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Chapter one: Disaster strikes

Part one: Introduction and blast to the past

Maybe it was his angelic laugh, the way he smiled, or his gorgeous accent; but one thing Caroline Forbes knew, was that she had fallen hard. She didn't know what could possibly be wrong with her to feel this way; he was killer, a ripper, a cold blooded monster, and Caroline? Well she was a goody-goody human, "pathetic" people would call her. Caroline knew though; if you felt a certain way for someone you couldn't just ignore it. No, Caroline Forbes would not sit around waiting for Klaus.

Sometimes Caroline would see him working on a sketch in the cafeteria, his eyes so focused, and each movement with precision. It deeply saddened her that he probably didn't even know her name. That is why Caroline took it upon herself to write Klaus a letter. He was so old fashioned anyways, its not like she could have just sent him a text message. Maybe this letter would be the key to his heart, or maybe he would just crumple it up and throw it the trash. Either way, Caroline's heart was frail, and she hoped Klaus would understand; she wasn't just a cheerleader who wanted a football player boyfriend.

It was 3 years ago; Caroline had first met Rebekah, Klaus's sister. Rebekah was very commanding; she didn't have many friends. There was one day Elena and Caroline were walking to lunch; Caroline had seen Rebekah eating food alone on a bench outside.


"You know what, Elena, I'm really not that hungry" said Caroline stopping in the halls.

"Are you sure?" asked Elena, surprised at Caroline's sudden burst.

"Yeah its fine, I have loads of homework I should finish anyways" replied Caroline.

"All right then" replied Elena, catching up with Bonnie who was just bit ahead of them.

Caroline slipped through the halls and squeezed her way through the door that leads to the front of the school. She spotted Rebekah and smiled, finding a seat beside her on the bench.

"You're Rebekah right?" Caroline said, pulling a granola bar from her lunch bag.

"Yeah" said Rebekah looking up from the ground surprised.

"Do I know you? Or?" asked Rebekah trying to recall where she had seen the other blonde.

"We have English together" replied Caroline, taking a bite of the granola bar.

"Oh I see..." said Rebekah.

"Caroline, I don't want you feeling bad for me because I have no friends, I kind of do that to myself" said Rebekah quietly.

"People are just a little intimidated by you" replied Caroline.

"If you weren't so controlling, a lot more people would try to talk to you" she added.

"You're probably right" replied Rebekah with a little smile.

"You know Caroline…" said Rebekah.

"Sorry if this is a little sudden, but would you maybe be my partner for our English assignment?"

"I'm rather good at English" Rebekah added.

"Yeah sure" said Caroline smiling.

"I do have to go though, I don't want to be late for class" she said picking up her lunch bag."

"I probably should go as well" said Rebekah standing up.

Just as Caroline turned to leave, Rebekah shouted to her.

"Caroline? Could we work on the assignment tonight at my house?"

Caroline thought for a second. "Sounds good" she replied before running to class.

After school Caroline met up with Rebekah at the same spot as lunch.

"So where do you live?" asked Caroline.

"Oh just around the corner" replied Rebekah beginning to walk.

"The assignment shouldn't take long" said Caroline.

"You can stay for a while longer if you'd like" replied Rebekah.

As the girls reached Rebekahs house, Caroline spotted an antique car on their drive way.

"Is that your car?" asked Caroline curiously.

Rebekah scowled. "It belongs to my jerk of a brother Klaus" she replied.

"I didn't know you had an older brother" said Caroline as she examined the car more closely.

"I don't just have one, I have three" said Rebekah miserably.

The girls headed up the driveway and Rebekah unlocked the door.

"Shoot!" she shouted suddenly. "What is it?" asked Caroline.

"I forgot I'm supposed to pick up my younger brother Henrik, from school" said Rebekah with a sigh.

"Caroline I'm so sorry" said Rebekah jogging down the driveway.

"Just start without me, I'll be home soon" she yelled.

"Great" said Caroline as she crossed her arms.

She entered the house and closed the door behind her.

"Rebekah is that you?" asked a male voice from what sounded like upstairs.

Caroline shook her shoes off.

"No she went to pick up Henrik" Caroline shouted back to the stranger.

Caroline heard a door open and a man flashed down the stairs in a blink of an eye.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"The better question is how the hell you got here so fast?" asked Caroline.

"Just answer the question!" he demanded.

"Well jeez it's nice to meet you too?" Caroline scowled.

"Your name?" asked the man rolling his eyes.

"Caroline, I'm Rebekahs friend" said Caroline dropping down her backpack.

"You could of just said that" the man growled.

"Do I look like a burglar?!" asked Caroline.

"You look like a stranger" he replied.

"And who are you, Mr. Manners?

"Klaus" replied the man.

"Oh" said Caroline.

"What?" asked Klaus.

"Rebekah was telling me about you" replied Caroline.

Klaus looked worried.

"What did she said?" he asked.

Caroline gave him an evil grin.

"Oh nothing" she replied.

Klaus frowned.

"I have better things to be doing with my time" he said and zipped back up the steps.

"Bye?" asked Caroline who was left there almost speechless.

He's pretty hot she thought, but what a jerk.

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