Caroline smiled as he approached her from across the room, knowing he could be with her on the bed in a second but instead chose to move slowly towards her so he could admire her, just as she admired him. She was almost naked under the covers and had pulled it up so only her bare shoulders and arms were showing of her upper body. She didn't notice how the covers lay tight to her body, showing everything and still none at all.

He had been on his way out when she woke up and told him to stay. He'd paused with his shirt in his hand, told her he had to go do something, like always, but she had just smiled at him, calling him back silently. She'd felt the sensation of her success as he'd dropped his shirt and smiled at her; showing her those irresistible dimples.

"What power is it you have over me, love?" Klaus said, now standing at the foot of the bed. He was only wearing a pair of blue jeans, her favorites. She couldn't wait anymore and with a woosh she was in front of him, not caring about the fact that the covers were gone.

He let the tip of his fingers wander over her cheek and then along her jaw and neck, touching her collarbone lightly before finally sliding them down her bare arm. She felt a slight shiver and hold her breath as his lips moved towards hers. Then, only a couple of inches away, he paused and looked at her, puzzled.

"Why, Caroline?" he asked, smirking.

Caroline pulled her head slightly back looking at him with confusion. "I… What do you mean?"

"Why is it me and not Tyler in this bed?" he pronounced the name as if it disgusted him. "Where is the brat?"

Caroline looked dazzled around in the room, realizing suddenly that she was in Tyler's room and on his bed. Quickly she picked up the covers and threw them around herself. Klaus was still standing at the foot of the bed, smiling at her.

"You'll just have to ask yourself why." he then leaned towards her, planting a kiss on her cheek.

At that moment Caroline woke from her dream, opening her eyes and sat up in the bed.

"Seriously? Just leave me alone for God's sake!" she whispered, feeling irritated. On her left Tyler was sleeping like a rock and she felt relieved. If she had been talking in her sleep, he hadn't heard her this time.

Klaus just seemed to keep haunting her and Caroline had become sure that it was some trick. He had done something to her, like the thing Damon did, when he could make other vampires see what he wanted them to see.

Caroline removed the covers and got out of bed, being sure she wouldn't be able fall asleep again. She took the bathrobe that was hanging over a chair and left the room. She moved down the stairs and moved across the entrance hall towards the front door. The Lockwood Manor was completely silent except for Tyler's heavy breathing.

A cold wind greeted her as she opened the door but she barely felt it as she stepped out into the night. Caroline couldn't help but smile as she thought about how amazing it was to be a vampire, to not feel the cold, to live forever. His words rang in her head: "We are the same, Caroline" and she instinctively shook her head to clear her mind of him.

How were they the same? So she liked being a vampire, he liked being a vampire? Damon almost died refusing to take the cure just so he wouldn't become human. Tyler loved being a vampire or more correctly a hybrid. Surely Klaus didn't believe that he and Tyler were the same.

Caroline took a deep breath, inhaling the cool air around her and closed her eyes, just listening. Everything was so vibrant, so living. Again Klaus invaded her mind, reminding her of the hummingbird and his only wanting-to-be-human moment.

Because of the silence, she heard him coming from a mile away. She wooshed inside the manor, standing in the doorway and looked into his eyes, except it wasn't his. Stefan or Silas as his real name was, stepped closer to her and smiled at her with a smile that looked all Stefan and yet, it wasn't.

"What do you want Silas?" she asked calmly.

"Oh, I just wanna chat, Caroline. Would you believe me if I said I missed your radiant company?" he said smirking. He was teasing her, making her remember, as if she could forget, all the hours she spent with him, thinking he was Stefan.

"No, I don't. Where have you put Stefan?" she replied.

"I told you already, Caroline. I've killed him." he said patiently.

"And I've told you, I don't believe you!" she hissed at him, making him smile.

Then he looked up and Caroline knew what had caught his attention.

"Your boyfriend is awake, which means another fun evening snapping all your necks. Aren't you growing a little tired of this, Caroline? Trying to capture me but always failing. And besides Bonnie, how many dead witches now? Five? So including the twelve witches you killed for me, that is seventeen dead witches all on your account, Caroline. You see, Klaus is right. You are the same."

Silas had moved away from the door but without taking his eyes of her. She knew what he was doing and wanted nothing else than to tell him to get out of her head but she had to keep him there until the others came.

"Oh, and here comes the cavalry." Silas said without turning around to look at the people approaching behind him on the lawn. "Damon, so good to see you!" Silas said turning his attention to the Salvatore brother.

"Silas, buddy! Say, what would you say to just standing completely still and letting us kill you?" Damon said, charming as ever. "See I kinda miss my baby brother so if you could just give him back, it would peachy!"

Silas laughed at him and Caroline saw the brief agony in Damon's face, hearing his brother laughing without actually hearing his brother laugh. The laughter stopped as a sharp wooden stake was thrown past her and right toward Silas' heart.

Silas caught it in mid-air and before anyone could do anything, it was through her as in it left a gaping hole through her stomach. Surprised, she stumbled out, hearing screams and necks snapping all around her until she walked right into his arms. But this time it wasn't Stefan who smiled down at her, it was those dimples.

Caroline managed to whisper a single word before realising it just was another trick: "Klaus…" and then he pushed his fist through her chest, squeezing her heart. "Sorry, love" he said and smiled at her. Then he ripped her heart out.

Caroline blinked a couple of times, realising she was still alive and lying on a sofa.

"Morning, Blondie" Damon smiled at her, making his grey eyes light up and emptied the glass he was holding. "Want some?" he said, offering her to take the glass as she sat up.

"I really don't feel like drinking right now, Damon." Caroline said, searching the room for Tyler.

"Relax, Caroline. I meant blood. But hey, if you're not thirsty…" he teased, ignoring her bad mood.

"Damon, just give me the blood, will you? You can be such an ass, you know?" she sighed, reaching out her hand to accept the glass he poured her.

"You mean bad." he said with a glimpse in his eyes and that special Salvatore smirk.

"Huh?" Caroline said as she emptied the glass in one take.

"Badass" Damon said as he sat down the sofa beside her. She ignored him and got up to fill her glass again.

"Speaking of bad…" Caroline turned towards him, receiving a creepy look.

"Damon, leave her alone" Elena interrupted as she entered the room and sat down beside him. Damon kissed her on her left temple and she smiled at him. Where was Tyler? Damon gave her the answer.

"You said the wrong name, Caroline. A very wrong name." he explained, ignoring Elena's stare.

Caroline sat down in a chair across the sofa, looking at them confused. Elena leaned forward as she placed her elbows on her thighs, giving Caroline a weird look. Elena was trying to look serious and understanding but she couldn't quite hide the fact that she was amused. It shined through her eyes, just as it did with Damon and once again Caroline wondered if the sire bond was really broken. The old Elena, Caroline's Elena, wouldn't have found this amusing, whatever it was.

"So? You wanna explain or should I just guess?" Caroline said impatiently, not quite remembering what had happened a few hours earlier.

"You thought you were dying, Care. We all did. Silas was going to kill you and the last word you said was 'Klaus'. That's why Tyler isn't here and you are. He's kind of hurt, Caroline." Elena explained carefully.

Caroline stood up and the frustration hit her. "Seriously?! The only reason I said 'Klaus' was because he was there! He ripped my heart out!" Caroline yelled, placing a hand on her chest.

The hidden amusement had disappeared from Elena's face and slowly she said: "But Klaus wasn't there, Caroline and he didn't."

"No, but Silas was and he made me think Klaus was there for a second to do it. Sorry my mind wasn't all that clear after having a stake thrown through me!" Caroline was yelling, startling Elena and making Damon stand up.

He was suddenly standing right in front her, holding her arms in a tight grip. "Calm down, Caroline, NOW!" he said in a firm voice without blinking. Caroline sighed, not calming down at all but letting him think she was.

"So what happened? Did anyone get hurt?" she asked calmly.

"He just attacked you and then left before any of us could do more. He kind of paralyzed us." Elena explained, unconsciously rubbing her forehead. An awful hopelessness came creeping at the thought of what Silas could do. Nothing of what they had been through so far seemed to compare to this, even making Klaus seem relatively tame.

"Where's Tyler?" Caroline asked, trying not to sound impatient.

"I'm here". Her boyfriend entered the room and leaned against doorframe with his armed crossed and a closed off face.

"Where have you been?" she asked, imitating his crossed arms.

"Why? Did you miss me? Cause I can't really tell whether or not you want me here anymore." Tyler said, taking a few steps inside the room with his arms hanging by his sides. His chest was a little bit larger than usual as if he was pushing it forward, making him look aggressive. She had seen this look before. It was how he looked every time he faced Klaus. Was this some sort of challenge? A stupid alpha male/hybrid/werewolf/jock kind of thing.

Caroline relaxed her arms, waving them in the air as she spoke: "Could you all just stop being so ridiculous?! Tyler, it was Silas! He made me see him as Klaus and then ripped my heart out. Yeah, I know, he didn't and why was it you said Klaus' name, Caroline? For God's sake I don't know! I talk a lot if you haven't noticed? I'm sorry! Is that what you want to hear? 'Cause I'll gladly say it if that will make you happy! I need you to trust me, Tyler. Just trust me."

Caroline felt her lower lip tremble but she ordered herself not to cry. Luckily, her famous self-control kicked in and she met Tyler's eyes without blinking. She didn't notice Damon and Elena slowly backing out of the room before the sound of them whooshing out gave them away. Tyler and Caroline were alone and without breaking the eye contact, he moved closer towards her.

"Why?" he demanded to know, standing in front of her with the sofa between them.

"What do you mean?" Caroline sighed, again crossing her arms in front of her.

"Why did Silas choose to be Klaus?" Tyler asked with a dangerously calm voice.

"I don't know! Listen to me, will you? I love you, I want to be with you. I don't care about Klaus. How many times do I have to tell you that for you to trust me? Please, just let it go. I'm begging you to let it go, Tyler." she pleaded with her hands resting on her stomach, her fingers entwined.

"And if I can't?" Tyler responded with a slightly insecure voice.

Caroline felt a black hole open in her stomach as if Silas had thrown another stake at her. She closed her eyes, feeling the tears pressing against her eyelids. He couldn't see her cry, not now.

"I… I can't do this right now" she said with a trembling voice and then she ran.

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