==Enter name


That wasn't very nice, you hurt his feelings. Now he's going to be crying into his pillow for weeks.

==Try again


You are HETALIA. You're a cheerful and happy boy with a laid back personality. Maybe thats why you spend more time pestering your many friends instead of having a life. Your room is covered in POSTERS for your anime, PLUSHIES for your anime, and various other things. A large golden shrine stands in one corner, while a pile of dirty dishes and McDonalds wrappers sits in another corner. Your hair is light brown with a curl on one side, and you wear a pair of glasses and a MAKE PASTA NOT WAR shirt.

Your Pesterchum name is tomatoesFairy, and you tend to become overexcited about the things you say!

==Pester your fratello

I think you mean Moirail. Even though this is a different fandom, why not just use the same shipping classifications?

==Fine, pester your Moirail

You just did though, and now he has stopped replying. You wince, thinking of his reaction to hearing that. Oh well, it will still be fun.

==Examine Plushies

The plushies are magical as far as you know. They end up sown to the one everyone ships them with. For instance, your England and France plushies have been sewn together, but for some reason it seems America has been sewn to England as well. Prussia is sown to Canada with Germany attached to his brother's hand, and Italy is attached to Germany. The others change regularly.

Why is France plushie naked? You don't remember doing that. Oh well.

==Examine shrine

This is your Doitsu shrine. You are a devout Doitsuist, worshiping the shiny one with all your heart. You follow his teachings. You love the Doitsu. You shine bright like a Doitsu. To do otherwise is to follow the Eyebrowed one, and doing so means eternal damnation to the kitchen of the Eyebrowed one, where you will be force fed scones and british food for eternity.

All hail Lord Doitsu.

Your daily offering of potatoes sits, growing cold under the German flags of the shrine. Maybe today you will see your omnipotent lord descend to eat it?


You dance.

==Bug Homestuck again

You try, but still no reply. He's probably unconscious by now. Instead you continue dancing as the readers lose interest and shoot the author.

==Be Homestuck Again