# Time Freezes and Yankee Caps. #
Hey. So, my first lemon story ever. Um, Percy paired up with many girls and Annabeth paired up with many boys. First chapter: Annabeth and Percy.

I don't own.

Annabeth moaned Percy's name as she cummed on his face. Percy felt himself stiffen and shoved Annabeth off him. He forced her to turn around and shoved his dick into her ass. Annabeth screamed before moaning and reaching an organism. Her DD cup boobs bounced as she rocked back and forth.

Then, Percy woke up. He was naked in his bed at CHB. His hair was sweaty and he had cum all over his sheats. He sighed. Realizing it was a Friday morning, he smiled. He happened to know from Piper that most girls in camp wanted sexual activity on Fridays. He knew most girls would be begging for sex, especially since Chiron was away and Mr D didn't give a fuck about campers.

And he also knew (one again from Piper), that Annabeth wanted him.

. . .
. . . . . . . .

That day, in the evening, Annabeth stripped off her shirt an shorts, leaving her only in a lacy thong and see-through bra. She put her Yankee Cap on, and slipped out the door of the Athena cabin.

Her mood was one of want. She wanted Percy. Fucking him was her reason for visitng. She happened to know Percy slept naked, from Grover mentioning it to her when he had a sleep-over with Percy.

Annabeth grinned, already getting wet inside. Her invisible body was quite sexy to look at, she knew. Finally, Annabeth reached the Poseidon cabin.

Stepping inside as quietly as possible, she locked the door behind her. Then, she walked up to Percy's bed. He was already in it, asleep. Slowly and carefully, Annabeth-still invisible-pulled down Percy's blanket, and there she saw Percy's large eleven-inch dick. She grabbed his penis.

Percy didn't wake up immediatley. Annabeth squeezed his manhood slightly, and he moaned. "It's so big," The blond girl murmured. Then she leaned forward and closed her mouth around it, humming Percy's name.

Percy finally woke up, "Who-mmmm." He felt himself go hard, and then managed a, "Who...?"

Annabeth took her mouth off of Percy's dick, stood and stradled Percy. She sat on Percy's penis. Then she unhooked her bra. It fell off her, an became visible. Percy stared at it. The smooth legs on his body began to rock back and forth, and finally, Annabeth's hat flew off her head.

Percy's eyes widened, before he smile. Annabeth's fairly large boobs were hardened, and double Ds. She smiled at him, "Hey Percy." She moaned. Her hands found Percy's head, forcing him towards her breasts. He took the left one and sucked, fondling with her right on. Annabeth moaned blissfully, before jacking off harder. She was lucky she was on birth control.

Finally, she stepped away from Percy's mouth, and slid off her panties. Now fully naked, she once again stradled Percy, and got him involved in a heated kiss. Without warning, though, Percy pulled away, and shoved his dick in her mouth. Annabeth gagged. She slowly hummed, and wrapped her tongue around Percy's manhood. She sucked, popped, and moaned. Percy played with her breasts.

Finally a large moan escaped Percy and his cum filled Annabeth's mouth. She moaned and swallowed, "Oh my gods you taste so good!" She exclaimed. Then she turned around, wiggling her ass in Percy's face.

The boy needed no further prodding. He shoved her penis in her firm, warm butt, giving her no time to adjust before he began to thrust. She screamed, and her body rocked back and forth. "OH MY GODS PERCY AHHH DON'T STOP YOU FEEL SO GOOD OH GODS." She screamed. Percy smiled, "Okay you slut." He said, his hormones taking hold of him.

Annabeth finally reached her organism, her cum covering Percy's dick. "Clean this up." Percy commanded once he'd pulled out. Annabeth did as she was told, but then pushed Percy onto the bed. She sat on his face, and said in a husky voice, "Eat me out, Percy." The boy obdiantly licked her ass, and she squeeled and squirmed at the feeling. "OH GODS PERCY AHHHH" Annabeth screamed.

Percy shoved her off of him, and inserted his dick in her pussy. She moaned and shoved her boobs in her face. He licked them and the two fell back onto Percy's bed. Annabeth and Percy cummed at the same time, "I wish I could stay like this forever." Percy moaned.

"Tonight you can." Annabeth whispered. She forced one boob into Percy's mouth and made Percy put a hand on her other. Annabeth made Percy's dick go deeper into her pussy, and she began to play with his hair. They fell asleep like this.

It was about six AM when Annabeth woke up, pulled out of Percy, and put on her Yankees cap. She decided to leave her bra and thong there. She unlocked the door, and walked back to the Athena cabin.

No one suspected a thing.

. . .
. . . . . . . .. .

End of chapter. So, you can review people for Percy or Annabeth to fuck. It can be slash, incest, whatever. I don't care. My first lemon ever so sorry if you didn't like it. Thanks!