sore thumb with his unusual snowy white hair. Glancing around for something to do and trying not to scowl too much, Allen didn't really notice when Tyki approached him with two other people. How they had managed to find him in this faraway corner, Allen had no idea.

"Hello boy, are you enjoying the party?" Tyki asked as he lit a cigarette and slightly tipped his hat in acknowledgment. Allen shrugged half-heartedly, then forced a smile to be polite. "Yes, it's a pretty large layout and very lively." He mumbled, not making eye contact.

"Great. While I have you here, i'd like you to meet some of my family." Tyki smirked and extended his hand to wave over at the two other males he brought along with him.

"I'm Devit." A raven haired boy grinned, a mischievous glint in his eye that just screamed he was a trouble-maker.

"And i'm Jasdero, heheh." His blond haired counterpart laughed, with the same golden eyes that everyone in Tyki's family must own.

Allen studied them individually and nodded at each boy respectively. To be honest he had completely forgotten that they were there. They seemed so insignificant at the moment, and Allen just wanted to forget the world, remain in this corner, and sulk. Despite the part of him that was screaming for him to get over it and enjoy himself instead of acting all bitter.

Even though he wasn't exactly interested, Allen tried his best to remain animated and talked with them. After what seemed like an eternity of mindless chatter, Allen had found out that they were both bisexual. Hmm bi twins? That's...different. He wondered with a jaded expression. Knowing this made him think about just how reclusive from the world he had been. Off in his own little wonderland, Allen hadn't noticed their flirtatious advances on him. Getting frustrated with the young boy's loss of attention, they eventually walked away to go somewhere else and perhaps think of a new approach. Said teen however, stayed glued to his chair, not even realizing that their laughter and lustful stares still lingered on him. Allen was instead focusing on the drink in his hand which he had neglected up until now. He took a sip and immediately stuck his tongue out in distaste. It tasted...weird... but it didn't taste awful... just weird... kinda spicy and burns when it goes down. Allen kept downing the drink until it was done, the taste was almost familiar for some reason. He looked down at the cup wistfully before a loud burst of laughter caught his attention.

Lavi and his rambunctious group had migrated to the corner where he had been sitting. The silvery haired teen inclined his head in annoyance and tried to remain indifferent as the group, including Sachiko, erupted into another fit of laughter after a few words from the popular red-head. Allen deadpanned and clucked his tongue, "Tch." He once again looked down into his empty cup and before long, Allen felt himself yearning for more of the strange liquid. He kept drinking, drowning his irritation in cup after cup. He was on his 4th one by the time he started to feel mildly dizzy. After nearly finishing the drink, he paled considerably as gears started turning and he finally realized what it was.

Alcohol. Somebody had spiked the drinks.

Allen cursed himself for not realizing this sooner, being around Cross for God's sake he should know! However, his immature brain only sought to drown out his sorrows about a certain red head that shall not be named. His mind felt fuzzy and disoriented and from this he knew he was drunk. Great, underage drinking. One step closer to being like Cross. A shiver went down Allen's spine at just the mention of his name and that sobered him up a little. Although he still felt woozy and unsteady on his feet. He wanted to go home. A wave of panic washed over him as the severity of the situation set in.

What if I can't make it home? What if I collapse in the street and wake up in some back alley?! Or worse...

Allen tried his best to think rationally as he rose from his seat in the corner. Lenalee and Komui are here...I think I can leave with them. Then again, Komui is the principal of the school, if he found out that I'd been drinking... Tyki could get in trouble... Tyki could get fired! Oh man, oh man!

Allen freaked out and put that plan aside. He CANNOT make Tyki lose his job! He just got it... Allen tipsily walked out through the gate and down the driveway, leaning his body against a nearby car while trying to get a grip on his delirious brain. He was panting a bit and his eyes felt glazed. He couldn't focus on one thing for too long because it shifted, spinned and duplicated. It was like his brain was playing Jenga with his body and he felt like he would topple over at any minute. Steeling himself, Allen leaned off the car door and attempted to make it back to the party to find Kanda or something. Kanda probably wouldn't really care but the least he could do is call him a taxi. He would do it himself but he didn't trust himself to talk coherently on the phone right now. He'd probably end up slurring his words and spewing gibberish out of his intoxication. Just then, a figure was making their way over and Allen breathed a sigh of relief. His legs weren't cooperating so he highly doubted that he could've made it back to the party. However, his inebriation prevented his brain from registering the probability that this person could be a threat. Soon after his vision cleared a bit and he realized that the figure was actually two figures, twins in fact.

Devit and Jasdero strided slowly down the driveway towards him, like a couple of cats ready to pounce. Allen almost called out to them before he felt his blood run cold. Something didn't feel right. A feeling of apprehension washed over him and he swallowed thickly. They looked...almost feral. His brain must have been a little sober because it practically screamed for him to run away, flee while he still had the chance. However, it was too late and Allen knew it. He couldn't move an inch in his current state, so he braced himself as Devit approached him first.

"Hey Allen, we didn't like the way you ignored us earlier~" The dark-haired male chimed as he leaned over the younger's weakened frame. Allen turned his face away and shrank back from them.

"Go away..." He muttered, trying his best to still look defiant.

"We just wanna keep you company!" Jasdero said in a sing-song voice as Devit grinned. Allen paled as he felt his body get thrown against a car door, and a pair of hands tightly grip his neck. The young teen gasped for air and scratched at the hand, though to no avail as the twins continued their onslaught. Allen couldn't help but squeak out a cry for help that went unheard and was drowned out in the deafening roar of the music. Tears pricked at the corner of the boy's eyes when he felt a pair of lips envelope his own, and hands roughly search and grope his body. There was no way he could've prevent the tears that fell afterwards.

This was the worst feeling in the world, and he could do nothing to stop it.

Both twins reeked of alcohol and Allen could taste it on their breath as they each took a turn tainting his lips with a kiss. Allen had closed his eyes to stop the tears and continued to desperately shout for help but was slowly giving up hope with each call. It was when a startled yelp came from Jasdero that the twins stopping molesting the poor boy.

"Ow!" The blond twin protested as a small hammer ornament made contact with the back of his head.

"What the hell?!" Allen heard Devit hiss and the small teen peeked one eye open, fresh tears streaming down his face.

"Bastards." He heard a familiar voice growl and Allen whipped his head up to see the last person he was expecting to save him. Lavi stood right before him, an almost deadly glare gracing his deep green eye. The youngest of the group of males was completely stunned with the sudden presence of his English teacher. Because that's all he was. His English teacher. It completely baffled him to think that he would abandon Sachiko, his popularity, and the whole party in general, just to help him at this very moment. Hell, he thought he hated him for the whole 'Tyki' thing.

"You looking for a fight, Mr. Pirate?" Devit asked wryly as he released Allen from his grip, turning around to face his red headed opponent. Lavi rolled his eyes sarcastically as he slowly made his way over to them. Like I haven't heard that one before...

"Yeah! Heheh." Jesdero laughed maniacally, spinning around to stand side by side with his twin brother.

"Get away from him." Lavi demanded as he stood his ground in front of the twins, a menacing edge in his voice. Both Devit and Jasdero hadn't backed off, in fact they were anticipating the red head's next move. Just as things were about to get physical a booming voice came from the direction of the party's entrance.

"Oi, Jasdevi!" Tyki called from the front gate, making both twins look up irritably. "What? We're kinda busy!" Devit announced. In response Tyki looked over at Lavi and Allen, shaking his head. Once the twins knew they wouldn't get to satisfy their desire for entertainment, they both groaned dramatically and began to walk away. As they departed Lavi's glare never wavered, in fact it intensified to the highest degree. Once they had gone, Lavi turned his furious gaze upon the young teen who looked dazed and violated, yet still had the guts to return his glare.

"What the hell is your fucking problem?" Lavi reprimanded, making Allen wince at his every word. The teen knew that he had royally screwed up and had gotten himself in a dangerous position. However, that doesn't mean that he was the only one at fault here.

"What do you care?" Allen offered weakly. He intended for it to come out in an apathetic manner, but instead found that his words were failing him. He then once again found himself on the verge of tears, as he tried to cope with this whole situation. First he acts like an ass and now he comes to save the day?! It's always back and forth with him.

"I'm done with you, Lavi! They could've done worse than that for all I care! You just don-" Allen slurred and cut himself off. He knew he didn't mean those words. It was the alcohol, the rush of anger, the emotional roller coaster that was Lavi Bookman. It didn't even feel like he was the one speaking anymore. He felt the intense pressure of everything happening all at once. The rush of adrenaline, his swirling emotions raged inside him like a tempest and intermingled with the nauseating presence of the alcohol. The whole world felt like it was spinning rapidly in a circle. Then Allen felt Lavi's lips on his own, and the world just stood still.

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