Title: A Family Affair

Summary: Caroline Forbes is in a whirlwind romance, getting engaged to Klaus Mikaelson, a man she only has known for six months, now she is about to meet his family. Does she really know the man is she going to marry at all?

Pairings: Klaroline, Mabekah, Kalijah, Delena, Kennett, Jayley

If you asked Caroline Forbes of what she would be doing this weekend this wasn't what she would have stated. Friday night she had plans to go to dinner with her boyfriend Klaus as it was their six month anniversary.

She had met Klaus at one of the university functions. With having just gotten her degree in Art History she and Klaus had a common interest as he owned the famous art gallery in New Orleans. The two hit it off, after they started bickering about an artist, and kept things moving quite fast.

But it was still a surprise when he asked her to marry him.

"Caroline, love the past six months have been rejuvenating. You bring out the best in me. I want this to last forever. I want you forever. Marry me Caroline."

Of course she had said yes. She deeply loved Klaus just as much as he loved her. But since she was neurotic she was nervous. They hadn't known each other long; he hadn't seen her little quirks, like her addiction of buying everything that had a duck on it.

Maybe this was being rushed but her own parents marriage hadn't worked out and they had dated for five years before getting married. Caroline knew that she was going to take a risk to end up with Klaus forever.

Though she didn't really expect him to be flying them to meet his family, on the same night of their engagement. After all she had only called her parents who gave her fair warning concerning this. All she knew was that she was heading to a small town in Virginia called Mystic Falls.

Klaus never really talked about his family. She knew that his parents died nine years ago, he had a bunch of brothers and one baby sister who he cherished and someone named Finn he mumbled about once or twice.

Other than that Caroline had no clue to what she was stepping into.

By the time they reached his home town it was in the middle of the night. The only thing Caroline could see was the town square as they drove past to their hotel.

"We are going to have lunch with my family tomorrow."

Klaus stated as she wondered on how he already planned that as she hadn't seen him on his phone since the beginning of their dinner.

With all her worrying aside Caroline drifts off to, "Goodnight love, Mrs. Mikaelson."

The next morning Caroline looks through her suitcase wondering how Klaus managed to get Bonnie to keep a secret. She knows her boyfriend—fiancée has good taste but he sure does not know that she wears a retainer. She'll have to call her best friend later to thank her.

"What are they like?"

Caroline kept prodding trying to get any information about Klaus's family before he got to the drive way.

"Seriously Klaus? I need names, ages and what they like."


She smiled, the tone in his voice is the same one he uses when they play bicker; well its starts out like that then they end up really bickering. It's rather quite enjoying when this happens; the sex is even better.

"Will they like me?"

She looked at him like she's a lost puppy wanting approval, to be loved. He opened the car door for her sliding her out as they step to the door.

"I'm sure they will love."

He kissed her as they let themselves into the massive house (mansion). Caroline has been into immaculate homes before but never ones that she would end up frequenting. As Klaus leads her through the house she notices some of his paintings hanging on the walls.


There in the kitchen stands a blonde hair girl dressed to the T in designer labels as she is baking something or trying to. Caroline thinks that maybe she had found a new friend. The blonde looked up smiling as Klaus smiles right back at her, Caroline sees it's the same way Klaus looks at her, she's jealous.

"She's prettier than me!" The girl, Bekah, slammed down the wooden spoon she is holding. "You said I would always be the prettiest girl in your life, Nik!"

Klaus gave Rebekah a glare as he tried to speak. "Bekah this is Caroline my…"

"Shove off Nik. I don't need this. My life is in ruins and you come home after what a year, A YEAR, only to show off your pretty blonde."

Caroline stood there silently hoping Klaus can control this girl, who if she recalls from hearing her name must be his sister. And her parents thought she had tantrums when she didn't win homecoming queen?

"Stop whining it's all you do!" He slammed his hand against the marble counter top. "First the teen years about Stefan, then you go on about Alexander who by the way only used you to get to our company. Need I mention Stefan for the second time?"

Caroline was surprised at Klaus's sudden rage that his sister seem to engulf. She walked standing in the door frame of the dining room looking into the kitchen. She crossed her arms and gave a sigh and pout as she heard Rebekah scream something on the lines of, "You forced me to your best friend! Not my fault."

While she is kind of enjoying the show, never seeing Klaus get this angry; which scared her, she gets a tug on her sun dress. As Caroline looked down a girl with long curly brown hair and big doe eyes spoke.

"Are you my Mummy?"

Caroline stands in shock not sure who this child is and where she came from. She's not good with kids well at least not her little cousins who used to spit up on her all the time.

"Uncle Nik!" The girl screamed as she forgot she had just asked Caroline a question.


Klaus leaned down as the girl ran and jumped into his arms. He spun them around putting a smile on Caroline's face. She leaves a mental note on how Klaus never mentioned having a niece.

"I missed you Uncle Nik." The girl no older than four stated as she played with his scruff. "You need to come home more often."


Rebekah, who clearly is not done fighting, questioned not caring that a child was now present.

Klaus gave his sister a look. "Drop it Bekah." He walked over to Caroline. "Tia this is Caroline. Caroline this is my niece Tatia."

Tia looked at her as if she was judging Caroline. "Aunt Bekah's right she is pretty."

Caroline smiled as Rebekah huffed making Caroline smile even more. "Thank you Tatia."

"Nik!" A brunette, the spitting image of Tia, squealed as she stepped into the room. "Why did no one tell me you had arrived?" She kissed his cheek as she turned to Caroline. "You must be Caroline. I'm Katherine."

Caroline sat at the breakfast nook as Katherine, who she found out was Klaus's sister-in-law and Tia's mother, told her every embarrassing story she could think up about Klaus.

"And one time Nik…"

"Please." Rebekah sighed, "the girl probably is now scared to death to be with him as is."

Caroline chuckled though she wished Rebekah could at least use her name not "the girl".

"Stop it Uncle Nik."

Caroline glanced over to see Klaus, who everyone was calling Nik as if he had another life he was living, wrestle with his ten year old nephew Henrik.

"Nik don't hurt my child." Katherine piped in. "Henry's been to the ER enough this year."

"Yes NiKlaus please do not harm our children this visit."

A man, brunette and brown eyes, walked into the kitchen, dressed if he was heading to work not to a family lunch, seem to be joking but Caroline wasn't sure because of his demeanor.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Caroline. I am Elijah, Nik's elder brother, welcome to our home."

Caroline who had been lead to the living room waited for Elijah who had to excuse himself because of a phone call, which she found out was about Klaus's family's company Mikaelson Inc., as she sat there waiting to see what Klaus's family thought of her a familiar voice spoke.

"You didn't run yet I'm impressed."


Caroline stood and walked over giving her friend a hug secretly glad she had one familiar face at this event.

Back in New Orleans she had known all of Klaus's friends; Marcel and Diego the most, who he talked more about then his family, Expect for one. Stefan Salvatore, "My best mate since ever.", Klaus stated numerous times.

For as long as she had known Klaus Caroline had met Stefan a couple of times. Though he lived in Mystic Falls Stefan would comment, "I needed a vacation.", hence why he travelled so much to see his best friend.

"Mate scaring her off already?" Klaus stated as he walked in gave Stefan a hug then put his arm around Caroline.

Caroline leaned her body into his as his lips brushed the top of her head. "Nothing has scared me away…yet."

Stefan smirked. "So I hear congratulations are in order. When's the wedding?"

"Wedding? What wedding?" Rebekah barged in questioning what she heard. "You 're engaged?"

Klaus grabbed Caroline's hand to show his sister the ring. "Didn't 'lijah tell you?"

"No 'lijah did not tell me. No one tells me anything! Not even my favorite brother." Rebekah huffed as she ran to Stefan throwing her body at him for comfort. "Why is this always happening to me? Matt and I were supposed to be next."


A blonde hair guy stood in the foyer with a couple bags of food. (Caroline is secretly questioning why they are having take-out for lunch.) He placed the bags on the foyer's entrance table as he walked over to Rebekah.

"You are thinking about marriage again?" He shook his head as he looked at Rebekah who got off of Stefan. "For the last time Rebekah we haven't been dating long."

"It's been three bloody years!"

"Bekah," Klaus chimed in. "You are twenty three and I believe Matthew here has the intention of marriage but you are young give it some time. Plus you are probably scaring the poor bloke off before you ever get a ring."

Give it some time? Caroline was Klaus's sister's age but he indeed was ready to marry her, a girl he had only been with six months, yet he told Rebekah who had been with Matt for three years that she was rushing things?

The thought haunted Caroline throughout lunch.

Where she found out that Matt owned a popular restaurant called The Grill and was a world renown chef which was why the take out. "He cooked for the President.", Rebekah exclaimed in delight.

Where she found out that Kol, Klaus's younger brother was arriving for dinner. "He told me he had a hangover and not to call again or he would not take me to Tyler's baseball game.", Henrik reported when Klaus questioned where his fun brother was.

Where she found out who Finn was, he wasn't a family dog that she somehow expected. "NiKlaus I'm sorry to say our dear brother Finn could not get a red eye in time to join us for your celebration.", Elijah spoke though both Klaus and himself seemed to be telling another story with their eyes, "He sends his regards."

Where the last thing Caroline had ever expected to happen happened.

"Caroline would you like to join me for a walk?", Rebekah questioned.

It would have been rather rude to refuse to get to know her fiancée's sister so Caroline had to opt in for the little jaunt. The Mikaelson's back yard was massive. Caroline stood and watched Rebekah take swings at golf balls on the putting green which was overlooked by the pool where Klaus was at with the rest of the family. So far the two had only made small talk, all which were nice statements from Rebekah.

"You know," Rebekah spoke as she hit her club to another ball, "you are marrying my brother. So I'll be a bridesmaid, Katherine doesn't count as she is not Nik's blood, but I only look good in silk not the cheap knock off satin." She huffed as she hit another ball. "And I would advise you to wait for any pregnancy news till after my wedding."

Rebekah swung her club over her shoulder and gave Caroline a warm, but not sincere, smile. "This was fun sis." Feeling like she had won this round Rebekah walked off to join the rest of the family.

No one ever intimidated Caroline Forbes but Rebekah Mikaelson was making a run for her money.

"I swear she's not that bad." Matt spoke as he walked closer to Caroline handing her a Bloody Mary. "Bex's will warm up eventually."

Caroline took a sip of her Bloody Mary. "I hope so. Rebekah seems to be the hardest so far but I'm not sure what they all think of me."

Matt chuckled. "Oh trust me the rich facade that the Mikaelson's have is true but deep down they are good people. A heartwarming family that is all about honesty, loyalty and respect." He stood closer to Caroline pulling out a little black box. "I'm buying my buddy's parents' home. Just waiting for the deal to close before she gets it."

Caroline smiled as she eyed Rebekah who was now arguing with Klaus on who got to hold Tia. She turned her attention back to Matt. "I won't say a word."

With little persuading Caroline is now back at her hotel. Klaus told Elijah that they should freshen up and change for dinner when the company would arrive. She was led to believe that the only other person who would be joining them for dinner would be Kol. Guess she was mistaken.

Fresh-ing up in Klaus's mind means having a quickie before one of his family member's text again. First it was Henrik who asked if he gave them twenty bucks could they sneak him out of state; he had woken Uncle Kol up from his arrival nap, and then apparently Klaus got a text from Finn wishing him the best and lastly Katherine texted.

"Katherine would like to know if you like veal." Klaus questioned as he began typing on his phone. "Would you consider being vegan for a day love? I'd love to see Kat in a tizzy."

As she laid on Klaus's chest his chuckles vibrated her body. Caroline outlined the feather tattoo that disintegrates to a flock of birds spiraling off his left shoulder; her left wrist has the identical bird inked on it. They had been only dating for three months when they decided to mark their bodies, their lives, together.

"I wish you would not try to cause problems. I want your family to like me."

"And that they do love. Only trying to have some fun at their expense."

"If you say so…Nik."

Caroline looked up, feeling Klaus's chest stiffen, she had upset him. She could easily see that. The way his lips mashed together, his beast like breathing, but the thing that hurt the most was the way he looked at her, all full of anger and rage. It was only a name, one which had been thrown around freely all day. Was she not important enough to call him Nik?

"I'm sorry."

"It's fine Caroline the name just has a way of getting under my skin. You wouldn't understand."

He slipped her off of him as he got out of bed heading for the shower. He called out that they should get ready to leave as she heard the water turn on.

She wouldn't understand? Of course she wouldn't understand! Klaus had been hiding everything about his family ever since she had met him. Where she had told him all about hers, even down to the nitty gritty of Uncle Pete's fraud charges.

Caroline Forbes was never one to back down from a fight. She was going to get to the bottom of Klaus's past before Matt's peach cobbler could be served.