Leo has had the strangest week of his life, yes stranger then finding out you have three bionic siblings. He swears someones been following him home from school, and now he claims to see a girl that no one else can see. Is he going crazy or is someone in the Davenport household hiding a huge secert.

Leo would have never thought Mr. Davenport the man he looked up to would be hiding such a big secret from not only his mom but the entire family. I guess he could understand in a way it wasn't easy for the man to talk about but still they should have been told…right? Now he somehow ended up with a girl sleeping under his bed.

Ok I know you're all confused so let me start from the beginning.

72 hours ago…

Leo's POV

I was standing at my locker trying to cram for my chemistry test I forgot to study…again. Looking at my watch I saw I had two minutes before the bell ringed so I slammed my locker closed and raced off to class. Least to say I failed but I did do better than I thought a 68 was passing but my mother and Big D were going to give me a lecture on how I could do better. After I had to walk home by myself, Adam Bree and Chase had a mission to go on and since it wasn't too big I wasn't needed to monitor like I usually am so I was sent off to school alone. As I was walking I felt eyes on me, at first I thought it was just me being paranoid or something but then I thought I heard footsteps behind me. I then bent down to pretend like I was tying my shoe and glanced around me. The footsteps were gone but that feeling of being watched was still there. Shrugging I stood up and begin a nice brisk walk the rest of the way to the house.

Opening and closing the door I looked up to see my mom sitting on the couch reading a magazine.

"Hi honey how was school?" she asked with a smiled on her face.

"It was great" I said "but I think someone was following me" I added as I walked into the kitchen to get a snack. My eyes widened in happiness when I saw a plate of food with my name on it.

What do you mean someone was following you she asked standing and coming to walk into the kitchen.

Yeah it was weird I heard footsteps and I guess when I noticed they left, I could feel their eyes watching me the whole time though. "That's it" she said "you're not walking home from school alone again".

"Ah what, wait mom" I said running after her as she made her way downstairs to the lab…

My mom convinced Big D to either pick me up when Adam Bree and Chase weren't in school or they had to get me bike or something.

"I vote for the bike" I said holding up my hand, they just looked at me and went back to talking.

Later when I was back upstairs I couldn't help but think about whom or what may have been following me. Were they dangerous? What did they want with me? What was their plan? I couldn't handle another evil person out to get me I already had Marcus to think about. That night I had a restless sleep and had these horrible dreams that I was kidnapped and tortured by my captors. In the morning I was barely awake still tired but I had to go to school anyway.

I kind of wish I didn't but at the same time I guess it was a good thing because well...just keep reading.

School was normal…well as normal as it could be with three bionic super siblings and the annoying Perry, I noticed a new girl in the hall a lot but I never seen her in any of my classes so I asked the others if they had her in any of their classes.

Chase's POV

"Leo what are you talking about? There's no new girl in school, trust me I would know"

"Is she hot?" asked Adam as he stuffed his face

We all grimaced as he talked with his mouth open

"I don't know I keep catching glimpses of her but I do know she has light brown hair, like really long hair. But that's all, oh and she's like my height maybe a few inches taller, not sure" he said.

Well no wonder we didn't see her you have to be Leos height I said making me and my siblings laugh

Haha said Leo as he stood to throw out his lunch as he walked off it looked as if he bumped into something and went spiraling down to the floor. Everyone laughed and we quickly stood laughing ourselves before helping him up.

"Did you guys just see that?"

"Yeah your more clumsy then usually" said Bree

"No said Leo I bumped into something…but nothing was there".

I rolled my eyes

"Leo you probably just tripped over your own two feet".

We all tuned him out as he tried to tell us about a theory on invisible walls the government was probably testing on us.

Leo's POV

After school since it was Friday Adam and I went to the movies, he thought it would be funny to leave me stranded after the movie was over so I had to get home on my own. As I was walking I thought I heard Struggling coming from the park I was across from. Standing there I squinted my eyes and gasped when I saw a girl but not just any girl the one from school running from these people that were shooting at her. I quickly hid behind a car and watched her run across the parks field but a black van pulled in front of her making her skid to a stop. All of a sudden she vanished and the people looked around, they seemed pretty upset. I looked around myself and noticed a trail of blood just a little bit away from me. I ran off making sure not to be seen. Following the blood trail to the end of the block where it just vanished, I shook my head and turned to leave hearing those men coming and raced off towards home.

I don't know why but I choose to not say anything to anyone, something just told me not to mention it to anyone so I didn't. Again that night I had a hard time sleeping