"Lauren Marie Branning, don't you dare bale on me now" Whitney whined along with Lucy. Laurens two best friends pouted as they popped their heads around Laurens bedroom door, only to see her sitting cross legged in the centre of her bed sketching in a world of her own, a huge frown formed on her face "Really Lauren… do not do this you've been stuck in this mood for weeks and you're doing some stupid studying… it's no excuse Lauren"

Lauren looked up from her sketch pad and giggled at Lucy's desperate expression. "first off I am not studying" She said as she waved the pencil and paper in the air "And secondly, I am not quitting on you, because I'm pretty sure I never agreed to go out in the first place"

Lucy threw her hand's up in the air and walked all the way through the door standing hands on hips in front of Lauren. Lauren was pretty sure there was a Lucy scale stop on the way. Lucy was pretty much the moaner in the group of friends always had been since they were young. Even at 19 she was the most childish of the group. I guess you could say it was because of her perfect life. She was quite spoilt and had everything handed to her on a silver platter- literally.

"Lauren, do not make me beg" She warned as she sat next to her on the bed, donning a wonderful pout and puppy dog eyes.

"Oh please" Lauren laughed "Lucy Beal begging? I don't think I'll ever see the day"

And she was right. Lucy hardly ever begged for something she wanted, mainly because she was always so used to getting her own way. But she still loved the girl no matter how spoiled she gets sometimes. It had become her second nature to love Lucy; It had taken a while, as her complicated life was a far cry from Lucy's. She and Whitney on the other hand hit it off right away. When you're the new girl at school and have literally no clue where you're going, it's nice to have someone in the same boat as you.

That was something that surprised many people, the friendship between Lauren, Lucy and Whitney. They were all so different, well actually saying that Lucy and Whitney did share the some similarities but compared to Lauren they were so completely and utterly different. Lucy and Whit were what you call…Wild Child's, they were extremely confident in what they looked like, had no issues with saying what they thought and both of them craved the attention of Males.

But Lauren…well she is the opposite on so many levels. She's shy around guys, extremely self-conscious and would much rather stay at home with a nice bottle of wine whilst drawing, or watching a good film. It really was shocking on how close the three girls were.

"Yes alright you may have a point" Lucy scowled before laughing "But on this occasion I will beg, whether I'm happy about it or not because, you my boring little friend need to get a life"

They then heard the front door open and Laurens Mum indicate she was home, with a yell up the stairs.

"Upstairs Mum" Lauren rolled her eyes as the tell-tale footsteps of her Mother climbed the stairs. The door opened and Tanya stood looking at the three girls. She was still very in touch with her younger side, not wanting to admit her girls were growing up.

" Hi Girls…So what's the plans for tonight then?" She asked as she took notice of the serious facial expression her daughter was wearing.

"Oh nothing" Lauren shook her head, knowing her Mum was about to try and persuade her to go out using the good old "You deserve a good time" "But Lucy was just about to beg"

"Lucy Beal Beg?" Tanya gasped chuckling, perching herself at the end of Laurens bed next to Whitney. "Must be something serious if your resorting to beg Lucy?"

"Lauren is refusing to come out with us tonight…Tell her please she has to come out! She wants to stay and doodle instead" she said nudging the sketch pad on the bed.

"Oh Lauren…Darling go out and have a good time, you haven't had a night out in a long time, go have fun." Lauren glared at her mother, she really didn't want to go out and having your mother tell you to, made it all the more difficult to say no.

"I don't want to Mum"

"Why Lauren?"

Lauren suddenly found her hands really really interesting as she tried her hardest to ignore the existence of her two best friends and mother in that moment, a seemingly impossible task.

"Yes Lauren why not?" Lucy threw in a sulky tone, just for good measure.

Lauren looked up at both Her Mum's and her friends piercing eyes and loudly sighed.

"I'm just not ready to go to another party just yet" She said whilst closing her book and placing it on her bed side table "Because the last one I went to was such joy and ended so well didn't it" She laughed sarcastically "I mean seeing your ex-boyfriend literally eating some random blonde is really something I want to see every day"

The girls all sat there in silence for a few minutes all thinking about the night they decided to go to a party- uninvited, I might add. It was Laurens boyfriend Luke's party and they had all been slightly put out by the fact they hadn't received an invitation in the first place. The three had expected it to be a fun night out, they had just started university and college and it seemed a good opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate. However celebration was the furthest thing on their minds - as soon as they walked through the door, the sight of Luke pinning a blonde on the wall at the bottom of the stairs was a something a far cry from anything worth celebrating. Other than Max of course, who had never taken a liking to Luke in the first place.

"Well I say get over it" Lucy said bringing them all out of their thoughts.

"Luce! You can't say that" Whit gasped; astonished that Lucy could be so blunt, especially towards Lauren

"What? I don't mean it to sound mean" She reassured "But Luke is a bit of an ass and always will be, but if you let him stop you from having a good time Lo he will be a prick too! And we don't want to give him the satisfaction"

Lauren understood what she meant, she really did, but it didn't make her more in a partying mood, it probably made her less willing in fact.

"Cheers Luce, but I'm sorry I'm just not in the mood for going to some stupid party" she sighed going to move from the bed.

"Correction" Whiney piped up "Its not some stupid party Lo, it's a new club that's opening. Come on its going to be so fun, you me and Luce hitting it heavy, come on…I know you're tempted" Whit poked Laurens arm teasingly and then looked at Tanya. "Tell her Tan… she had to come"

She was right, Lauren thought. She was very tempted to just let lose for one night, god help her she doesn't do it enough, but it would just be one night.

"But" Lauren started but her Mum butted in.

"No more buts Lauren Marie, Your young go have fun" she dug into her bag and handed her £20. "Take that and have a good night…no excuses" she got up and left pressing a quick kiss to Laurens forehead.

"There's like only a 5% chance Luke's going to be there babe… and to be honest what does it matter if he is?"

"But" Lauren said again rolling her eyes, not even going to bother to answer her question "But you guys know I have that job interview at Walker's tomorrow at 10.00 am. What Makes you think I'm not going to be too hung over tomorrow to go?" Lauren questioned thinking it through her head "No, no, I can't go, no I need this job, I can't just go and get drunk the night before the interview" And she was right, she did need this job. Walkers was a small Marketing company and she had an interview for the design team. It was by chance she'd managed to come across the advertisement and had decided she'd be a bit impulsive for once and send in her application, she rang up and got a job interview straight away, the department manager seemed very impressed by her résumé. It would be great work experience for her until she finished her foundation degree in art too.

Lucy sighed along with Whit groaning as they both dragged themselves up off the bed to walk towards the door.

"It's your loss Lo" Lucy mumbled as she got nearer the door.

"Well, what about if we make sure you don't drink?" Whit tried as they were both standing in her doorway. Lucy gave Whit a funny look knowing that they would both be too drunk to monitor what Lauren was drinking but whatever, if it got Lauren to come then that's what they would say.

"Yeah we can totally do that" Lucy smiled, trying her hardest not to laugh "Come on please"

"Please"Whit Pouted. There were several courses of pleases before it got to the point she knew they weren't going to give in anytime soon.

"Fine" Lauren shouted "Okay, okay I'll go" She said just to get rid of the annoying sound of them pleasing. "I'll go, but if I don't get this job, it's totally your fault"

The two girls in the doorway clapped and smirked

"Yay" Lucy squealed before running to the wardrobe to pick Lauren an outfit

"So this should be interesting" Lauren muttered turning around in her bed and hiding her face in her pillows.