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The hub of the office fell silent. The conversations dropped dead in mid flow, all heads turned to the doors, eyes fixated on the two people who had just walked through them; walking hand in hand and pushing a pushchair. With a slight nudge Joey guided Lauren forward, without his encouragement he was pretty sure she would be running back out of the door. She smiled gently at him and continued to reception. The murmurs picked up, people exchanging confused expressions, there were even a few gasps when some had clicked on to the situation.

Reaching the reception desk they came to a halt. "Good Morning Sir" she passed the sign in sheet over to him and then nodded once at Lauren "Morning Lauren". Lauren smiled back with a small amount of confidence. Louise had been one of the few people Lauren had actually made friends with at the office. She was always willing to talk to her, didn't treat her differently and she actually reminded Lauren of herself little. "Who's this then?" she questioned looking down at Harry; who was sleeping snugly in his buggy.

Joey looked at Lauren, a small amount of nervousness on his face. Lauren read his eyes, knowing he was asking for her permission. That would be the start of everything for them… one person would know and by lunch time, the entire office would be alive with rumors. Thinking about it for a few seconds, she took a look at her son. He was perfect. Why should they hide it? they hadn't done anything wrong. Her eyes searched for Joeys again and locked with them nodding so weakly, it almost went unnoticed.

"Well…This is Harry, he's 6 weeks old and he's our son" it was so evident how proud Joey was to be able to tell say it out loud. Louise's lips stretched into a huge smile, as she made one of those faces every girl did when they got over excited.

Before Lauren had the chance to take Louise's reaction in, she was pulled into a very tight hug. "I knew there was more to you two than just good friends! Aww I'm so happy for you, he's so gorgeous and you two make THE hottest couple. I mean come on Lauren you don't even look like you've had a baby and why are you even back to work…shouldn't you be on maternity leave of something ?"

Lauren smiled looking at Joey "Thanks Lou. It's means so much to us, It's not the most conventional of situations but…" she was cut off by Joey.

"We don't really care if people aren't happy about it, we're happy, we have a beautiful son and I Love Lauren."

"You what?" Lauren froze and Joey spun round to face his oldest friend. "You and Her ?" He asked looking between the two of them. Joey nodded pulling Lauren closer to him, his arm around her waist as she gripped tight to the pram.

"Problem with it Mitch?" Joey asked frowning, no way was he standing for Mitch's attitude.

"You could say that… there's rules Joey, you know that. We don't mix business with pleasure. Mitchell, although he was Joey's friend; rarely thought of anyone but himself, even if it cost the happiness of others. Sometimes Joey wondered why he was friends with him. Mitch took a step nearer to Joey "I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from her. The only reasoned you hired her was because you slept with her… well you hardly slept together did you?"

They had gained quite an audience now, most of the people wondering why the hell Mitch was being the way he was, when t can down to it Joey was the boss, he was the owner of the company. "I'm warning you Mitch…"

"You think your something big don't you Joey ? well I quite I don't want anything to do with your company. I hope you and your little toy or happy" He spat pointing to Lauren. There were a few "oo's" echoing around.

Joey stood forward and looked around "Anyone else got a problem with Lauren and I ? because you know where the door is…." He waited a few seconds "Anyone ? no ? good… come on babe"


8 months later and everything had changed. Lauren and Joey had married in a quiet ceremony on the anniversary they first met. The day went smoothly from start to finish, the intimate little ceremony in a quaint church where Joey was christened, was witnessed by only close friends and family. Laurens parents, sister and brother, Joey's Mum and Sister and Tyler and Whitney made up the wedding party. Joey had been more than happy that his stepfather couldn't attend the wedding, unfortunately, Derek was serving 5 years at Her Majesty's request for dabbling in a little more than dodgy money.

Harry had been the perfect little boy, he was 4 months old at the time of the ceremony and was so well behaved throughout. He was held the entire time by his favorite Grandpa, who had teared up when handing his daughter over to Joey. They exchanged their own vows, which made them Laugh and cry all the same, the heart felt personalized words meant so much more than the same things everyone else said. Once married they had a few drinks and some food back in the square, it was one thing Tanya and Max had insisted they did. So reluctantly they agreed and were surprised with a party at the Vic.

When Harry reached 6 months old, Joey and Lauren moved out of the apartment It was just before Christmas and they'd decided that it was the right time. It had been something they had wanted to do for a while and when a house not far from the apartment went on the market, they put in an offer, not to mention they were spurred on by the fact Lauren had made the discovery she was pregnant again, she was only a few weeks at that point but in complete contrast to her pregnancy with Harry, she had felt "Off" from the start. With a little persuasion from Joey, she took a trip to the doctors and was given the news she was 5 weeks pregnant.

The news was met with some trepidation, after all they were only Just starting to get things back on track after Harry was born, but after talking things through, they knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted to do things right this time, so with that they moved into the new house. Harry had his own room and the spare room was going to be a nursery.

New Year came and went, they'd decided to go away on a belated honeymoon over valentines and so they left Harry in the capable hands of Max and Tanya (for the first time) for an entire weekend, as they jetted off to Paris. The weekend had almost rekindled the fire between them, they rediscovered their young nature and were allowed to be the 21 and 23 year olds they were. Ashamedly though, it didn't last long, turns out the two of them were very much into their roles as parents and didn't really like being young and irresponsible. Ok so that's a slight lie, they did like staying up till all hours, just because they could and they definitely appreciated being able to have sex, the way they used too and not have to worry about waking Harry. But still they missed their son and felt even more guilty when they got back home and found out he'd not been well and was asking for his "Mama" over and over. He'd been very clever at Learning how to say Mama and Dada and had even started to understand when he was asked to do things or not to, which was usually the case.

As the end of February approached, Lauren and Joey told their families they were having another baby. She was nearly 4 months pregnant and still there was no sign of a bump. she was 6 months pregnant when they celebrated Harry's first birthday in the May. He was an active little boy and looked more and more like Joey. They all gathered at the new house for a party, which was very much a fail. They discovered that like Lauren, Harry didn't like the fuss and was more than happy sitting on the floor with his Daddy playing with his cars.

As the weeks passed, Lauren and Joey both discovered that she wasn't going to get a very big bump, if she got one at all, she was nearly 7 months pregnant and there was very little indication she was pregnant, she certainly was though. Each month they attend their appointments to check on baby and had eventually agreed to find out what they were having. A girl. They were thrilled that they would have one of each.

And that brings us to now. An 8 month pregnant Lauren; who still only looked about 4 months pregnant, stood holding Harry on her hip. She was dressed smartly in deep purple smock dress and black tights. Joey's arm slinked around her waist as he smiled "We did it baby"

Lauren smiled up at him kissing him softly. Today was the re-launch of the company. It had been completely rebranded. Now called Walker's and Docklands , primarily because of its new location near the dock but also because of its sentimental factors for Lauren and Joey. The nights they'd spent walking by the docks when they'd first got together, followed by the hours relentlessly walking around them when Harry wouldn't settle, it meant so much to them. Below the name was the best part of the whole rebrand. Underneath was Joey and Laurens names.

"Walker and Docklands

Breaking the rules of Marketing since 1980

J and L Walker."

Before they Married, Joey had decided he wanted to change his name back to Walker. So Joey and Lauren married under the Walker name and their children had that last name too. Joey held Lauren close, ruffling Harry's hair with his hand as they watched their workers, friends and Family enjoying the opening. "I love you Mrs. Walker"

"Good…Because we love you too" She smiled kissing him, "I didn't break the rules for nothing Y'know"