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Chapter 1: Worst Day Ever

Garfield Logan took one last glance at the tower that seemed to glow against the night sky as he walked into the distance with his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. A variety of emotions flashed through him as he looked upon his home for the greatest years of his life. He felt rage, betrayal, sadness, confusion and even fear as he said goodbye to the place that held more memories than he could count. He struggled to hold back his tears as he recalled the worst day of his life and the events that led up to his removal from the team.


(Flashback to earlier that day)

The alarm rang signaling it was 9 a.m. and it awoke a groggy Beast Boy from his slumber. This had actually been one of his better sleeps in the past while. It seemed like it was D-list villain season and they were coming out in droves. Multiple attacks on Jump City everyday for the past week had left the team overworked and quite stressed. While dealing with baddies like Control Freak and Gizmo wasn't necessarily difficult for the team, it did usually take up a good chunk of time and ended up being rather annoying.

Beast Boy yawned and took a minute to stretch his muscles as he looked at the bright day outside his bedroom window. 'I have a feeling that today is gonna be a good day' he mused to himself and smiled as he gazed at the deep blue sky. He didn't know how wrong he was going to be.

Half an hour later Beast Boy was in the kitchen preparing himself a large serving of pancakes for breakfast when another type of alarm went off. The city was in trouble again.

"Ugh, who is it this time? Let me guess, Adonis is messing with body builders on the beach again." Beast Boy groaned as he entered the room he went to every time this alarm went off and where the rest of his team was currently standing. However, when Beast Boy looked at the face that popped up on the screen it wasn't Adonis. No, it was someone incredibly worse...

"Slade." The rage could be clearly heard in Robin's voice as he called out the name of their worst enemy.

"Hello Titans." Slade's cold voice rung out and filled the entire room with a sense of dread. " I bet you're wondering why I'm calling. I'd like to make a confession. I've done a very bad thing and I thought you should know about it. You see, I left a few bombs lying around the city, five to be exact, and unless some brave heroes find and deactivate them, I fear they might go off."

"We're not gonna play your games Slade!" Robin yelled in a fury.

"Oh you will dear Robin, or you will lose your oh so precious city" Slade retorted. " You have four hours to find the bombs before they explode. As to where I've left them, well let's just say I was feeling a little nostalgic." And with that, Slade face blurred out of existence from the screen.

One could nearly hear Robin's teeth grinding as he shook in anger at the return of his arch-nemesis. "We have to stop those bombs. Titans, go!" Robin growled out.


(5 Hours Later)

The team had managed to work out the location of each of the bombs and disarm all five of them. Then they were even able to figure out where Slade was hiding and were now battling what seemed like an army of Slade-bots in the street. Things had not been looking good for awhile, but the long conflict looked to be slowing down. Almost all of the bots had been obliterated, but in the process Raven and Cyborg were seriously injured and in need of medical attention.

They had both been caught in an explosion caused by the destruction of one of Slade's larger tank robots that were the size of a small house. Raven had been caught off guard by the blast and was thrown into the side of building. She was knocked unconscious as soon as she hit and while she was still breathing, she was definitely out for the fight.

Cyborg wasn't so lucky. As he was the one who caused the explosion, he ended up taking the full force of it. Cyborg had landed on top of the large robot and fired his arm canon directly down through it. Unfortunately, the explosion it created was larger than he expected and he was caught near dead center. When Cyborg's body landed, one of his arms and both of his legs had been torn off, leaving only charred scrap metal and wires where the limbs used to be.

Even worse, Starfire was nowhere to be found. At some point during the fight she was apparently drawn off or pushed away from the main battle. This left the remaining two titans to deal what was left of the bots and Slade himself.

Beast Boy brought his large gorilla fists down upon the last Slade-bot in the area and crushed its head with his strength. He turned back to his human form and looked over to where Robin was currently participating in hand-to-hand combat with Slade. While both fighters were getting in a few good hits, Slade was clearly beginning to overpower the boy wonder.

Slade delivered a devastating punch to Robin's face, causing him to stumble backwards. "Oh dear, Robin. I'm disappointed. You haven't improved at all." Slade taunted in a somewhat bored tone.

"Raaaaaagh!" Robin shouted in rage and retaliated by trying to flying kick to Slade's face.

Slade, however, simply caught Robin's foot as it approached and swiftly slammed Robin's body into the pavement. He kept a hold on Robin's foot and began to twist his leg until he felt the bone break. Robin howled in pain and Slade merely let out a cold chuckle and said, "Looks like I win Robin. Again.", and started to walk away from the broken hero.

Robin felt even more anger as he watched Slade's back move away. He quickly grabbed one of his birdarangs and chucked it at Slade's retreating form. Slade was prepared for this. He simply plucked the approaching equipment out of the air with two fingers without even looking. "Really Robin? You think simple toys can help you?"

However, Slade was interrupted when the birdarang in his hand started flashing and making beeping sounds. A smirk grew on Robin's face when the device exploded in the man's hand and the ensuing blast seemed to engulf him completely. When the smoke cleared Slade's body was face down on the floor and he wasn't moving. Robin smiled to himself victoriously, thinking he had finally bested his greatest foe. However, the smile soon left when he heard coughs and saw Slade shakily stand and turn to face him.

"Well done, Robin. I have to say, I'm actually impressed. That was a good move...", Slade said in a hoarse voice through his cracked mask, "but not good enough."

Slade was going to break the boy wonder some more, but when he saw Beast Boy quickly approaching he knew he had to go. He was injured by that explosion and he barely had enough energy to make an escape, let alone take on another Titan. He quickly turned and started to once again retreat, this time with a visible hobble.

Robin had thought he had finally gotten Slade with that move and now that it was revealed he had failed to stop Slade again he was seeing red. He desperately wanted to stop Slade from getting away once again. His hope for this was renewed when he turned to see Beast Boy running up to help him.

"Beast Boy!", Robin yelled out to his approaching companion, "You have to stop Slade! I'll be fine, no matter what you do you have to stop him! No matter what, do not let him..."

"Help me! Aaaaaaagh! Somebody please help!" Robin was interrupted by a loud, piercing scream. A young girl seemed to be pinned underneath a car that had been torn up and flipped over during the battle. She was surrounded by encroaching flames and was sure to be burned alive if she wasn't helped.

Beast Boy immediately took a step toward the girl, but stopped when he heard Robin's voice. "No! Beast Boy do not save that girl! Ignore her and stop Slade! Do not let him get away!" Robin ordered.

Beast Boy couldn't believe his abnormally sensitive ears. Was his leader really telling him to let this girl die. Was he so blinded by his hate for Slade that he would throw away people's lives to stop him. Beast Boy wanted to believe in his leader's decisions, but as he watched this girl screaming for help, he knew he couldn't just let her die.

He ran as fast as he could toward her and shifted back into his gorilla form. He lifted the car off her pinned body and picked her up in order to move her to safety. He placed her down gently against a wall away from all the wreckage and destruction. He then turned to where Slade had been making his escape, but it was too late. Slade was already gone.

He looked toward Robin to see the boy's face covered in what could only be described as pure resentment. "God damn it!" Robin yelled into the air.


(3 Hours Later)

Things were not looking good for the Titans after the battle. Raven and Cyborg were in the hospital recovering from their wounds and Robin hadn't said a word to Beast Boy since Slade had escaped.

Starfire had returned, she was apparently caught up fighting some of the larger tank bots a few blocks down. She was confused and concerned about the tense atmosphere between Robin and Beast Boy, but did not ask about it.

When the three heroes finally returned to the tower, Robin confronted Beast Boy.

"You let Slade get away!" Robin accusingly yelled.

"I had to!", Beast Boy quickly defended himself, "Otherwise that girl..."

"No! No excuses! You disobeyed a direct order and because of that Slade is still on the streets!" Robin interrupted angrily.

"I don't need to defend myself. There was no choice, I had to help that girl."

"Oh yeah! And what about all the other people that are going to get hurt by Slade in his next attack!"

"So I should have just let her die!"

"Oh please! Are you really so desperate for somebody to see you for something other than a green-skinned freak that you just have to save anybody in hopes that they like you!"

Starfire gasped from behind at what Robin said. A look of hurt crossed over Beast Boy's face. How could Robin say that?

"Friend Robin, don't you think that was a little mean." Starfire called out to her friend.

"Not now Starfire!" Robin yelled out, "Beast Boy, if you can't follow my orders then you can't be on my team! You're no longer a member of the Teen Titans!"

Starfire gasped once again, "Friend Robin, surely you cannot be serious. Friend Beast Boy has always..."

Robin was still consumed by the rage that Slade had caused and this only seemed to increase it. Starfire was siding with Beast Boy over him? "Starfire, if you continue to defend him, then you can feel free to join him off the team."

A hurt look now crossed over Starfire's face and she opened her mouth to talk once again, but Beast Boy quickly interrupted, "No! It's fine Starfire. It's clear now what Robin thinks of me. You don't want me on your team? Fine! I don't want to be on the team of a lunatic so obsessed with beating his enemy that he'll let an innocent girl die anyway."

Robin didn't like how Beast Boy was talking to him. If it wasn't for that broken leg he would have seriously beat the shit out of that short, green-skinned freak. "Just get your stuff and get out!", he yelled, " and leave your communicator!"

Beast Boy merely took it out of his pocket and dropped it on the ground. He then walked away towards his room to get his stuff.

Starfire looked worriedly at Beast Boy as he walked away and even felt tears start to build in her eyes as she watched her friend leave. How could this happen?


(Flashback end, present time)

Garfield felt angry thinking about Robin once again and turned away from his former home. He then couldn't help but feel scared about what was going to happen. He had nowhere else to go and no one else to rely on. The Titans had been his whole life until now and now he had nothing. He stopped himself, he couldn't afraid. He had to be strong in order to get through this. He couldn't help but feel worried though because for the first time in a long time, he was no longer Beast Boy. He was no longer a Teen Titan.

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