Joe Carlino and Toni Burrell were in Joe's office, talking.

"I'm just not sure I can come back and work here again," Toni said.

"Why not?" Joe asked. "I'd love to have you back, and I know Josie would love to work with you again."

"Well, I'd sure love to work with her again. We went through a lot together. But after the way I messed up in Florida..."

"What happened there was not your fault." Joe spoke firmly, but not sternly.

"Wasn't it? I was fired due to mass corruption in my precinct, remember?"

"Toni, listen to me," Joe said. "Unfortunately, sometimes there will be a precinct full of bad cops. Gabe, God rest his soul, used to call
them cops who don't deserve to wear the badge, and he was absolutely right."

"I never should have accepted that captaincy in the first place," Toni said. "I mean, who was I kidding? I'd only been a cop for about
two years. What did I know about running a precinct, let alone dealing with bad cops?

"Look, Toni, you had a bad experience, but that doesn't make you a bad cop."

Toni scoffed. "But I sure wasn't a very good captain. I'll bet you could have whipped that precinct into shape."

"What I don't understand is how any cops could betray their shields," Joe said. "Don't they realize, don't they
even care, that they are dishonoring the memory of every hero cop who ever died in the line of duty?"

"Thanks, Joe."

"For what?"

"For what you just said. It helped me to make up my mind."

"And?" Joe asked.

"I'm coming back to work."